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Again homeland Download the honor packs a full Laptop Repair service Training is offered to you. This bundle is readily available on the internet among one of the most total plan includes the specialized repair all sorts of laptops. Definitely you see this set of teaching techniques are mainly in the laptop repair works and issues that might develop in the future for your laptop and discover concerning options it will certainly likewise be followup of video clip. Today, many people who work with computers due to the ease of carrying and use of a notebook computer, laptops than desktops have much less resistance and may be harmed due to trauma. In this series of tutorials and the notes to streamline troubleshooting and substitute of laptop parts to each of the training to find out stateoftheart. Do you would like to pay or Laptop Repair service business for fear of destroying your laptop to fix minor issues you sustain a great deal of costs. The fantastic train greater than 700 educational publications in PDF style and over 21 GB+ of video clip training documents. Top quality teaching and talking English 5 MODEL: D REV: CHANGE LIST: 1A FIRST RELEASE MODEL : Z01 MB 1B PAGE02 PAGE03 PAGE03 PAGE05 PAGE06 PAGE08 PAGE11 PAGE12 PAGE13 PAGE15 PAGE16 PAGE18 PAGE20 PAGE21 PAGE22 PAGE23 PAGE24 PAGE25 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 R447,455,456 MODIFY to EP P/N:CS14752FB11 STUFF HOLE6 P/N:FBZ01007010 , STUFF HOLE7,8,15 P/N:FBED8001016 , STUFF HOLE5 P/N:FBZ01006010 STUFF HOLE23,25 P/N:FBZ01003010 , STUFF HOLE18 P/N:FBZ01004010 , STUFF HOLE31 P/N:FBZ01005010 U22 MODIFY to GM965 P/N:AJ0QN120T04 , R193,194 MODIFY to EP P/N:CS03902FB11 R242 MODIFY to EP P/N:CS33002JB23 L52,53 MODIFY to EP P/N:CV01004KN00 R332 MODIFY to EP P/N:CS23243F930 , U6 MODIFY to ICH8 P/N:AJ0QM740T03 R244,R347,R353 MODIFY to EP P/N:CS00004JA40 , L28 MODIFY to P/N:CV-1005MZ01 CN10 MODIFY to CRT P/N:DFDS15FR611 R467 MODIFY to EP P/N:CS00004JA40,2 R50 MODIFY to EP P/N:CS31003J941,3.CN27 MODIFY to SATA P/N:DFHS22FR005 CN16 MODIFY to RJ45/11 P/N:DFTJ15FR057 R317,323 MODIFY to 0603 P/N:CS31003F949 , R310 MODIFY to EP P/N:CS31003J941 PR100 MODIFY to EP P/N:CS51002FB11 PR86 MODIFY to EP P/N:CS24022FB13 , PR38,82 MODIFY to 1% P/N:CS31002FB26 , PR83 MODIFY to EP P/N:CS00004JA40 PR1 MODIFY to EP P/N:CS32002FB29 , PR6 MODIFY to 1% P/N:CS51003F934 PR106 MODIFY to ohm P/N:CS00002JB38 , UN-STUFF PR107,PC111 PR29 MODIFY to EP P/N:CS31003J941 PJ1 MODIFY to BATTERY P/N:DFHD07MR006 PR70 MODIFY to EP P/N:CS32002FB29 PAGE02 PAGE06 PAGE07 PAGE08 PAGE09 PAGE10 PAGE11 PAGE11 PAGE12 PAGE13 PAGE14 PAGE15 PAGE16 PAGE17 PAGE18 PAGE19 PAGE20 PAGE21 PAGE22 PAGE23 PAGE25 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 PAGE FROM TO 1A 2B 2B 2B 2B 2B 2B 2B 2A Connect VDDIO_CLK to +1.25V un-stuff R292;R445;R308 stuff C575,C574,C576,C578,C573,C546 for EMI issue Connect ICH_PWROK SIGNAL TO NB CLPWROK 2.un-stuff R242;R235;R422;R222;R421;R423 R360,R361 only stuff for UMA MODIFY 22u to 10u R489 MODIFY to 0805 Stuff L50;R182;C238 for EV@ (MXM) Add PU for SMA_MA14 ; SMB_MA14 un-stuff R337,C115,C127,C129,C298,C302,C294,C283,C291 Q18 MODIFY to P/N:AL07SZ04C27 2.R395 connect to VCCRTC 3.R336;R251;R419;R255 un-stuff 4.R226 connect to +3V_S5 5.ICH_PWROK to SB CLPWROK stuff C500,C509,C300,C513 33pF P/N:CH03306JB04 C507,C508 10pF change to 15pF P/N:CH01506JB06 , stuff R238,R392,C2989 for Contr-LINK1 VCCHDA & VCCSUSHDA change to 3V ADD CRT DDC IN PU , L8,L9,L10 P/N change to 0.47UH for MXM , C22,C24,C25,C27,C31,C32 P/N change to 47pF for MXM CN6 MODIFY CONN to PIN P/N:DFHD05MRD98 MODIFY SWITCH BOARD PIN DEFINE Modify FAN circuit , MR1 P/N change to AL000268000 C46,C47 27pF change to 33pF P/N:CH03306JB04 stuff C104,C105,C119,C112 0.1uF P/N:CH41003ZB35 CARD READER COLAY TO CN28, DEL CN30 C311 change to 27pF P/N:CH02706JB06 stuff R209 un-stff R213,C325,U11 CHANGE MDC & CODEC to 3V 2.Delete D12 stuff R314,R483,C393,C595 SWAP NBSWON# & ACIN C363,C364 5.6pF change to 18pF P/N:CH01806JB07 Modify PQ19 P/N Modify Capacitor P/N to meet ME height limit stuff PR74,PC69 Remove JP Pad stuff PR126,PC131,PC137 Remove JP Pad un-stuff +1.8V un-stuff PR101,PQ21,PR22,PQ2,PR26,PR9,PR5,PC33,PC38,PC39,PC19,PC22,PU2 10 3A 11 2B 12 2B 13 3A 14 3A 15 3A 3B 16 3A 3B 17 2A 18 2B 3A 19 3A 3B 20 2B PAGE02 PAGE03 PAGE04 PAGE05 PAGE06 PAGE07 PAGE08 PAGE10 PAGE11 PAGE12 PAGE13 PAGE14 PAGE15 PAGE16 PAGE18 PAGE19 PAGE20~25 Change R293 to 2.2K for meet Intel Design checklist Change XDP PU/PD resistors value to meet Intel Design checklist Un-stuff C28,C457 Add LVDS_VREF strap Add SDVO I2C strap Remove NB resistors to GND Remove DIODE for D27 Remove VCCA_DPLLA&B for external VGA Add CRT & LVDS I2C Strap Un-stuff Control Link Vref1 Remove reserve ICH8 HDA 1.5V power rail Modify LCD_VCC enable power rail Add LVDS INV I2C Strap Add EMI solution for debug port PCI clock Change Q33,Q34 to MOSFET Add PIN 59 & Change CN31 pin2 to +3V_S5 for Modem can't wake up from S3 Add GPIO46 , 47 Add EMI solution Update Power component P/N 21 3A 22 3A 23 3A 24 3A 25 3A 3A PAGE10 PAGE11 PAGE13 PAGE14 PAGE15 PAGE19 PAGE21 PAGE22 PAGE23 PAGE24 PAGE25 1 1 1 1 1 Add +2.5V & +1.8V capacitors for nVIDIA MXM card Change C507,C508 to 15pF for RTC Add C609 & C610 to meet CM2009 specification Reserve +5VPCU & Add Q40,R540 for CIR Add C611 for PLC hall IC Stuff R60 for G995 CN24 un-stuff , D322,D332 reserve for ESD Modify PC85 value Modify PR4,PC13 value for sequence Add PQ22 for nVIDIA MXM +1.8V Modify PF1 P/N Add PU2 for nVIDIA MXM +2.5V 3B PAGE10 PAGE13 PAGE15 PAGE16 PAGE18 PAGE19 PAGE23 PAGE25 1 1 1 1 Remove R337 & Add R542,Q41,Q42 for Nvidia ACIN function Add D34~D36,D40 for ESD solution R484,R485,R486 from 330 change to 220 ohm for LED light issue Add D41,D42,D43 for ESD Stuff Q39 Add C621,C622 for EMI solution C112,C119 change to 100pF/50V for EMI Un-Stuff L55, Stuff U16,R470,R471 for internal Mic issue Modify D32,D33 package to 0402 for ESD Add PR140,PR141 for +1.8V voltage Stuff PR22,PR101,PQ2,PQ21 for nVIDIA MXM +1.8V & +2.5V Discharge Z01 MotherBoard 2A C 2B B A APPROVE BY: JIM HSU DRAWING BY:JACKY CHENG REV 3A MB ASSY'S P/N : 31Z01MB00XX PROJECT LEADER: JIM HSU DOCUMENT NO: 204 DATE :2007/04/14 3B C 3B 3B A PROJECT : ZO1 3B B COVER SHEET OF Quanta Computer Inc D Z01 SYSTEM BLOCK DIAGRAM Y5 14.318MHZ Clock Generator SLG8SP512T U26 D Merom CPU 479 Pin uFCPGA CPU Thermal Sensor U21 U5 D FSB 667/800 Mhz MXM Type II TV-OUT CN20 STD H9.9 SATA HDD CN27 Bluetooth PATA ODD USB4 SATA0 Intel SB ICH8M NB82801HBM 676 Pin BGA PATA USB 2.0 USB3,5 USB2 Y3 32.768K Realtek Audio Codec ALC268 AMP G1411 U19 A AMP G1412 New Card POWER IC CN14 CN8 U24 PCIE2 PCIE1 Y1 25MHz PCI Bus interface LPC Winbond KBC PC8769L 1394 +Cardreader Controller Ricoh R5C832/R5C833 128 Pin TQFP BroadCom GIGA LAN BCM5787M 68 Pin QFN U2 Azalia Audio conn Internal MIC MIC In Line in IEEE 1394 BIOS U14 CN13 CIR CN7 Card reader MMC SD MS MS DUO B PCIE3 Transformer U20 RJ45 CN16 CN28,29,30 U28 Touch Pad U18 SPDIF MiniCard PCI-e X1 U17 CN9 CN5 C CN23 B Speaker CN18 - H9.2 Y4 32.768KHZ RTC USB0,1 CCD CN1 CN19 - H5.2 U6 USB Port x CN12 533/667 Mhz DDRII SODIMM0 SODIMM1 U22 CN26 USB Port x CN21,23 Dual Channel DDR2 X4 DMI interface CRT CN6 PCI-Express X16 Lan TV-OUT LVDS VGA TFT LCD Panel 14.1" WXGA C Intel NB Crestline 965GM/965PM 1299 Pin FBGA CN4 MDC K/B CN31 A CN3 RJ11 FAN CN17 CN15 PROJECT : ZO1 Quanta Computer Inc Size Document Number Rev 1A Block Diagram Date: Thursday, May 17, 2007 Sheet of 26 Clock Generator L45 VDD_CK_VDD +3V BK1608HS220_6_1A C386 C389 4.7u/6.3V_6 1u/16V_4 U26 16 39 VDD_CK_VDD D REV:B MODIFY +1.25V C385 C377 C381 C391 C390 C380 4.7u/6.3V_6 1u/16V_4 1u/16V_4 1u/16V_4 1u/16V_4 1u/16V_4 Each Power pin have one 0.1u Capacitor VDDIO_CLK C384 C378 C383 C379 C376 C387 C388 4.7u/6.3V_6 1u/16V_4 1u/16V_4 1u/16V_4 1u/16V_4 1u/16V_4 1u/16V_4 11 SATACLKREQ# REV:B MODIFY 14 PCLK_LPC_DB 17 PCLK_PCM 19 PCLK_591 11 PCLK_ICH 11 CLKUSB_48 C 11 14M_ICH R455 475/F_4 SATACLKREQ#_R R461 33_4 PCLK_LPC_DB_R CLOCK_GEN VDD_48 VDD_PCI VDD_PLL3 VDD_SRC VDD_REF VDD_CPU 12 20 26 45 36 49 VDD_96_IO VDD_PLL3_IO VDD_SRC_IO_1 VDD_SRC_IO_3 VDD_SRC_IO_2 VDD_CPU_IO PCI0/CR#_A PCI1/CR#_B R465 33_4 PCLK_PCM_R R462 22_4 PCLK_591_R PCI3 SEL_LCDCLK# PCI4/SEL_LCDCLK# PCIF5/ITP_EN REV:C MODIFY R469 R460 R446 33_4 33_4 33_4 PCLK_ICH_R 60 XTAL_IN CG_XOUT 59 XTAL_OUT FSA 10 USB_48/FSA MCH_BSEL1 57 FSB/TEST/MODE FSC 62 REF0/FSC/TESTSEL 11 15 19 52 23 29 42 58 VSS_PCI VSS_48 VSS_IO VSS_PLL3 VSS_CPU VSS_SRC1 VSS_SRC2 VSS_SRC3 VSS_REF CLKREQ_B# : LCDCLK / SRC4 CLKREQ_C# : SRC0 / SRC2 CLKREQ_D# : LCDCLK / SRC4 64 63 PCI_STOP# CPU_STOP# 38 37 CPU0 CPU0# 54 53 CLK_CPU_BCLK_R CLK_CPU_BCLK#_R RN33 0_4P2R CLK_CPU_BCLK CLK_CPU_BCLK# CPU1_MCH CPU1_MCH# 51 50 CLK_MCH_BCLK_R CLK_MCH_BCLK#_R RN34 0_4P2R CLK_MCH_BCLK CLK_MCH_BCLK# SRC8/ITP SRC8#/ITP# 47 46 SRC10 SRC10# 34 35 CLK_PCIE_3GPLL_R CLK_PCIE_3GPLL#_R RN36 0_4P2R CLK_PCIE_3GPLL CLK_PCIE_3GPLL# SRC11/CR#_H SRC11#/CR#_G 33 32 CLK_MCH_REQ# NEW_CLKREQ#_R R447 R456 SRC9 SRC9# 30 31 CLK_PCIE_NEW_C_R CLK_PCIE_NEW_C#_R RN43 0_4P2R CLK_PCIE_NEW_C 14 CLK_PCIE_NEW_C# 14 SRC7/CR#_F SRC7#/CR#_E 44 43 CLK_PCIE_MXM_R CLK_PCIE_MXM#_R RN35 EV^0_4P2R CLK_PCIE_MXM 10 CLK_PCIE_MXM# 10 SRC6 SRC6# 41 40 CLK_PCIE_ICH_R CLK_PCIE_ICH#_R RN37 0_4P2R CLK_PCIE_ICH 11 CLK_PCIE_ICH# 11 SRC4 SRC4# 27 28 CLK_PCIE_MINI1_R CLK_PCIE_MINI1#_R RN42 0_4P2R CLK_PCIE_MINI1 14 CLK_PCIE_MINI1# 14 SRC3/CR#_C SRC3#/CR#_D 24 25 CLK_PCIE_LAN_R CLK_PCIE_LAN#_R RN41 0_4P2R CLK_PCIE_LAN 16 CLK_PCIE_LAN# 16 SRC2 SRC2# 21 22 CLK_PCIE_SATA_R CLK_PCIE_SATA#_R RN40 0_4P2R CLK_PCIE_SATA 11 CLK_PCIE_SATA# 11 LCDCLK/27M LCDCLK#/27MSS 17 18 DREFSSCLK_R DREFSSCLK#_R RN39 IV^0_4P2R DREFSSCLK DREFSSCLK# SRC0/DOT96 SRC0#/DOT96# 13 14 DREFCLK_R DREFCLK#_R RN38 IV^0_4P2R DREFCLK DREFCLK# CKPWRGD/PWRDWN# 56 PCI2/TME CG_XIN CLKREQ_A# : SRC0 / SRC2 48 SLG8SP512 61 55 NC SCL SDA SMBCK SMBDT D PM_STPPCI# 11 PM_STPCPU# 11 475/F_4 475/F_4 CLK_MCH_OE# NEW_CLKREQ# 14 C CK_PWRGD 11 SLG8SP512T: AL8SP512K05 CLKREQ_E# : SRC6 CLKREQ_F# : SRC8 CLKREQ_G# : SRC9 CLKREQ_H# : SRC10 +3V B R458 *10K_4 R464 10K_4 SEL_LCDCLK# Clock Gen I2C CK505 SILEGO : Pin 37,38 as SRC5 output : Pin 13,14 & 17,18 for Internal VGA : pin 37,38 as PCI_STOP & CPU_STOP : 27M & 27M_SS & SRC0 for external VGA Reserved for EMI R444 PCLK_LPC_DB C575 22p_4 PCLK_PCM C574 10p_4 PCLK_591 C576 *10p_4 CLKUSB_48 C573 10p_4 PCLK_ICH C578 10p_4 14M_ICH C546 4.7p_4 +3V R466 *10K_4 R459 10K_4 PCLK_ICH_R +3V CK505 SILEGO : Pin 46,47 as SRC output : Pin 46,47 as SRC output : Pin 46,47 as CPU output : Pin 46,47 as CPU output 11,14,16 PDAT_SMB Q29 REV:C MODIFY 4.7K_4 B SMBDT SMBDT 2N7002 R449 +3V CG_XIN +3V 33p_4 Y5 14.318MHz +3V R453 10K_4 NEW_CLKREQ#_R R443 10K_4 CLK_MCH_REQ# R454 10K_4 SATACLKREQ#_R +3V C557 11,14,16 PCLK_SMB Q21 C560 CG_XOUT PU for ICS CLK GEN 33p_4 +3V : CPU & SRC overclock allow : CPU & SRC overclock not allow CPU Clock select +1.05V R457 10K_4 R496 *10K_4 4.7K_4 REV:B MODIFY REV:C MODIFY BSEL Frequency Select Table +1.05V R292 REV:B MODIFY *1K_4 R445 R307 *1K_4 *1K_4 R293 CPU_BSEL2 MCH_BSEL2 R288 0_4 R304 FSC MCH_BSEL2 2.2K_4 REV:B MODIFY R290 REV:C MODIFY R441 CPU_BSEL1 MCH_BSEL1 REV:B MODIFY *1K_4 0_4 SMBCK PCLK_PCM_R +1.05V A SMBCK 2N7002 MCH_BSEL1 CPU_BSEL0 R306 0_4 MCH_BSEL0 FSA 2.2K_4 MCH_BSEL0 R448 REV:B MODIFY *1K_4 R308 *1K_4 FSC FSB FSA Frequency 0 266Mhz 0 133Mhz 200Mhz 1 166Mhz 0 333Mhz 1 100Mhz 1 400Mhz 1 Reserved A PROJECT : ZO1 Quanta Computer Inc Size Rev 2B CLOCK GENERATOR CK505 W/REGULATOR Date: Document Number Thursday, May 17, 2007 Sheet of 26 U21A C H_IERR# 11 H_INIT# H_LOCK# H_CPURST# H_TRDY# H_HIT# H_HITM# H_RS#0 H_RS#1 H_RS#2 H_RS#[2:0] F3 F4 G3 ADS# BNR# BPRI# DEFER# DRDY# DBSY# BR0# IERR# INIT# LOCK# RESET# TRDY# HIT# HITM# RS[0]# RS[1]# RS[2]# HCLK B A22 A21 CLK_CPU_BCLK CLK_CPU_BCLK# BCLK[0] BCLK[1] 11 H_STPCLK# 11 H_INTR 11 H_NMI 11 H_SMI# D5 C6 B4 A3 STPCLK# LINT0 LINT1 SMI# SMBUS Address : 98 THERMAL THERMDC THERMDA PROCHOT# THERMTRIP# B25 H_THERMDC A24 H_THERMDA +3V D21 H_PROCHOT_R# C7 THERMTRIP#_PWR +3V R82 TRST# TMS TDO TDI TCK PREQ# PRDY# BPM[3]# BPM[2]# BPM[1]# BPM[0]# M4 N5 T2 V3 B2 C3 D2 D22 D3 F6 RSVD[01] RSVD[02] RSVD[03] RSVD[04] RSVD[05] RSVD[06] RSVD[07] RSVD[08] RSVD[09] RSVD[10] DBR# C20 DBR# H_GTLREF R120 R114 AD26 C23 D25 C24 CPU_TEST4 AF26 AF1 A26 C48 *.1u/16V_4 TEST1 TEST2 TEST3 TEST4 TEST5 TEST6 B22 B23 C21 CPU_BSEL0 CPU_BSEL1 CPU_BSEL2 R117 10K_4 10K_4 U5 KBSMDAT KBSMCLK 47_6 3V_THM OVT MAX6648_OV# ALERT THERM_ALERT#_R SDAT SCLK VCC GND C131 1u/16V_4 DXP DXN MAX6648_OV# 15 D H_THERMDA C138 2200p_4 G781 H_THERMDC THERM_ALERT#_R R115 THERM_ALERT# *0_4 THERM_ALERT# 11 R92 +3V R54 R53 R46 R49 2ND_MBDATA 27.4/F_4 54.9/F_4 27.4/F_4 54.9/F_4 R26 U26 AA1 Y1 DPRSTP# DPSLP# DPWR# E5 B5 D24 ICH_DPRSTP# 6,11,21 H_DPSLP# 11 H_DPWR# SLP# PSI# D7 AE6 H_CPUSLP# PSI# 21 D6 H_PWRGD 11 MISC BSEL[0] BSEL[1] BSEL[2] COMP0 COMP1 COMP2 COMP3 COMP[0] COMP[1] COMP[2] COMP[3] GTLREF *1K_4 CPU_TEST1 *1K_4 CPU_TEST2 R116 10K_4 AB6 AB5 AB3 AA6 AC5 AC1 AC2 AC4 AD1 AD3 AD4 19 2ND_MBDATA PWRGOOD Q13 KBSMDAT 2N7002 R93 +3V 10K_4 2ND_MBCLK 19 2ND_MBCLK Q14 KBSMCLK 2N7002 C +1.05V CPU_SOCKET Q16 6,11,19,21 IMVP_PWRGD 2N7002 +1.05V R108 +1.05V 1K_4 R109 H25 N24 U22 AC20 H_DINV#0 H_DINV#1 H_DINV#2 H_DINV#3 DSTBP[0]# DSTBP[1]# DSTBP[2]# DSTBP[3]# H26 M26 AA26 AF24 H_DSTBP#0 H_DSTBP#1 H_DSTBP#2 H_DSTBP#3 J26 L26 Y26 AE25 A20M# FERR# IGNNE# XDP_TRST# XDP_TMS XDP_TDO XDP_TDI XDP_TCK PREQ# DINV[0]# DINV[1]# DINV[2]# DINV[3]# DSTBN[0]# DSTBN[1]# DSTBN[2]# DSTBN[3]# A6 A5 C4 DATA CONTROL H_ADS# H_BNR# H_BPRI# H_DEFER# H_DRDY# H_DBSY# H_BREQ#0 H1 E2 G5 H5 F21 E1 F1 D20 B3 H4 C1 G2 G6 E4 11 H_A20M# 11 H_FERR# 11 H_IGNNE# REQ[0]# REQ[1]# REQ[2]# REQ[3]# REQ[4]# H_D#[63:0] K3 H2 K2 J3 L1 H_D#0 H_D#1 H_D#2 H_D#3 H_D#4 H_D#5 H_D#6 H_D#7 H_D#8 H_D#9 H_D#10 H_D#11 H_D#12 H_D#13 H_D#14 H_D#15 H_D#16 H_D#17 H_D#18 H_D#19 H_D#20 H_D#21 H_D#22 H_D#23 H_D#24 H_D#25 H_D#26 H_D#27 H_D#28 H_D#29 H_D#30 H_D#31 H_D#32 H_D#33 H_D#34 H_D#35 H_D#36 H_D#37 H_D#38 H_D#39 H_D#40 H_D#41 H_D#42 H_D#43 H_D#44 H_D#45 H_D#46 H_D#47 H_D#48 H_D#49 H_D#50 H_D#51 H_D#52 H_D#53 H_D#54 H_D#55 H_D#56 H_D#57 H_D#58 H_D#59 H_D#60 H_D#61 H_D#62 H_D#63 MAXIM 6657 : AL006657020 GMT G781 : AL000781101 +1.05V H_DINV#[3:0] XDP_TDO R41 *54.9/F_4 H_IERR# R118 56.2/F_4 ADSTB[0]# ADSTB[1]# E22 F24 E26 G22 F23 G25 E25 E23 K24 G24 J24 J23 H22 F26 K22 H23 N22 K25 P26 R23 L23 M24 L22 M23 P25 P23 P22 T24 R24 L25 T25 N25 Y22 AB24 V24 V26 V23 T22 U25 U23 Y25 W22 Y23 W24 W25 AA23 AA24 AB25 AE24 AD24 AA21 AB22 AB21 AC26 AD20 AE22 AF23 AC25 AE21 AD21 AC22 AD23 AF22 AC23 RESERVED H_REQ#0 H_REQ#1 H_REQ#2 H_REQ#3 H_REQ#4 H_REQ#[4:0] M1 V1 D[0]# D[1]# D[2]# D[3]# D[4]# D[5]# D[6]# D[7]# D[8]# D[9]# D[10]# D[11]# D[12]# D[13]# D[14]# D[15]# D[16]# D[17]# D[18]# D[19]# D[20]# D[21]# D[22]# D[23]# D[24]# D[25]# D[26]# D[27]# D[28]# D[29]# D[30]# D[31]# D[32]# D[33]# D[34]# D[35]# D[36]# D[37]# D[38]# D[39]# D[40]# D[41]# D[42]# D[43]# D[44]# D[45]# D[46]# D[47]# D[48]# D[49]# D[50]# D[51]# D[52]# D[53]# D[54]# D[55]# D[56]# D[57]# D[58]# D[59]# D[60]# D[61]# D[62]# D[63]# XDP / ITP H_ADSTB0# H_ADSTB1# A[3]# A[4]# A[5]# A[6]# A[7]# A[8]# A[9]# A[10]# A[11]# A[12]# A[13]# A[14]# A[15]# A[16]# A[17]# A[18]# A[19]# A[20]# A[21]# A[22]# A[23]# A[24]# A[25]# A[26]# A[27]# A[28]# A[29]# A[30]# A[31]# A[32]# A[33]# A[34]# A[35]# ICH D J4 L5 L4 K5 M3 N2 J1 N3 P5 P2 L2 P4 P1 R1 Y2 U5 R3 W6 U4 Y5 U1 R4 T5 T3 W2 W5 Y4 U2 V4 W3 AA4 AB2 AA3 ADDRESS H_A#3 H_A#4 H_A#5 H_A#6 H_A#7 H_A#8 H_A#9 H_A#10 H_A#11 H_A#12 H_A#13 