adverbs of manner

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of GAME Choose the right option Mrs White is nervous She cooks nervosly nervously nervouslly They are good dancers They dance well goodly good They are happy They live happyly happilly happily Susan’s voice is beautiful She sings beautifuly beautifully beautiful He is a bad painter He paints bad badlly badly He is a fast cyclist He cycles… fast fastly fastlly He is a successful businessman He concluded the deal successfuly successfully sucessfully The children are noisy They play… noisyly noisilly noisily These children are quiet Theyplay quietlly quietly quitely Mr Brown is very calm He walks… calmlly calmily calmly Snails are slow They move slowlly slowly slow It is easy to climb the rock.He climbs it … easilly easyly easily The teacher is angry.He punhishes the students angrily angrilly angryly Susan is very careful She cuts the hair carefuly carefully carfully The postman is very punctual He … delivers the mail panctually punctualy punctually
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