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SIMPLE PAST TENSE (EXERCISE) Choose the correct answer! 1.I go / went to Bali Bird Park last week She walks/ walked to the park two hours ago Mr Henry writes/ wrote a letter yesterday They eat / ate dragonfruits an hour ago The fruits was / were sweet 6 My sister and I visit / visited our grandparents last month It was / were fun There was / were many beautiful flowers in their garden We take / took the beautiful yellow flowers 7 Sandra’s cat looks at / looked at the golden fish thirty minutes ago The monkey sleeps / slept on the pillow yesterday 9 Mr Albert doesn’t / don’t / didn’t teach Biology last Wednesday but he teaches / taught English 10 Jessica buys / bought a kilogram of apple last Friday 11 We don’t / didn’t play outside yesterday, but we play / played in the living room 12 Denny come / came to my house a couple days ago 13 My friends and I make / made a snowman last winter 14 I draw / drew a cat on the blackboard yesterday morning 15 Grandpa sweep / swept the floor two hours ago 16 My father reads / read books in his office yesterday afternoon but he doesn’t / don’t /didn’t read newspaper 17 I celebrate / celebrated Christmas with my family last December 18 They give / gave me a special gift 19 I get / got a cute Teddy bear doll from my parents 20 I was / were so happy 21 The pigeon doesn’t / didn’t bring a book but it bring / brought a purple letter in its beak two hours ago 22 Uncle Joe doesn’t / didn’t ride a donkey but he ride / rides / rode a horse last Monday 23 A : Do / Does / Did your dog bite Andy yesterday? B : Yes, my dog bite / bit Andy 24 Chef Robert cooks / cooked fish an hour ago The fried fish was / were delicious 25 My father doesn’t / don’t / didn’t drive a bike last week but he drive / drove a car Good bye Practice makes perfect
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