H_A#14 H_A#15 H_A#16 H_A#17 H_A#18 H_A#19 H_A#20 H_A#21 H_A#22 H_A#23 H_A#24 H_A#25 H_A#26 H_A#27 H_A#28 H_A#29 H_A#30 H_A#31 H_A#32 H_A#33 H_A#34 H_A#35 H_A#[35:3] U21B 56_4 THERMTRIP#_PWR DBR# R119 54.9/F_4 R90 33_4 RR_THERMTRIP# Q15 MMBT3904 SYS_SHDN# 20 R42 1K/F_4 H_DSTBP#[3:0] H_DSTBN#0 H_DSTBN#1 H_DSTBN#2 H_DSTBN#3 PREQ# R39 *54.9/F_4 R45 XDP_TMS R44 39/F_4 2K/F_4 XDP_TDI R51 150/F_4 R91 XDP_TCK R38 27.4/F_4 56.2/F_4 XDP_TRST# R36 680_4 H_GTLREF H_DSTBN#[3:0] +1.05V REV:C MODIFY B REV:C MODIFY H_PROCHOT_R# R107 *0_4 H_PROCHOT# 21 CPU_SOCKET HOLE7 CPU_HOLE HOLE23 MDC_HOLE HOLE25 MDC_HOLE HOLE5 DCB1_HOLE HOLE6 DCB2_HOLE HOLE18 NB_HOLE HOLE31 TOP_HOLE HOLE32 *BATTERY_HOLE HOLE16 MXM_HOLE HOLE17 MXM_HOLE HOLE13 MXM_HOLE HOLE14 MXM_HOLE HOLE19 HOLE11 MXM1_HOLE MXM1_HOLE HOLE33 *MB_HOLE HOLE34 *MB_HOLE UMA MODE: HOLE13,HOLE14 use FBZ01031010 +5V C612 C613 C614 C615 C616 *.1u/16V_4 *.1u/16V_4 *.1u/16V_4 *.1u/16V_4 *.1u/16V_4 HOLE3 HOLE22 HOLE28 HOLE29 *H-C276D118P2-8 *H-C276D118P2-8 *H-C276D118P2-8 *H-C276D118P2-8 5 5 6 6 7 7 C618 C619 C620 1u/16V_4 1u/16V_4 1u/16V_4 +1.25V A 9 9 1 1 1 1 MXM MODE: HOLE13,HOLE14 use FBZ01001010 ADOGND PAD1 *EMIPAD *EMIPAD HOLE30 *TP_HOLE HOLE12 HOLE21 HOLE9 *H-C276D118P2-8 *H-TC217BC256D110P2 *H-C276D118P2-8 5 6 7 HOLE27 HOLE26 HOLE20 HOLE10 *H-C276D118P2-8 *H-C276D118P2-8 *H-C276D118P2-8 *H-C276D118P2-8 5 5 6 6 7 7 PROJECT : ZO1 Quanta Computer Inc Size 9 9 1 PAD2 *EMIPAD PAD3 *EMIPAD PAD6 *EMIPAD PAD5 A REV:D MODIFY for EMI reserved HOLE2 HOLE1 HOLE4 *H-C276D118P2-8 *H-C276D118P2-8 *H-C276D118P2-8 5 6 7 1 1 1 1 1 HOLE8 CPU_HOLE HOLE15 CPU_HOLE Document Number Rev 3A CPU(1 of 2)/Thermal Date: Thursday, May 17, 2007 Sheet of 26 U21D CPU(Power) VCC_CORE A4 A8 A11 A14 A16 A19 A23 AF2 B6 B8 B11 B13 B16 B19 B21 B24 C5 C8 C11 C14 C16 C19 C2 C22 C25 D1 D4 D8 D11 D13 D16 D19 D23 D26 E3 E6 E8 E11 E14 E16 E19 E21 E24 F5 F8 F11 F13 F16 F19 F2 F22 F25 G4 G1 G23 G26 H3 H6 H21 H24 J2 J5 J22 J25 K1 K4 K23 K26 L3 L6 L21 L24 M2 M5 M22 M25 N1 N4 N23 N26 P3 VCC_CORE U21C C440 C447 C445 C441 C79 C80 C83 10u/6.3V_8 10u/6.3V_8 10u/6.3V_8 10u/6.3V_8 10u/6.3V_8 10u/6.3V_8 10u/6.3V_8 10u/6.3V_8 *.1u/16V_4 EMI D C434 C121 C439 C123 C122 C443 C456 C125 10u/6.3V_8 10u/6.3V_8 10u/6.3V_8 10u/6.3V_8 10u/6.3V_8 10u/6.3V_8 10u/6.3V_8 10u/6.3V_8 C448 C433 C438 C446 C437 C96 C102 C95 10u/6.3V_8 10u/6.3V_8 10u/6.3V_8 10u/6.3V_8 10u/6.3V_8 10u/6.3V_8 10u/6.3V_8 10u/6.3V_8 C C77 C78 C444 C81 C455 C432 C124 C82 10u/6.3V_8 10u/6.3V_8 10u/6.3V_8 10u/6.3V_8 10u/6.3V_8 10u/6.3V_8 10u/6.3V_8 10u/6.3V_8 C28 1 REV:C Modify + + 330u/2.5V_7343 *330u/2.5V_7343 C457 B VCC[001] VCC[002] VCC[003] VCC[004] VCC[005] VCC[006] VCC[007] VCC[008] VCC[009] VCC[010] VCC[011] VCC[012] VCC[013] VCC[014] VCC[015] VCC[016] VCC[017] VCC[018] VCC[019] VCC[020] VCC[021] VCC[022] VCC[023] VCC[024] VCC[025] VCC[026] VCC[027] VCC[028] VCC[029] VCC[030] VCC[031] VCC[032] VCC[033] VCC[034] VCC[035] VCC[036] VCC[037] VCC[038] VCC[039] VCC[040] VCC[041] VCC[042] VCC[043] VCC[044] VCC[045] VCC[046] VCC[047] VCC[048] VCC[049] VCC[050] VCC[051] VCC[052] VCC[053] VCC[054] VCC[055] VCC[056] VCC[057] VCC[058] VCC[059] VCC[060] VCC[061] VCC[062] VCC[063] VCC[064] VCC[065] VCC[066] VCC[067] VCC[068] VCC[069] VCC[070] VCC[071] VCC[072] VCC[073] VCC[074] VCC[075] VCC[076] VCC[077] VCC[078] VCC[079] VCC[080] VCC[081] VCC[082] VCC[083] VCC[084] VCC[085] VCC[086] VCC[087] VCC[088] VCC[089] VCC[090] VCC[091] VCC[092] VCC[093] VCC[094] VCC[095] VCC[096] VCC[097] VCC[098] VCC[099] VCC[100] AB20 AB7 AC7 AC9 AC12 AC13 AC15 AC17 AC18 AD7 AD9 AD10 AD12 AD14 AD15 AD17 AD18 AE9 AE10 AE12 AE13 AE15 AE17 AE18 AE20 AF9 AF10 AF12 AF14 AF15 AF17 AF18 AF20 VCCP[01] VCCP[02] VCCP[03] VCCP[04] VCCP[05] VCCP[06] VCCP[07] VCCP[08] VCCP[09] VCCP[10] VCCP[11] VCCP[12] VCCP[13] VCCP[14] VCCP[15] VCCP[16] G21 V6 J6 K6 M6 J21 K21 M21 N21 N6 R21 R6 T21 T6 V21 W21 VCCA[01] VCCA[02] B26 C26 VID[0] VID[1] VID[2] VID[3] VID[4] VID[5] VID[6] AD6 AF5 AE5 AF4 AE3 AF3 AE2 VCCSENSE AF7 VSSSENSE AE7 +1.05V C103 C110 + 330u/2.5V_7343 C126 C106 C90 C86 C89 C97 1u/16V_4 1u/16V_4 1u/16V_4 1u/16V_4 1u/16V_4 1u/16V_4 C442 A7 A9 A10 A12 A13 A15 A17 A18 A20 B7 B9 B10 B12 B14 B15 B17 B18 B20 C9 C10 C12 C13 C15 C17 C18 D9 D10 D12 D14 D15 D17 D18 E7 E9 E10 E12 E13 E15 E17 E18 E20 F7 F9 F10 F12 F14 F15 F17 F18 F20 AA7 AA9 AA10 AA12 AA13 AA15 AA17 AA18 AA20 AB9 AC10 AB10 AB12 AB14 AB15 AB17 AB18 +1.5V H_VID0 H_VID1 H_VID2 H_VID3 H_VID4 H_VID5 H_VID6 R30 C139 01u/16V_4 C140 10u/6.3V_8 21 21 21 21 21 21 21 100/F_4 VCC_CORE VCCSENSE 21 R32 100/F_4 VSSSENSE 21 CPU_SOCKET VSS[001] VSS[002] VSS[003] VSS[004] VSS[005] VSS[006] VSS[007] VSS[008] VSS[009] VSS[010] VSS[011] VSS[012] VSS[013] VSS[014] VSS[015] VSS[016] VSS[017] VSS[018] VSS[019] VSS[020] VSS[021] VSS[022] VSS[023] VSS[024] VSS[025] VSS[026] VSS[027] VSS[028] VSS[029] VSS[030] VSS[031] VSS[032] VSS[033] VSS[034] VSS[035] VSS[036] VSS[037] VSS[038] VSS[039] VSS[040] VSS[041] VSS[042] VSS[043] VSS[044] VSS[045] VSS[046] VSS[047] VSS[048] VSS[049] VSS[050] VSS[051] VSS[052] VSS[053] VSS[054] VSS[055] VSS[056] VSS[057] VSS[058] VSS[059] VSS[060] VSS[061] VSS[062] VSS[063] VSS[064] VSS[065] VSS[066] VSS[067] VSS[068] VSS[069] VSS[070] VSS[071] VSS[072] VSS[073] VSS[074] VSS[075] VSS[076] VSS[077] VSS[078] VSS[079] VSS[080] VSS[081] VSS[082] VSS[083] VSS[084] VSS[085] VSS[086] VSS[087] VSS[088] VSS[089] VSS[090] VSS[091] VSS[092] VSS[093] VSS[094] VSS[095] VSS[096] VSS[097] VSS[098] VSS[099] VSS[100] VSS[101] VSS[102] VSS[103] VSS[104] VSS[105] VSS[106] VSS[107] VSS[108] VSS[109] VSS[110] VSS[111] VSS[112] VSS[113] VSS[114] VSS[115] VSS[116] VSS[117] VSS[118] VSS[119] VSS[120] VSS[121] VSS[122] VSS[123] VSS[124] VSS[125] VSS[126] VSS[127] VSS[128] VSS[129] VSS[130] VSS[131] VSS[132] VSS[133] VSS[134] VSS[135] VSS[136] VSS[137] VSS[138] VSS[139] VSS[140] VSS[141] VSS[142] VSS[143] VSS[144] VSS[145] VSS[146] VSS[147] VSS[148] VSS[149] VSS[150] VSS[151] VSS[152] VSS[153] VSS[154] VSS[155] VSS[156] VSS[157] VSS[158] VSS[159] VSS[160] VSS[161] VSS[162] VSS[163] P6 P21 P24 R2 R5 R22 R25 T1 T4 T23 T26 U3 U6 U21 U24 V2 V5 V22 V25 W1 W4 W23 W26 Y3 Y6 Y21 Y24 AA2 AA5 AA8 AA11 AA14 AA16 AA19 AA22 AA25 AB1 AB4 AB8 AB11 AB13 AB16 AB19 AB23 AB26 AC3 AC6 AC8 AC11 AC14 AC16 AC19 AC21 AC24 AD2 AD5 AD8 AD11 AD13 AD16 AD19 AD22 AD25 AE1 AE4 AE8 AE11 AE14 AE16 AE19 AE23 AE26 A2 AF6 AF8 AF11 AF13 AF16 AF19 AF21 A25 AF25 D C B CPU_SOCKET A A PROJECT : ZO1 Quanta Computer Inc Size Document Number Rev 2B CPU(2 of 2)Power Date: Thursday, May 17, 2007 Sheet of 26 C H_SCOMP W1 H_SCOMP# W2 B B6 E5 H_CPURST# H_CPUSLP# H_AVREF B9 A9 H_SWING H_RCOMP H_SCOMP H_SCOMP# H_CPURST# H_CPUSLP# H_ADS# H_ADSTB#_0 H_ADSTB#_1 H_BNR# H_BPRI# H_BREQ# H_DEFER# H_DBSY# HPLL_CLK HPLL_CLK# H_DPWR# H_DRDY# H_HIT# H_HITM# H_LOCK# H_TRDY# G12 H17 G20 C8 E8 F12 D6 C10 AM5 AM7 H8 K7 E4 C6 G10 B7 U22C LVDS_IBG LVDS_VBG LVDS_VREFH LVDS_VREFL LVDSA_CLK# LVDSA_CLK LVDSB_CLK# LVDSB_CLK 10 INT_TXLOUT010 INT_TXLOUT110 INT_TXLOUT2- G51 E51 F49 LVDSA_DATA#_0 LVDSA_DATA#_1 LVDSA_DATA#_2 10 INT_TXLOUT0+ 10 INT_TXLOUT1+ 10 INT_TXLOUT2+ G50 E50 F48 LVDSA_DATA_0 LVDSA_DATA_1 LVDSA_DATA_2 G44 B47 B45 LVDSB_DATA#_0 LVDSB_DATA#_1 LVDSB_DATA#_2 E44 A47 A45 LVDSB_DATA_0 LVDSB_DATA_1 LVDSB_DATA_2 E27 G27 K27 TVA_DAC TVB_DAC TVC_DAC F27 J27 L27 TVA_RTN TVB_RTN TVC_RTN M35 P33 TV_DCONSEL_0 TV_DCONSEL_1 H32 G32 K29 J29 F29 E29 CRT_BLUE CRT_BLUE# CRT_GREEN CRT_GREEN# CRT_RED CRT_RED# K33 G35 F33 C32 E33 CRT_DDC_CLK CRT_DDC_DATA CRT_HSYNC CRT_TVO_IREF CRT_VSYNC LVDS_VREF 10 INT_TXLCLKOUT10 INT_TXLCLKOUT+ H_ADS# H_ADSTB0# H_ADSTB1# H_BNR# H_BPRI# H_BREQ#0 H_DEFER# H_DBSY# CLK_MCH_BCLK CLK_MCH_BCLK# H_DPWR# H_DRDY# H_HIT# H_HITM# H_LOCK# H_TRDY# M7 K3 AD2 AH11 H_DSTBP#_0 H_DSTBP#_1 H_DSTBP#_2 H_DSTBP#_3 L7 K2 AC2 AJ10 H_DSTBP#0 H_DSTBP#1 H_DSTBP#2 H_DSTBP#3 M14 E13 A11 H13 B12 H_REQ#0 H_REQ#1 H_REQ#2 H_REQ#3 H_REQ#4 H_DSTBN#[3:0] INT_TV_COMP INT_TV_Y/G INT_TV_C/R 10 INT_TV_COMP 10 INT_TV_Y/G 10 INT_TV_C/R +3V H_DINV#[3:0] H_DSTBN#_0 H_DSTBN#_1 H_DSTBN#_2 H_DSTBN#_3 E12 D7 D8 L41 L43 N41 N40 D46 C45 D44 E42 LCD_INVCLK LCD_INVDAT LVDS_IBG H_DSTBN#0 H_DSTBN#1 H_DSTBN#2 H_DSTBN#3 H_RS#_0 H_RS#_1 H_RS#_2 L_BKLT_CTRL L_BKLT_EN L_CTRL_CLK L_CTRL_DATA L_DDC_CLK L_DDC_DATA L_VDD_EN T51 H_DINV#0 H_DINV#1 H_DINV#2 H_DINV#3 H_REQ#_0 H_REQ#_1 H_REQ#_2 H_REQ#_3 H_REQ#_4 +VCCP_PEG W: 10 mil J40 H39 E39 E40 C37 D35 K40 13 INT_LVDS_BKLT_PWM 10 INT_LVDS_BLON 13 LCD_INVCLK 13 LCD_INVDAT 10 INT_LVDS_EDIDCLK 10 INT_LVDS_EDIDDATA 10 INT_LVDS_DIGON K5 L2 AD13 AE13 H_DINV#_0 H_DINV#_1 H_DINV#_2 H_DINV#_3 H_A#[35:3] H_A#3 H_A#4 H_A#5 H_A#6 H_A#7 H_A#8 H_A#9 H_A#10 H_A#11 H_A#12 H_A#13 H_A#14 H_A#15 H_A#16 H_A#17 H_A#18 H_A#19 H_A#20 H_A#21 H_A#22 H_A#23 H_A#24 H_A#25 H_A#26 H_A#27 H_A#28 H_A#29 H_A#30 H_A#31 H_A#32 H_A#33 H_A#34 H_A#35 R387 R388 IV^2.2K_4TV_DCONSEL_0 IV^2.2K_4TV_DCONSEL_1 R380 R381 EV^0_4 EV^0_4 REV:C MODIFY INT_CRT_BLU 10 INT_CRT_BLU INT_CRT_GRN 10 INT_CRT_GRN INT_CRT_RED 10 INT_CRT_RED H_DSTBP#[3:0] H_REQ#[4:0] GRAPHICS J13 B11 C11 M11 C15 F16 L13 G17 C14 K16 B13 L16 J17 B14 K19 P15 R17 B16 H20 L19 D17 M17 N16 J19 B18 E19 B17 B15 E17 C18 A19 B19 N19 10 INT_CRT_DDCCLK 10 INT_CRT_DDCDAT 10 INT_HSYNC CRTIREF 10 INT_VSYNC PEG_COMPI PEG_COMPO N43 EXP_A_COMPX M43 PEG_RX#_0 PEG_RX#_1 PEG_RX#_2 PEG_RX#_3 PEG_RX#_4 PEG_RX#_5 PEG_RX#_6 PEG_RX#_7 PEG_RX#_8 PEG_RX#_9 PEG_RX#_10 PEG_RX#_11 PEG_RX#_12 PEG_RX#_13 PEG_RX#_14 PEG_RX#_15 J51 L51 N47 T45 T50 U40 Y44 Y40 AB51 W49 AD44 AD40 AG46 AH49 AG45 AG41 PEG_RXN0 PEG_RXN1 PEG_RXN2 PEG_RXN3 PEG_RXN4 PEG_RXN5 PEG_RXN6 PEG_RXN7 PEG_RXN8 PEG_RXN9 PEG_RXN10 PEG_RXN11 PEG_RXN12 PEG_RXN13 PEG_RXN14 PEG_RXN15 PEG_RX_0 PEG_RX_1 PEG_RX_2 PEG_RX_3 PEG_RX_4 PEG_RX_5 PEG_RX_6 PEG_RX_7 PEG_RX_8 PEG_RX_9 PEG_RX_10 PEG_RX_11 PEG_RX_12 PEG_RX_13 PEG_RX_14 PEG_RX_15 J50 L50 M47 U44 T49 T41 W45 W41 AB50 Y48 AC45 AC41 AH47 AG49 AH45 AG42 PEG_RXP0 PEG_RXP1 PEG_RXP2 PEG_RXP3 PEG_RXP4 PEG_RXP5 PEG_RXP6 PEG_RXP7 PEG_RXP8 PEG_RXP9 PEG_RXP10 PEG_RXP11 PEG_RXP12 PEG_RXP13 PEG_RXP14 PEG_RXP15 PEG_TX#_0 PEG_TX#_1 PEG_TX#_2 PEG_TX#_3 PEG_TX#_4 PEG_TX#_5 PEG_TX#_6 PEG_TX#_7 PEG_TX#_8 PEG_TX#_9 PEG_TX#_10 PEG_TX#_11 PEG_TX#_12 PEG_TX#_13 PEG_TX#_14 PEG_TX#_15 N45 U39 U47 N51 R50 T42 Y43 W46 W38 AD39 AC46 AC49 AC42 AH39 AE49 AH44 C_PEG_TXN0 C_PEG_TXN1 C_PEG_TXN2 C_PEG_TXN3 C_PEG_TXN4 C_PEG_TXN5 C_PEG_TXN6 C_PEG_TXN7 C_PEG_TXN8 C_PEG_TXN9 C_PEG_TXN10 C_PEG_TXN11 C_PEG_TXN12 C_PEG_TXN13 C_PEG_TXN14 C_PEG_TXN15 C354 C337 C344 C532 C536 C327 C347 C329 C349 C330 C531 C528 C351 C353 C526 C332 EV^.1u/10V_4 EV^.1u/10V_4 EV^.1u/10V_4 EV^.1u/10V_4 EV^.1u/10V_4 EV^.1u/10V_4 EV^.1u/10V_4 EV^.1u/10V_4 EV^.1u/10V_4 EV^.1u/10V_4 EV^.1u/10V_4 EV^.1u/10V_4 EV^.1u/10V_4 EV^.1u/10V_4 EV^.1u/10V_4 EV^.1u/10V_4 PEG_TXN0 PEG_TXN1 PEG_TXN2 PEG_TXN3 PEG_TXN4 PEG_TXN5 PEG_TXN6 PEG_TXN7 PEG_TXN8 PEG_TXN9 PEG_TXN10 PEG_TXN11 PEG_TXN12 PEG_TXN13 PEG_TXN14 PEG_TXN15 PEG_TX_0 PEG_TX_1 PEG_TX_2 PEG_TX_3 PEG_TX_4 PEG_TX_5 PEG_TX_6 PEG_TX_7 PEG_TX_8 PEG_TX_9 PEG_TX_10 PEG_TX_11 PEG_TX_12 PEG_TX_13 PEG_TX_14 PEG_TX_15 M45 T38 T46 N50 R51 U43 W42 Y47 Y39 AC38 AD47 AC50 AD43 AG39 AE50 AH43 C_PEG_TXP0 C_PEG_TXP1 C_PEG_TXP2 C_PEG_TXP3 C_PEG_TXP4 C_PEG_TXP5 C_PEG_TXP6 C_PEG_TXP7 C_PEG_TXP8 C_PEG_TXP9 C_PEG_TXP10 C_PEG_TXP11 C_PEG_TXP12 C_PEG_TXP13 C_PEG_TXP14 C_PEG_TXP15 C355 C336 C345 C533 C535 C326 C346 C328 C348 C331 C530 C529 C350 C352 C527 C333 EV^.1u/10V_4 EV^.1u/10V_4 EV^.1u/10V_4 EV^.1u/10V_4 EV^.1u/10V_4 EV^.1u/10V_4 EV^.1u/10V_4 EV^.1u/10V_4 EV^.1u/10V_4 EV^.1u/10V_4 EV^.1u/10V_4 EV^.1u/10V_4 EV^.1u/10V_4 EV^.1u/10V_4 EV^.1u/10V_4 EV^.1u/10V_4 PEG_TXP0 PEG_TXP1 PEG_TXP2 PEG_TXP3 PEG_TXP4 PEG_TXP5 PEG_TXP6 PEG_TXP7 PEG_TXP8 PEG_TXP9 PEG_TXP10 PEG_TXP11 PEG_TXP12 PEG_TXP13 PEG_TXP14 PEG_TXP15 VGA B3 C2 H_A#_3 H_A#_4 H_A#_5 H_A#_6 H_A#_7 H_A#_8 H_A#_9 H_A#_10 H_A#_11 H_A#_12 H_A#_13 H_A#_14 H_A#_15 H_A#_16 H_A#_17 H_A#_18 H_A#_19 H_A#_20 H_A#_21 H_A#_22 H_A#_23 H_A#_24 H_A#_25 H_A#_26 H_A#_27 H_A#_28 H_A#_29 H_A#_30 H_A#_31 H_A#_32 H_A#_33 H_A#_34 H_A#_35 TV H_SWING H_RCOMP H_D#_0 H_D#_1 H_D#_2 H_D#_3 H_D#_4 H_D#_5 H_D#_6 H_D#_7 H_D#_8 H_D#_9 H_D#_10 H_D#_11 H_D#_12 H_D#_13 H_D#_14 H_D#_15 H_D#_16 H_D#_17 H_D#_18 H_D#_19 H_D#_20 H_D#_21 H_D#_22 H_D#_23 H_D#_24 H_D#_25 H_D#_26 H_D#_27 H_D#_28 H_D#_29 H_D#_30 H_D#_31 H_D#_32 H_D#_33 H_D#_34 H_D#_35 H_D#_36 H_D#_37 H_D#_38 H_D#_39 H_D#_40 H_D#_41 H_D#_42 H_D#_43 H_D#_44 H_D#_45 H_D#_46 H_D#_47 H_D#_48 H_D#_49 H_D#_50 H_D#_51 H_D#_52 H_D#_53 H_D#_54 H_D#_55 H_D#_56 H_D#_57 H_D#_58 H_D#_59 H_D#_60 H_D#_61 H_D#_62 H_D#_63 PCI-EXPRESS D E2 G2 G7 M6 H7 H3 G4 F3 N8 H2 M10 N12 N9 H5 P13 K9 M2 W10 Y8 V4 M3 J1 N5 N3 W6 W9 N2 Y7 Y9 P4 W3 N1 AD12 AE3 AD9 AC9 AC7 AC14 AD11 AC11 AB2 AD7 AB1 Y3 AC6 AE2 AC5 AG3 AJ9 AH8 AJ14 AE9 AE11 AH12 AJ5 AH5 AJ6 AE7 AJ7 AJ2 AE5 AJ3 AH2 AH13 LVDS H_D#0 H_D#1 H_D#2 H_D#3 H_D#4 H_D#5 H_D#6 H_D#7 H_D#8 H_D#9 H_D#10 H_D#11 H_D#12 H_D#13 H_D#14 H_D#15 H_D#16 H_D#17 H_D#18 H_D#19 H_D#20 H_D#21 H_D#22 H_D#23 H_D#24 H_D#25 H_D#26 H_D#27 H_D#28 H_D#29 H_D#30 H_D#31 H_D#32 H_D#33 H_D#34 H_D#35 H_D#36 H_D#37 H_D#38 H_D#39 H_D#40 H_D#41 H_D#42 H_D#43 H_D#44 H_D#45 H_D#46 H_D#47 H_D#48 H_D#49 H_D#50 H_D#51 H_D#52 H_D#53 H_D#54 H_D#55 H_D#56 H_D#57 H_D#58 H_D#59 H_D#60 H_D#61 H_D#62 H_D#63 GM965 QN12 : AJ0QN120T04 PM965 QN14 : AJ0QN140T04 HOST U22A H_D#[63:0] REV:B MODIFY R260 24.9/F_4 PEG_RXN[15:0] 10 D PEG_RXP[15:0] 10 PEG_TXN[15:0] 10 C PEG_TXP[15:0] 10 B H_RS#[2:0] H_RS#0 H_RS#1 H_RS#2 CRESTLINE H_AVREF H_DVREF CRESTLINE +1.05V W: 10 mil / S: 20 mil +1.05V R349 H_SCOMP R155 54.9/F_4 H_SCOMP# R164 54.9/F_4 221/F_4 H_SWING R350 C474 100/F_4 1u/16V_4 +1.05V R205 R206 For IV@ Connect to 150ohm: CRT R/G/B TV A/B/C Connect to 30ohm: HSYNC/VSYNC EV^0_4 EV^0_4 INT_HSYNC INT_VSYNC 0OHM (PD) FOR EV (TV) R352 A For EV@ Connect to GND CRT R/G/B TV A/B/C HSYNC/VSYNC R197 150/F_4 INT_TV_COMP H_AVREF R198 150/F_4 INT_TV_Y/G HVREF Width : 20mil Length < 100mil R199 150/F_4 INT_TV_C/R 1K/F_4 REV:C MODIFY For Calero : 1.5K For Cresstline:2.4K R247 R535 R348 C477 24.9/F_4 2K/F_4 1u/16V_4 W: 10 mil / S: 20 mil REV:C MODIFY LVDS_IBG LVDS_VREF IV&EV Dis/Enable setting For Calero : 255 For Cresstline:1.3K/F For external VGA:0 R211 R356 H_RCOMP IV^2.4K_4 IV^0_4 1.3K/F_4 Flexible and safe A CRTIREF PROJECT : ZO1 0OHM (PD) FOR EV (RGB) R214 150/F_4 INT_CRT_BLU R216 150/F_4 INT_CRT_GRN R204 150/F_4 INT_CRT_RED Quanta Computer Inc Size Rev 2B GMCH HOST & GRAPHICS Date: Document Number Thursday, May 17, 2007 Sheet of 26 CFG[18:19] Have internal Pull-down CFG5 DMI X2 Select CFG6 Reserved CFG7 CPU Strap D Low power PCI Express CFG8 CFG9 PCI Express Graphics Lane Reversal CFG[11:10] CFG[13:12] XOR/ALLZ = Normal mode = Low Power mode = Reverse Lanes = Normal operation(Default) 00 01 10 11 CFG[15:14] Reserved CFG16 FSB Dynamic ODT CFG[18:17] Reserved CFG18 VCC select SDVO_CTRLDATA SDVO Present SMA_MA14 SMB_MA14 SDVO/PCIe concurrent = = = = T82 T83 Reserved XOR Mode Enable All-Z Mode Enabled Normal operation(Default) = Dynamic ODT disable = Dynamic ODT Enable(Default) 1 = = = = 1.05V (Default) 1.5V No SDVO Card present(Default) SDVO Card Present T9 T19 T13 = Normal operation(Default) = Reverse Lanes T20 T24 = Only SDVO or PCIE x1 is operation(Default) = SDVO and PCIE x1 are operating simultaneously via the PEG port MCH_CFG_5 R371 *4.02K/F_4 MCH_CFG_9 R183 *4.02K/F_4 MCH_CFG_16 R185 *4.02K/F_4 MCH_CFG_12 R191 *4.02K/F_4 MCH_CFG_13 R385 *4.02K/F_4 MCH_CFG_19 R386 *4.02K/F_4 MCH_CFG_20 11 PM_BMBUSY# 3,11,21 ICH_DPRSTP# EXTTS#0 EXTTS#1 3,11,19,21 IMVP_PWRGD 11 PLTRST#_NB T12 11,21 PM_DPRSLPVR T18 T17 T15 T39 R436 R219 R236 R187 0_4 0_4 P27 N27 N24 C21 C23 F23 N23 G23 J20 C20 R24 L23 J23 E23 