fruit vegetables food drinks part 3 ppt

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FRUIT VEGETABLES FOOD DRINKS PART III In the pantry coffee /bread / pepper /cucumber / egg / flour water / milk /wine / butter /orange juice / salt pasta /onion / ham /carrot / potato / rice Ask each other Use the words in the box •Have we got any coffee? ◦No, we haven’t •Have we got any carrots? ◦Yes, we have some carrots •Is there any milk on the shelf? ◦Yes There is some milk •Are there any apples on the shelf? ◦No There aren’t any apples Let’s go shopping How much? flour cheese flour ham lemonade ham tuna bread Complete the dialogue with some, any, much or many Act the dialogue with your pair How Howmany? many? bananas pears bananas cabbages tomatoes chips melons apples S •Can I help you? C ◦Yes, Have you got flour? S •Yes, How _do you need? C ◦Three packets, please I also need babanas S •How ? C ◦Five, please How good is your memory? What food is there in the pantry? There isn’t any ham There are a few eggs Make sentences using any, a few, or a little There are a few cucumbers There aren’t any pears There isn’t any cheese There aren’t any melons There is a little flour There is a little milk There is a little bread There is a little water WORD SEARCH How many words can you find? R P G Z W T G S H N A L C C A B B A G E N U T E T O M A T O K M O E E F G E A N F L O U R G A D Z I F L N M H R G I I O S B K D E J L T K N H E F H L U I B M P C A R R O T C O R N T N W I N E D V I W Are you healthy? What you eat for breakfast? What you eat for lunch? What you eat for dinner? Ask each other
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