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Tiếng Anh và mức độ quan trọng đối với cuộc sống của học sinh, sinh viên Việt Nam.Khi nhắc tới tiếng Anh, người ta nghĩ ngay đó là ngôn ngữ toàn cầu: là ngôn ngữ chính thức của hơn 53 quốc gia và vùng lãnh thổ, là ngôn ngữ chính thức của EU và là ngôn ngữ thứ 3 được nhiều người sử dụng nhất chỉ sau tiếng Trung Quốc và Tây Ban Nha (các bạn cần chú ý là Trung quốc có số dân hơn 1 tỷ người). Các sự kiện quốc tế , các tổ chức toàn cầu,… cũng mặc định coi tiếng Anh là ngôn ngữ giao tiếp. ;,.' ".'~ Proctice Tests for the revised CPE Virginio Evons ~ Express Publishing .: (l hour 30 mins) has four parts with 40 questions drawn from -;=yr- which contain approximately 3,000 words in - ed doze texts with six four-option multiple (l mark per question) ~1O:1rz::~idioms,collocations, fixed phrases, complementation, , semantic precision ::::D:JC!, O:I:2 questions on each texts from a range of sources, with four-option ice questions on each detail, opinion, main idea, attitude, purpose, ::l:I;;::.:.::r::;::-l, text organisation features (2 marks per question) with seven questions .'ext structure, cohesion, coherence, global meaning (2 marks per question) - =rom a range of sources, with seven four-option :c:;;::;;~ !{licequestions same as Part (2 marks per question) (2 hours) two parts Each task requires a total of Ic::I:::::==,ely 300-350 words Each question in this paper ~marks ":':::eCl:C:::J ulsory contextualised writing task based on :J:IlIi;::Il:OIIDS" and one short text which may be supported by Part Eight discrete items with a lead-in sentence and a gapped response to complete using a given word Test focus: lexical/lexico-grammatical (2 marks per question) Part Two texts with two comprehension questions on each text and one summary writing task using information from both texts Test focus: awareness of use of language, selection of information, linking, sentence construction (2 marks plus marks for question 44) PAPER LISTENING (approximately 40 minutes) This paper has four parts with 28 questions (l mark per question) Part Four short extracts from monologues or texts involving interacting speakers with two three-option multiple choice questions per extract Test focus: understanding gist, topic attitude or opinion, feeling, purpose Part A monologue, or prompted monologue, with nine sentence completion questions Test focus: understanding specific information, stated opinion Part A text involving interacting speakers followed by five multiple choice questions Test focus: understanding opinion, detail, gist and inference Part Matching statements on a text to either of two speakers or to both when they express agreement Test focus: recognising stated and non-stated opinion, agreement and disagreement pts an article, an essay, a letter, a proposal -discursive writing = - from ::gcs;;;u:; a choice offour One of the choices is a on each of three set texts an article, a letter, a proposal, a review, a report _ description, narrative, evaluating, summarising, etc R3 -~ 'H IN USE (l hour 30 minutes) has five parts with a total of 44 questions doze containing fifteen gaps : grammatical/lexico-grammatical (l mark per question) romaining ten gaps Words must be formed to complete ::- using the given "stems" of the missing words ~: word formation, lexical (1 mark per question) ":-:resions made up of three discrete sentences Each !iii!:!::::Sx:e contains one gap The gapped word is common and :-_- te to the three sentences 7x:us: lexical (eg collocation, phrasal verbs, idioms, etc) (2 marks per question) PAPER SPEAKING (approximately 20 minutes) This paper contains three parts and is taken by the candidates in pairs with two examiners present One of the examiners acts as Interlocutor and the other one as A."SeSSOr Part Conversation between the Interlocutor and each candidate Interlocutor encourages candidates to give information about themselves and express personal opinions Test focus: using general interactional and social language Part Two-way conversation between the candidates based on visual and spoken prompts Test focus: speculating, evaluating, comparing, giuing opinions, decision making, etc Part Individual long turn by each candidate followed by a discussion on topics related to the long turn Each candidate is given a written question to respond to Then candidates engage in a discussion to explore further the long turn wpics Test focus: expressing and justifying opinions, cW:elopingtopics Paper - Reading (l hour 30 minutes) For questions 1-18, read the three texts below and decide which answer (A, B, C or D) best fits each gap Mark your answers on the separate answer sheet Australian Cinema Thirty years ago, the New Australian cinema (1) the attention of the world with heroic stories set in the latenineteenth and early-twentieth centuries They were tales of the formation of a national identity, of the recent European settlers' transactions with their strange new world and its frighteningly mystical inhabitants When this vein was (2) , local film makers left home or turned to the problematic present of people living lives of noisy desperation in the (3) suburbs of the big coastal cities, home to most Australians As television series, these cosy, unheroic stories (4) worldwide popularity, but relatively few films of this sort have found success elsewhere, A appropriated B captured C annexed D mastered A exhausted B drained C emptied D squandered A lounging B stooping C stretching D sprawling A reached B achieved C fulfilled D managed A deeply B heavily C highly D widely A sweeps B lifts C brushes D