E20 K23 M20 M24 L32 N33 L35 PM_BMBUSY#_R ICH_DPRSTP#_R G41 L39 L36 0_4 PM_EXTTS#1_R J36 AW49 100_4 RST_IN#_MCH AV20 THRMTRIP#_MCH N20 G36 A PM_BM_BUSY# PM_DPRSTP# PM_EXT_TS#_0 PM_EXT_TS#_1 PWROK RSTIN# THERMTRIP# DPRSLPVR NC_1 NC_2 NC_3 NC_4 NC_5 NC_6 NC_7 NC_8 NC_9 NC_10 NC_11 NC_12 NC_13 NC_14 NC_15 NC_16 NC BJ51 BK51 BK50 BL50 BL49 BL3 BL2 BK1 BJ1 E1 A5 C51 B50 A50 A49 BK2 CFG_0 CFG_1 CFG_2 CFG_3 CFG_4 CFG_5 CFG_6 CFG_7 CFG_8 CFG_9 CFG_10 CFG_11 CFG_12 CFG_13 CFG_14 CFG_15 CFG_16 CFG_17 CFG_18 CFG_19 CFG_20 PM +3V *4.02K/F_4 MCH_BSEL0 MCH_BSEL1 MCH_BSEL2 MCH_CFG_3 MCH_CFG_4 MCH_CFG_5 MCH_CFG_6 MCH_CFG_7 MCH_CFG_8 MCH_CFG_9 MCH_CFG_10 MCH_CFG_11 MCH_CFG_12 MCH_CFG_13 MCH_CFG_14 MCH_CFG_15 MCH_CFG_16 MCH_CFG_17 MCH_CFG_18 MCH_CFG_19 MCH_CFG_20 MCH_BSEL0 MCH_BSEL1 MCH_BSEL2 T68 T66 B R192 RSVD20 RSVD21 RSVD22 RSVD23 RSVD24 RSVD25 RSVD26 RSVD27 RSVD28 RSVD29 RSVD30 RSVD31 RSVD32 RSVD33 RSVD34 RSVD35 RSVD36 RSVD37 RSVD38 RSVD39 RSVD40 RSVD41 RSVD42 RSVD43 RSVD44 RSVD45 CFG DMI Lane Reversal CFG20 H10 B51 BJ20 BK22 BF19 BH20 BK18 BJ18 BF23 BG23 BC23 BD24 BJ29 BE24 BH39 AW20 BK20 MCH_RSVD37 C48 MCH_RSVD38 D47 B44 C44 A35 B37 B36 B34 C34 = Reserved = Mobile CPU(Default) Reserved C CFG19 = DMI X2 = DMI X4(Default) DMI Reserved GRAPHICS VID CFG[4:3] 001 = FSB 533 MHz 010 = FSB 800 MHz 011 = FSB 667 MHz ME FSB Frequency Select MISC CFG[2:0] RSVD1 RSVD2 RSVD3 RSVD4 RSVD5 RSVD6 RSVD7 RSVD8 RSVD9 RSVD10 RSVD11 RSVD12 RSVD13 RSVD14 RSVD P36 P37 R35 N35 AR12 AR13 AM12 AN13 J12 AR37 AM36 AL36 AM37 D20 Any CFG signal strapping option not list below should be left NC Pin MUXING U22B CFG[17:3] Have internal Pull-up GM965 QN12 : AJ0QN120T04 PM965 QN14 : AJ0QN140T04 DDR CLK All strap are sampled with respect to the leading edge of the GMCH PWROK Signal R Value select For Calero : 80.6ohm For Cresstline:20ohm But check list use 80.6ohm Width : 20mil Length < 500mil SM_CK_0 SM_CK_1 SM_CK_3 SM_CK_4 AV29 BB23 BA25 AV23 CLK_SDRAM0 CLK_SDRAM1 CLK_SDRAM3 CLK_SDRAM4 SM_CK#_0 SM_CK#_1 SM_CK#_3 SM_CK#_4 AW30 BA23 AW25 AW23 CLK_SDRAM0# CLK_SDRAM1# CLK_SDRAM3# CLK_SDRAM4# SM_CKE_0 SM_CKE_1 SM_CKE_3 SM_CKE_4 BE29 AY32 BD39 BG37 SM_CKE0 SM_CKE1 SM_CKE3 SM_CKE4 9 9 SM_CS#_0 SM_CS#_1 SM_CS#_2 SM_CS#_3 BG20 BK16 BG16 BE13 SM_CS0# SM_CS1# SM_CS2# SM_CS3# 9 9 SM_ODT_0 SM_ODT_1 SM_ODT_2 SM_ODT_3 BH18 BJ15 BJ14 BE16 SM_ODT0 SM_ODT1 SM_ODT2 SM_ODT3 9 9 SM_RCOMP SM_RCOMP# BL15 BK14 M_RCOMP M_RCOMP# SM_RCOMP_VOH SM_RCOMP_VOL BK31 BL31 SM_RCOMP_VOH SM_RCOMP_VOL SM_VREF_0 SM_VREF_1 AR49 AW4 SMDDR_VREF_MCH DPLL_REF_CLK DPLL_REF_CLK# DPLL_REF_SSCLK DPLL_REF_SSCLK# B42 C42 H48 H47 DREFCLK DREFCLK# DREFSSCLK DREFSSCLK# PEG_CLK PEG_CLK# K44 K45 R168 R169 9 9 9 9 AN47 AJ38 AN42 AN46 DMI_TXN0 DMI_TXN1 DMI_TXN2 DMI_TXN3 DMI_RXP_0 DMI_RXP_1 DMI_RXP_2 DMI_RXP_3 AM47 AJ39 AN41 AN45 DMI_TXP0 DMI_TXP1 DMI_TXP2 DMI_TXP3 DMI_TXN_0 DMI_TXN_1 DMI_TXN_2 DMI_TXN_3 AJ46 AJ41 AM40 AM44 DMI_RXN0 DMI_RXN1 DMI_RXN2 DMI_RXN3 DMI_TXP_0 DMI_TXP_1 DMI_TXP_2 DMI_TXP_3 AJ47 AJ42 AM39 AM43 DMI_RXP0 DMI_RXP1 DMI_RXP2 DMI_RXP3 20/F_4 R180 +1.8VSUS R215 D SM_RCOMP_VOH 1K/F_4 R212 C264 C282 3.01K/F_4 01u/16V_4 2.2u/6.3V_6 R203 C266 C277 1K/F_4 01u/16V_4 2.2u/6.3V_6 SM_RCOMP_VOL RN31 DREFSSCLK# DREFSSCLK +0.9VSUS EV^0_4P2R 0_6 REV:C MODIFY +1.8VSUS DREFCLK DREFCLK# DREFSSCLK DREFSSCLK# DREFCLK# DREFCLK RN32 EV^0_4P2R If no use DREFCLK PD and DREFCLK# PU CLK_PCIE_3GPLL CLK_PCIE_3GPLL# DMI_RXN_0 DMI_RXN_1 DMI_RXN_2 DMI_RXN_3 20/F_4 M_RCOMP +1.8VSUS R170 *10K_6 *10K_6 M_RCOMP# R173 C DMI_TXN[3:0] 11 +1.25V DMI_TXP[3:0] 11 R431 1K/F_4 +1.25V_CL_VREF DMI_RXN[3:0] 11 C319 R433 1u/16V_4 392/F_6 DMI_RXP[3:0] 11 +3V B GFX_VID_0 GFX_VID_1 GFX_VID_2 GFX_VID_3 GFX_VR_EN E35 A39 C38 B39 E36 R246 10K_4 EXTTS#0 R237 10K_4 EXTTS#1 DFGT_VID_0 DFGT_VID_1 DFGT_VID_2 DFGT_VID_3 DFGT_VR_EN R242 IV^30K_4 DFGT_VR_EN R235 IV^100K_4 REV:C MODIFY CL_CLK CL_DATA CL_PWROK CL_RST# CL_VREF AM49 AK50 AT43 AN49 AM50 +1.25V_CL_VREF +1.05V CL_CLK0 11 CL_DATA0 11 ICH_PWOK 11 CL_RST#0 11 R422 IV^22K_4 DFGT_VID_2 R222 IV^22K_4 DFGT_VID_0 R421 IV^22K_4 DFGT_VID_1 R423 IV^22K_4 DFGT_VID_3 REV:B MODIFY REV:C MODIFY SDVO_CTRL_CLK SDVO_CTRL_DATA CLK_REQ# ICH_SYNC# H35 K36 G39 G40 TEST_1 TEST_2 A37 R32 SDVO_CTRLCLK SDVO_CTRLDATA CLK_MCH_OE# GMCH_TEST2 R533 R534 R217 EV^0_4 EV^0_4 CLK_MCH_OE# MCH_ICH_SYNC# 11 A 20K_4 CRESTLINE PROJECT : ZO1 Quanta Computer Inc Size Document Number Rev 2B GMCH DMI & STRAP Date: Thursday, May 17, 2007 Sheet of 26 GM965 QN12 : AJ0QN120T04 PM965 QN14 : AJ0QN140T04 BL17 AT45 BD44 BD42 AW38 AW13 BG8 AY5 AN6 SMA_DM0 SMA_DM1 SMA_DM2 SMA_DM3 SMA_DM4 SMA_DM5 SMA_DM6 SMA_DM7 SA_DQS_0 SA_DQS_1 SA_DQS_2 SA_DQS_3 SA_DQS_4 SA_DQS_5 SA_DQS_6 SA_DQS_7 SA_DQS#_0 SA_DQS#_1 SA_DQS#_2 SA_DQS#_3 SA_DQS#_4 SA_DQS#_5 SA_DQS#_6 SA_DQS#_7 AT46 BE48 BB43 BC37 BB16 BH6 BB2 AP3 AT47 BD47 BC41 BA37 BA16 BH7 BC1 AP2 SMA_DQS0 SMA_DQS1 SMA_DQS2 SMA_DQS3 SMA_DQS4 SMA_DQS5 SMA_DQS6 SMA_DQS7 SMA_DQS0# SMA_DQS1# SMA_DQS2# SMA_DQS3# SMA_DQS4# SMA_DQS5# SMA_DQS6# SMA_DQS7# SA_MA_0 SA_MA_1 SA_MA_2 SA_MA_3 SA_MA_4 SA_MA_5 SA_MA_6 SA_MA_7 SA_MA_8 SA_MA_9 SA_MA_10 SA_MA_11 SA_MA_12 SA_MA_13 BJ19 BD20 BK27 BH28 BL24 BK28 BJ27 BJ25 BL28 BA28 BC19 BE28 BG30 BJ16 SMA_MA0 SMA_MA1 SMA_MA2 SMA_MA3 SMA_MA4 SMA_MA5 SMA_MA6 SMA_MA7 SMA_MA8 SMA_MA9 SMA_MA10 SMA_MA11 SMA_MA12 SMA_MA13 SA_RAS# SA_RCVEN# BE18 AY20 SMA_RAS# SA_WE# BA19 SMA_WE# A REV:B MODIFY SMA_CAS# SMA_DM0 SMA_DM1 SMA_DM2 SMA_DM3 SMA_DM4 SMA_DM5 SMA_DM6 SMA_DM7 9 9 9 9 C271 10u/6.3V_8 C270 SMA_DQS0 SMA_DQS1 SMA_DQS2 SMA_DQS3 SMA_DQS4 SMA_DQS5 SMA_DQS6 SMA_DQS7 SMA_DQS0# SMA_DQS1# SMA_DQS2# SMA_DQS3# SMA_DQS4# SMA_DQS5# SMA_DQS6# SMA_DQS7# 22u/10V_4 C269 22u/10V_4 C251 1u/16V_4 SMA_MA[13 0] C208 22u/10V_4 C186 22u/10V_4 C183 B MEMORY SYSTEM SB_BS_0 SB_BS_1 SB_BS_2 AY17 BG18 BG36 SMB_BA0 SMB_BA1 SMB_BA2 SB_CAS# BE17 SMB_CAS# SB_DM_0 SB_DM_1 SB_DM_2 SB_DM_3 SB_DM_4 SB_DM_5 SB_DM_6 SB_DM_7 AR50 BD49 BK45 BL39 BH12 BJ7 BF3 AW2 SMB_DM0 SMB_DM1 SMB_DM2 SMB_DM3 SMB_DM4 SMB_DM5 SMB_DM6 SMB_DM7 SB_DQS_0 SB_DQS_1 SB_DQS_2 SB_DQS_3 SB_DQS_4 SB_DQS_5 SB_DQS_6 SB_DQS_7 SB_DQS#_0 SB_DQS#_1 SB_DQS#_2 SB_DQS#_3 SB_DQS#_4 SB_DQS#_5 SB_DQS#_6 SB_DQS#_7 AT50 BD50 BK46 BK39 BJ12 BL7 BE2 AV2 AU50 BC50 BL45 BK38 BK12 BK7 BF2 AV3 SMB_DQS0 SMB_DQS1 SMB_DQS2 SMB_DQS3 SMB_DQS4 SMB_DQS5 SMB_DQS6 SMB_DQS7 SMB_DQS0# SMB_DQS1# SMB_DQS2# SMB_DQS3# SMB_DQS4# SMB_DQS5# SMB_DQS6# SMB_DQS7# SB_MA_0 SB_MA_1 SB_MA_2 SB_MA_3 SB_MA_4 SB_MA_5 SB_MA_6 SB_MA_7 SB_MA_8 SB_MA_9 SB_MA_10 SB_MA_11 SB_MA_12 SB_MA_13 BC18 BG28 BG25 AW17 BF25 BE25 BA29 BC28 AY28 BD37 BG17 BE37 BA39 BG13 SMB_MA0 SMB_MA1 SMB_MA2 SMB_MA3 SMB_MA4 SMB_MA5 SMB_MA6 SMB_MA7 SMB_MA8 SMB_MA9 SMB_MA10 SMB_MA11 SMB_MA12 SMB_MA13 SB_RAS# SB_RCVEN# AV16 AY18 SMB_RAS# SB_WE# BC17 SMB_WE# SMB_DM0 SMB_DM1 SMB_DM2 SMB_DM3 SMB_DM4 SMB_DM5 SMB_DM6 SMB_DM7 1u/16V_4 C222 1u/16V_4 AL24 AL26 AL28 AM26 AM28 AM29 AM31 AM32 AM33 AP29 AP31 AP32 AP33 AL29 AL31 AL32 AR31 AR32 AR33 T27 T37 U24 U28 V31 V35 AA19 AB17 AB35 AD19 AD37 AF17 AF35 AK17 AM17 AM24 AP26 AP28 AR15 AR19 AR28 POWER VCC_AXM_NCTF_1 VCC_AXM_NCTF_2 VCC_AXM_NCTF_3 VCC_AXM_NCTF_4 VCC_AXM_NCTF_5 VCC_AXM_NCTF_6 VCC_AXM_NCTF_7 VCC_AXM_NCTF_8 VCC_AXM_NCTF_9 VCC_AXM_NCTF_10 VCC_AXM_NCTF_11 VCC_AXM_NCTF_12 VCC_AXM_NCTF_13 VCC_AXM_NCTF_14 VCC_AXM_NCTF_15 VCC_AXM_NCTF_16 VCC_AXM_NCTF_17 VCC_AXM_NCTF_18 VCC_AXM_NCTF_19 VSS_SCB1 VSS_SCB2 VSS_SCB3 VSS_SCB4 VSS_SCB5 VSS_SCB6 A3 B2 C1 BL1 BL51 A51 +1.05V C273 1u/16V_4 C287 SB_DQ_0 SB_DQ_1 SB_DQ_2 SB_DQ_3 SB_DQ_4 SB_DQ_5 SB_DQ_6 SB_DQ_7 SB_DQ_8 SB_DQ_9 SB_DQ_10 SB_DQ_11 SB_DQ_12 SB_DQ_13 SB_DQ_14 SB_DQ_15 SB_DQ_16 SB_DQ_17 SB_DQ_18 SB_DQ_19 SB_DQ_20 SB_DQ_21 SB_DQ_22 SB_DQ_23 SB_DQ_24 SB_DQ_25 SB_DQ_26 SB_DQ_27 SB_DQ_28 SB_DQ_29 SB_DQ_30 SB_DQ_31 SB_DQ_32 SB_DQ_33 SB_DQ_34 SB_DQ_35 SB_DQ_36 SB_DQ_37 SB_DQ_38 SB_DQ_39 SB_DQ_40 SB_DQ_41 SB_DQ_42 SB_DQ_43 SB_DQ_44 SB_DQ_45 SB_DQ_46 SB_DQ_47 SB_DQ_48 SB_DQ_49 SB_DQ_50 SB_DQ_51 SB_DQ_52 SB_DQ_53 SB_DQ_54 SB_DQ_55 SB_DQ_56 SB_DQ_57 SB_DQ_58 SB_DQ_59 SB_DQ_60 SB_DQ_61 SB_DQ_62 SB_DQ_63 VSS_NCTF_1 VSS_NCTF_2 VSS_NCTF_3 VSS_NCTF_4 VSS_NCTF_5 VSS_NCTF_6 VSS_NCTF_7 VSS_NCTF_8 VSS_NCTF_9 VSS_NCTF_10 VSS_NCTF_11 VSS_NCTF_12 VSS_NCTF_13 VSS_NCTF_14 VSS_NCTF_15 VSS_NCTF_16 VSS_NCTF_17 VSS_NCTF_18 VSS_NCTF_19 VSS_NCTF_20 VSS_NCTF_21 REV:B MODIFY +1.05V U22E SMB_MD0 AP49 SMB_MD1 AR51 SMB_MD2 AW50 SMB_MD3 AW51 SMB_MD4 AN51 SMB_MD5 AN50 SMB_MD6 AV50 SMB_MD7 AV49 SMB_MD8 BA50 SMB_MD9 BB50 SMB_MD10 BA49 SMB_MD11 BE50 SMB_MD12 BA51 SMB_MD13 AY49 SMB_MD14 BF50 SMB_MD15 BF49 SMB_MD16 BJ50 SMB_MD17 BJ44 SMB_MD18 BJ43 SMB_MD19 BL43 SMB_MD20 BK47 SMB_MD21 BK49 SMB_MD22 BK43 SMB_MD23 BK42 SMB_MD24 BJ41 SMB_MD25 BL41 SMB_MD26 BJ37 SMB_MD27 BJ36 SMB_MD28 BK41 SMB_MD29 BJ40 SMB_MD30 BL35 SMB_MD31 BK37 SMB_MD32 BK13 SMB_MD33 BE11 SMB_MD34 BK11 SMB_MD35 BC11 SMB_MD36 BC13 SMB_MD37 BE12 SMB_MD38 BC12 SMB_MD39 BG12 SMB_MD40 BJ10 SMB_MD41 BL9 SMB_MD42 BK5 SMB_MD43 BL5 SMB_MD44 BK9 SMB_MD45 BK10 SMB_MD46 BJ8 SMB_MD47 BJ6 SMB_MD48 BF4 SMB_MD49 BH5 SMB_MD50 BG1 SMB_MD51 BC2 SMB_MD52 BK3 SMB_MD53 BE4 SMB_MD54 BD3 SMB_MD55 BJ2 SMB_MD56 BA3 SMB_MD57 BB3 SMB_MD58 AR1 SMB_MD59 AT3 SMB_MD60 AY2 SMB_MD61 AY3 SMB_MD62 AU2 SMB_MD63 AT2 VSS NCTF SA_CAS# SA_DM_0 SA_DM_1 SA_DM_2 SA_DM_3 SA_DM_4 SA_DM_5 SA_DM_6 SA_DM_7 10u/6.3V_8 DDR B U22J 330u/2.5V_7343 VSS SCB SMA_BA0 SMA_BA1 SMA_BA2 CRESTLINE SMB_MD[63 0] U22I VCC AXM BB19 BK19 BF29 VCC_NCTF_1 VCC_NCTF_2 VCC_NCTF_3 VCC_NCTF_4 VCC_NCTF_5 VCC_NCTF_6 VCC_NCTF_7 VCC_NCTF_8 VCC_NCTF_9 VCC_NCTF_10 VCC_NCTF_11 VCC_NCTF_12 VCC_NCTF_13 VCC_NCTF_14 VCC_NCTF_15 VCC_NCTF_16 VCC_NCTF_17 VCC_NCTF_18 VCC_NCTF_19 VCC_NCTF_20 VCC_NCTF_21 VCC_NCTF_22 VCC_NCTF_23 VCC_NCTF_24 VCC_NCTF_25 VCC_NCTF_26 VCC_NCTF_27 VCC_NCTF_28 VCC_NCTF_29 VCC_NCTF_30 VCC_NCTF_31 VCC_NCTF_32 VCC_NCTF_33 VCC_NCTF_34 VCC_NCTF_35 VCC_NCTF_36 VCC_NCTF_37 VCC_NCTF_38 VCC_NCTF_39 VCC_NCTF_40 VCC_NCTF_41 VCC_NCTF_42 VCC_NCTF_43 VCC_NCTF_44 VCC_NCTF_45 VCC_NCTF_46 VCC_NCTF_47 VCC_NCTF_48 VCC_NCTF_49 VCC_NCTF_50 VCC NCTF SA_BS_0 SA_BS_1 SA_BS_2 AB33 AB36 AB37 AC33 AC35 AC36 AD35 AD36 AF33 AF36 AH33 AH35 AH36 AH37 AJ33 AJ35 AK33 AK35 AK36 AK37 AD33 AJ36 AM35 AL33 AL35 AA33 AA35 AA36 AP35 AP36 AR35 AR36 Y32 Y33 Y35 Y36 Y37 T30 T34 T35 U29 U31 U32 U33 U35 U36 V32 V33 V36 V37 VCC AXM NCTF A MEMORY SYSTEM DDR C SA_DQ_0 SA_DQ_1 SA_DQ_2 SA_DQ_3 SA_DQ_4 SA_DQ_5 SA_DQ_6 SA_DQ_7 SA_DQ_8 SA_DQ_9 SA_DQ_10 SA_DQ_11 SA_DQ_12 SA_DQ_13 SA_DQ_14 SA_DQ_15 SA_DQ_16 SA_DQ_17 SA_DQ_18 SA_DQ_19 SA_DQ_20 SA_DQ_21 SA_DQ_22 SA_DQ_23 SA_DQ_24 SA_DQ_25 SA_DQ_26 SA_DQ_27 SA_DQ_28 SA_DQ_29 SA_DQ_30 SA_DQ_31 SA_DQ_32 SA_DQ_33 SA_DQ_34 SA_DQ_35 SA_DQ_36 SA_DQ_37 SA_DQ_38 SA_DQ_39 SA_DQ_40 SA_DQ_41 SA_DQ_42 SA_DQ_43 SA_DQ_44 SA_DQ_45 SA_DQ_46 SA_DQ_47 SA_DQ_48 SA_DQ_49 SA_DQ_50 SA_DQ_51 SA_DQ_52 SA_DQ_53 SA_DQ_54 SA_DQ_55 SA_DQ_56 SA_DQ_57 SA_DQ_58 SA_DQ_59 SA_DQ_60 SA_DQ_61 SA_DQ_62 SA_DQ_63 U22F C334 U22D SMA_MD0 AR43 SMA_MD1 AW44 SMA_MD2 BA45 SMA_MD3 AY46 SMA_MD4 AR41 SMA_MD5 AR45 SMA_MD6 AT42 SMA_MD7 AW47 SMA_MD8 BB45 SMA_MD9 BF48 SMA_MD10 BG47 SMA_MD11 BJ45 SMA_MD12 BB47 SMA_MD13 BG50 SMA_MD14 BH49 SMA_MD15 BE45 SMA_MD16AW43 SMA_MD17 BE44 SMA_MD18 BG42 SMA_MD19 BE40 SMA_MD20 BF44 SMA_MD21 BH45 SMA_MD22 BG40 SMA_MD23 BF40 SMA_MD24 AR40 SMA_MD25AW40 SMA_MD26 AT39 SMA_MD27AW36 SMA_MD28AW41 SMA_MD29 AY41 SMA_MD30 AV38 SMA_MD31 AT38 SMA_MD32 AV13 SMA_MD33 AT13 SMA_MD34AW11 SMA_MD35 AV11 SMA_MD36 AU15 SMA_MD37 AT11 SMA_MD38 BA13 SMA_MD39 BA11 SMA_MD40 BE10 SMA_MD41 BD10 SMA_MD42 BD8 SMA_MD43 AY9 SMA_MD44 BG10 SMA_MD45 AW9 SMA_MD46 BD7 SMA_MD47 BB9 SMA_MD48 BB5 SMA_MD49 AY7 SMA_MD50 AT5 SMA_MD51 AT7 SMA_MD52 AY6 SMA_MD53 BB7 SMA_MD54 AR5 SMA_MD55 AR8 SMA_MD56 AR9 SMA_MD57 AN3 SMA_MD58 AM8 SMA_MD59 AN10 SMA_MD60 AT9 SMA_MD61 AN9 SMA_MD62 AM9 SMA_MD63 AN11 D REV:C MODIFY +1.05V + SMA_MD[63 0] CRESTLINE 9 9 9 9 SMB_DQS0 SMB_DQS1 SMB_DQS2 SMB_DQS3 SMB_DQS4 SMB_DQS5 SMB_DQS6 SMB_DQS7 SMB_DQS0# SMB_DQS1# SMB_DQS2# SMB_DQS3# SMB_DQS4# SMB_DQS5# SMB_DQS6# SMB_DQS7# VCC_AXM_1 VCC_AXM_2 VCC_AXM_3 VCC_AXM_4 VCC_AXM_5 VCC_AXM_6 VCC_AXM_7 AT33 AT31 AK29 AK24 AK23 AJ26 AJ23 A13 A15 A17 A24 AA21 AA24 AA29 AB20 AB23 AB26 AB28 AB31 AC10 AC13 AC3 AC39 AC43 AC47 AD1 AD21 AD26 AD29 AD3 AD41 AD45 AD49 AD5 AD50 AD8 AE10 AE14 AE6 AF20 AF23 AF24 AF31 AG2 AG38 AG43 AG47 AG50 AH3 AH40 AH41 AH7 AH9 AJ11 AJ13 AJ21 AJ24 AJ29 AJ32 AJ43 AJ45 AJ49 AK20 AK21 AK26 AK28 AK31 AK51 AL1 AM11 AM13 AM3 AM4 AM41 AM45 AN1 AN38 AN39 AN43 AN5 AN7 AP4 AP48 AP50 AR11 AR2 AR39 AR44 AR47 AR7 AT10 AT14 AT41 AT49 AU1 AU23 AU29 AU3 AU36 AU49 AU51 AV39 AV48 AW1 AW12 AW16 VSS_1 VSS_2 VSS_3 VSS_4 VSS_5 VSS_6 VSS_7 VSS_8 VSS_9 VSS_10 VSS_11 VSS_12 VSS_13 VSS_14 VSS_15 VSS_16 VSS_17 VSS_18 VSS_19 VSS_20 VSS_21 VSS_22 VSS_23 VSS_24 VSS_25 VSS_26 VSS_27 VSS_28 VSS_29 VSS_30 VSS_31 VSS_32 VSS_33 VSS_34 VSS_35 VSS_36 VSS_37 VSS_38 VSS_39 VSS_40 VSS_41 VSS_42 VSS_43 VSS_44 VSS_45 VSS_46 VSS_47 VSS_48 VSS_49 VSS_50 VSS_51 VSS_52 VSS_53 VSS_54 VSS_55 VSS_56 VSS_57 VSS_58 VSS_59 VSS_60 VSS_61 VSS_62 VSS_63 VSS_64 VSS_65 VSS_66 VSS_67 VSS_68 VSS_69 VSS_70 VSS_71 VSS_72 VSS_73 VSS_74 VSS_75 VSS_76 VSS_77 VSS_78 VSS_79 VSS_80 VSS_81 VSS_82 VSS_83 VSS_84 VSS_85 VSS_86 VSS_87 VSS_88 VSS_89 VSS_90 VSS_91 VSS_92 VSS_93 VSS_94 VSS_95 VSS_96 VSS_97 VSS_98 VSS_99 VSS_100 VSS_101 VSS_102 VSS_103 VSS_104 VSS_105 VSS_106 VSS_107 VSS_108 VSS_109 VSS_110 VSS_111 VSS_112 VSS_113 VSS_114 VSS_115 VSS_116 VSS_117 VSS_118 VSS_119 VSS_120 VSS_121 VSS_122 VSS_123 VSS_124 VSS_125 VSS_126 VSS_127 VSS_128 VSS_129 VSS_130 VSS_131 VSS_132 VSS_133 VSS_134 VSS_135 VSS_136 VSS_137 VSS_138 VSS_139 VSS_140 VSS_141 VSS_142 VSS_143 VSS_144 VSS_145 VSS_146 VSS_147 VSS_148 VSS_149 VSS_150 VSS_151 VSS_152 VSS_153 VSS_154 VSS_155 VSS_156 VSS_157 VSS_158 VSS_159 VSS_160 VSS_161 VSS_162 VSS_163 VSS_164 VSS_165 VSS_166 VSS_167 VSS_168 VSS_169 VSS_170 VSS_171 VSS_172 VSS_173 VSS_174 VSS_175 VSS_176 VSS_177 VSS_178 VSS_179 VSS_180 VSS_181 VSS_182 VSS_183 VSS_184 VSS_185 VSS_186 VSS_187 VSS_188 VSS_189 VSS_190 VSS_191 VSS_192 VSS_193 VSS_194 VSS_195 VSS_196 VSS_197 VSS_198 VSS AW24 AW29 AW32 AW5 AW7 AY10 AY24 AY37 AY42 AY43 AY45 AY47 AY50 B10 B20 B24 B29 B30 B35 B38 B43 B46 B5 B8 BA1 BA17 BA18 BA2 BA24 BB12 BB25 BB40 BB44 BB49 BB8 BC16 BC24 BC25 BC36 BC40 BC51 BD13 BD2 BD28 BD45 BD48 BD5 BE1 BE19 BE23 BE30 BE42 BE51 BE8 BF12 BF16 BF36 BG19 BG2 BG24 BG29 BG39 BG48 BG5 BG51 BH17 BH30 BH44 BH46 BH8 BJ11 BJ13 BJ38 BJ4 BJ42 BJ46 BK15 BK17 BK25 BK29 BK36 BK40 BK44 BK6 BK8 BL11 BL13 BL19 BL22 BL37 BL47 C12 C16 C19 C28 C29 C33 C36 C41 C46 C50 C7 D13 D24 D3 D32 D39 D45 D49 E10 E16 E24 E28 E32 E47 F19 F36 F4 F40 F50 G1 G13 G16 G19 G24 G28 G29 G33 G42 G45 G48 G8 H24 H28 H4 H45 J11 J16 J2 J24 J28 J33 J35 J39 VSS_199 VSS_200 VSS_201 VSS_202 VSS_203 VSS_204 VSS_205 VSS_206 VSS_207 VSS_208 VSS_209 VSS_210 VSS_211 VSS_212 VSS_213 VSS_214 VSS_215 VSS_216 VSS_217 VSS_218 VSS_219 VSS_220 VSS_221 VSS_222 VSS_223 VSS_224 VSS_225 VSS_226 VSS_227 VSS_228 VSS_229 VSS_230 VSS_231 VSS_232 VSS_233 VSS_234 VSS_235 VSS_236 VSS_237 VSS_238 VSS_239 VSS_240 VSS_241 VSS_242 VSS_243 K12 K47 K8 L1 L17 L20 L24 L28 L3 L33 L49 M28 M42 M46 M49 M5 M50 M9 N11 N14 N17 N29 N32 N36 N39 N44 N49 N7 P19 P2 P23 P3 P50 R49 T39 T43 T47 U41 U45 U50 V2 V3 VSS_245 VSS_246 VSS_247 VSS_248 VSS_249 VSS_250 VSS_251 VSS_252 VSS_253 VSS_254 VSS_255 VSS_256 VSS_257 VSS_258 VSS_259 VSS_260 VSS_261 VSS_262 VSS_263 VSS_264 VSS_265 VSS_266 VSS_267 VSS_268 VSS_269 VSS_270 VSS_271 VSS_272 VSS_273 VSS_274 VSS_275 VSS_276 VSS_277 VSS_278 VSS_279 VSS_280 VSS_281 VSS_282 VSS_283 VSS_284 VSS_285 VSS_286 VSS_287 VSS_288 VSS_289 VSS_290 VSS_291 VSS_292 VSS_293 VSS_294 VSS_295 VSS_296 VSS_297 VSS_298 VSS_299 VSS_300 VSS_301 VSS_302 VSS_303 VSS_304 VSS_305 W11 W39 W43 W47 W5 W7 Y13 Y2 Y41 Y45 Y49 Y5 Y50 Y11 P29 T29 T31 T33 R28 VSS_306 