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What are they doing now? Look at the pictures and number the activities 11 1 _read a book _go shopping _play basketball _take photos _go windsurfing _play the guitar _water the flowers _fly a kite _swim _listen to the radio _play tennis Match the words in A to the words in B A drive write paint play have play go BB 11 33 22 44 his hishomework homework aapicture picture football football an ane-mail e-mail lunch lunch to toschool school the thepiano piano aacar car 55 66 11What Whatisishe hedoing doingnow? now?He Heisisdoing doinghis hishomework homework Is Ishe heplaying playingthe theguitar guitarnow? now?No, No,he heisn’t isn’t 22 ? _ ? _ 77 88 ●What is Katy doing at the moment? ○She is watering the flowers ●Is Lucy reading a book now? ○No, she isn’t She is swimming now ●It’s two o’clock What is Tom doing? ○ ● Are Bob and David drawing now? ○ Choose a picture Ask each other David David Liza Liza Luke Luke&& Annie Annie Jack Jack Laura Laura Grace Grace Look at the pictures Correct the sentences Natalie is going to school Mandy Mandy&&Dan Dan are areswimming swimming Mark Markisisplaying playing baseball baseball Frank Frankisis riding ridingaabike bike Jake Jakeisis watching watchingTV TV Eva Evaisisplaying playing tennis tennis ●Tell your pair true and false sentences about the picture ○ Which sentence is true? Find the picture B A It’s four o’clock Tom isn’t doing his homework He is in the park at the moment He is very happy He doesn’t like football He has got black hair He is holding a ball and a racket in his hand What is he doing? F G C D E H I v
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