Đề thi olypic tiếng anh tiểu học 4_5

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Tổng hợp một số đề thi tiếng Anh tiểu học. Đề thi học sinh giỏi cấp trường, thành phố. Luyện thi IOE trên mạng cho học sinh tiểu học. Một số đề thi có cả phần đáp án kèm theo để đối chiếu. Tài liệu giúp cho học sinh, giáo viên có tư liệu trong học tập và biên soạn đề thi.. Thi Olypic Ti ng Anh Ti u h c ENGLISH TEST Bi t p 1: Em hóy khoanh trũn ch cỏi ch m t t khỏc v i cỏc t cũn l i: ( 2,5 ) Vớ d : A football C tennis D badminton A write B sing C read D friend A Vietnamese B April C Australian D American A shirt B letter C blouse D dress A picture B red C black D green A am B is C are D an Bi t p 2: Em hóy s p x p cỏc cõu c t A cho phự h p v i n i dung cỏc cõu c t B: ( 2,5 ) Vớ d : Whats your name? My names Hoa A B Whats the matter with him? a Yes Would you like to come? What did you last Sunday? b Sorry to hear that Get well soon Are you going to invite many friends? c I have a headache I have a sore throat d I listened to Vietnamese songs What did you do? e I went to the cinema Em hóy ghi ỏ p ỏn vo ụ sau: Bi t p 3: Em hóy hon thnh o n h i tho i sau, s d ng cỏc t cho s n: ( 2,5 ) birthday Mary: flowers What day is it today? John: Its (1) Mary: Well Were going to Alicess (2) party tomorrow John: Im going to give her some (3) Mary: Im going to bring some chocolates (4) about you, Anna? Anna: Im going to (5) her a doll John: Alice is going to be very happy Bi 4: Em hóy c on v hon chnh cỏc cõu sau: ( 2,5 ) This is Phong He is a student at Dong Da Primary School The school held a sports day yesterday All the teachers and students were there The students played different sports and games such as football, badminton, chess, and hide-and-seek Phong played badminton very well He was happy because he was the best player Phong is The school held All the teachers and students The students played Phong was happy because Bi 5: Em hóy c on v tr li cõu hi sau: ( 2,5 ) It was cold yesterday Lan had a cough and she was very tired She went to a doctor The doctor gave her some cough mixture and said You should keep warm You shouldnt go to school I think youll get better soon What was the matter with Lan yesterday? Did she see a doctor? - .3 What did the doctor give her? What should she do? What shouldnt she do? Bi 6: Em hóy vit mt on khong 50 t núi v ngy cu i tu n va qua ca em, cú th s dng nhng cõu hi g i ý: ( 2,5 ) Where did you go? When? Who did you go with? What was the weather like? What did you there? How was your last weekend? Baỡ 7: Em hóy tỡm v khoanh trũn t ngh nghi p b ng d i õy: ( ) M T E A C T U T O O N H S T K E N G I N D Y M Z C U H E A D T P O S T ch b ph n c th v t ch H T L E O I M E H N E C K A R Y A R M W N S TRNG TH X H T U O M N Chn Hc Sinh Gii Ting Anh Lp 4+5 BI THI CHN HC SINH GII MễN: TING ANH - LP NM HC 2014 - 2015 (Thi gian lm bi: 40 phỳt) H hc TH SBD v tờn Giỏm kho 1: Giỏm kho 2: sinh: Trng im bng s: im bng ch S phỏch BI THI VI T PHN II KIN THC NGễN NG Question : Choose the best answer: 1, A hear B watch C look D see 2, A breakfast B dinner C breakfast D meal 3, A bike B paint C bus D car 4, A small B size C big D little 5, A him B her C our D them Question : Choose one word whose underlined part is pronounced differently in each word group below 1.A boxes B watches C becomes D brushes 2.A lamps rooms A subject A window A place eraser B books C cooks B lunch B down B have C fun C brown C name D D music D town D PHN III C HIU Question : filling in the blank It is 8p.m now We are (0) at home My mother is (1) a book My father is (2) TV My brother .(3) drawing a picture I (4) listen to music My dog is (5) with my cat Question 4: Reading and answer the questions : Hi! My name is Peter I am ten years old I am a pupil I live in New York with my parents My house is near a park so I go there once a week I study many subjects at school but I like English the most Is Peter twelve years old? Where does he live? What is his job? Where is his house? Is his favourite subject Music? PHN IV K NNG VIT Question Write the correct sentences Ex : She / want / a teacher She wants to be a teacher What time / Kate / go / school ? There / many / beautiful / flowers / in / garden Peter / Mary / from / England . Nam / have / English / Maths / Monday He / his friends / live / Hanoi / PHN V TRề CHI NGễN NG Question 6: Em tìm, khoanh viết từ thời tiết từ đồ ăn A S A N D W I C H W W E D I Z O F S H I O C B A N M S N R R I U F Y A Q B E E F D I J O D L E V B Z Y C U H T O C B U S Y E R E A D S F N E A F I N E H O S Q U B U N N C A K E I W O I R A I N Y V E Y WEATHER: FOOD: 10 P N CHM VIT PHN II KIN THC NGễN NG ( 10im 1im/cõu) Question : Choose the best answer: 1, A hear 2, D meal 3, B paint 4, B size 5, C our Question : Choose one word whose underlined part is pronounced differently in each word group below 1.C becomes 2.D rooms 3.D music A window 5.B have PHN III C HIU( 10im 1im/cõu) Question : filling in the blank 1.reading watching 3.is am playing Question 4: Reading and answer the questions : No, he is not He lives in New York He is a student His house is near a park ( near the park) Yes It is PHN IV K NNG VIT( 10im 2im/cõu) Question Write the correct sentences Ex : She / want / a teacher She wants to be a teacher What time does Kate go to school ? There are many beautiful flowers in the garden Peter and Mary are from England Nam has English and Maths on Monday He and his friends live in Hanoi PHN V TRề CHI NGễN NG( 10im 1im/cõu) Question Find, write ,circle ten words about sports and games Windy Rainy fine BREAD RICE 10 CAKE sun snowy 6.SANDWICH FISH OLYMPIC TI U H C C P T NH OLYMPIC TIU HC CP TNH PART II: VOCABULARY, PHONETICS AND GRAMMAR Exercise 3: Circle the odd one out A stomach B flu C temperature D headache A palace B museum C station D crown A explain B ready C glide D climb A fall B winter C season D spring A plane B train C boat D travel Exercise 4: Circle the word which has a different sound in the part underlined A cook B clean C circle D candy A appear B decorate C make D bakery A helped B decided C coughed D practiced A scratch B chemistry C architect D mechanic A look B cook D good D room Exercise 5: Circle the best answer How often you get to your hometown? By coach A did B C are D will What the weather like in Sapa yesterday? It was cold A is B will C was D does Our classmates went last weekend A camping B camp C picnic D skate How long does it to get to the nearest post office by car? A make B take C go D travel It not be rainy tomorrow It will sunny A will/ be B is/be C will/not D was/be not touch that kettle Its very A Do/boiling B Do/hot C Please/dangerous D Please/hot We are the traffic rules in classroom A studying/my B learn/the C study/our D learning/our What is the with you? Ive sore eyes A matter/got B wrong/a C matter/get D wrong/got Her close friend practices to English every day A listen B listening C reading D writing 10 We our teachers a lot of flowers and cards . Teachers Day last week A give/in B give/on C gave/in D gave/on PART III: READING Exercise 6: Complete the passage using the words given in the box then answer the questions below at songs with collecting draw having penpal This is my new (1) , Marie She comes from England She was born in 2005 She is now studying (2) a primary school She learns many subjects at school but she is interested in learning Music the most Her hobby is (3) stamps She has over one hundred stamps She can (4) pictures and sing many (5) but she cant skate and dance Marie and I often chat with each other at the weekend Answer the questions: How old is Marie? What subject does she like the most? How many stamps does she have? What is Maries nationality? When they often chat with each other? 1 5 PART IV: WRITING Exercise 7: Rewrite the following sentence which has the same meaning as the one given My mother usually walks to work every day My mother usually goes What will the weather be like in Ho Chi Minh City tomorrow? How ? The computer room is to the right of the library The library Are there any flowers in the garden? Does the garden .? How much is the white T- shirt? How much does .? Exercise 8: Complete the sentences using the cues given Sundays / Nam / stay / home / and / surf / internet / free e-books The head teacher / delivered / speech / honour / the teachers / teaching / last school year Who / you / go / supermarket / with / moment? Hoas class / going / have / picnic / next Saturday? Children / should / not / play / lighter / because / get / burn
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