VSS_307 VSS_308 VSS_309 VSS_310 VSS_311 VSS_312 VSS_313 AA32 AB32 AD32 AF28 AF29 AT27 AV25 H50 D REV:C MODIFY VSS C B CRESTLINE CRESTLINE SMB_MA[13 0] A PROJECT : ZO1 Quanta Computer Inc CRESTLINE Size Document Number Rev 2B GMCH DDR & GND Date: Thursday, May 17, 2007 Sheet of 26 VCC GFX 1.5V Signal R490 R491 IV^0_8 IV^0_6 VCCDQ_CRT 1.5V GND VCCABG_DAC 3.3V GND VCCD_LVDS GND 1.8V 1.8V REV:C MODIFY VCCA_A_TVO 3.3V GND VSSABG_DAC GND GND VCCA_LVDS GND GND 1.8V R536 VCCA_B_TVO 3.3V GND VCC_SYNC 3.3V GND VCCTX_LVDS GND GND IV^0_4 J32 VCCSYNC +3V_VCCA_CRT_DAC A33 B33 VCCA_CRT_DAC_1 VCCA_CRT_DAC_2 +3V_TV_DAC A30 VCCA_DAC_BG CRT C147 VSSA_DAC_BG B49 VCCA_DPLLA +1.25V_VCCA_DPLLB H49 VCCA_DPLLB +1.25VM_VCCA_HPLL AL2 VCCA_HPLL +1.25VM_VCCA_MPLL AM2 VCCA_MPLL A41 VCCA_LVDS B41 VSSA_LVDS K50 VCCA_PEG_BG PLL C211 VTT B32 +1.25V_VCCA_DPLLA IV^22u/6.3V_8 C314 VCC_TX_LVDS IV^1000p_4 C212 IV^10u/6.3V_6 REV:B MODIFY C226 +3V_VCCA_PEG_BG +3V C335 1u/16V_4 K49 VSSA_PEG_BG U51 VCCA_PEG_PLL IV^1u/10V_4 +1.25V_VCCD_PEG_PLL C244 IV^.47u/6.3V_4 +1.25V C243 C216 C189 C230 C190 C218 220u/2.5V_3528 *22u/6.3V_8 4.7u/6.3V_6 22u/6.3V_8 1u/10V_4 AW18 AV19 AU19 AU18 AU17 VCCA_SM_1 VCCA_SM_2 VCCA_SM_3 VCCA_SM_4 VCCA_SM_5 AT22 AT21 AT19 AT18 AT17 AR17 AR16 VCCA_SM_7 VCCA_SM_8 VCCA_SM_9 VCCA_SM_10 VCCA_SM_11 VCCA_SM_NCTF_1 VCCA_SM_NCTF_2 BC29 BB29 VCCA_SM_CK_1 VCCA_SM_CK_2 IV^.1u/16V_4 REV:B MODIFY C236 +1.25VM_VCCA_SM_CK +1.25V 1u/16V_4 Stuff ohm for External VGA C258 C267 C252 C259 *1u/10V_4 *1u/10V_4 22u/6.3V_8 1u/16V_4 +3V_TV_DAC +3V_TV_DAC +3V_TV_DAC +1.5V_VCCD_CRT +1.5V_VCCD_TVDAC +1.5V_VCCD_QDAC +1.25V POWER C25 B25 C27 B27 B28 A28 VCCA_TVA_DAC_1 VCCA_TVA_DAC_2 VCCA_TVB_DAC_1 VCCA_TVB_DAC_2 VCCA_TVC_DAC_1 VCCA_TVC_DAC_2 M32 L29 VCCD_CRT VCCD_TVDAC N28 VCCD_QDAC REV:B MODIFY +1.25VM_MCH_VCCD_HPLL AN2 L50 +1.25V_VCCD_PEG_PLL U48 VCCD_PEG_PLL C321 C525 J41 H42 1u/16V_4 1u/16V_4 VCCD_LVDS_1 VCCD_LVDS_2 FBMH1608HM151_6_2A R434 +V1.25S_PEGPLL_FB C534 10u/6.3V_6 VCCD_HPLL 1/F_6 VTT_1 VTT_2 VTT_3 VTT_4 VTT_5 VTT_6 VTT_7 VTT_8 VTT_9 VTT_10 VTT_11 VTT_12 VTT_13 VTT_14 VTT_15 VTT_16 VTT_17 VTT_18 VTT_19 VTT_20 VTT_21 VTT_22 U13 U12 U11 U9 U8 U7 U5 U3 U2 U1 T13 T11 T10 T9 T7 T6 T5 T3 T2 R3 R2 R1 If SDVO enable LVDS enable 1.8V C70 D 330u/2.5V_7343 + REV:C MODIFY AT23 AU28 AU24 AT29 AT25 AT30 VCC_AXD_NCTF AR29 VCC_AXF_1 VCC_AXF_2 VCC_AXF_3 INTERNAL +1.05V VCC_AXD_1 VCC_AXD_2 VCC_AXD_3 VCC_AXD_4 VCC_AXD_5 VCC_AXD_6 AXD IV^330u/2.5V_7343 AXF External VGA with EV@part, Internal VGA with IV@ part +3V_VCCSYNC IV^330u/2.5V_7343 C296 4.7u/6.3V_6 C272 4.7u/6.3V_6 C265 2.2u/6.3V_6 C245 47u/6.3V_4 C247 1u/10V_4 C256 10u/6.3V_6 +1.25V REV:B MODIFY B23 B21 A21 C238 C227 10u/6.3V_6 1u/10V_4 C524 1u/16V_4 +1.25V VCC_DMI AJ50 VCC_SM_CK_1 VCC_SM_CK_2 VCC_SM_CK_3 VCC_SM_CK_4 BK24 BK23 BJ24 BJ23 VCC_SM_CK L31 1uH_2012_300mA C228 C239 R201 1/F_6 +V1.8_SMCK_RC C255 VCC_TX_LVDS A43 VCC_TX_LVDS VCC_PEG_1 VCC_PEG_2 VCC_PEG_3 VCC_PEG_4 VCC_PEG_5 +1.25V 22u/6.3V_8 1u/16V_4 Stuff ohm for External VGA C316 VCC_HV_1 VCC_HV_2 C 10u/6.3V_6 L51 +1.8VSUS C522 IV^1uH_3225_1.44A +V3.3_HV C40 B40 1000P_4 IV^220u/2.5V_3528 C303 1u/16V_4 AD51 W50 W51 V49 V50 +VCCP_PEG L37 +VCCP_PEG +1.05V C523 VCC_RXR_DMI_1 VCC_RXR_DMI_2 +1.8VSUS C338 91nH_3225_1.5A R270 AH50 AH51 +VCCP_DMI 22u/6.3V_8 220u/2.5V_3528 0_6 VTTLF1 VTTLF2 VTTLF3 A7 C476 F2 C173 AH1 C170 47u/6.3V_4 47u/6.3V_4 47u/6.3V_4 CRESTLINE VCC_TX_LVDS VCCSM_LF1 VCCSM_LF2 VCCSM_LF3 VCCSM_LF4 VCCSM_LF5 VCCSM_LF6 VCCSM_LF7 C317 C293 C297 C217 C185 C192 C195 C315 1u/10V_4 1u/10V_4 47u/6.3V_4 22u/6.3V_4 22u/6.3V_4 1u/10V_4 1u/10V_4 B 1000p_4 Stuff ohm for External VGA 2nd source : G923-330T1U AL000923003 +3V_TV_DAC +5V U7 R184 *IV^33K/F_4 R1 R2 33K 20K R365 *IV^20K/F_6 IN GND SHDN OUT SET C201 C234 R174 +1.05V *IV^4.7u/6.3V_6 *IV^.1u/16V_4 +1.05V_SD R389 D26 PDZ5.6B *IV^10K/F_6 10/F_6 R245 +V3.3_HV +3V Q17 *IV^2N7002 *IV^MAX8863 0_6 3.3V CRESTLINE SUSB# 11,19 R195 D27 +3V_TV_DAC VCCGFPLLOW If SDVO enable LVDS Disable EXTERNAL CRT/TV Disable/Enable guideline C160 VOUT = 1.25 ( 1+R1/R2 ) +1.05V If SDVO Disable LVDS Disable U22H A LVDS VCC_SM_LF1 VCC_SM_LF2 VCC_SM_LF3 VCC_SM_LF4 VCC_SM_LF5 VCC_SM_LF6 VCC_SM_LF7 AW45 BC39 BE39 BD17 BD4 AW8 AT6 VCC SM LF B VCC_AXG_1 VCC_AXG_2 VCC_AXG_3 VCC_AXG_4 VCC_AXG_5 VCC_AXG_6 VCC_AXG_7 VCC_AXG_8 VCC_AXG_9 VCC_AXG_10 VCC_AXG_11 VCC_AXG_12 VCC_AXG_13 VCC_AXG_14 VCC_AXG_15 VCC_AXG_16 VCC_AXG_17 VCC_AXG_18 VCC_AXG_19 VCC_AXG_20 VCC_AXG_21 VCC_AXG_22 VCC_AXG_23 VCC_AXG_24 VCC_AXG_25 VCC_AXG_26 VCC_AXG_27 VCC_AXG_28 VCC_AXG_29 VCC_AXG_30 VCC_AXG_31 VCC_AXG_32 VCC_AXG_33 VCC_AXG_34 GND 1.5V + R20 T14 W13 W14 Y12 AA20 AA23 AA26 AA28 AB21 AB24 AB29 AC20 AC21 AC23 AC24 AC26 AC28 AC29 AD20 AD23 AD24 AD28 AF21 AF26 AA31 AH20 AH21 AH23 AH24 AH26 AD31 AJ20 AN14 3.3V VCCD_TVO + +1.05V_AXG VCCA_C_TVO GND VTTLF C GND 1.5V SM CK 1u/16V_4 3.3V VCCD_CRT HV C278 External VGA with EV@part,Internal VGA with IV@ part VCCA_CRT IV^0_8 PEG 22u/6.3V_8 +1.05V R489 DMI C279 LVDS Disable/Enable guideline A PEG 22u/6.3V_8 A SM C280 Disable A CK + 330u/2.5V_7343 VCC GFX NCTF VCC_SM_1 VCC_SM_2 VCC_SM_3 VCC_SM_4 VCC_SM_5 VCC_SM_6 VCC_SM_7 VCC_SM_8 VCC_SM_9 VCC_SM_10 VCC_SM_11 VCC_SM_12 VCC_SM_13 VCC_SM_14 VCC_SM_15 VCC_SM_16 VCC_SM_17 VCC_SM_18 VCC_SM_19 VCC_SM_20 VCC_SM_21 VCC_SM_22 VCC_SM_23 VCC_SM_24 VCC_SM_25 VCC_SM_26 VCC_SM_27 VCC_SM_28 VCC_SM_29 VCC_SM_30 VCC_SM_31 VCC_SM_32 VCC_SM_33 VCC_SM_34 VCC_SM_35 VCC_SM_36 Enable + AU32 AU33 AU35 AV33 AW33 AW35 AY35 BA32 BA33 BA35 BB33 BC32 BC33 BC35 BD32 BD35 BE32 BE33 BE35 BF33 BF34 BG32 BG33 BG35 BH32 BH34 BH35 BJ32 BJ33 BJ34 BK32 BK33 BK34 BK35 BL33 AU30 C281 POWER +1.8VSUS VCC SM REV:C MODIFY VCC_13 Ball TV R30 VCC_AXG_NCTF_1 VCC_AXG_NCTF_2 VCC_AXG_NCTF_3 VCC_AXG_NCTF_4 VCC_AXG_NCTF_5 VCC_AXG_NCTF_6 VCC_AXG_NCTF_7 VCC_AXG_NCTF_8 VCC_AXG_NCTF_9 VCC_AXG_NCTF_10 VCC_AXG_NCTF_11 VCC_AXG_NCTF_12 VCC_AXG_NCTF_13 VCC_AXG_NCTF_14 VCC_AXG_NCTF_15 VCC_AXG_NCTF_16 VCC_AXG_NCTF_17 VCC_AXG_NCTF_18 VCC_AXG_NCTF_19 VCC_AXG_NCTF_20 VCC_AXG_NCTF_21 VCC_AXG_NCTF_22 VCC_AXG_NCTF_23 VCC_AXG_NCTF_24 VCC_AXG_NCTF_25 VCC_AXG_NCTF_26 VCC_AXG_NCTF_27 VCC_AXG_NCTF_28 VCC_AXG_NCTF_29 VCC_AXG_NCTF_30 VCC_AXG_NCTF_31 VCC_AXG_NCTF_32 VCC_AXG_NCTF_33 VCC_AXG_NCTF_34 VCC_AXG_NCTF_35 VCC_AXG_NCTF_36 VCC_AXG_NCTF_37 VCC_AXG_NCTF_38 VCC_AXG_NCTF_39 VCC_AXG_NCTF_40 VCC_AXG_NCTF_41 VCC_AXG_NCTF_42 VCC_AXG_NCTF_43 VCC_AXG_NCTF_44 VCC_AXG_NCTF_45 VCC_AXG_NCTF_46 VCC_AXG_NCTF_47 VCC_AXG_NCTF_48 VCC_AXG_NCTF_49 VCC_AXG_NCTF_50 VCC_AXG_NCTF_51 VCC_AXG_NCTF_52 VCC_AXG_NCTF_53 VCC_AXG_NCTF_54 VCC_AXG_NCTF_55 VCC_AXG_NCTF_56 VCC_AXG_NCTF_57 VCC_AXG_NCTF_58 VCC_AXG_NCTF_59 VCC_AXG_NCTF_60 VCC_AXG_NCTF_61 VCC_AXG_NCTF_62 VCC_AXG_NCTF_63 VCC_AXG_NCTF_64 VCC_AXG_NCTF_65 VCC_AXG_NCTF_66 VCC_AXG_NCTF_67 VCC_AXG_NCTF_68 VCC_AXG_NCTF_69 VCC_AXG_NCTF_70 VCC_AXG_NCTF_71 VCC_AXG_NCTF_72 VCC_AXG_NCTF_73 VCC_AXG_NCTF_74 VCC_AXG_NCTF_75 VCC_AXG_NCTF_76 VCC_AXG_NCTF_77 VCC_AXG_NCTF_78 VCC_AXG_NCTF_79 VCC_AXG_NCTF_80 VCC_AXG_NCTF_81 VCC_AXG_NCTF_82 VCC_AXG_NCTF_83 Disable D TV/CRT D +1.05V_AXG T17 T18 T19 T21 T22 T23 T25 U15 U16 U17 U19 U20 U21 U23 U26 V16 V17 V19 V20 V21 V23 V24 Y15 Y16 Y17 Y19 Y20 Y21 Y23 Y24 Y26 Y28 Y29 AA16 AA17 AB16 AB19 AC16 AC17 AC19 AD15 AD16 AD17 AF16 AF19 AH15 AH16 AH17 AH19 AJ16 AJ17 AJ19 AK16 AK19 AL16 AL17 AL19 AL20 AL21 AL23 AM15 AM16 AM19 AM20 AM21 AM23 AP15 AP16 AP17 AP19 AP20 AP21 AP23 AP24 AR20 AR21 AR23 AR24 AR26 V26 V28 V29 Y31 Enable LVDS VCC CORE VCC_1 VCC_2 VCC_3 VCC_5 VCC_4 VCC_6 VCC_7 VCC_8 VCC_9 VCC_10 VCC_11 VCC_12 Ball + U22G AT35 AT34 AH28 AC32 AC31 AK32 AJ31 AJ28 AH32 AH31 AH29 AF32 REV:B MODIFY GM965 QN12 : AJ0QN120T04 PM965 QN14 : AJ0QN140T04 + +1.05V R406 IV^10_4 Stuff ohm for External VGA +1.25V IV^PDZ5.6B L27 +1.25V +1.25V_VCCA_DPLLA L53 BK1608HS121_6_0.3A IV^10uH_2518_375mA +3V_VCCSYNC +3V R405 IV^0_6 C511 1u/16V_4 + C342 Stuff ohm for External VGA +1.25VM_VCCA_HPLL C177 C178 22u/6.3V_8 1u/16V_4 C318 IV^330u/2.5V_7343 +3V C496 C501 1u/16V_4 IV^.01u/16V_4 +1.5V_VCCD_TVDAC +1.5V 0_6 C260 C261 C263 10u/6.3V_6 1u/16V_4 022u/16V_4 R190 +1.5V_VCCD_CRT +3V_TV_DAC C502 C257 IV^.1u/16V_4 IV^.01u/16V_4 IV^0_6 C268 1u/16V_4 022u/16V_4 L26 +1.25VM_VCCA_MPLL L32 L29 A +1.25V L33 +3V_VCCA_CRT_DAC +3V IV^BKP1608HS181T_6_1.5A +1.25V_VCCA_DPLLB L52 IV^10uH_2518_375mA + C324 C275 C276 C274 1u/16V_4 IV^.01u/16V_4 *IV^.01u/16V_4 FBMH1608HM151_6_2A R140 0.5/F_6 1u/16V_4 C159 22u/6.3V_8 IV^BKP1608HS181T_6_1.5A A C320 IV^330u/2.5V_7343 1u/16V_4 C497 C254 IV^.1u/16V_4 IV^.01u/16V_4 R148 +1.25VM_MCH_VCCD_HPLL 0_6 REV:C MODIFY C171 REV:C MODIFY Stuff ohm for External VGA REV:C MODIFY +1.5V_VCCD_QDAC +3V_TV_DAC +3V_TV_DAC C174 C235 C231 C242 C249 1u/16V_4 *IV^22u/6.3V_8 IV^10u/6.3V_6 IV^.1u/16V_4 IV^.01u/16V_4 REV:C MODIFY IV^100/F_6 REV:B MODIFY Stuff ohm for External VGA C498 C246 C494 1u/16V_4 IV^.01u/16V_4 IV^1u/10V_4 PROJECT : ZO1 Quanta Computer Inc Size Document Number Rev 2B GMCH Power-1(4 of 7) Date: Thursday, May 17, 2007 Sheet of 26 +0.9VSUS +1.8VSUS C323 DDR2 SO-DIMM SOCKET +1.8VSUS +0.9VSUS 2.2u/6.3V_6 C322 1u/16V_4 A SMA_DQS0# SMA_DQS0 SMA_DQS0# SMA_DQS0 SMA_MD3 SMA_MD2 SMA_MD9 SMA_MD8 SMA_DQS1# SMA_DQS1 SMA_DQS1# SMA_DQS1 SMA_MD15 SMA_MD10 SMA_MD16 SMA_MD21 SMA_DQS2# SMA_DQS2 SMA_DQS2# SMA_DQS2 SMA_MD19 SMA_MD23 SMA_MD24 SMA_MD28 SMA_DM3 SMA_DM3 SMA_MD31 SMA_MD30 B SM_CKE0 SM_CKE0 SMA_BA2 SMA_BA2 SMA_MA12 SMA_MA9 SMA_MA8 SMA_MA5 SMA_MA3 SMA_MA1 SMA_MA10 SMA_BA0 SMA_WE# SMA_BA0 SMA_WE# SMA_CAS# SM_CS1# SM_ODT1 SM_ODT1 SMA_MD36 SMA_MD35 SMA_DQS4# SMA_DQS4 SMA_DQS4# SMA_DQS4 C SMA_MD34 SMA_MD39 SMA_DM5 SMA_DM5 SMA_MD42 SMA_MD46 SMA_MD52 SMA_MD48 SMA_DQS6# SMA_DQS6 SMA_DQS6# SMA_DQS6 SMA_MD50 SMA_MD54 SMA_DM7 SMA_DM7 SMA_MD62 SMA_MD63 D 2 SMBDT SMBCK +3V SMBDT SMBCK C98 C99 1u/16V_4 2.2u/6.3V_6 SMbus address A0 10 12 14 16 18 20 22 24 26 28 30 32 34 36 38 40 VSS20 DQ20 DQ21 VSS6 NC3 DM2 VSS21 DQ22 DQ23 VSS24 DQ28 DQ29 VSS25 DQS#3 DQS3 VSS10 DQ30 DQ31 VSS8 CKE1 VDD8 A15 A14 VDD11 A11 A7 A6 VDD4 A4 A2 A0 VDD12 BA1 RAS# S0# VDD1 ODT0 A13 VDD6 NC2 VSS12 DQ36 DQ37 VSS28 DM4 VSS42 DQ38 DQ39 VSS55 DQ44 DQ45 VSS43 DQS#5 DQS5 VSS56 DQ46 DQ47 VSS44 DQ52 DQ53 VSS57 CK1 CK1# VSS45 DM6 VSS32 DQ54 DQ55 VSS35 DQ60 DQ61 VSS7 DQS#7 DQS7 VSS36 DQ62 DQ63 VSS13 SA0 SA1 42 44 46 48 50 52 54 56 58 60 62 64 66 68 70 72 74 76 78 80 82 84 86 88 90 92 94 96 98 100 102 104 106 108 110 112 114 116 118 120 122 124 126 128 130 132 134 136 138 140 142 144 146 148 150 152 154 156 158 160 162 164 166 168 170 172 174 176 178 180 182 184 186 188 190 192 194 196 198 200 SMA_MD4 SMA_MD0 SMA_DM0 SMB_MD5 SMB_MD4 SMA_DM0 7 SMB_DQS0# SMB_DQS0 SMA_MD7 SMA_MD6 SMB_MD3 SMB_MD2 SMA_MD13 SMA_MD12 SMA_DM1 CLK_SDRAM0 CLK_SDRAM0# CLK_SDRAM0 CLK_SDRAM0# SMB_MD17 SMB_MD20 SMA_MD20 SMA_MD17 EXTTS#0 SMA_DM2 7 SMB_DQS2# SMB_DQS2 SMA_MD18 SMA_MD22 SMA_MD29 SMA_MD25 SMB_MD28 SMB_MD29 SMA_DQS3# SMA_DQS3 SMB_DM3 SMA_DQS3# SMA_DQS3 7 SMB_DM3 SMA_MD27 SMA_MD26 SMB_MD30 SMB_MD31 SM_CKE1 SM_CKE3 SMA_MA14 SM_CKE1 6 SM_CKE3 SMA_MA14 SMB_BA2 SMB_BA2 SMA_MA11 SMA_MA7 SMA_MA6 SMB_MA12 SMB_MA9 SMB_MA8 SMA_MA4 SMA_MA2 SMA_MA0 SMB_MA5 SMB_MA3 SMB_MA1 SMA_BA1 SMA_RAS# SM_CS0# SM_ODT0 SMA_MA13 SMA_BA1 SMA_RAS# SM_CS0# SM_ODT0 SMB_BA0 SMB_WE# SMB_CAS# SM_CS3# SM_ODT3 SMA_DM4 SMA_DM4 SMA_MD37 SMA_MD38 SMB_DQS4# SMB_DQS4 SMB_CAS# SM_CS3# SM_ODT3 SMB_DQS4# SMB_DQS4 SMB_MD34 SMB_MD39 SMA_MD45 SMA_MD44 SMA_DQS5# SMA_DQS5 SMB_MA10 SMB_BA0 SMB_WE# SMB_MD36 SMB_MD33 SMA_MD32 SMA_MD33 SMB_MD40 SMB_MD41 SMA_DQS5# SMA_DQS5 7 SMB_DM5 SMB_DM5 SMA_MD43 SMA_MD47 SMB_MD46 SMB_MD43 SMA_MD53 SMA_MD49 SMB_MD55 SMB_MD49 CLK_SDRAM1 CLK_SDRAM1# SMA_DM6 CLK_SDRAM1 CLK_SDRAM1# SMA_DM6 7 SMB_DQS6# SMB_DQS6 SMB_DQS6# SMB_DQS6 SMA_MD55 SMA_MD51 SMB_MD51 SMB_MD53 SMA_MD60 SMA_MD57 SMB_MD56 SMB_MD57 SMA_DQS7# SMA_DQS7 SMB_DM7 SMA_DQS7# SMA_DQS7 7 SMB_DM7 SMB_MD62 SMB_MD58 SMA_MD58 SMA_MD59 R68 R64 SMB_DQS2# SMB_DQS2 SMB_MD23 SMB_MD19 SMBDT SMBCK +3V 10K_4 10K_4 CLOCK 0,1,2 SMBDT SMBCK C100 C107 1u/16V_4 2.2u/6.3V_6 41 43 45 47 49 51 53 55 57 59 61 63 65 67 69 71 73 75 77 79 81 83 85 87 89 91 93 95 97 99 101 103 105 107 109 111 113 115 117 119 121 123 125 127 129 131 133 135 137 139 141 143 145 147 149 151 153 155 157 159 161 163 165 167 169 171 173 175 177 179 181 183 185 187 189 191 193 195 197 199 SMbus address A1 CKE 0,1 SMA_MA[13 0] SMB_DQS1# SMB_DQS1 SMB_DQS1# SMB_DQS1 SMB_MD11 SMB_MD15 DDR2_H5.2 SMA_MD[63 0] SMB_MD13 SMB_MD12 SMA_DM1 SMA_MD14 SMA_MD11 SMA_DM2 SMB_DQS0# SMB_DQS0 11 13 15 17 19 21 23 25 27 29 31 33 35 37 39 SMA_MD[63 0] SMB_MD[63 0] SMA_MA[13 0] SMB_MA[13 0] VREF VSS47 DQ0 DQ1 VSS37 DQS#0 DQS0 VSS48 DQ2 DQ3 VSS38 DQ8 DQ9 VSS49 DQS#1 DQS1 VSS39 DQ10 DQ11 VSS50 VSS18 DQ16 DQ17 VSS1 DQS#2 DQS2 VSS19 DQ18 DQ19 VSS22 DQ24 DQ25 VSS23 DM3 NC4 VSS9 DQ26 DQ27 VSS4 CKE0 VDD7 NC1 A16_BA2 VDD9 A12 A9 A8 VDD5 A5 A3 A1 VDD10 A10/AP BA0 WE# VDD2 CAS# S1# VDD3 ODT1 VSS11 DQ32 DQ33 VSS26 DQS#4 DQS4 VSS2 DQ34 DQ35 VSS27 DQ40 DQ41 VSS29 DM5 VSS51 DQ42 DQ43 VSS40 DQ48 DQ49 VSS52 NCTEST VSS30 DQS#6 DQS6 VSS31 DQ50 DQ51 VSS33 DQ56 DQ57 VSS3 DM7 VSS34 DQ58 DQ59 VSS14 SDA SCL VDD(SPD) VSS46 DQ4 DQ5 VSS15 DM0 VSS5 DQ6 DQ7 VSS16 DQ12 DQ13 VSS17 DM1 VSS53 CK0 CK0# VSS41 DQ14 DQ15 VSS54 10 12 14 16 18 20 22 24 26 28 30 32 34 36 38 40 VSS20 DQ20 DQ21 VSS6 NC3 DM2 VSS21 DQ22 DQ23 VSS24 DQ28 DQ29 VSS25 DQS#3 DQS3 VSS10 DQ30 DQ31 VSS8 CKE1 VDD8 A15 A14 VDD11 A11 A7 A6 VDD4 A4 A2 A0 VDD12 BA1 RAS# S0# VDD1 ODT0 A13 VDD6 NC2 VSS12 DQ36 DQ37 VSS28 DM4 VSS42 DQ38 DQ39 VSS55 DQ44 DQ45 VSS43 DQS#5 DQS5 VSS56 DQ46 DQ47 VSS44 DQ52 DQ53 VSS57 CK1 CK1# VSS45 DM6 VSS32 DQ54 DQ55 VSS35 DQ60 DQ61 VSS7 DQS#7 DQS7 VSS36 DQ62 DQ63 VSS13 SA0 SA1 42 44 46 48 50 52 54 56 58 60 62 64 66 68 70 72 74 76 78 80 82 84 86 88 90 92 94 96 98 100 102 104 106 108 110 112 114 116 118 120 122 124 126 128 130 132 134 136 138 140 142 144 146 148 150 152 154 156 158 160 162 164 166 168 170 172 174 176 178 180 182 184 186 188 190 192 194 196 198 200 SMB_MD0 SMB_MD1 SMB_DM0 SMB_DM0 SMB_MD7 SMB_MD6 SMB_MD8 SMB_MD9 SMB_DM1 SMB_DM1 CLK_SDRAM3 CLK_SDRAM3# CLK_SDRAM3 CLK_SDRAM3# SMB_MD14 SMB_MD10 SMB_MD21 SMB_MD16 EXTTS#1 SMB_DM2 SMB_DM2 RN19 RN17 R130 R161 RN21 RN23 RN14 RN27 RN25 R181 R157 R145 R151 56_4P2R 56_4P2R 56_4 56_4 56_4P2R 56_4P2R 56_4P2R 56_4P2R 56_4P2R 56_4 56_4 56_4 56_4 SMA_BA0 SMA_MA10 SMA_MA6 SMA_MA4 SMA_MA1 SMA_MA3 SMA_MA2 SMA_MA0 SMA_MA8 SMA_MA12 SMA_MA11 SMA_MA7 SMA_MA5 SMA_MA9 SMA_BA1 SMA_MA13 SMA_BA2 SMA_RAS# SMA_CAS# SMA_WE# 56_4P2R 56_4P2R 56_4P2R 56_4P2R 56_4P2R 56_4P2R 56_4P2R 56_4 56_4 56_4 56_4 56_4 56_4 R179 R178 R176 R177 56_4 56_4 56_4 56_4 R160 R135 R144 R134 56_4 56_4 56_4 56_4 SM_CS0# SM_CS1# SM_CS2# SM_CS3# SM_ODT0 SM_ODT1 R131 R143 56_4 56_4 R136 R139 56_4 56_4 SM_ODT2 SM_ODT3 SMA_MA14 R497 56_4 R498 56_4 SMB_MA14 SMB_MD18 SMB_MD22 A REV:B MODIFY SMB_MD24 SMB_MD25 +0.9V SMB_DQS3# SMB_DQS3 SMB_DQS3# SMB_DQS3 SMB_MD26 SMB_MD27 TERMINATOR DECOUPLING CAPACITOR C152 C219 C148 C145 C154 C191 C196 C146 C213 B 1u/16V_4 1u/16V_4 1u/16V_4 1u/16V_4 1u/16V_4 1u/16V_4 1u/16V_4 1u/16V_4 1u/16V_4 SM_CKE4 SM_CKE4 SMB_MA14 SMB_MA14 SMB_MA11 SMB_MA7 SMB_MA6 +0.9V C215 SMB_MA4 SMB_MA2 SMB_MA0 C181 C187 C202 C182 C223 C214 C153 C149 1u/16V_4 1u/16V_4 1u/16V_4 1u/16V_4 1u/16V_4 1u/16V_4 1u/16V_4 1u/16V_4 1u/16V_4 SMB_BA1 SMB_RAS# SM_CS2# SMB_BA1 SMB_RAS# SM_CS2# SM_ODT2 SMB_MA13 +0.9V SM_ODT2 C205 C210 C155 C150 C220 C151 C167 C209 1u/16V_4 1u/16V_4 1u/16V_4 1u/16V_4 1u/16V_4 1u/16V_4 1u/16V_4 1u/16V_4 C240 100u/6.3V_3528 SMB_MD37 SMB_MD32 SMB_DM4 SMB_DM4 SMB_MD35 SMB_MD38 +1.8VSUS CLOSE SO-DIMM SOCKET CAPACITORS C SMB_MD45 SMB_MD44 SMB_DQS5# SMB_DQS5 SMB_DQS5# SMB_DQS5 C285 C184 C176 C156 C207 C172 100u/6.3V_3528 1u/16V_4 1u/16V_4 1u/16V_4 1u/16V_4 2.2u/6.3V_6 C161 C163 C168 C206 