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Present Continuous PRESENT CONTINUOUS • We use it to describe what is happening right now (e.g You are listening to your teacher ) • We use it to describe pictures and photos (e.g In the photo, a horse is laughing) PRESENT CONTINUOUS POSITIVE SENTENCES I am work+ing You are work+ing He is work+ing She is work+ing It is work+ing We are work+ing They are work+ing PRESENT CONTINUOUS NEGATIVE SENTENCES I am NOT work+ing You are NOT work+ing He is NOT work+ing She is NOT work+ing It is NOT work+ing We are NOT work+ing They are NOT work+ing Just reminding I am not = I`m not are not = aren`t is not = isn`t PRESENT CONTINUOUS What What time Why Where Who When QUESTIONS Am I work+ing ?? Are you work+ing ? Is he work+ing ? Is she work+ing Is it work+ing Are we work+ing Are they work+ing Now, your turn! Look at the pictures of crazy animals Answer the questions Look at the example and make your sentences Is a hippo dancing? No, it isn`t It is sitting on a man  Is the cat sitting on a table? Is this dog flying a kite? Are these monkeys reading books? Is a cat eating an icecream? Is a baby monkey sunbathing ??? Is the man eating an elephant ???? Is the dog swimming? THX FOR WATCHING
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