carries R ecent archeological studies of the isolated region have (7) astounding evidence of Mesolithic hunter-gatherers, Neolithic farmers and even an aristocratic dynasty which populated the area during the late Bronze (8) The few centuries before the time of Christ saw the area at its most remarkable Artefacts, relics and the remains of dwellings, bear (9) to except for a small handful, among which are these, (5) accomplished and calculatedly theatrical films They are loving assemblages of conventions and cliches from musicals of the past, produced with an exuberance that (6) the audience up in uncritical enjoyment its importance An extraordinary sequence of buildings (10) in the erection of a gigantic wooden structure, at least 40 metres in diameter, which was probably used for ceremonial (11) before it was eventually burnt to the (12) and subsequently covered over with turf to create the huge mound which is still visible today A unburied B uncovered C unfolded D unmasked A Years B Period C Era D Age A testimony B evidence C witness D proof 10 A terminated B culminated C finalised D ceased 11 A aims B intentions C purposes D targets 12 A surface B ground C earth D field T LIMITED RISK e believe that there are two :- es of people who will take ~e time and (13) read this advertisement In the first category are those unbelievers who, in all likelihood, will think to themselves, 'sounds good, but I don't think this is for me I could never manage to that' They then go back to doing the same (14) job that they have (15) been doing for the past decade or so Then, there is the second category This group is made up of those people who believe in taking (16) but not at the expense of peace of mind These individuals carefully (17) the advantages against the disadvantages You know, those people who look before making the proverbial (18) A exertion B effort C struggle stress A substandard B unreliable C insufficient unfulfilling A distastefully B reluctantly C hesitantly adversely A risks B dangers C hazards stakes A measure B weigh C compare count A jump B vault C leap spring - - you ~re going to read four extracts which are all concerned in some way with exploration and discovery For questIOns 19-26, choose the answer (A, B, C or D) which you think fits best according to the text Mark your answers on the separate answer sheet Don reckoned a little technology wouldn't hurt, ~.-.'-[r avelli ng Acros's the -Deser't - though 'When I mentioned to my guide, a Tuareg ' Crossing the Sahara is a dangerous business George-Marie Haardt needed no reminder of this During the desert leg of his 1924 expedition's 15,000 mile trip, the expedition's eight trucks travelled for 330 miles without finding a drop of water 'Any breeze there is, becomes a torment,' the team reported 'We are suffocated, saturated with dust; we could almost believe ourselves to be like men turned into red brick.' Writer Donovan Webster confirms this 'People die all the time,' he says 'That's why you go with someone you trust.' A could not find water B were not to be trusted C didn't need technological aids D were affected by the climate A was indifferent to other cultures B wanted to visit Niagara Falls C was fascinated by the immense waterfall D wanted to keep a souvenir of his children tribesman from Niger, that I had a GPS (global positioning system) receiver to help us navigate, he said he didn't need it,' says Don 'I've got TPS,' he told me - 'Tuareg positioning system.' And he did! He could find his way anywhere just by seeing ripples in the sand He was as interested in my world as I was in his,' Don recalls 'When I showed him a photo of my kids at Niagara Falls, he wanted to keep it He thought the kids wen~ sweet - but couldn't imagine that much water in the world.' Paper - Reading Maria Reiche, a German mathematician, devoted fifty years of her life to protecting and studying the Nazca lines of the Inca Born in Dresden in 1903, she arrived in Peru, became fascinated by the Inca culture and initially found archaeological work It was when, however, she overheard someone discussing giant figures carved into the ground, south of Lima that she found what was to become her life's work Instantly mesmerised by these strange objects, she began to study them alone 'I walked along them to understand their meaning,' she said 'I noticed that they formed figures, a spider, a monkey, a bird.' After surveying around 1,000 lines, she wrote her book Mystery of the Desert, published in 1949 In order to spend more time with the geoglyphs, she set up home on the edge of the desert, living off fruit and nuts and sleeping under the stars If vandals dared to set foot near A immense shapes cut into the earth B a form of rock art found in the desert C vast and mysterious - Peruvian statues D paths left by the Incas A the Nazca: lines are uninteresting B Maria Reiche belonged to a religious order C in the past the lines were not valued D Maria Reiche's work was not continued the lines, she shooed them away, so determined that the lines should be preserved that when plans were made to flood the area for agricultural use, she successfully blocked the move Her tireless work has now resulted in the Nazca lines having been declared a World Heritage Site and she is regarded by some as a national heroine; she is Saint Maria, 'Lady of the Lines' When she died in 1998 aged 95, the question arose of who would now protect the lines, which were becoming increasingly threatened by vandals, looters, irresponsible tourists and changing weather patterns Fortunately,however, the UN's cultural agency has recently donated a