2.2u/6.3V_6 2.2u/6.3V_6 2.2u/6.3V_6 2.2u/6.3V_6 SMB_MD42 SMB_MD47 SMB_MD48 SMB_MD52 CLK_SDRAM4 CLK_SDRAM4# CLK_SDRAM4 CLK_SDRAM4# SMB_DM6 SMB_DM6 +1.8VSUS SMB_MD50 SMB_MD54 SMB_MD60 SMB_MD61 SMB_DQS7# SMB_DQS7 10K_4 10K_4 C288 C197 C166 C193 C194 C175 100u/6.3V_3528 1u/16V_4 1u/16V_4 1u/16V_4 1u/16V_4 2.2u/6.3V_6 C157 C165 C188 C164 2.2u/6.3V_6 2.2u/6.3V_6 2.2u/6.3V_6 2.2u/6.3V_6 SMB_DQS7# SMB_DQS7 SMB_MD63 SMB_MD59 R69 R63 CLOSE SO-DIMM SOCKET CAPACITORS D +3V DDR2_H9.2 CLOCK 3,4,5 PROJECT : ZO1 CKE 3,4 Quanta Computer Inc SMB_MD[63 0] Size Document Number SMB_MA[13 0] Rev 2A DDR SO-DIMM(200P) Date: RN15 RN20 RN18 RN16 RN26 RN22 RN24 R154 R138 R175 R149 R150 R156 SM_CKE0 SM_CKE1 SM_CKE3 SM_CKE4 + SMA_MD56 SMA_MD61 VSS18 DQ16 DQ17 VSS1 DQS#2 DQS2 VSS19 DQ18 DQ19 VSS22 DQ24 DQ25 VSS23 DM3 NC4 VSS9 DQ26 DQ27 VSS4 CKE0 VDD7 NC1 A16_BA2 VDD9 A12 A9 A8 VDD5 A5 A3 A1 VDD10 A10/AP BA0 WE# VDD2 CAS# S1# VDD3 ODT1 VSS11 DQ32 DQ33 VSS26 DQS#4 DQS4 VSS2 DQ34 DQ35 VSS27 DQ40 DQ41 VSS29 DM5 VSS51 DQ42 DQ43 VSS40 DQ48 DQ49 VSS52 NCTEST VSS30 DQS#6 DQS6 VSS31 DQ50 DQ51 VSS33 DQ56 DQ57 VSS3 DM7 VSS34 DQ58 DQ59 VSS14 SDA SCL VDD(SPD) VSS46 DQ4 DQ5 VSS15 DM0 VSS5 DQ6 DQ7 VSS16 DQ12 DQ13 VSS17 DM1 VSS53 CK0 CK0# VSS41 DQ14 DQ15 VSS54 + SMA_MD40 SMA_MD41 +0.9V 1u/16V_4 + SMA_CAS# SM_CS1# 41 43 45 47 49 51 53 55 57 59 61 63 65 67 69 71 73 75 77 79 81 83 85 87 89 91 93 95 97 99 101 103 105 107 109 111 113 115 117 119 121 123 125 127 129 131 133 135 137 139 141 143 145 147 149 151 153 155 157 159 161 163 165 167 169 171 173 175 177 179 181 183 185 187 189 191 193 195 197 199 VREF VSS47 DQ0 DQ1 VSS37 DQS#0 DQS0 VSS48 DQ2 DQ3 VSS38 DQ8 DQ9 VSS49 DQS#1 DQS1 VSS39 DQ10 DQ11 VSS50 DDR2 TERMINATOR SMB_MA0 SMB_MA4 SMB_MA1 SMB_MA3 SMB_MA13 SMB_BA1 SMB_MA2 SMB_MA7 SMB_MA8 SMB_MA5 SMB_MA10 SMB_BA0 SMB_MA12 SMB_MA9 SMB_MA11 SMB_MA6 SMB_BA2 SMB_RAS# SMB_CAS# SMB_WE# CN18 PC4800 DDR2 SDRAM SO-DIMM (200P) 11 13 15 17 19 21 23 25 27 29 31 33 35 37 39 SMA_MD1 SMA_MD5 2.2u/6.3V_6 C306 CN19 +1.8VSUS C305 PC4800 DDR2 SDRAM SO-DIMM (200P) +1.8VSUS Thursday, May 17, 2007 Sheet 10 of 26 AE14 HDA_RST# ACZ_SDIN2 ACZ_SDIN3 AJ17 AH17 AH15 AD13 HDA_SDIN0 HDA_SDIN1 HDA_SDIN2 HDA_SDIN3 ACZ_SDOUT AE13 HDA_SDOUT ICH_GPIO33 ICH_GPIO34 AE10 AG14 HDA_DOCK_EN#/GPIO33 HDA_DOCK_RST#/GPIO34 AF10 SATALED# AF6 AF5 AH5 AH6 SATA0RXN SATA0RXP SATA0TXN SATA0TXP AG3 AG4 AJ4 AJ3 SATA1RXN SATA1RXP SATA1TXN SATA1TXP AF2 AF1 AE4 AE3 SATA2RXN SATA2RXP SATA2TXN SATA2TXP C505 C506 C504 C503 01u/16V_4 01u/16V_4 01u/16V_4 01u/16V_4 CLK_PCIE_SATA# CLK_PCIE_SATA 24.9/F_4 SATA_BIAS AB7 AC6 SATA_CLKN SATA_CLKP AG1 AG2 SATARBIAS# SATARBIAS AD0 AD1 AD2 AD3 AD4 AD5 AD6 AD7 AD8 AD9 AD10 AD11 AD12 AD13 AD14 AD15 AD16 AD17 AD18 AD19 AD20 AD21 AD22 AD23 AD24 AD25 AD26 AD27 AD28 AD29 AD30 AD31 17 AD[31 0] REV:B MODIFY BOARD ID UMA MXM 0 0 0 0 AF26 AE26 ICH_DPRSTP# DPSLP#_R R370 FERR# AD24 H_FERR# CPUPWRGD/GPIO49 AG29 H_PWRGD IGNNE# AF27 H_IGNNE# INIT# INTR RCIN# AE24 AC20 AH14 H_INIT# H_INTR RCIN# 19 NMI SMI# AD23 AG28 B INTA# INTB# INTC# INTD# 17 INTA# 17 INTB# D20 E19 D19 A20 D17 A21 A19 C19 A18 B16 A12 E16 A14 G16 A15 B6 C11 A9 D11 B12 C12 D10 C7 F13 E11 E13 E12 D8 A6 E8 D6 A3 AD0 AD1 AD2 AD3 AD4 AD5 AD6 AD7 AD8 AD9 AD10 AD11 AD12 AD13 AD14 AD15 AD16 AD17 AD18 AD19 AD20 AD21 AD22 AD23 AD24 AD25 AD26 AD27 AD28 AD29 AD30 AD31 F9 B5 C5 A10 PIRQA# PIRQB# PIRQC# PIRQD# PCI AA24 AE27 ICH_TRIP# TP8 AA23 ICH_TP8 PDD0 PDD1 PDD2 PDD3 PDD4 PDD5 PDD6 PDD7 PDD8 PDD9 PDD10 PDD11 PDD12 PDD13 PDD14 PDD15 DA0 DA1 DA2 AA4 AA1 AB3 PDA0 PDA1 PDA2 PM_THRMTRIP# C23 B23 E22 SPI_CLK SPI_CS0# SPI_CS1# PDD[15 0] 15 D23 F21 SPI_MOSI SPI_MISO PDCS1# 15 PDCS3# 15 W4 W3 Y2 Y3 Y1 W5 PDIOR# 15 PDIOW# 15 PDDACK# 15 IRQ14 15 PIORDY 15 PDDREQ 15 T52 IRDY# PAR PCIRST# DEVSEL# PERR# PLOCK# SERR# STOP# TRDY# FRAME# C8 D9 G6 D16 A7 B7 F10 C16 C9 A17 IRDY# PLTRST# PCICLK PME# AG24 B10 G7 PLTRST#_NB PCLK_ICH 10M_4 CLK_32KX2 15p_4 OC0# OC1#/GPIO40 OC2#/GPIO41 OC3#/GPIO42 OC4#/GPIO43 OC5#/GPIO29 OC6#/GPIO30 OC7#/GPIO31 OC8# OC9# REQ1# 17,19 CLKRUN# REQ2# GNT2# REQ3# REQ2# 17 GNT2# 17 CBE0# CBE1# CBE2# CBE3# 14,16,19 PCIE_WAKE# 17,19 SERIRQ THERM_ALERT# 17 17 17 17 T35 19 KBSMI# 13 LID#_ICH T38 19 SCI# IRDY# 17 PAR 17 PCIRST# 17 DEVSEL# 17 PERR# 17 DEVSEL# PERR# LOCK# SERR# STOP# TRDY# FRAME# RI# AF17 RI# LPC_PD# SYS_RST# F4 AD15 SUS_STAT#/LPCPD# SYS_RESET# AG12 BMBUSY#/GPIO0 AG22 SMBALERT#/GPIO11 AE20 AG18 STP_PCI#/GPIO15 STP_CPU#/GPIO25 CLKRUN# AH11 CLKRUN#/GPIO32 PCIE_WAKE# SERIRQ THERM_ALERT# AE17 AF12 AC13 WAKE# SERIRQ THRM# VR_PWRGD AJ20 VRMPWRGD ICH_TP7 AJ22 TP7 KBSMI# LID#_ICH ICH_GPIO7 SCI# AJ8 AJ9 AH9 AE16 AC19 AG8 AH12 AE11 AG10 AH25 AD16 AG13 AF9 AJ11 AD10 TACH1/GPIO1 TACH2/GPIO6 TACH3/GPIO7 GPIO8 GPIO12 TACH0/GPIO17 GPIO18 GPIO20 SCLOCK/GPIO22 QRT_STATE0/GPIO27 QRT_STATE1/GPIO28 SATACLKREQ#/GPIO35 SLOAD/GPIO38 SDATAOUT0/GPIO39 SDATAOUT1/GPIO48 BOARD_ID0 BOARD_ID1 BOARD_ID3 SERR# 17 STOP# 17 TRDY# 17 FRAME# 17 T37 10 EVPRSNT1# SATACLKREQ# PLTRST#_NB PCLK_ICH PME# 17 T64 T81 PCSPK AD9 MCH_ICH_SYNC# T27 INTE# INTF# INTG# INTH# ICH_GPIO27 EVPRSNT1# SATACLKREQ# ICH_GPIO38 ICH_GPIO39 ICH_GPIO48 ICH_TP3 AJ13 AJ21 V26 Y26 AB25 AD26 DMI_RXP0 DMI_RXP1 DMI_RXP2 DMI_RXP3 DMI0TXN DMI1TXN DMI2TXN DMI3TXN U29 W29 AA29 AC29 DMI_TXN0 DMI_TXN1 DMI_TXN2 DMI_TXN3 DMI0TXP DMI1TXP DMI2TXP DMI3TXP U28 W28 AA28 AC28 DMI_TXP0 DMI_TXP1 DMI_TXP2 DMI_TXP3 DMI_CLKN DMI_CLKP T26 T25 DMI_ZCOMP DMI_IRCOMP Y23 Y24 USBP0N USBP0P USBP1N USBP1P USBP2N USBP2P USBP3N USBP3P USBP4N USBP4P USBP5N USBP5P USBP6N USBP6P USBP7N USBP7P USBP8N USBP8P USBP9N USBP9P G3 G2 H5 H4 H2 H1 J3 J2 K5 K4 K2 K1 L3 L2 M5 M4 M2 M1 N3 N2 USBRBIAS# USBRBIAS F2 F3 USB DMI_RXP[3:0] DMI_TXN[3:0] DMI_TXP[3:0] CLK_PCIE_ICH# CLK_PCIE_ICH R338 R104 R83 R100 R339 R342 R341 R98 R103 R89 R88 R106 R86 R101 R99 R85 R344 R97 R87 R102 R367 R418 R252 R360 R226 SPKR MCH_SYNC# TP3 ICH8M REV 1.0 DMI_COMP +1.5V_PCIE USBP0USBP0+ USBP1USBP1+ USBP2USBP2+ USBP3USBP3+ USBP4USBP4+ USBP5USBP5+ USBP6USBP6+ 20mil 14 14 14 14 13 13 14 14 14 14 14 14 14 14 SATA0GP/GPIO21 SATA1GP/GPIO19 SATA2GP/GPIO36 SATA3GP/GPIO37 R417 R343 R84 R255 10K_4 *8.2K_4 *8.2K_4 *10K_4 LID#_ICH R227 10K_4 R361 EVPRSNT1# H_FERR# R364 PM_THRMTRIP# R363 RI# PCLK_SMB PDAT_SMB SMB_ALERT# CL_RST#1 PCIE_WAKE# PM_BATLOW#_R SYS_RST# USB_RBIAS R127 AJ12 AJ10 AF11 AG11 EMAIL_LED# BOARD_ID2 ICH_GPIO36 ICH_GPIO37 19 PWROK_EC ICH_PWOK 3,6,19,21 IMVP_PWRGD U9 TC7SH08FU SUSCLK D3 ICH8_SIO_32K SLP_S3# SLP_S4# SLP_S5# AG23 AF21 AD18 S4_STATE#/GPIO26 AH27 SLP_S3# SLP_S4# SLP_S5# NC7SZ04 REV:B MODIFY FOOTPRINT +1.05V_V_CPU_IO 56.2/F_4 R412 R241 R396 R410 R240 R413 R394 R415 10K_4 2.2K_4 2.2K_4 10K_4 *10K_4 1K_4 8.2K_4 10K_4 +3V_S5 R414 R411 *10K_4 *10K_4 REV:C MODIFY ICH_PWOK AJ14 PM_DPRSLPVR PM_BATLOW#_R BATLOW# AE21 PWRBTN# C2 DNBSWON# LAN_RST# AH20 LAN_RST# RSMRST# AG27 RSMRST#_R CLPWROK E3 CL_CLK0 CL_CLK1 F23 AE18 CL_DATA0 CL_DATA1 F22 AF19 CL_VREF0 CL_VREF1 D24 AH23 CL_RST# AJ23 MEM_LED/GPIO24 ME_EC_ALERT/GPIO10 EC_ME_ALERT/GPIO14 WOL_EN/GPIO9 AJ27 AJ24 AF22 AG19 100/F_4 100/F_4 R393 R225 ICH_GPIO39 C R105 33_4 PCLK_ICH C500 C509 C300 C513 DNBSWON# 19 33p_4 33p_4 33p_4 33p_4 R332 +3V 3.24K/F_6 CL_VREF0_SB R334 453/F_4 C451 1u/16V_4 PLTRST#_NB RSMRST# 19 C130 10P_4 33M_R ACZ_SDOUT ACZ_SYNC ACZ_BCLK ACZ_RST# PM_DPRSLPVR 6,21 *0_4 0_4 *0_4 C499 *10P_4 14M_R EMI REV:B MODIFY SUSB# 8,19 SUSC# 19 10K_4 R234 R233 R272 10K_4 R377 *33_4 14M_ICH T59 T30 AE23 AJ25 REV:C MODIFY B CK_PWRGD ICH_PWOK +3V_S5 REV:B MODIFY T36 R238 CL_CLK0 CL_CLK1 14 *3.24K/F_6 CL_VREF1_SB R392 *453/F_4 C289 *.1u/16V_4 Controller Link VREF for IAMT support only CL_DATA0 CL_DATA1 14 CL_VREF0_SB CL_VREF1_SB CL_RST#0 ICH_GPIO24 ICH_GPIO10 ICH_GPIO14 ICH_GPIO9 T31 T69 RSMRST#_R R502 R504 10K_4 10K_4 +3V R376 C RSMRST# E 10K_4 Q19 MMBT3906 REV:B MODIFY R329 4.7K_4 D23 A VCCRTC BAV99 K R428 RB500 TERM13 D28 RB500 +3V 100K_4 REV:B MODIFY R340 *10_4 C462 *10P_4 CLKUSB_48 48M_R T54 R407 R409 PWROK E1 *10K_4 *10K_4 14M_ICH CLKUSB_48 DPRSLPVR/GPIO16 CK_PWRGD REV:B MODIFY T32 14M_ICH CLKUSB_48 SLP_M# D29 +3VPCU VR_PWRGD R220 D 4.7K_4 56.2/F_4 SMB_CLK_ME SMB_DATA_ME 22.6/F_4 R419 R251 AG9 G5 CLK14 CLK48 RTC VR_PWRGD_CK410# 21 Q18 REV:C MODIFY GATEA20 LDRQ#0 LDRQ#1 RCIN# +3VSUS +3VPCU +3V R355 24.9/F_4 ICH8M REV 1.0 100K_4 8.2K_4 8.2K_4 8.2K_4 8.2K_4 8.2K_4 8.2K_4 8.2K_4 8.2K_4 8.2K_4 8.2K_4 8.2K_4 8.2K_4 8.2K_4 8.2K_4 8.2K_4 8.2K_4 8.2K_4 8.2K_4 8.2K_4 8.2K_4 8.2K_4 10K_4 8.2K_4 10K_4 10K_4 ICH8M REV 1.0 SMBCLK SMBDATA LINKALERT# SMLINK0 SMLINK1 Y4 32.768KHz AJ19 AG16 AG15 AE15 AF15 AG17 AD12 AJ18 AD14 AH18 AJ26 AD19 AG21 AC17 AE19 PM_STPPCI# PM_STPCPU# MCH_ICH_SYNC# F8 G11 F12 B3 USBOC#0 USBOC#1 USBOC#2 USBOC#3 USBOC#4 USBOC#5 USBOC#6 USBOC#7 USBOC#8 USBOC#9 PCLK_SMB PDAT_SMB CL_RST#1 SMB_CLK_ME SMB_DATA_ME SMB_ALERT# 18 PCSPK PIRQE#/GPIO2 PIRQF#/GPIO3 PIRQG#/GPIO4 PIRQH#/GPIO5 10K_4 10K_4 10K_4 10K_4 10K_4 10K_4 10K_4 10K_4 10K_4 10K_4 PM_BMBUSY# REQ0# C17 E15 F16 E17 Interrupt I/F R259 R229 R399 R398 R397 R231 R420 R258 R358 R232 U6C 2,14,16 PCLK_SMB 2,14,16 PDAT_SMB 14 CL_RST#1 PDA0 15 PDA1 15 PDA2 15 Y6 Y5 ACZ_BCLK ACZ_RST# PERN6/GLAN_RXN PERP6/GLAN_RXP PETN6/GLAN_TXN PETP6/GLAN_TXP +3V_S5 C/BE0# C/BE1# C/BE2# C/BE3# D24 RTC_RST# C521 C520 1u/16V_4 1u/10V_4 20K/F_6 C518 2.2K_4 AK BAV99 A G1 1u/10V_4 R430 R325 *SHORT_ PAD +3V R402 R401 R228 R256 R257 R230 R400 R416 33_4 33_4 33_4 33_4 33_4 33_4 33_4 33_4 ACZ_SDOUT_AUDIO 18 ACZ_SDOUT_MDC 18 ACZ_SYNC_AUDIO 18 ACZ_SYNC_MDC 18 BIT_CLK_AUDIO 18 BIT_CLK_MDC 18 ACZ_RST#_AUDIO 18 ACZ_RST#_MDC 18 PLTRST#_NB C301 1u/16V_4 ACZ_SYNC D27 D26 C29 C28 T57 V1 U2 V3 T1 V4 T5 AB2 T6 T3 R2 T4 V6 V5 U1 V2 U6 REQ0# GNT0# REQ1#/GPIO50 GNT1#/GPIO51 REQ2#/GPIO52 GNT2#/GPIO53 REQ3#/GPIO54 GNT3#/GPIO55 HDA ACZ_SDOUT PERN5 PERP5 PETN5 PETP5 H_STPCLK# 24/F_6 DD0 DD1 DD2 DD3 DD4 DD5 DD6 DD7 DD8 DD9 DD10 DD11 DD12 DD13 DD14 DD15 R269 C508 F27 F26 E29 E28 CLK_32KX1 15p_4 REV:D Modify PERN4 PERP4 PETN4 PETP4 0_4 R366 R383 A H27 H26 G29 G28 ICH_DPRSTP# 3,6,21 H_DPSLP# PCIE_RXN3 PCIE_RXP3 PCIE_TXN3 PCIE_TXP3 H_FERR# A4 D7 E18 C18 B19 F18 A11 C10 U6B C507 PERN3 PERP3 PETN3 PETP3 16 16 16 16 H_NMI H_SMI# STPCLK# DIOR# DIOW# DDACK# IDEIRQ IORDY DDREQ K27 K26 1u/10V_4 PCIE_TXN3_C J29 1u/10V_4 PCIE_TXP3_C J28 RCIN# THRMTRIP# DCS1# DCS3# C461 C463 GATEA20 19 H_A20M# DMI0RXP DMI1RXP DMI2RXP DMI3RXP DMI_RXN[3:0] K ACZ_RST# PERN2 PERP2 PETN2 PETP2 PCIE_RXN2 PCIE_RXP2 PCIE_TXN2 PCIE_TXP2 DMI_RXN0 DMI_RXN1 DMI_RXN2 DMI_RXN3 AK GLAN_COMPI GLAN_COMPO HDA_BIT_CLK HDA_SYNC SRN0 SRP0 STN0 STP0 DPRSTP# DPSLP# RTC LPC D25 C25 AJ16 AJ15 SATA_RXN0 SATA_RXP0 SATA_TXN0 SATA_TXP0 R188 GLAN_DOCK#/GPIO13 M27 M26 1u/10V_4 PCIE_TXN2_C L29 1u/10V_4 PCIE_TXP2_C L28 14 14 14 14 V27 Y27 AB26 AD27 U10 TC7SH08FU PLTRST# 10,14,15,16,19 R265 100K_4 R249 IV^10K_4 BOARD_ID0 R250 EV^10K_4 R253 10K_4 BOARD_ID1 R254 *10K_4 R224 10K_4 BOARD_ID2 R223 *10K_4 R390 10K_4 BOARD_ID3 R391 *10K_4 +3V +3V +3V +3V R426 1K_4 TERM12 1 2 RTC_BAT Q26 MMBT3904 R425 TERM10 TERM11 CN23 PROJECT : ZO1 +5VPCU 1K_4 1.2K/F_6 R427 Quanta Computer Inc 4.7K_4 C LAN_TXD0 LAN_TXD1 LAN_TXD2 ACZ_BCLK ACZ_SYNC 15 SATA_LED# 15 15 15 15 D21 E20 C20 C465 C467 LFRAME# 14,19 DMI0RXN DMI1RXN DMI2RXN DMI3RXN T79 T80 GATEA20 IHDA T33 T63 AF13 AG26 IDE 18 ACZ_SDIN0 18 ACZ_SDIN1 A20GATE A20M# LAN_RSTSYNC LAN_RXD0 LAN_RXD1 LAN_RXD2 AH21 T78 LDRQ#0 LDRQ#1 GLAN_CLK C21 B21 C22 INTA# INTB# INTC# INTD# INTE# INTF# INTG# INTH# REQ0# REQ1# REQ2# REQ3# IRDY# DEVSEL# PERR# LOCK# SERR# STOP# TRDY# FRAME# THERM_ALERT# SERIRQ CLKRUN# SCI# KBSMI# ICH_GPIO13 G9 E6 PCI-Express Direct Media Interface D INTVRMEN LAN100_SLP PCIE_RXN1 PCIE_RXP1 PCIE_TXN1 PCIE_TXP1 SPI D22 LDRQ0# LDRQ1#/GPIO23 INTRUDER# 14 14 14 14 SATA GPIO REV:B MODIFY FWH4/LFRAME# C4 LAN / GLAN CPU 332K/F_4 INTVRMEN AF25 *332K/F_4LAN100_SLP AD21 0_4 B24 R408 R395 R515 VCCRTC VCCRTC C471 C469 PERN1 PERP1 PETN1 PETP1 14,19 14,19 14,19 14,19 SMB RTCRST# P27 P26 1u/10V_4 PCIE_TXN1_C N29 1u/10V_4 PCIE_TXP1_C N28 LAD0 LAD1 LAD2 LAD3 Clocks AF23 E5 F5 G8 F6 SYS GPIO RTC_RST# FWH0/LAD0 FWH1/LAD1 FWH2/LAD2 FWH3/LAD3 Power MGT RTCX1 RTCX2 MISC GPIO Controller Link AG25 AF24 INTRUDER# AD22 U6D SATA R403 1M_6 CLK_32KX1 CLK_32KX2 VCCRTC ICH8M REV 1.0 A U6A B TERM14 R429 Size Document Number Date: Thursday, May 17, 2007 Rev 2B ICH8M HOST(1 of 2) 15K_4 Sheet 12 of 26 10mil VCCRTC 10/F_6 +5VREF_SB C137 1u/16V_4 +5VREF_SUS_SB C158 D9 1u/16V_4 10mA PDZ5.6B D L25 40mil +1.5V BLM21PG331SN1D_8_1.5A + C REV:C MODIFY C144 C464 C468 C449 220u/2.5V_3528 10u/6.3V_8 10u/6.3V_8 2.2u/6.3V_6 40mil +1.5V 0_8 +1.5V_SATA R244 10mil L34 C290 C286 10uH_2012_100mA +1.5V_APLL 10u/6.3V_6 1u/10V_4 C486 1u/10V_4 VCC1_5_B[01] VCC1_5_B[02] VCC1_5_B[03] VCC1_5_B[04] VCC1_5_B[05] VCC1_5_B[06] VCC1_5_B[07] VCC1_5_B[08] VCC1_5_B[09] VCC1_5_B[10] VCC1_5_B[11] VCC1_5_B[12] VCC1_5_B[13] VCC1_5_B[14] VCC1_5_B[15] VCC1_5_B[16] VCC1_5_B[17] VCC1_5_B[18] VCC1_5_B[19] VCC1_5_B[20] VCC1_5_B[21] VCC1_5_B[22] VCC1_5_B[23] VCC1_5_B[24] VCC1_5_B[25] VCC1_5_B[26] VCC1_5_B[27] VCC1_5_B[28] VCC1_5_B[29] VCC1_5_B[30] VCC1_5_B[31] VCC1_5_B[32] VCC1_5_B[33] VCC1_5_B[34] VCC1_5_B[35] VCC1_5_B[36] VCC1_5_B[37] VCC1_5_B[38] VCC1_5_B[39] VCC1_5_B[40] VCC1_5_B[41] VCC1_5_B[42] VCC1_5_B[43] VCC1_5_B[44] VCC1_5_B[45] VCC1_5_B[46] AJ6 VCCSATAPLL AE7 AF7 AG7 AH7 AJ7 VCC1_5_A[01] VCC1_5_A[02] VCC1_5_A[03] VCC1_5_A[04] VCC1_5_A[05] AC1 AC2 AC3 AC4 AC5 VCC1_5_A[06] VCC1_5_A[07] VCC1_5_A[08] VCC1_5_A[09] VCC1_5_A[10] AC10 AC9 B 30mil C466 +3V 1u/16V_4 +1.5V_USB VCC1_5_A[20] VCC1_5_A[21] VCC1_5_A[22] VCC1_5_A[23] VCC1_5_A[24] +1.5V_SATA W23 VCC1_5_A[25] TP_VCCLAN1_05_ICH F17 G18 VCCLAN1_05[1] VCCLAN1_05[2] +3V_VCCLAN F19 G20 VCCLAN3_3[1] VCCLAN3_3[2] 1uH_2012_300mA +1.5V_VCCGLANPLL A24 VCCGLANPLL 1u/10V_4 C454 *.1u/16V_4 R346 C458 0_6 1u/16V_4 20mil 10u/6.3V_6 2.2u/6.3V_6 20mil +1.5V_PCIE C143 A +3V R333 VCC1_5_A[18] VCC1_5_A[19] VCCUSBPLL C470 C132 C133 AC7 AD7 4.7u/6.3V_6 0_6 +3V_GLAN 10mil A26 A27 B26 B27 B28 B25 VCCGLAN1_5[1] VCCGLAN1_5[2] VCCGLAN1_5[3] VCCGLAN1_5[4] VCCGLAN1_5[5] VCCGLAN3_3 ICH8M REV 1.0 GLAN POWER 20mil VCC1_5_A[15] VCC1_5_A[16] VCC1_5_A[17] F1 L6 L7 M6 M7 0_6 VCCGLANPLL_ICHL21 1/F_6 VCC1_5_A[13] VCC1_5_A[14] G12 G17 H7 D1 R351 R81 +1.5V VCC1_5_A[11] VCC1_5_A[12] AA5 AA6 VCC1_05[01] VCC1_05[02] VCC1_05[03] VCC1_05[04] VCC1_05[05] VCC1_05[06] VCC1_05[07] VCC1_05[08] VCC1_05[09] VCC1_05[10] VCC1_05[11] VCC1_05[12] VCC1_05[13] VCC1_05[14] VCC1_05[15] VCC1_05[16] VCC1_05[17] VCC1_05[18] VCC1_05[19] VCC1_05[20] VCC1_05[21] VCC1_05[22] VCC1_05[23] VCC1_05[24] VCC1_05[25] VCC1_05[26] VCC1_05[27] VCC1_05[28] A13 B13 C13 C14 D14 E14 F14 G14 L11 L12 L14 L16 L17 L18 M11 M18 P11 P18 T11 T18 U11 U18 V11 V12 V14 V16 V17 V18 VCCDMIPLL R29 +1.05V C472 C473 1u/16V_4 1u/16V_4 U6E REV:C MODIFY 40mil L28 A23 A5 AA2 AA7 A25 AB1 AB24 AC11 AC14 AC25 AC26 AC27 AD17 AD20 AD28 AD29 AD3 AD4 AD6 AE1 AE12 AE2 AE22 AD1 AE25 AE5 AE6 AE9 AF14 AF16 AF18 AF3 AF4 AG5 AG6 AH10 AH13 AH16 AH19 AH2 AF28 AH22 AH24 AH26 AH3 AH4 AH8 AJ5 B11 B14 B17 B2 B20 B22 B8 C24 C26 C27 C6 D12 D15 D18 D2 D4 E21 E24 E4 E9 F15 E23 F28 F29 F7 G1 E2 G10 G13 G19 G23 G25 G26 G27 H25 H28 H29 H3 H6 J1 J25 J26 J27 J4 J5 K23 K28 K29 K3 K6 R165 VCCDMIPLL_ICH +1.5V 1uH_2012_620mA C180 C179 01u/16V_4 10u/6.3V_6 1/F_6 30mil R372 +1.25V_DMI 0_6 +1.25V C248 R357 0_6 22u/6.3V_8 30mil +1.05V VCC_DMI[1] VCC_DMI[2] AE28 AE29 V_CPU_IO[1] V_CPU_IO[2] AC23 AC24 VCC3_3[01] AF29 +V3.3_DMI_ICH VCC3_3[02] AD2 +V3.3_SATA_ICH VCC3_3[03] VCC3_3[04] VCC3_3[05] VCC3_3[06] AC8 AD8 AE8 AF8 VCC3_3[07] VCC3_3[08] VCC3_3[09] VCC3_3[10] VCC3_3[11] VCC3_3[12] VCC3_3[13] AA3 U7 V7 W1 W6 W7 Y7 VCC3_3[14] VCC3_3[15] VCC3_3[16] VCC3_3[17] VCC3_3[18] VCC3_3[19] VCC3_3[20] VCC3_3[21] VCC3_3[22] VCC3_3[23] VCC3_3[24] A8 