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SOIL DEGRADATION What is the soil degradation? => The decline of soil quality and quantity  Loss of soil micro-organisms  Removal of dead organic matter Biological  Reduction in stabilizing plant communities  Changing to physical structure  Changing to soil condition  Changes leading to acidification, toxic, nutrient reduction, increasing salinity Physical Chemical CAUSE BY TOXIC THE CHANGING IN LAND USE THE CAUSES OF EROSION Population growth Human Farming technologies: Unsustainable agriculture, irrigation etc Overgrazing Deforestation These cause soil erosion, desertification, toxic and salinization THE CAUSES OF SOIL DEGRADATION  Over-grazing  Action of wind, water etc  Faulty methods of agriculture, wrong plough  Other factors cause by human ( mining activities, industrial activity, etc Ex Wind erosion reduces the productive capacity of soil How to prevent soil erosion?  Terrace farming: to prevent the soil from being washed away  Increasing area under forests and must stop destroy forest  Leveling farm and correct plough  Construction of dams: River cause soil erosion Dams are built in the upper course of rivers to control erosion of soil  … Rewrite the following passage from the prompts given below: Soil / degradation / defined / health status / as a change / in the soil / is Sustainable / land use can / help to / the impacts of agriculture / and / livestock / reduce The / health of soil / concern to/ is / a primary / whose livelihoods / depend / on /well managed agriculture / farmers and the global community Erosion caused by deforestation / can / also / lead to / increased flooding Soil erosion / when soil is removed / through / the action of wind and water at a greater rate than it is formed/ occurs often / ploughing / is / a cause of / land degradation
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