B15 B18 B4 B9 C15 D13 D5 E10 E7 F11 +1.05V_V_CPU_IO R373 C492 R369 C491 VCCPCORE_ICH C479 C481 C487 1u/16V_4 1u/16V_4 4.7u/6.3V_6 0_6 1u/16V_4 0_6 1u/16V_4 R379 +3V +3V 0_6 20mil 20mil +3V 30mil +V3.3S_IDE_ICH R368 C478 0_6 1u/16V_4 +3V 30mil +V3.3S_PCI_ICH 30mil R95 C134 C452 C453 0_6 1u/16V_4 1u/16V_4 1u/16V_4 +3V REV:C MODIFY AC12 +3V_1.5V_HDA_IO_ICH VCCSUSHDA AD11 +VCCSUSHDA VCCSUS1_05[1] VCCSUS1_05[2] J6 AF20 TP_V105_ICH_1 C460 TP_V105_ICH_2 C512 VCCSUS1_5[1] AC16 TP_VCCSUS1_5_ICH_1 T58 *PAD VCCSUS1_5[2] J7 TP_VCCSUS1_5_ICH_2 T56 *PAD VCCSUS3_3[01] C3 VCCSUS3_3[02] VCCSUS3_3[03] VCCSUS3_3[04] VCCSUS3_3[05] VCCSUS3_3[06] AC18 AC21 AC22 AG20 AH28 VCCSUS3_3[07] VCCSUS3_3[08] VCCSUS3_3[09] VCCSUS3_3[10] VCCSUS3_3[11] VCCSUS3_3[12] VCCSUS3_3[13] VCCSUS3_3[14] VCCSUS3_3[15] VCCSUS3_3[16] VCCSUS3_3[17] VCCSUS3_3[18] VCCSUS3_3[19] P6 P7 C1 N7 P1 P2 P3 P4 P5 R1 R3 R5 R6 VCCHDA USB CORE +1.5V V5REF_SUS AA25 AA26 AA27 AB27 AB28 AB29 D28 D29 E25 E26 E27 F24 F25 G24 H23 H24 J23 J24 K24 K25 L23 L24 L25 M24 M25 N23 N24 N25 P24 P25 R24 R25 R26 R27 T23 T24 T27 T28 T29 U24 U25 V23 V24 V25 W25 Y25 ATX 1u/10V_4 G4 ARX +1.5V_SATA C485 V5REF[1] V5REF[2] VCCA3GP +1.5V_PCIE A16 T7 CORE R137 1mA VCCRTC VCCP_CORE 100_4 50mil U6F AD25 IDE +3V_S5 R94 1u/10V_4 1u/16V_4 PCI +5V_S5 C488 C489 PDZ5.6B VCCPSUS +5V D8 VCCPUSB +3V +V3.3A_ICH 1u/16V_4 1u/16V_4 R335 0_6 R362 C482 0_4 1u/16V_4 R359 C483 C597 0_4 +3V_S5 1u/16V_4 10u/6.3V_6 +3V 20mil 20mil +3V_S5 30mil C450 22u/10V_4 C495 1u/10V_4 +V3.3A_USB_ICH R353 0_8 +3V_S5 40mil C475 4.7u/6.3V_6 VCCCL1_05 G22 VCCCL1_05_ICH C459 *.1u/16V_4 VCCCL1_5 A22 VCCCL1_5_INT_ICH C136 C135 *1u/10V_4 *.1u/16V_4 VCCCL3_3[1] VCCCL3_3[2] F20 G21 +V3.3M_ICH R345 0_6 VSS[001] VSS[002] VSS[003] VSS[004] VSS[005] VSS[006] VSS[007] VSS[008] VSS[009] VSS[010] VSS[011] VSS[012] VSS[013] VSS[014] VSS[015] VSS[016] VSS[017] VSS[018] VSS[019] VSS[020] VSS[021] VSS[022] VSS[023] VSS[024] VSS[025] VSS[026] VSS[027] VSS[028] VSS[029] VSS[030] VSS[031] VSS[032] VSS[033] VSS[034] VSS[035] VSS[036] VSS[037] VSS[038] VSS[039] VSS[040] VSS[041] VSS[042] VSS[043] VSS[044] VSS[045] VSS[046] VSS[047] VSS[048] VSS[049] VSS[050] VSS[051] VSS[052] VSS[053] VSS[054] VSS[055] VSS[056] VSS[057] VSS[058] VSS[059] VSS[060] VSS[061] VSS[062] VSS[063] VSS[064] VSS[065] VSS[066] VSS[067] VSS[068] VSS[069] VSS[070] VSS[071] VSS[072] VSS[073] VSS[074] VSS[075] VSS[076] VSS[077] VSS[078] VSS[079] VSS[080] VSS[081] VSS[082] VSS[083] VSS[084] VSS[085] VSS[086] VSS[087] VSS[088] VSS[089] VSS[090] VSS[091] VSS[092] VSS[093] VSS[094] VSS[095] VSS[096] VSS[097] VSS[098] VSS[099] VSS[100] VSS[101] VSS[102] VSS[103] VSS[104] VSS[105] VSS[106] VSS[107] VSS[108] VSS[109] VSS[110] VSS[111] VSS[112] VSS[113] VSS[114] VSS[115] VSS[116] VSS[117] VSS[118] VSS[119] VSS[120] VSS[121] VSS[122] VSS[123] VSS[124] VSS[125] VSS[126] VSS[127] VSS[128] VSS[129] VSS[130] VSS[131] VSS[132] VSS[133] VSS[134] VSS[135] VSS[136] VSS[137] VSS[138] VSS[139] VSS[140] VSS[141] VSS[142] VSS[143] VSS[144] VSS[145] VSS[146] VSS[147] VSS[148] VSS[149] VSS[150] VSS[151] VSS[152] VSS[153] VSS[154] VSS[155] VSS[156] VSS[157] VSS[158] VSS[159] VSS[160] VSS[161] VSS[162] VSS[163] VSS[164] VSS[165] VSS[166] VSS[167] VSS[168] VSS[169] VSS[170] VSS[171] VSS[172] VSS[173] VSS[174] VSS[175] VSS[176] VSS[177] VSS[178] VSS[179] VSS[180] VSS[181] VSS[182] VSS[183] VSS[184] K7 L1 L13 L15 L26 L27 L4 L5 M12 M13 M14 M15 M16 M17 M23 M28 M29 M3 N1 N11 N12 N13 N14 N15 N16 N17 N18 N26 N27 N4 N5 N6 P12 P13 P14 P15 P16 P17 P23 P28 P29 R11 R12 R13 R14 R15 R16 R17 R18 R28 R4 T12 T13 T14 T15 T16 T17 T2 U12 U13 U14 U15 U16 U17 U23 U26 U27 U3 U5 V13 V15 V28 V29 W2 W26 W27 Y28 Y29 Y4 AB4 AB23 AB5 AB6 AD5 U4 W24 VSS_NCTF[01] VSS_NCTF[02] VSS_NCTF[03] VSS_NCTF[04] VSS_NCTF[05] VSS_NCTF[06] VSS_NCTF[07] VSS_NCTF[08] VSS_NCTF[09] VSS_NCTF[10] VSS_NCTF[11] VSS_NCTF[12] A1 A2 A28 A29 AH1 AH29 AJ1 AJ2 AJ28 AJ29 B1 B29 D C B ICH8M REV 1.0 A +3V 20mil PROJECT : ZO1 Quanta Computer Inc Size Document Number Rev 2B ICH8M Power(2 of 2) Date: Thursday, May 17, 2007 Sheet 13 of 26 25 MIL REV:E MODIFY +3V CRT L5 BLM18BA470SN1_6_0.3A CRT_R1 L4 BLM18BA470SN1_6_0.3A CRT_G1 L2 BLM18BA470SN1_6_0.3A CRT_B1 R12 C17 R11 C12 R8 C9 C8 C11 C15 150/F_4 4.7p_4 150/F_4 4.7p_4 150/F_4 4.7p_4 4.7p_4 4.7p_4 4.7p_4 10 19 CRT_SENSE# REV:D MODIFY TV_C/R_SYS 12 DA204U R518 15_4 VCC_DDC SYNC_OUT1 14 HSYNC1 R519 15_4 BYP SYNC_IN2 15 CRTVSYNC 10 VCC_VIDEO SYNC_IN1 CRT_R1 VIDEO_1 DDC_IN1 10 CRTDCLK CRT_G1 VIDEO_2 DDC_IN2 11 CRTDDAT VIDEO_3 DDC_OUT1 CRTDCLK_R GND DDC_OUT2 12 CRTDDAT_R CM2009-02 have internal 15 ohm REV:C MODIFY +5V_CRT2 R500 2.2K_4 +3V R501 2.2K_4 +3V CRTDCLK 10 R9 4.7K_4 CRTDDAT 10 R1 4.7K_4 10 TV_C/R_SYS 10 TV_Y/G_SYS REV:C MODIFY 10 TV_COMP_SYS Backlight Control +3V D40 R19 10K_4 10K_4 BL_ON 3 CN1 LVDS_TXLCK+ LVDS_TXLCKBUSBP2BUSBP2+ R26 6p_4 150/F_4 L9 BK1608LL121_6_150mA TV_COMP_SYS TV-COMP TV_COMP_SYS C25 C27 R25 6p_4 6p_4 150/F_4 +15V REV:C MODIFY LID#_ICH 11 +3V R18 65mil Q5 AO3404 +3VPCU LID591# 15,19 LCD_VCC LCDONG D2 BAS316 L3 0_6 R22 C21 LCDVCC1 65mil C14 R6 Q6 DTC144EUA Q9 PDTC143TT 1u/16V_4 22_8 Q8 2N7002 10 LCD_ON C16 C13 01u/16V_4 10u/6.3V_6 LCDDISCHG C 2N7002 65mil 01u/25V_4 100K_4 EC_FPBACK# 19 Q7 100K_4 LCD_EDIDCLK 10 LCD_EDIDDAT 10 R21 VIN_LCD LCDON# BL_ON BRIGHTNESS C19 Q4 2N7002 IV^100K_4 LCD EDID SMBus PU LVDS_TXL2+ LVDS_TXL2- C32 6p_4 LVDS_TXL1+ LVDS_TXL1- LCD_EDIDCLK LCD_EDIDDAT 11 13 15 17 19 21 23 25 27 29 2 BLON BLON R23 11 13 15 17 19 21 23 25 27 29 C31 TV_Y/G_SYS Q3 2N7002 10 10 12 14 16 18 20 22 24 26 28 30 330K_6 LVDS 10 12 14 16 18 20 22 24 26 28 30 BK1608LL121_6_150mA TV_Y/G_SYS TV_C/R_SYS BAS316 R20 BL# LVDS_TXL0+ LVDS_TXL0- LCD_ON REV:B MODIFY +3V DA204U C C10 10p_4 D31 CRT_SEN# 10 LVDS_TXLCK+ 10 LVDS_TXLCK- 6p_4 C7 10p_4 10 LVDS_TXL2+ 10 LVDS_TXL2- C24 6p_4 L10 TV-LUMA B REV:E MODIFY 10 LVDS_TXL1+ 10 LVDS_TXL1- C22 150/F_4 C6 10p_4 C3 10p_4 10 LVDS_TXL0+ 10 LVDS_TXL0- R24 CN11 S_VIDEO REV:D MODIFY CRTHSYNC 10 A DA204U B VSYNC1 13 CRT_B1 2.2u/6.3V_6 16 +3V BK1608LL121_6_150mA TV-CHROMA TV_C/R_SYS CM2009 SYNC_OUT2 DA204U L8 +3V VCC_SYNC 15 CRT_SEN# TV_COMP_SYS *0_4 22u/10V_4 22u/10V_4 *0_4 +3V C610 R2 TV_Y/G_SYS 22u/10V_4 +5V_CRT2 R13 C18 0_4 D36 13 14 +3V D35 1 C609 10K_4 R3 C607 U1 +5V R4 +3V D34 11 17 A 10 VGA_BLU_SYS S-VIDEO C22,C24,C25,C27,C31,C32 use 47pF CH04706JB01 L8,L9,L10 use CV+4701JN00 10 VGA_GRN_SYS CN10 MXM mode C22,C24,C25,C27,C31,C32 use 6pF CH00606TB04 L8,L9,L10 use CX8LL121002 +5V_CRT2 REV:B MODIFY 10 VGA_RED_SYS UMA mode C8,9,11,12,15,17 use 10pF CH01006JB08 L2,L4,L5 use CX8BA220007 1N5819HW MXM mode D1 +5V 1u/16V_4 16 CRT C1 +5V_CRT2 C8,9,11,12,15,17 use 4.7pF CH-4716TB06 L2,L4,L5 use CX8BA470003 < UMA mode 1u/16V_4 +3V LCD_VCC LCD_EDIDCLK R14 2.2K_4 CCD_PWR LCD_EDIDDAT R15 2.2K_4 Camera +3V +3V R17 *0_6 20mil +3V LCD_CON30X2 +3V DPST Q2 0_4 R10 *0_4 R5 *EV^0_4 C20 AO3403 R16 CCD_PWRON# 4.7u/6.3V_6 19 CONTRAST R7 CCD_PWR 4.7K_4 VIN_LCD C4 C2 C5 10u/25V_1206 10u/25V_1206 1u/25V_6 10 EV_LVDS_BL_BRGHT RN1 11 USBP211 USBP2+ 0_4P2R 4 REV:C MODIFY +3V R248 IV^10K_4 R527 EV^0_4 LCD_INVDAT LCD_INVDAT CCD_POWERON 19 3 +3V R243 IV^10K_4 R528 EV^0_4 Q1 DTC144EUA PROJECT : ZO1 LCD_INVCLK Quanta Computer Inc LCD_INVCLK Size Document Number Date: Rev 3B LVDS/CRT/TVOUT/CCD REV:C MODIFY D *DLW21HN900SQ2L REV:C MODIFY BUSBP2BUSBP2+ L6 FBMH1608HM151_6_2A D INT_LVDS_BKLT_PWM 65mil L1 VIN BRIGHTNESS Thursday, May 17, 2007 Sheet 14 of 26 NEW-CARD +3V +3V_S5 C558 C549 C541 1u/16V_4 1u/16V_4 1u/16V_4 1.3A 3.3VIN 3.3VIN 3.3VOUT 3.3VOUT +NEW_3V +3V_S5 17 AUXIN AUXOUT 15 +NEW_3VAUX +1.5V 12 14 1.5VIN 1.5VIN 1.5VOUT 1.5VOUT 11 13 +NEW_1.5V *STBY# *CPPE# *CPUSB# 10 10,11,15,16,19 PLTRST# A 20 *SYSRST# *SHDN# 18 16 21 *RCLKEN NC GND GNDPAD TI C559 4.7u/6.3V_6 1u/16V_4 650mA C552 C554 4.7u/6.3V_6 1u/16V_4 CPPE# CPUSB# CIRRX2 19 A C542 4.7u/6.3V_6 0_4 1u/16V_4 REV:D Modify NEW_SMDATA +NEW_1.5V NEW_SMDATA NEW_SMCLK R438 +NEW_3V 10K_4 CPUSB# 11 USBP6+ 11 USBP6- GND1 GND29 PETp0 GND30 PETn0 GND2 PERp0 PERn0 GND3 REFCLK+ REFCLKCPPE# CLKREQ# +3.3V1 +3.3V2 PERST# +3.3VAUX WAKE# +1.5V1 +1.5V2 SMB_DATA SMB_CLK RESERVED1 RESERVED2 CPUSB# USB_D+ USB_DGND4 29 30 +3VPCU +3VSUS BT_POWER Q20 C343 AO3403 RN30 0_4P2R BUSBP4+ BUSBP4- L38 4 R538 47_6 *47_6 REV:D Modify U28 4.7u/6.3V_6 19 BT_POWERON# 11 USBP4+ 11 USBP4- +5VPCU R537 REV:B MODIFY 20mil CPPE# NEW_CLKREQ# +NEW_3V PERST# +NEW_3VAUX NEW_SMCLK Bluetooth CN8 26 25 24 23 22 21 20 19 18 17 16 15 14 13 12 11 10 10K_4 Y GND R540 CLK_PCIE_NEW_C CLK_PCIE_NEW_C# Q28 2N7002 *NC7SZ125P5X C547 NEW_CLKREQ# A : AL000577008 +NEW_3V 2,11,16 PCLK_SMB OE# VCC +NEW_1.5V 11 PCIE_RXP1 11 PCIE_RXN1 Q27 2N7002 PERST# 11 PCIE_TXP1 11 PCIE_TXN1 +3VPCU Q40 +NEW_3VAUX : AL002231001 GMT R439 CIRRX2_1 19 PERST# OC# 275mA C556 RICOH : AL005538001 B CIR U24 QFN-TPS2231RGP +3V +1.5V 2,11,16 PDAT_SMB +NEW_3V CN6 3 6 4 5 3 CIRRX2_1 CIR_VCC C594 CIR 1u/25V_6 B USB_BT_5P *DLW21HN900SQ2L 15 BT_LED EXPCARD REV:C Modify for 4965 MINI-CARD R506 R507 *0_4 *0_4 USB PCLK_LPC_DB PLTRST# 10,11,15,16,19 +1.5V +3VSUS KEDRON_VCCR *0_4 *0_4 *0_4 R43 CL_RST#0_CN CL_DATA1_CN CL_CLK1_CN 0_6 11 PCIE_TXP2 11 PCIE_TXN2 11 PCIE_RXP2 11 PCIE_RXN2 C CAPACITOR on Module CLK_PCIE_MINI1 CLK_PCIE_MINI1# PCLK_LPC_DB R524 PCIE_WAKE#_R 33_4 51 49 47 45 43 41 39 37 35 33 31 29 27 25 23 21 19 17 Reserved Reserved Reserved Reserved Reserved Reserved Reserved Reserved GND PETp0 PETn0 GND GND PERp0 PERn0 GND Reserved Reserved 15 13 11 53 GND REFCLK+ REFCLKGND CLKREQ# Reserved Reserved WAKE# PAD53 RN29 +3.3V GND +1.5V LED_WPAN# LED_WLAN# LED_WWAN# GND USB_D+ USB_DGND SMB_DATA SMB_CLK +1.5V GND +3.3Vaux PERST# Reserved GND 52 50 48 46 44 42 40 38 36 34 32 30 28 26 24 22 20 18 Reserved Reserved Reserved Reserved Reserved +1.5V GND +3.3V PAD54 16 14 12 10 54 L49 USBPWR1 CN22 CN14 R29 R31 R33 11 CL_RST#1 11 CL_DATA1 11 CL_CLK1 60mil USBPWRP1 WL_VCC1 0_4P2R 11 USBP511 USBP5+ BUSBP5BUSBP5+ L36 RF_LED# 15 8 C517 + C480 470p_4 100u/6.3V_3528 3 2 TI201209G121_8_3A SYUIN_USB *DLW21HN900SQ2L USBPWRP1 PDAT_SMB PCLK_SMB 11 USBP311 USBP3+ PLTRST# 10,11,15,16,19 RF_EN 19 RF_EN R508 R509 R510 R511 R512 +5V_S5 CN21 RN28 0_4 0_4 0_4 0_4 0_4 0_4P2R BUSBP3BUSBP3+ L30 LFRAME# 11,19 LAD3 11,19 LAD2 11,19 LAD1 11,19 LAD0 11,19 2 U23 8 C537 1u/10V_4 C484 + C514 470p_4 USBON# 19 USBON# 100u/6.3V_3528 SYUIN_USB 60mil G548A2P8U OUT3 OUT2 OUT1 IN1 IN2 EN# GND GND-C USBPWR1 R404 OC# *6.34K/F_4 C *DLW21HN900SQ2L WL_VCC2 VIN MINI CARD C604 C101 C56 1u/16V_4 1u/16V_4 4.7u/6.3V_6 60mil KEDRON_VCCR C36 1u/16V_4 D R48 25mil R66 +3VSUS WL_VCC2 C35 *0_6 0_6 C52 C38 1u/16V_4 *.1u/16V_4 *4.7u/6.3V_6 USBON# C109 +3VSUS 1u/16V_4 REV:B MODIFY 4.7u/6.3V_6 C41 WWAN 3G module should be use +3V Vaux for +3V rail Q23 11,16,19 PCIE_WAKE# *DTC144EUA PCIE_WAKE#_R 10,19 ACIN 24 D/C#_1 19 ICMNT 19 CC-SET 19 CELL-SET 19 MX0 15,19 MY0 MX0 MY0 11 13 15 17 19 21 23 25 27 29 31 33 35 37 39 11 13 15 17 19 21 23 25 27 29 31 33 35 37 39 10 12 14 16 18 20 22 24 26 28 30 32 34 36 38 40 10 12 14 16 18 20 22 24 26 28 30 32 34 36 38 40 BAT-V BAT-V 24 C30 1u/10V_4 1000p_4 VIN VIN 10,13,20,21,22,23,24,25 PC4 PC12 D 1u/25V_8 +5V_S5 +5V_S5 USBP0+ USBP0- Quanta Computer Inc USBP1+ 11 USBP1- 11 Size 40P_HEADER_BTB 1u/25V_8 PROJECT : ZO1 USBP0+ 11 USBP0- 11 USBP1+ USBP1- Document Number Rev 3A NEW&MINICARD/USB/BT/CIR/ACIN Date: C33 4.7u/6.3V_6 BAT-V VIN +3V_S5 for WWAN card is 2.75A +5V_S5 C29 CN12 WL_VCC1 0_6 C37 4.7u/6.3V_6 25mil R28 KEDRON_VCCR 0_6 C59 1u/16V_4 R27 +3V TO POWER/B C71 REV:C EMI +1.5V +3VSUS 15p_4 Thursday, May 17, 2007 Sheet 15 of 26 ODD +5V PDD[15 0] PDD[15 0] 11 CN26 RCSEL R440 51 52 470_4 IDERST_R# LED1 33_4 Power LED IDERST# PDD8 PDD9 PDD10 PDD11 PDD12 PDD13 PDD14 PDD15 PDDREQ PDIOR# PDDACK# -PDIAG PDA2 PDCS3# 19 SUSLED# 19 PWRLED# PWR_VCC R481 330_4 BAT_VCC R482 330_4 +3VPCU LED_B/O Battery LED +5V LED2 C370 C545 C368 C371 C550 C543 100u/6.3V_3528 4.7u/6.3V_6 1u/16V_4 01u/16V_4 01u/16V_4 01u/16V_4 19 BATLED1# 19 BATLED0# PDDREQ 11 PDIOR# 11 D LED_G/Y +3VPCU REV:E MODIFY PDDACK# 11 PDA2 11 PDCS3# 11 CAPSLED# 19 CAPSLED# LED3 R484 220_4 R485 220_4 R486 220_4 +3V LED_G_UP +5V 100mil NUMLED# 19 NUMLED# LED4 53 54 100mil 51 52 PDIOW# PIORDY IRQ14 PDA1 PDA0 PDCS1# IDELED# +5V 11 PDIOW# 11 PIORDY 11 IRQ14 11 PDA1 11 PDA0 11 PDCS1# 10 12 14 16 18 20 22 24 26 28 30 32 34 36 38 40 42 44 46 48 50 10 12 14 16 18 20 22 24 26 28 30 32 34 36 38 40 42 44 46 48 50 R303 LED U15 TC7SH08FU IDE_LED# LED5 +3V LED_G_UP 53 54 D 11 13 15 17 19 21 23 25 27 29 31 33 35 37 39 41 43 45 47 49 + IDERST# PDD7 PDD6 PDD5 PDD4 PDD3 PDD2 PDD1 PDD0 11 13 15 17 19 21 23 25 27 29 31 33 35 37 39 41 43 45 47 49 PLTRST# 10,11,14,16,19 PLTRST# +3V LED_G_UP ODD_CONN +3V LID R451 +3V REV:D MODIFY +3VPCU 10K_4 R452 8.2K_4 IRQ14 R297 *10K_4 -PDIAG R302 *10K_4 PDD7 R301 *5.6K_4 PDDREQ +3V IDE_LED# R539 U25 TC7SH08FU LID591# 13,19 LID591# R450 S23 S24 B R112 4.7K_4 L22 L23 19 TPDATA 19 TPCLK SATA_RXN0 11 SATA_RXP0 11 25mil +5V +5V L24 0_6 +3.3VSATA 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18 19 20 21 22 REV:C MODIFY C605 C606 10p_4 10p_4 CN4 10 11 12 RIGHT# SCR_RIGHT# SCR_UP# SCR_LEFT# SCR_DN# LEFT# +3V 100mil TP_VCC 0_8 1 10 11 12 R525 REV:C MODIFY 10K_4 1 3 REV:D MODIFY +3V REV:B MODIFY R520 10K_4 2 Q36 2N7002 D3 1 SUSLED#-R PWRLED#-R R526 10K_4 TP SWITCH LEFT# FAN + C548 1u/16V_4 C553 01u/16V_4 C544 1u/16V_4 C551 01u/16V_4 REV:C MODIFY C608 +3V MAX6648_OV# BAS316 R50 10K_6 B SW-20P U3 2.2u/6.3V_6 19 CPUFAN# VIN G995 VO GND FON GND GND VSET GND TH_FAN_POWER 30 MIL C75 C92 22u/6.3V_8 1000p_4 G995 pin have internal PU to VIN +3.3VSATA +3.3VSATA C570 C572 C569 4.7u/6.3V_6 1u/16V_4 4.7u/6.3V_6 SCR_UP# CN15 FAN SW2 SW6 SCR_DN# MISAKI_SWITCH_4.3 C67 01u/16V_4 3 SW5 SW3 SCR_LEFT# MISAKI_SWITCH_4.3 19 FANSIG +5V +3.3VSATA +5V MISAKI_SWITCH_4.3 +5V 4.7u/6.3V_6 RF_LED# BT_LED NBSWON# MX1 MX2 MX4 MX5 MY0 14 RF_LED# 14 BT_LED 19 NBSWON# 19 MX1 19 MX2 19 MX4 19 MX5 14,19 MY0 20 19 18 17 16 15 14 13 12 11 10 VGA_THERM# 10 EV^BAS316 D5 100u/6.3V_3528 ARCADE_KEY 19 ARCADE_KEY PWRLED#-R RIGHT# +5V A CN2 20 19 18 17 16 15 14 13 12 11 10 Q39 2N7002 100mil C555 +3V Q34 2N7002 19 PWRLED# +5V R60 10K_4 C561 +3VPCU +3VSUS Q38 2N7002 REV:E MODIFY TOUCH_PAD_TP_12P TO SW/B SUSLED#-R Q33 2N7002 19 SUSLED# 1u/16V_4 TPDATA_R TPCLK_R BK1608LL121_6_150mA BK1608LL121_6_150mA R467 S8 S9 S10 S11 S12 S13 S14 S15 S16 S17 S18 S19 S20 S21 S22 C 4.7K_4 R111 C142 SATA_TXP0 11 SATA_TXN0 11 +3VPCU MR1 PT3661-BB SOT23_123-2_8-1_9 23 24 CN27 SATA_HDD S1 S2 S3 S4 S5 S6 S7 1u/10V_4 ME268-002(FCE):AL000268000 MRSS23E(NEC): AL000023002 EC2648-B3-F(ECS):AL002648018 TP CONN 330_4 10K_4 11 SATA_LED# SATA R487 C611 *100K_4 +5V IDELED# +3V PIORDY 4.7K_4 C R300 +3V 4 5 REV:C MODIFY REV:E Modify SW1 SW4 SCR_RIGHT# MISAKI_SWITCH_4.3 SCR_UP# D41 Uclamp0511P_4_ESD SCR_LEFT# D42 Uclamp0511P_4_ESD SCR_RIGHT# D43 Uclamp0511P_4_ESD MISAKI_SWITCH_4.3 PROJECT : ZO1 Quanta Computer Inc Size Document Number Rev 3B HDD/ODD/LED/SW/TP/FAN Date: A MISAKI_SWITCH_4.3 Thursday, May 17, 2007 Sheet 16 of 26 VAUX_12 D L18 20mil VAUX_12 C94 C93 BK1608HS121_6_0.3A L15 20mil C42 C49 BK1608HS121_6_0.3A L13 20mil C40 C51 BK1608HS121_6_0.3A L12 20mil BK1608HS121_6_0.3A C39 C50 REV:B MODIFY C AVDDL 2.2u/6.3V_6 1u/16V_4 REV:C MODIFY 27 33 PCIE_VDD PCIE_VDD 24 1u/10V_4 TXDP_C 1u/10V_4 TXDN_C PCIE_WAKE_R# 33p_4 AUX_PRES 1K/F_4 VMA_PRES 1K/F_4 LOW_PWR *4.7K_4 0_4 *4.7K_4 PCLK_SMB_LAN *4.7K_4 PDAT_SMB_LAN R40 XTALO_R 200_4 C47 33p_4 R47 1.24K_4 1u/16V_4 17 68 1u/16V_4 20mil L17 BIASVDD 36 BIASVDD C58 XTALVDD 23 AVDD 38 XTALVDD C43 1u/16V_4 L19 AVDD_F14 AVDD 45 C69 1u/16V_4 AVDD 52 C85 1u/16V_4 BK1608HS121_6_0.3A 1u/16V_4 L11 26 25 31 32 12 10 29 28 PCIE_TXDP PCIE_TXDN PCIE_RXDP PCIE_RXDN WAKE# PERST# REFCLK+ REFCLK- 49 50 TX3N TX3P TRD2TRD2+ 48 47 TX2N TX2P TRD1TRD1+ 42 43 TX1N TX1P TRD0TRD0+ 41 40 TX0N TX0P LINKLED# SPD100LED# SPD1000LED# TRAFFICLED# 67 66 54 53 VAUXPRSNT VMAINPRSNT LOW_PWR 58 57 SMB_CLK SMB_DATA XTALO XTALI 22 21 XTALO XTALI RDAC 37 RDAC GPIO2 UART_MODE GPIO1_SERIALDI GPIO0_SERIALDO LFE9249 DB0ZR1LAN11 Bothand GST5009 DBKN1NLAN03 Source 3: FCE NS892402 DB0ZH1LAN06 D BK1608HS121_6_0.3A BK1608HS121_6_0.3A VAUX_25 L54 TRD3TRD3+ DELTA Source 2: VAUX_25 GPHY_PLLVDD PCIE_GND Source 1: U20 BK1608HS121_6_0.3A C60 C61 VAUX_25_R TX3P TX3N TCT1 TD1+ TD1- MCT1 MX1+ MX1- 24 23 22 X-TX3P X-TX3N REV:B MODIFY 1u/16V_4 1u/16V_4 VAUX_25_R TX2P TX2N TCT2 TD2+ TD2- MCT2 MX2+ MX2- 21 20 19 X-TX2P X-TX2N VAUX_25_R TX1P TX1N C62 TCT3 TD3+ TD3- MCT3 MX3+ MX3- 18 17 16 X-TX1P X-TX1N C63 1u/16V_4 VAUX_25_R 1u/16V_4 TX0P TX0N 10 11 12 TCT4 TD4+ TD4- MCT4 MX4+ MX4- 15 14 13 X-TX0P X-TX0N GST-5009 LF LINKLED# 100# 1000# LAN_ACTLED# REV:B MODIFY 11 BCM_SCL SI BCM_SDA CS# NC/(ENERGY_DET) 59 ENERGY_DET_R REGCTL25 18 LAN REGCTL25 REGCTL12 14 LAN REGCTL12 R76 R75 *4.7K_4 *4.7K_4 R74 4.7K_4 NC(CLK_REQ#) GND +3V_S5 R523 0_4 ENERGY_DET 19 TIP LAN_VCC3 C104 1u/16V_4 LED_GREEN LAN_VCC4 C105 1u/16V_4 LAN_LINKLED# 3V_LAN_S5 3V_LAN_S5 R67 220_4 LAN_VCC4 LAN_ACTLED# C114 1u/16V_4 BKP1608HS181T_6_1.5A Q12 DTC144EUA 40mil C64 25mil 1u/16V_4 VAUX_25 C598 C599 10u/6.3V_6 10u/6.3V_6 C53 C55 10u/6.3V_6 1u/16V_4 11 LED_ORANGE 12 LED_YELLOW 13 LED_P_A2 TX+/0+ TX-/0- X-TX1P RX+/1+ X-TX2P NC1/2+ GND 16 X-TX2N NC2/2- GND 17 X-TX1N RX-/1- X-TX3P NC/3+ X-TX3N NC4/3- LAN_ACTLED# C119 100P/50V_4 LAN_LINKLED# C112 100P/50V_4 LAN_ACTLED# C621 1u/16V_4 LAN_LINKLED# C622 1u/16V_4 REV:E MODIFY B RJ45_RJ11 PCIE_WAKE_R# RJ11 cable CN17 3V_LAN_S5 REV:C MODIFY LED_P_A1 4.7K_4 11,14,19 PCIE_WAKE# 40mil 10 X-TX0N R52 REV:B MODIFY EMI X-TX0P 3V_LAN_S5 22u/6.3V_8 LAN REGCTL25 10u/6.3V_6 RING 14 LAN_VCC3 Package Body 3V_LAN_S5 Q10 MMJT9435 C65 15 TIPL 220_4 16 REV:B MODIFY 3V_LAN_S5 CN16 RINGL R65 L20 C108 75/F_4 RJ45 & RJ11 connector REV:C MODIFY PCLK_SMB_LAN PDAT_SMB_LAN 0_4 0_4 R59 75/F_4 BCM_WP 69 R513 R514 R56 75/F_4 1500P/2KV_1808 65 63 64 62 SCLK SI SO CS# REV:B MODIFY 2,11,14 PCLK_SMB 2,11,14 PDAT_SMB R57 75/F_4 C REG_GND B R58 C76 Y1 25MHz C111 68-Pin QFN PCIE_PLLVDD PCIE_SDS_VDD C66 BCM5787M 10mm X 10mm 30 C46 19 LOW_PWR_EC 3V_LAN_S5 AVDDL AVDDL AVDDL AVDDL PCIE_PLLVDD 2.2u/6.3V_6 1u/16V_4 2.2u/6.3V_6 1u/16V_4 R71 R70 R55 R522 R73 R72 39 44 46 51 35 10,11,14,15,19 PLTRST# CLK_PCIE_LAN CLK_PCIE_LAN# 3V_LAN_S5 +3V VDDC VDDC VDDC VDDC VDDC VDDC GPHY_PLLVDD 2.2u/6.3V_6 1u/16V_4 C44 C45 PCIE_RXP3 PCIE_RXN3 PCIE_TXP3 PCIE_TXN3 13 20 34 55 60 VDDP VDDP U2 BCM5787MKMLG Transfomer 1u/16V_4 1u/16V_4 1u/16V_4 1u/16V_4 15 19 56 61 C118 C117 C87 C68 VAUX_25 VDDIO VDDIO VDDIO VDDIO VDDIO Giga LAN BCN5785M 11 11 11 11 3V_LAN_S5 R96 R110 R113 4.7K_4 *4.7K_4 4.7K_4 C169 C162 470p/3KV_1808 470p/3KV_1808 RJ11_CABLE REV:C EMI C141 1u/16V_4 TIPL RINGL U4 A 40mil VAUX_25 R61 1.5_1206 R62 *1.5_1206 LAN REGCTL12 C88 10u/6.3V_6 LAN_REG1_2V C84 25mil 1u/16V_4 3V_LAN_S5 BCM_WP BCM_SCL BCM_SDA Q11 MMJT9435 VAUX_12 40mil VCC A0 WP A1 SCL NC SDA GND A AT24C64 C72 C74 C116 C57 C54 C91 C73 10u/6.3V_6 1u/16V_4 1u/16V_4 1u/16V_4 1u/16V_4 1u/16V_4 1u/16V_4 PROJECT : ZO1 LINKLED# D4 BAS316 100# D6 BAS316 1000# D7 BAS316 LAN_LINKLED# Quanta Computer Inc Size Date: Document Number Rev 3A GigaLAN BCM5787M & RJ45/11 Thursday, May 17, 2007 Sheet 17 of 26 A B C199 C200 10u/6.3V_6 01u/16V_4 1u/16V_4 C198 01u/16V_4 10u/6.3V_6 01u/16V_4 01u/16V_4 VCC_ROUT_832 C221 C292 C204 C241 01u/16V_4 01u/16V_4 47u/6.3V_4 47u/6.3V_4 VCC_PCI1 VCC_PCI2 VCC_PCI3 VCC_PCI4 VCC_PCI5 VCC_PCI6 61 VCC_RIN 16 34 64 114 120 VCC_3V AD31 AD30 AD29 AD28 AD27 AD26 AD25 AD24 AD23 AD22 AD21 AD20 AD19 AD18 AD17 AD16 AD15 AD14 AD13 AD12 AD11 AD10 AD9 AD8 AD7 AD6 AD5 AD4 AD3 AD2 AD1 AD0 PAR CBE3# CBE2# CBE1# CBE0# PCM_IDSEL AD25 INTA#,B# R171 150/F_4 PCM_IDSEL PowerOnReset for VccCore When GRESET# is controlled by system, the pull-up resistor(R4066) and capacitor(C4093) not need to apply 11 PAR 11 CBE3# 11 CBE2# 11 CBE1# 11 CBE0# +3V PCLK_PCM 125 126 127 11 12 14 15 17 18 19 36 37 38 39 40 42 43 44 46 47 48 49 50 51 52 53 33 21 35 45 R262 REQ2# GNT2# FRAME# IRDY# TRDY# DEVSEL# STOP# PERR# SERR# 11 REQ2# 11 GNT2# 11 FRAME# 11 IRDY# 11 TRDY# 11 DEVSEL# 11 STOP# 11 PERR# 11 SERR# 100K_4 R186 GRST#_832 *22_4 C307 C237 1u/10V_4 *22p_4 GRST#_832 PCIRST# 71 119 PCLK_PCM 121 0_4 PCM_PME# 70 11 PCIRST# Ground guard REV:B MODIFY 11 PME# PCLK_PCM PME# R499 124 123 23 24 25 26 29 30 31 CLKRUN# 11,19 CLKRUN# 117 C203 C304 01u/16V_4 10u/6.3V_6 VCC_ROUT1 VCC_ROUT2 VCC_ROUT3 VCC_ROUT4 VCC_ROUT5 AD31 AD30 AD29 AD28 AD27 AD26 AD25 AD24 AD23 AD22 AD21 AD20 AD19 AD18 AD17 AD16 AD15 AD14 AD13 AD12 AD11 AD10 AD9 AD8 AD7 AD6 AD5 AD4 AD3 AD2 AD1 AD0 PAR C/BE3# C/BE2# C/BE1# C/BE0# IDSEL GND1 GND2 GND3 GND4 GND5 GND6 GND7 GND8 GND9 GND10 AGND1 AGND2 AGND3 AGND4 AGND5 HWSPND# AS CLOSE AS POSSIBLE TO R5C833 1394_XIN 94 REQ# GNT# FRAME# IRDY# TRDY# DEVSEL# STOP# PERR# SERR# 86 C311 C312 R264 C313 1394_XOUT 95 27p_4 01u/16V_4 FIL0_PWR 10K/F_4 REXT 96 101 01u/16V_4 VREF_PWR 100 97 > ms 3 R384 56.2/F_4 L1394_TPA0+ L1394_TPA0L1394_TPB0+ L1394_TPB0- 0_4P2R 3 R261 10K_4 CN13 L1394_TPB0L1394_TPA0L1394_TPA0+ L1394_TPB0+ R378 C510 5.1K/F_4 270p_4 SUYIN_1394 IN CARD READER 832_SUS# COMMON MODE CHOKE NEAR CONN 56.2/F_4 1394_COM When HWSPND# is controlled by system, the pull-up resistor(R4059) dose not need to apply MSEN 58 R218 10K_4 XDEN 55 R202 10K_4 UDIO5 57 R209 R213 100K_4 *100K_4 UDIO3 UDIO4 65 59 SCL_CARD SDA_CARD UDIO2 56 UDIO1 60 UDIO0/SRIRQ# 72 Memory Card Power Supply +3V Q32 2N7002 REV:B MODIFY VCC_XD VCC_XD R479 10K_4 CN28 SERIRQ INTA# 115 INTA# INTB# 116 INTB# XD_D0/MS_D0/SD_D0 XD_D1/MS_D1/SD_D1 XD_D2/MS_D2/SD_D2 XD_D3/MS_D3/SD_D3 XD_RE#/CLK XD_WE#/MS_BS/SD_CMD SD_CDZ XD_R/B#/SD_WP# SERIRQ 11,19 INTB# 11 TEST 66 CLKRUN# XI XO FIL0 REXT RSV 23 25 29 10 11 24 12 36 35 (4)SD-VCC (7)SD-DAT0 (8)SD-DAT1 (9)SD-DAT2 (1)SD-DAT3 (5)SD-CLK (2)SD-CMD SD-CD SD-WP INTA# 11 L35 +3V BK1608HS220_6_1A C295 C262 C253 C250 10u/6.3V_6 1u/16V_4 01u/16V_4 1000p_4 AVCC_PHY1 AVCC_PHY2 AVCC_PHY3 AVCC_PHY4 98 106 110 112 TPBIAS0 TPBN0 TPBP0 TPAN0 TPAP0 113 104 105 108 109 TPBIAS0 TPB0N TPB0P TPA0N TPA0P MDIO17 MDIO16 MDIO15 MDIO14 MDIO13 MDIO12 MDIO11 MDIO10 87 92 89 91 90 93 81 82 XD_D7 XD_D6 XD_D5 XD_D4 XD_D3/MS_D3/SD_D3 XD_D2/MS_D2/SD_D2 XD_D1/MS_D1/SD_D1 XD_D0/MS_D0/SD_D0 MDIO05 MDIO08 MDIO19 MDIO18 MDIO02 MDIO03 75 88 83 85 78 77 XD_WPO# XD_WE#/MS_BS/SD_CMD XD_ALE XD_CLE XD_CE# XD_R/B#/SD_WP# MDIO00 80 SD_CDZ MDIO01 79 MDIO09 MDIO04 MDIO06 MDIO07 84 76 74 73 XD_D0/MS_D0/SD_D0 XD_D1/MS_D1/SD_D1 XD_D2/MS_D2/SD_D2 XD_D3/MS_D3/SD_D3 XD_RE#/CLK MS_CDZ XD_WE#/MS_BS/SD_CMD 14 19 20 18 16 15 17 21 (9)MS-VCC (4)MS-DATA0 (3)MS-DATA1 (5)MS-DATA2 (7)MS-DATA3 (8)MS-SCLK (6)MS-INS (2)MS-BS 13 22 (3)SD/(1)MS/(1)XD-GND (6)SD/(10)MS/(9)XD-GND MC_PWR_CTRL_0# AO3403 (18)XD-VCC 33 (19)XD-CD (2)XD-R/B (3)XD-RE (4)XD-CE (5)XD-CLE (6)XD-ALE (7)XD-WE (8)XD-WP 34 XD_CDZ XD_R/B#/SD_WP# XD_RE#/CLK XD_CE# XD_CLE XD_ALE XD_WE#/MS_BS/SD_CMD XD_WPO# (10)XD-D0 (11)XD-D1 (12)XD-D2 (13)XD-D3 (14)XD-D4 (15)XD-D5 (16)XD-D6 (17)XD-D7 26 27 28 30 31 32 XD_D0/MS_D0/SD_D0 XD_D1/MS_D1/SD_D1 XD_D2/MS_D2/SD_D2 XD_D3/MS_D3/SD_D3 XD_D4 XD_D5 XD_D6 XD_D7 SDIO-GND SDIO-GND1 37 38 30mil VCC_XD MC_PWR_CTRL_0 R468 C579 100K_4 4.7u/6.3V_6 VCC_XD C566 C577 C563 01u/16V_4 01u/16V_4 01u/16V_4 *CARD_READER_TTN VCC_XD VCC_XD CN29 XD_D0/MS_D0/SD_D0 XD_D1/MS_D1/SD_D1 XD_D2/MS_D2/SD_D2 XD_D3/MS_D3/SD_D3 XD_RE#/CLK XD_WE#/MS_BS/SD_CMD SD_CDZ XD_R/B#/SD_WP# +3V XD_D0/MS_D0/SD_D0 XD_D1/MS_D1/SD_D1 XD_D2/MS_D2/SD_D2 XD_D3/MS_D3/SD_D3 XD_RE#/CLK MS_CDZ XD_WE#/MS_BS/SD_CMD R268 10K_4 XD_CDZ BAS316 BAS316 56.2/F_4 XD_RE#/CLK D11 MS_CDZ D10 R263 MS_SD_CLK MC_PWR_CTRL_0 XD_RE#/CLK should shield GND 21 31 34 11 25 15 39 41 SD-VCC SD-DAT0 SD-DAT1 SD-DAT2 SD-DAT3 SD-CLK SD-CMD SD-C/D SD-WP 19 29 40 SD-VSS1 SD-VSS2 SD-GND 12 22 24 20 16 14 18 26 43 10 28 42 MS-VCC MS-DATA0 MS-DATA1 MS-DATA2 MS-DATA3 MS-SCLK MS-INS MS-BS GND MS-VSS1 MS-VSS2 GND XD-VCC 38 XD-CD XD-R/B XD-RE XD-CE XD-CLE XD-ALE XD-WE XD-WP 13 XD_CDZ XD_R/B#/SD_WP# XD_RE#/CLK XD_CE# XD_CLE XD_ALE XD_WE#/MS_BS/SD_CMD XD_WPO# XD-D0 XD-D1 XD-D2 XD-D3 XD-D4 XD-D5 XD-D6 XD-D7 23 27 30 32 33 35 36 37 XD_D0/MS_D0/SD_D0 XD_D1/MS_D1/SD_D1 XD_D2/MS_D2/SD_D2 XD_D3/MS_D3/SD_D3 XD_D4 XD_D5 XD_D6 XD_D7 XG-GND1 XD-GND2 17 CARD_READER_PROCONN >60 ns REV:B MODIFY VCC * NOT Use EEPROM : R4063 : installed R4064,U38,C4106 : NOT installed * Use EEPROM : R4064,U38,C4106 : installed R4063 : NOT installed +3V GRST# R267 R266 10K_4 10K_4 > 100 ns SDA_CARD SCL_CARD HWSPND# PCLK(33MHz) U11 SDA SCL WP GND A0 A1 A2 VCC PROJECT : ZO1 +3V EMI REV:B MODIFY MS_SD_CLK C308 *24LC08 Quanta Computer Inc 22p_4 Size B Document Number Rev 2A R5C832/833(5IN1/1394) C325 *.1u/16V_4 A Shield GND Required Separatedly, for Pairs of TPA+/- and TPB+/============================ GND TPB0 TPB0+ ============================ GND TPA0 TPA0+ ============================ GND +3V R5C832T_V00 PRST# *CL-2M2012-900JT 99 102 103 107 111 69 TPB0P TPB0N 1394_AVCC PME# AS CLOSE AS POSSIBLE TO R5C833 and GUARD GND 01u/16V_4 *CL-2M2012-900JT RN3 0_4P2R R382 PCICLK VREF C493 33u/10V_6 RN2 L14 13 22 28 54 62 63 68 118 122 GBRST# PCIRST# IEEE1394/SD REV:B MODIFY C490 Q31 Y2 24.576MHz 56.2/F_4 +3V 22p_4 R375 56.2/F_4 TPA0P TPA0N U8A C310 R374 L16 PCI / OTHER 11 AD[31 0] AD25 TPBIAS0 67 VCC_MD REQ2# GNT2# 1394 R5C832T_V00 C309 10 20 27 32 41 128 E C232 D U8B C299 +3V +3V C284 C R5C832 : AJ5C8320H26 R5C833 : AJ5C8330H05 +3V Date: C D Thursday, May 17, 2007 Sheet E 18 of 26 Speaker Amplifier +5V_ADO +3V_AVDD C429 2.2u/6.3V_6 SURR-L-1 R324 12K_6 SURR-L-2 LIN1 SURR-R C415 2.2u/6.3V_6 SURR-R-1 R315 12K_6 SURR-R-2 18 RIN1 17 LIN2 RIN2 VDDA_CODEC INSPKL+ ADOGND 25 C586 4.7u/6.3V_6 LINE1-L_1 HP-OUT-L MIC1-R 22 MIC1-R C585 2.2u/6.3V_6 MIC1_R1 40 JDREF MIC1-L 21 MIC1-L C582 2.2u/6.3V_6 MIC1_L1 41 HP-OUT-R CD-R 20 CD-GND C420 1u/16V_4 42 AVSS2 CD-GND 19 CD-R C413 1u/16V_4 43 NC CD-L 18 CD-L C410 1u/16V_4 44 NC MIC2-R 17 MIC2_INT_R C408 1u/16V_6 MIC2-L 16 MIC2_INT_L C405 1u/16V_6 NC 15 14 Sense A 13 R309 +3V 0_6 MIC2_INTL1 19 AMP_MUTE# C396 C398 4.7u/6.3V_6 1u/16V_4 SE/BTL 11 RBYPASS LBYPASS SHDN SE/BTL D25 BAS316 D22 BAS316 +5V R327 100K_4 100K_4 ACZ_RST#_AUDIO D20 SECNTL D21 R310 BEEP PCSPK 11 10K_6 R312 ACZ_SDIN268 R313 33_4 C393 C406 22_4 33p_4 +5V GND C392 C394 SHDN *4.7u/6.3V_6 1u/16V_4 C404 R471 4.7u/6.3V_6 1u/16V_4 SET 28.7K/F_6 ADOGND C399 C403 C411 C417 4.7u/6.3V_6 1u/16V_4 4.7u/6.3V_6 1u/16V_4 C591 2N7002 *BAS316 *BAS316 C592 VIN VOUT C+ /SHDN CGND 4.7u/6.3V_6 ADOGND C +NVDD MUTE# ADOGND G5930 ACZ_RST#_AUDIO 11 ACZ_SYNC_AUDIO 11 ACZ_SDIN0 11 BIT_CLK_AUDIO 11 FRONT-L C593 4.7u/6.3V_6 HPL-1 10K/F_6 HPL-2 R323 R320 10K/F_4 C424 47P_4 U18 REV:A MODIFY REV:B EMI L46 FBMH1608HM151_6_2A 4.7u/6.3V_6 +3V_AVDD - INL +5V_ADO 60mil R321 +3V_AVDD +NVDD *100K_4 C395 C397 C407 C416 C409 C412 4.7u/6.3V_6 1u/16V_4 4.7u/6.3V_6 1u/16V_4 1u/16V_4 1u/16V_4 FRONT-R C588 4.7u/6.3V_6 HPR-1 ADOGND 15 SVDD PVDD 10 SVSS NVDD 16 SHDNR# SHDNL# 10K/F_6 HPR-2 R317 INR 11 12 14 13 17 18 19 NC1 NC2 NC3 NC4 SGND PGND TPAD GNDPAD GNDPAD + - HPL OUTL + +5V IN OUT +3V_AVDD LINE OUT Amplifier 2K_6 U16 L47 FBMH1608HM151_6_2A ADOGND MUTE# MUTE# 60mil VDDA_CODEC D U27 REV:E MODIFY B ADOGND INSPKR+ INSPKRINSPKL+ INSPKL- 1441 MUTE ACZ_SDOUT_AUDIO 11 L55 *FBMH1608HM151_6_2A 19 12 24 +3V R328 +3V_AVDD Codec Power VDDA_CODEC 13 Q22 1u/16V_6 R314 SHDN 0_4 SENSEA +AZA_VDD REV:C MODIFY 0_4 R319 IN1/IN2 ROUT+ ROUTLOUT+ LOUT- ADOGND EAPD +AZA_VDD 1u/16V_4 16 20 ADOGND C400 C402 R326 +3V PCBEEP 10u/6.3V_6 RBYPASS LBYPASS G1441 PCBEEP NC 1441 MUTE +3V C401 4.7u/6.3V_6 4.7u/6.3V_6 ADOGND 12 RESET# 11 10 SYNC DVDD2 SDATA-IN DVSS2 DVDD1 C SPDIFO BIT-CLK 48 SPDIF_OUT_268 BK1005LL121_4_0.35A SDATA-OUT EAPD 47 DVSS1 DMIC-CLK NC 46 EAPD 45 DMIC-3/4/GPIO3 Acer ALC268 C414 C430 VOL JDREF SURR-R 15K_4 330p_4 15K_4 330p_4 26 AVDD1 27 VREF AVSS1 28 29 MIC1-VREFO-L 31 30 LINE1-VREFO MIC2-VREFO 33 32 GPIO1 MIC1-VREFO-R 34 NC Sense B 36 LINE1-R_1 LINE1-L 39 L48 FRONT-L 4.7u/6.3V_6 23 SURR-L ADOGND SPDIFO C589 LINE1-L AVDD2 DMIC-1/2/GPIO0 20K/F_6 LINE1-R 38 R322 C425 R318 C423 REV:B MODIFY 24 MONO-OUT R476 ADOGND LINE1-R 37 VDDA_CODEC ADOGND FRONT-R U17 35 INSPKR+ D ADOGND 23 U19 SURR-L 14 MIC1_L1 10u/6.3V_6 CT NC SECNTL FRONT-L FRONT-R MIC1_R1 2.2K_4 VDD3 C587 2.2K_4 1u/16V_6 SECNTL 1u/16V_4 LVDD RVDD MIC1-VREFO-R R477 MIC2-VREFO MIC1-VREFO-L R474 C431 15 ADOGND C427 THRMPAD GND/HS GND/HS GND/HS GND/HS GNDPAD GNDPAD GNDPAD GNDPAD 25 22 21 10 26 27 28 29 CODEC(ALC268) B OUTR ADOGND G1412 REV:A MODIFY MAX8863 C422 47P_4 R316 10K/F_4 R470 HPR 10K/F_6 VOUT = 1.25 ( 1+R1/R2 ) R1 4.8375V 28.7K SPEAKER ADOGND R2 2nd source : G923-330T1U AL000923003 INT MIC array 10K AUDIO/B C418 ADOGND INSPKRINSPKR+ INSPKLINSPKL+ L42 L41 L40 L39 INSPKR-N INSPKR+N INSPKL-N INSPKL+N BK1608LL121_6_150mA BK1608LL121_6_150mA BK1608LL121_6_150mA BK1608LL121_6_150mA REV:C EMI +3V_AVDD 25 36 C356 C357 C358 C359 180p_4 180p_4 180p_4 180p_4 1u/16V_4 CN5 SPEAKER_H1.95 R273 0_6 C339 1u/16V_4 C340 1000p_4 MIC1_L1 MIC1_R1 LINE1-L_1 LINE1-R_1 MIC_GND SPDIFO SENSEA ADOGND A MDC 11 ACZ_SDOUT_MDC 11 ACZ_SYNC_MDC 11 ACZ_SDIN1 11 ACZ_RST#_MDC R478 22_4 ACZ_SDINMDC 11 GND AZ_SDO GND AZ_SYNC AZ_SDI AZ_RST# CN7 VIO RSV 3.3V GND GND AZ_BCLK R494 10 12 C596 0_4 1u/16V_4 +3V_S5 +3V_S5 R271 MIC2_INTL1 MIC2-VREFO 2.2K_4 C341 REV:B MODIFY DIGVOL_DN DIGVOL_UP 19 DIGVOL_DN 19 DIGVOL_UP INT_MIC BIT_CLK_MDC 11 C590 REV:B EMI HPR HPL REV:C MODIFY CN31 MODEM R483 C595 33_4 33p_4 CN9 20 19 18 17 16 15 14 13 12 11 10 1u/16V_4 1u/16V_4 1u/16V_4 1u/16V_4 C580 C421 C428 C583 1000p_4 1000p_4 1000p_4 1000p_4 A PROJECT : ZO1 SW-20P ADOGND C581 C419 C426 C584 ADOGND Quanta Computer Inc Size Document Number Rev 3A ALC268&MDC Date: 0_4 0_4 0_4 0_4 *22p_4 MIC_GND 10p_4 20 19 18 17 16 15 14 13 12 11 10 R480 R475 R473 R472 Thursday, May 17, 2007 Sheet 19 of 26 L44 +3VPCU 30mil +3VPCU BK1608HS220_6_1A C375 1u/16V_4 10u/6.3V_6 REV:C MODIFY 8769AGND C365 C367 C366 1u/16V_4 4.7u/6.3V_6 1u/16V_4 +3VPCU 126 127 128 122 KBRST ECSCI 15p_4 15 NUMLED# 11,17 SERIRQ D17 11 KBSMI# LREST 123 PWUREQ SERIRQ 125 SERIRQ BAS316 SMI#_uR SMI C CN3 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18 19 20 21 22 23 24 25 26 MY0 MY1 MY2 MY3 MY4 MY5 MY6 MY7 MY8 MY9 MY10 MY11 MY12 MY13 MY14 MY15 MY16 MY17 MX7 MX6 MX5 MX4 MX3 MX2 MX1 MX0 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18 19 20 21 22 23 24 25 26 MY0 14,15 MX5 15 MX4 15 MX2 15 MX1 15 MX0 14 MX0 MX1 MX2 MX3 MX4 MX5 MX6 MX7 54 55 56 57 58 59 60 61 MY0 MY1 MY2 MY3 MY4 MY5 MY6 MY7 MY8 MY9 MY10 MY11 MY12 MY13 MY14 MY15 MY16 MY17 53 52 51 50 49 48 47 43 42 41 40 39 38 37 36 35 34 33 KBSIN0 KBSIN1 KBSIN2 KBSIN3 KBSIN4 KBSIN5 KBSIN6 KBSIN7 KBSOUT0/JENK KBSOUT1/TCK KBSOUT2/TMS KBSOUT3/TDI KB KBSOUT4 KBSOUT5/TDO KBSOUT6/RDY KBSOUT7 KBSOUT8 KBSOUT9 KBSOUT10 KBSOUT11 KBSOUT12/GPIO64 KBSOUT13/GPIO63 KBSOUT14/GPIO62 KBSOUT15/GPIO61/XOR_OUT KBSOUT16/GPIO60 KBSOUT17/GPIO57/HGPIO03 TIMER MX4 MX5 MX6 MX7 RP1 10 10K_10P8R MX3 MX2 MX1 MX0 MBCLK MBDATA 2ND_MBCLK 2ND_MBDATA TPCLK TPDATA 8768_32KX1 70 69 67 68 SPI R282 20M_6 8768_32KX2 72 71 10 11 12 13 77 PS/2 A_PWM0 A_PWM1/GPIO21 B_PWM0/GPIO13 32 118 62 IRRX1/GPIO72 IRRX2_IRSL0/GPIO70 IRTX/GPIO71 SIN_CR/CIRRX/GPIO87 GPIO34/CIRRX2 CIRTX/GPIO16/HGPIO04 SOUT_CR/GPO83/BADDR1 79 32KX2 C600 C601 C364 C602 C603 1u/16V_4 1u/16V_4 CC-SET 14 CPUFAN# 15 REV:B MODIFY 4.7K_4 RBAYINS# D19 1u/16V_4 1u/16V_4 84 83 82 18p_4 2Fh 164Eh 164Fh R296 SOUT_CR_DEBUG R295 SHBM RF_EN BAS316 SPI FLASH SPI_SDI_uR SPI_SDO_uR_R SPI_CS0#_uR SPI_SCK_uR_R SWD/GPIO66 81 CLKOUT/GPIO55 30 VCC_POR 85 0_4 VCC GND +3VPCU U14 SPI_SDI_uR SO SPI_SDO_uR SI 10K_4 SPI_SCK_uR SCK SPI_CS0#_uR CE VDD HOLD C382 WP 1u/16V_4 VSS W25X80VSSIG RSMRST# 11 SUSC# 11 PWROK_EC 11 1/13 Comfirm by vendor mail : If the Southbridge enables 'Long Wait Abort' by default, the flash device should be 50MHz (or faster) CIRRX2 14 R516 22_4 SPI_SDO_uR R517 22_4 SPI_SCK_uR SWD_DEBUG R284 0_4 VCC_POR# R287 4.7K_4 R294 0_4 +3V H/W POWER GOOD R280 uR_SWD 14 10K_4 104 VREF_uR +3VPCU 25 HWPG_CPUIO +A3VPCU 22 HWPG_1.05V 23 HWPG_1.8V 3,6,11,21 IMVP_PWRGD 20 HWPG_3/5VPCU D18 BAS316 D16 BAS316 D15 BAS316 D13 BAS316 D14 *BAS316 HWPG REV:C MODIFY , not necessary INTERNAL KEYBOARD STRIP SET BK1608HS220_6_1A 8769AGND B uR_SOUT_CR 14 REV:B MODIFY REV:C MODIFY A C360 +3VPCU R285 R299 WP 1u/16V_4 CRT_SENSE# 13 RF_EN 14 CELL-SET 14 0_4 C PCIE_WAKE# 11,14,16 CRT_SENSE# RF_EN 0_4 +3VPCU A0 A1 A2 SCL SDA 24LC08 CONTRAST 13 USBON# 14 R279 10K_4 CCD_POWERON ACITVE LO => HI 0_4 R281 *10K_4 U12 2ND_MBCLK 2ND_MBDATA FANSIG 15 75 RSMRST#_uR 73 74 PWROK_EC_uR 113 14 114 111 SOUT_CR_DEBUG 10K_4 R286 ACER ID 1u/10V_4 REV:B MODIFY 2Eh 11 CCD_POWERON L43 32.768KHz 18p_4 CORE DEFINED 10 BADDR1 C362 8769AGND 01 D/C# 24 REV:C S5_ON 25 LOW_PWR_EC 16 MODIFY HWPG 10 DNBSWON# 11 BT_POWERON# 14 CCD_POWERON 13 CCD_POWERON R521 Data XOR TREE TEST MODE BADDR0 SUSON 23,25 ENERGY_DET 16 HWPG DNBSWON#_uR Index 00 1/13 Comfirm by vendor mail : Disabled ('1') if using FWH device on LPC Enabled ('0') if using SPI flash for both system BIOS and EC firmware AMP_MUTE# 18 86 87 90 92 VREF D SHBM=0: Enable shared memory with host BIOS ACIN 10,14 NBSWON# 15 LID591# 13,15 SUSB# 8,11 EC_FPBACK# 13 SUSLED# 15 PWRLED# 15 BATLED0# 15 BATLED1# 15 VRON 21 MAINON 22,23,25 F_SDI F_SDO F_CS0 F_SCK FIU 33K/F_4 C363 31 117 63 32KX1/32KCLKIN WPC8769LDG SMB PSCLK1 PSDAT1 PSCLK2/GPIO26 PSDAT2/GPIO27 PSCLK3/GPIO25 PSDAT3/GPIO12 R283 Y3 IR SCL1 SDA1 SCL2 SDA2 +3VPCU REV:B MODIFY R437 ICMNT 14 DIGVOL_UP 18 DIGVOL_DN 18 REV:B MODIFY TA1/GPIO56 TA2/GPIO20 TB1/GPIO14/HGPIO4 SPI_DI/GPIO77 SPI_DO/GPO76/SHBM SPI_SCK/GPIO75 103 AGND 15 TPCLK 15 TPDATA +3VPCU RBAYINS# TEMP_MBAT 24 08/10 FAE: ADD TP FOR DEBUG GND1 GND2 GND3 GND4 GND5 GND6 2ND_MBDATA 64 95 93 94 119 109 120 65 66 15 16 17 20 21 22 23 24 25 26 27 28 91 110 112 18 45 78 89 116 10,24 MBCLK 10,24 MBDATA FOLLOW INTEL ME-EC INTERFACE SPECIFICATION, 2ND_MBCLK 2ND_SMB IS DEDICATED FOR ICH8 CONTROLLER LINK BUS 97 98 99 100 108 DIGVOL_UP 96 DIGVOL_DN GPIO01 GPIO03 GPIO06/HGPIO06 GPIO07/HGPIP07 GPIO23 GPIO30 GPIO31 GPIO32 GPIO33 GPIO36 GPIO40 GPIO42/TCK GPIO GPIO43/TMS GPIO44/TDI GPIO45 GPIO46/TRST GPO47/JEN0 GPIO50/TDO GPIO51 GPIO52/RDY GPIO53 GPIO81 GPO82/HGPIO00/TRIS GPO84/HGPIO01/BADDR0 FFC_26P_KB B 4.7K_4 4.7K_4 I/O Address DA0/GPI94 DA1/GPI95 DA2/GPI96 DA3/GPI97 D/A LPCPD/GPIO10/HGPIO00 NUMLED# 2 *Uclamp0511P_4_ESD R275 R276 I/O ADDRESS SETTING 101 105 106 107 LPC LDRQ/GPIO24/HGPIO01 124 PLTRST# 10,11,14,15,16 PLTRST# REV:B EMI ARCADE_KEY 15 ARCADE_KEY GA20 BAS316 SCI#_uR 29 CAPSLED# 15 CAPSLED# C369 A/D VCORF VCORF_uR 44 D30 SCI# AD0/GPI90 AD1/GPI91 AD2/GPI92 AD3/GPI93 AD4/GPIO05 AD5/GPIO04 CLKRUN/GPIO11/HGPIO02 121 11 RCIN# 11 LFRAME LAD0 LAD1 LAD2 LAD3 LCLK 11 GATEA20 33_4 D33 2ND_MBCLK 2ND_MBDATA BADDR1-0 LFRAME# LAD0 LAD1 LAD2 LAD3 PCLK_591 11,17 CLKRUN# R291 *Uclamp0511P_4_ESD 2.2K_4 2.2K_4 VDD U13 80 1u/16V_4 VBAT C539 1u/16V_4 102 C361 1u/16V_4 AVCC C538 1u/16V_4 19 46 76 88 115 C540 1u/16V_4 VCC1 VCC2 VCC3 VCC4 VCC5 C373 4.7u/6.3V_6 PCLK_591 R278 R277 REV:E Modify C374 11,14 LFRAME# 11,14 LAD0 11,14 LAD1 11,14 LAD2 11,14 LAD3 PCLK_591 D32 +3VPCU MBCLK MBDATA +3V +3V D SM BUS PU +3V +A3VPCU C372 REV:C MODIFY +3VPCU A +3VPCU EC Debug Port MY0 +3VPCU R274 10K_4 CN24 08/10 FAE: L83 CAN CHANGE FROM BEAD TO SHORT BUT, PLEASE PUT AGND & 32K CAP & AVCC CAP AT ONE POINT SOUT_CR_DEBUG SWD_DEBUG 4 6 REV:D MODIFY PROJECT : ZO1 Quanta Computer Inc *WTB_4P Size Date: Rev 3B PC8769L & FLASH ZS1 STILL USE BEAD FOR SAFE Document Number Thursday, May 17, 2007 Sheet 20 of 26 MAIND MAIND 23,25 SUSD SUSD 25 REV:B2 MODIFY PC51, PC53, PC55 and PC58 Change P/N VL ISL6236_3V REV:B2 MODIFY Change P/N PL10 HI0805R800R_8_5A PR55 2 330u/6.3V_6X5.7 PR54 PR102 *0_4 2.2/F_6 5V_DL PQ17 PR57 PR59 1/F_6 0_4 PC48 0.1U/X7R/50V_6 FDS6690AS PC108 2200P_6 PD7 CHN217 PU4 ISL6236 32 31 30 29 28 27 26 25 OCP:10A *2.2/F_6 PR94 0_4 PC86 PC59 0.1U/X7R/50V_6 PR65 1/F_6 330u/6.3V_6X5.7 PR95 *0_4 REV:B2 MODIFY Change P/N 3V_DL REV:B2 MODIFY Change P/N +3VPCU PD6 BAT54-7-F PR98 2 PC57 0.1U/X7R/50V_6 PD5 CHN217 PR60 +15V_ALWP +15V 0_6 PC50 0.1U/X7R/50V_6 DDPWRGD_R OCP:6.25A HWPG_3/5VPCU 19 PR96 PR63 PR61 200K/F_4 39K/F_4 L(ripple current) =(19-3.3)*3.3/(2.5u*0.5M*19) ~2.18A REV:B2 MODIFY Change OCP B 100K_4 Iocp=10-(6/2)=7A Vth=7A*15mOhm=105mV R(Ilim)=(105mV*10)/5uA ~210K C PC88 + PR90 0_6 PC52 1U/16V_6 PR99 B 3V_LX REV:B2 MODIFY Change P/N PC56 0.1U/X7R/50V_6 PC54 1u/25V_6 L(ripple current) =(19-5)*5/(1.5u*0.4M*19) ~6A +3VPCU PL9 SIL104R-2R5PF *2200P_6 1 *100u/6.3V_3528 PR97 294K/F_4 2 REV:B2 MODIFY Change P/N + PC136 3V_DH OCP : 6.25A DDPWRGD_R 3V5V_EN VL REV:B MODIFY +3VPCU REFIN2 ILIM2 OUT2 SKIP# PGOOD2 EN2 DH2 LX2 17 18 19 20 21 22 23 24 + 10u/25V_1206 35 34 33 PC98 0.1U/X7R/50V_6 PC103 PR56 BYP OUT1 FB1 ILIM1 PGOOD1 EN1 DH1 LX1 PAD PAD PAD PAD PAD 5V_LX +5VPCU 10 11 12 210K/F_4 DDPWRGD_R 13 3V5V_EN 14 15 16 37 36 *0_4 PC87 0.1U/X7R/50V_6 PL11 SIL104R_1R5PF C +5VPCU LDOREFIN LDO VIN RTC ONLDO VCC TON REF FDS8884 3V_DH PR93 BST1 DL1 VDD SECFB GND PGND DL2 BST2 PQ20 PR92 *0_4 G1 REV:B2 MODIFY Change P/N PC104 PQ13 FDS6900AS S1/D2 REV:B MODIFY OCP: 10A REV:B2 MODIFY150K/F_4 Change P/N 5V_DH PC91 10u/25V_1206 2200P_6 D1 PC58 0.1U/X7R/50V_6 PR64 +5VPCU G2 0_4 D1 REV:B2 MODIFY Change P/N PR91 S2 PC53 01U/50V_6 PC55 1U/16V_6 D PC92 3V_DL PR66 0_4 PC51 0.1U/X7R/50V_6 10u/25V_1206 PC101 10u/25V_1206 PC100 2200P_6 PC102 PC107 0.1U/X7R/50V_6 PL12 HI0805R800R_8_5A 4.7u/10V_8 PR62 390K_4 VIN PC49 REV:B2 MODIFY Add PL15 HI0805R800R_8_5A SYS_SHDN# REV:B2 MODIFY Change OCP PC94 0.1U/X7R/50V_6 VL 3V5V_EN PL15 VIN 39K/F_4 PR58 0_4 D Iocp=6.25-(2.18/2)=5.16A Vth=5.16A*28mOhm=145mV R(Ilim)=(145mV*10)/5uA ~294K REV:B2 MODIFY PC50, PC52, PC56 and PC57 Change P/N REV:B2 MODIFY PC89 and PC96 Change P/N +3VPCU PC89 0.1U/X7R/50V_6 REV:B MODIFY 0_4 +5VPCU S5D S5D MAIND PQ36 FDC653N_NL A MAIND PQ16 FDC653N_NL S5D PQ14 FDC653N_NL PC90 0.1U/X7R/50V_6 +3VSUS PC96 0.1U/X7R/50V_6 PQ15 FDC653N_NL A FDS8884 REV:B2 MODIFY PC90, PC93, PC95, PC97, PC99, PC106, +5V PC134 and PC135 Change P/N PQ19 25 PC93 0.1U/X7R/50V_6 PC135 0.1U/X7R/50V_6 6 PC106 0.1U/X7R/50V_6 SUSD +3VPCU +3VPCU +5VPCU +3V +3V_S5 PROJECT : ZO1 +5V_S5 PC99 0.1U/X7R/50V_6 PC134 0.1U/X7R/50V_6 PC95 0.1U/X7R/50V_6 PC97 0.1U/X7R/50V_6 Quanta Computer Inc Size Document Number Rev 2B SYSTEM 5V/3V (ISL6236) Date: Thursday, May 17, 2007 Sheet 21 of 26 REV:B2 MODIFY Change P/N & EMI +1.05V PR49 PR50 PR51 PR52 PR53 *0_4 *0_4 *0_4 *0_4 *0_4 *0_4 *0_4 VIN_6262 PC34 H_VID3 H_VID2 H_VID1 H_VID0 IMVP_PWRGD 3,6,11,19 10u/25V_1206 PC84 PC141 470u/25V 2200P_6 PC40 0.1U/X7R/50V_6 2.2/F_6 D Merom: VCC_CORE/ 44A Yonah: VCC_CORE/ 36A VCC_CORE PC142 6262_UG1 PL8 0.36uH +5V_S5 35 BOOT1 36 H_VID3 H_VID4 H_VID5 6,11 PM_DPRSLPVR 3,6,11 ICH_DPRSTP# 11 VR_PWRGD_CK410# 255/F_4 UGATE2 27 VID2 BOOT2 26 VID3 41 VID4 VR_ON VR_ON 0_4 PR46 0_4 CLKEN# PHASE2 28 LGATE2 30 PGND2 29 ISEN2 23 VID5 DPRSTP# 47 CLK_EN# NC 1000p_4 13 2 PQ7 PC143 AOL1414 2200P_6 REV:B2 MODIFY Change P/N PC28 PL7 0.36uH 6262_PH2 6262_LG2 PR139 ISEN2 + PC1 *2.2/F_6 PC27 PQ10 AOL1412 + PC2 330U/2V_7343 330U/2V_7343 PC139 22u/25V_6 1K/F_4 PC31 DPRSLPVR 46 PC75 0.1U/X7R/50V_6 10u/25V_1206 2.2/F_6 22u/25V_8 VID6 PR42 6262_UG2 PC76 PR138 REV:B2 MODIFY Change P/N PR18 2.2_6 44 499/F_4 DPRSLPVR_R 45 4.7U/X6S/25V_8 43 PR67 PR20 PR21 VID1 H_VID4 0_4 PC77 10u/25V_1206 22u/25V_6 +5V_S5 31 40 PR44 PC26 PC42 PVCC 39 H_VID6 H_VID6 19 VRON NTC H_VID2 42 ISEN1 SOFT H_VID3 H_VID5 24 H_VID2 33 ISEN1 H_VID1 PGND1 VIN_6262 H_VID0 *0_4 C ISEN2 VR_TT# 37 VID0 REV:C MODIFY Change P/N38 H_VID0 H_VID1 PC85 022u/50V_6 32 2 01u/16V_4 34 LGATE1 PC43 4.02K/F_4 PR37 REV:B2 MODIFY Change P/N PR86 PHASE1 470K-NTC_4 1/F_6 RBIAS H_PROCHOT# PR88 PGD_IN PR40 REV:A MODIFY 22u/25V_8 PSI# 10K/F_4 147K/F_4 PR38 0_4 *0_4 PR34 3.65K/F_6 PR35 0_4 PC46 PGD_IN PR33 PR41 PR36 PSI#_1 0_4 *2200P_6 B *2200P_6 VR_ON *10K/F_4 PR32 PSI# PR39 2.2_6 C PR31 1 UGATE1 3V3 PGOOD VSUM Throttling temp 105 degree C GND GND_T GND_T GND_T GND_T GND_T PQ11 AOL1412 48 20 VIN 22 PU3 ISL6262A 21 49 50 51 52 53 330U/2V_7343 PC138 1u/25V_8 +3V + PC15 330U/2V_7343 0.1U/X7R/50V_6 PC47 PC18 Close to Phase Inductor + PC32 *2.2/F_6 10/F_6 6262_LG1 VCC 0_8 1.91K/F_4 10/F_6 0.1U/X7R/50V_6 PC21 PR7 10/F_6 PR83 PR137 PR45 PR87 PSI# PSI# REV:B2 MODIFY Change P/NPR10 REV:B2 MODIFY Change P/N 6262_PH1 for ISL6262A PC45 0.1U/X7R/50V_6 +3V VIN_6262 D 4.99K/F_4 PGD_IN 2200P_6 PR43 PWR_MON PWR_MON B PL3 HI0805R800R_8_5A PR136 H_VID4 PQ12 AOL1414 H_VID5 PC35 + 10u/25V_1206 H_VID6 REV:B2 MODIFY Change P/N & EMI VIN PR48 PR47 PL2 HI0805R800R_8_5A OCSET 25 PC44 PR30 12K/F_4 VDIFF VSUM 1000p_4 VSUM 19 PR76 PR75 0_4 0_4 REV:B2 MODIFY Change P/N & EMI REV:B MODIFY REV:B2 MODIFY Change P/N FB2 12 PC23 PR19 PC20 PR14 068u/25V_6 11K/F_4 Panasonic ERT-J1VR103J PR15 1K/F_4 FB 2.7K/F_4 PR79 22u/10V_6 11 3.65K/F_6 VSUM PR24 97.6K/F_4 PC37 470p_4 PR89 10 PR82 COMP PR81 18 DFB ISEN1 PR84 17 01u/16V_4 A ISL6262_VO PC83 180p_4 2 to Phase Inductor PC78 PROJECT : ZO1 01u/16V_4 01u/16V_4 22U/X7R/16V_6 Close REV:B2 MODIFY Change P/N A PC81 *0_4 1K/F_4 PR85 3.48K/F_4 PC80 PC79 REV:A MODIFY 1/F_6 PR80 16 VSEN 1000p_4 14 VW RTN 15 PC41 6.81K/F_4 DROOP VO PR28 Quanta Computer Inc PR16 PR17 10K/F_4 10K-NTC _6 220p_4 PC36 0_4 0_4 Parallel Size VCCSENSE Document Number Rev 3A CPU CORE(ISL6262) VSSSENSE Date: Thursday, May 17, 2007 Sheet 22 of 26 A A REV:B2 MODIFY Change P/N VIN-1.5V PL1 HI0805R800R_8_5A REV:B MODIFY VIN 10/F_6 PC24 0.1U/X7R/50V_6 PD1 PR6 PC5 REV:B2 MODIFY Change P/N EN/PSV BST 13 16 VIN DH 12 VOUT LX 11 PR12 VCCA ILIM 10 100K/F_4 FBK PGOOD DL TPAD 17 14 NC 10A PL6 +1.05V PR1 DL-1.05V 13.3K/F_6 REV:B2 MODIFY Change P/N 1R5uH-3.8mR PR74 + PC82 PR8 560u/2.5V_6X5.7 11K/F_4 PC30 2.2/F_6 PQ8 FDS6690AS REV:B2 MODIFY Change P/N 21 PC17 33P/NPO/50V 10u/10V_8 1.05V_FB PC69 REV:B2 MODIFY Change P/N 2200P_6 GND NC GND PGND GND VSSA 20 0.1U/X7R/50V_6 VDDP 18 C PC13 PC16 0.1U/X7R/50V_6 PC14 1000P/X7R/50V 19 HWPG_1.05V GND +3V B REV:B2 MODIFY PC3 0.1U/X7R/50V_6 DH-1.05V 15 19 19,23,25 MAINON 0_6 PU1 SC411MLTRT 47K/F_4 10u/25V_1206 PQ1 FDS8884 4.7u/10V_8 PR2 B PR4 PC29 10u/25V_1206 REV:A MODIFY SW1010C 1M/F_6 PC6 *0.1U/X7R/50V_6 PC25 REV:C Change PR4 Part_No PR13 +5V_S5 PR11 10K/F_4 C REV:B EMI REV:C Change PC13 Part_No REV:B2 MODIFY Change P/N VOUT=(1+R2/R3)*0.5 D D PROJECT : ZO1 Quanta Computer Inc Size Document Number Rev 3A VTT 1.05V(SC411) Date: Thursday, May 17, 2007 Sheet 23 of 26 D D REV:B2 MODIFY Change P/N REV:B EMI PC137 REV:B2 MODIFY Change P/N 0.1U/X7R/50V_6 PL14 VIN HI0805R800R_8_5A +1.8VSUS REV:B EMI PC115 *10u/6.3V_8 REV:B2 MODIFY Change P/N PU6 TPS51116 2200P_6 10u/25V_1206 10u/25V_1206 PR128 VTT DRVH 19 VBST 20 LL 18 VTTSNS 10u/6.3V_8 10u/6.3V_8 GND DRVL 17 VTTGND PGND 16 PC120 0.1U/X7R/50V MODE S3 11 VTTREF S5 12 COMP VDDSNS PL13 +1.8VSUS FOR DDR II 14 5VIN 13 HWPG_1.8V CS 15 PC119 560u/2.5V_6X5.7 10u/10V_8 *2.2/F_6 SUSON 19,25 PC131 PC117 *0.1U/X7R/50V_6 PC121 *0.1U/X7R/50V_6 +3VPCU 15K/F_4 PQ30 FDS6690AS REV:B2 MODIFY PC117, PC119 and PC121Change P/N PR122 5VIN PC122 0_4 PC110 PR126 MAINON 19,22,25 0_4 PR123 +5VPCU 0_4 PR118 *1000P/50V REV:B MODIFY PR110 PR116 V5IN VDDQSET 1R5uH-3.8mR + PC118 S3_1.8V PGOOD 21 22 23 24 25 26 27 5VIN_VDDQSET 10 IV^0_4 C 2200P_6 5VIN 5VIN PR109 0_6 REV:B2 MODIFY Change P/N PC126 FDS8884 PR113 +0.9VSUS GND GND GND GND GND GND GND DIS_MODE PR105 PC113 0.033U/X7R/50V PQ27 PC112 VLDOIN PC109 REV:B2 MODIFY Change P/N PC132 +0.9V 0_4 PC133 2.2/F_6 C PC130 PQ31 *FDS6690AS *2200P_6 MAX Current 10A REV:B2 MODIFY Change P/N REV:B MODIFY 100K/F_4 HWPG_1.8V 4.7u/6.3V_6 HWPG_1.8V 19 B B REV:B MODIFY PR140 EV^62K/F_4 5VIN_VDDQSET PR141 EV^43K/F_4 REV:E MODIFY PR103 0_4 DIS_MODE REV:B MODIFY PR104 *0_4 +1.8VSUS REV:C MODIFY PR108 EV^0_4 +1.8VSUS PQ22 EV^FDC653N_NL PC114 20,25 MAIND *.47U/25V_8 REV:B2 MODIFY Change P/N A +1.8V A PC105 EV^0.1U/X7R/50V_6 MAX Current 3.5A PROJECT : ZO1 Quanta Computer Inc Size Document Number Rev 3B DDR 1.8V(TPS51116) Date: Thursday, May 17, 2007 Sheet 24 of 26 REV:B2 MODIFY Change P/N VIN 10,13,14,20,21,22,23,25 PQ9 SUD45P03-15 VIN REV:B2 MODIFY Change P/N D BAT-V BAT-V 14 D PR25 PC9 33K/F_4 1U/X7R/50V_8 PR29 PR27 14 D/C#_1 10K_6 D/C# 19 0_4 PQ4 2N7002 C C REV:B2 MODIFY Acer Request 47P/NPO/50V_6 PC74 PR3 PR77 SUYIN_BATTERY 100_4 100_4 PC7 10mil B REV:C Change Part_No PL5 HI0805R800R_8_5A PF1 BUSSMANN-7A-1206 PL4 HI0805R800R_8_5A TEMP_MBAT 0.1U/X7R/50V_6 PC11 TEMP_MBAT 19 REV:B2 MODIFY Change P/N REV:B2 INCREASE TRACE WIDTH 20mil MBAT+ BAT-V REV:B MODIFY PR78 100K/F_4 PC10 100P/NPO/50V_6 +3VPCU B 47P/NPO/50V_6 MBCLK 10,19 MBDATA 10,19 1 MBDATA TEMP_MBAT REV:B2 MODIFY Change P/N PD2 PD8 ZD5.6V ZD5.6V PR135 PJ1 PC8 01u/50V_6 2 *100K/F_4 REV:B MODIFY A A PROJECT : ZO1 Quanta Computer Inc Size Document Number Rev 3A CHARGER (ISL6251A) Date: Thursday, May 17, 2007 Sheet 25 of 26 REV:B2 MODIFY Change P/N PC68 *560u/2.5V_6X5.7 D PC67 FDS8884 10u/6.3V_6 +3V PR68 + PC66 0.1U/X7R/50V_6 REV:B MODIFY PQ5 9338DRV +1.8VSUS +1.5V REV:B2 MODIFY Change P/N 3A PR72 0_6 D 100K_4 PC65 9338EN EN +5VPCU 20K/F_4 Rg PR69 0_4 01U/50V_6 VCC PC62 0.1U/X7R/50V_6 REV:B2 MODIFY Change P/N ADJ PR71 PU5 G9338 Rh PC60 0.1U/X7R/50V_6 0.1U/X7R/50V_6 PC63 MAINON 19,22,23 MAINON PR70 DRV PGD GND 19 HWPG_CPUIO + PC64 10u/6.3V_6 PC61 560u/2.5V_6X5.7 10K/F_4 Vout = (1+Rg/Rh)*0.5 REV:B2 MODIFY Change P/N EV^0_6 MAINON +3VSUS VO1 EN VO2 VIN1 GND1 VIN2 GND2 PC38 PC39 EV^10u/10V_8 EV^1u/X5R_16V_6 PC125 PR127 +2.5V MAINON 0.5A 10K/F_6 +1.8VSUS PC19 PC129 EV^22u/X5R/6.3V_8 PC128 *0.1U/X7R/50V_6 *0.1U/X7R/50V_6 VPP PGOOD VEN VO VIN GND GND NC C +1.25V 2A PR112 PC116 19.6K/F_4 10u/10V_8 0.8V PR9 EV^634K/F_4 PR5 PR111 34K/F_4 R2 EV^294K/F_4 REV:C Change PR26 and PC33 Part_No 10u/6.3V_6 R1 VTT-ADJ 0.8V PU7 G966 0.1U/X7R/50V_6 0.1U/X7R/50V_6 PC127 PC33 GND0 ADJ PR26 C +5V EV^AT818 PU2 REV:B2 MODIFY PC125, PC127 and PC128 Change P/N ADJ REV:C Change PU2, PR5 and PR9 Part_No REV:B MODIFY Vout =0.8(1+R1/R2) =1.25V Vout=0.8*[1+(R1/R2)] B B VIN +0.9VSUS +1.8VSUS +3VSUS +15V VIN REV:B MODIFY PR115 PR129 PR73 PR132 PR121 1M_6 22_6 22_6 22_6 1M_6 3 SUSD 20 1M_6 PQ32 2N7002 PC123 PQ6 2N7002 PQ35 2N7002 PQ29 2N7002 S5D 20 REV:B2 MODIFY Change P/N PR134 *2200P_6 19 S5_ON 1M_6 PQ37 2N7002 1 PQ38 DTC144EUA 1 1 PQ23 DTC144EUA 1M/F_4 19,23 SUSON PR100 1M_6 PR117 PR133 S5_ON_G 3 SUSD SUS_ON_G +15V VIN A +1.05V +1.8V +2.5V +3V +5V +0.9V +1.5V +15V PR120 PR23 PR101 PR22 PR124 PR131 PR130 PR114 PR125 1M_6 22_6 EV^22_6 EV^22_6 22_6 22_8 22_6 22_6 1M_6 A 3 3 3 MAIND 20,23 3 MAIND RUN_ON_G PR119 1M_6 2 PQ3 2N7002 PQ21 EV^2N7002 PQ2 EV^2N7002 PQ28 2N7002 PQ34 2N7002 PQ33 2N7002 *2200P_6 PQ24 2N7002 PQ26 2N7002 PROJECT : ZO1 REV:B2 MODIFY Change P/N Quanta Computer Inc 1 1 1 1 PQ25 DTC144EUA PC124 19,22,23 MAINON Size REV:B MODIFY Document Number Rev 3B Discharge (1.5V/2.5V/1.25V) REV:E MODIFY Date: Thursday, May 17, 2007 Sheet 26 of 26
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