substantial amount for their long-term conservation - Marine Research The World Centre for Exploration has been running since 1904 Our international, professional society has been a meeting point and unifying force for explorers and scientists worldwide The Explorers Club is dedicated to the advancement of field research, scientific exploration, and the ideal that it is vital to preserve the instinct to explore We foster these goals by providing research grants, educational lectures and publications, expedition planning assistance, exciting adventure travel programmes, and a forum where experts in all the diverse fields of science and exploration can meet to exchange ideas March will mark the fifth year of the running of the Kosa Reef Protection Project A to provide somewhere to meet S to record the world's resources C to promote on-site investigations D to support explorers financially A intending to ask for international aid S trying to increase marine resources C taking action to prevent damage D observing the condition of the reef The project is a joint effort by Kosa Marine resources, an international group of volunteer divers, and island support staff Divers prepare fish inventories, photo and video records, and take scientific measurements documenting reef status For the first time, this year's team will employ protocols developed by the international organisation 'Reef Check' The Explorers Club also offers modest expedition grants for expeditions that forge links between space and earth exploration Expeditions working in extreme environments or using satellite and space related technologies should contact us at the following address Bahariya's Tombs er 2,600 years, a desert oasis yields the long-sought tombs of its legendary governor and is family The streets of EI Bawiti, the largest town in Bahariya Oasis, are busier now Hotels ave been built since more than 200 Graeco-Roman mummies were discovered nearby Yet, EI Bawiti hid an older secret The tombs of Bahariya's legendary governor, Zed-Khons-uefankh, his father, and his wife were discovered in a maze of chambers beneath local homes chaeologists had been looking for Zed-Khons-uef-ankh ever since the tombs of three of e governor's relatives were discovered in 1938 Zed-Khons-uef-ankh ruled Bahariya during Egypt's 26th dynasty, a time when the isolated oases of the Western Desert were strategically important buffers against invaders Bahariya, with governors who were wealthy en with connections to the throne, flourished at the crossroads of caravan routes Zedons-uef~ankh, a man whose power to move men and material is most evident in the two mammoth stone sarcophagi that were transported across miles of sand and wasteland to is oasis tomb, had a chapel built in a temple nearby, with a relief depicting him as large as e pharaoh, a bold assertion from a powerful man we now know better A many Graeco-Romans were buried there B it was well located on a prime trade route C it was the seat of a powerful man D many rich administrators were posted there A extremely confident B remarkably impious C D hugely wealthy very impertinent You are going to read an extract from a novel Seven paragraphs have been removed from the extract Choose from the paragraphs A-H the one which fits each gap (27-33) There is one extra paragraph which you not need to use Mark your answers on the separate answer sheet The small, bright lawn stretched away smoothly to the big, bright sea The turf was hemmed with an edge of scarlet geranium and coleus, and cast-iron vases painted in a chocolate colour, standing at intervals along the winding path that led to the sea, looped their garlands of petunia and ivy geranium above the neatly raked gravel ~I I @2] A number of ladies in summer dresses and gentlemen in grey frock-coats and tall hats stood on the lawn or sat upon the benches Every now and then, a slender girl in starched muslin would step from the tent, bow in hand, and speed her shaft at one of the targets, while the spectators interrupted their talk to watch the result §] - The Newbury Archery Club always held its August meeting at the Beauforts' The sport, which had hitherto known no rival but croquet, was beginning to be discarded in favour of lawntennis However, the latter game was still considered too rough and inelegant for social occasions, and as an opportunity to show off pretty dresses and graceful attitudes, the bow and arrow held their own ~~ -In New York, during the previous winter, after he and May had settlE)ddown in the new, greenishyellow house with the bow-window and the Pompeian vestibule, he had dropped back with relief into the old routine of the office The renewal of his daily.activities had served as a link with his former self §]============= of his own set And what with hours dedicated to the law and those given to dining out or entertaining friends at home, with an occasional evening at the opera or the theatre, the life he was living had still seemed a fairly real and inevitable sort of business At the Century, he had found Winsett again, and at the Knickerbocker, the fashionable young men ~ But the Wellands always went to Newport, where they owned one of the square boxes on the cliffs, and their son-in-law could adduce no good reason why he and May should not join them there As Mrs Weiland rather tartly pointed out, it was hardly worthwhile for May to have worn herself out trying on summer clothes in Paris, if she was not to be allowed to wear them; and this argument was of a kind to which Archer had as yet found no answer §] It was not May's fault, poor dear If, now and then, during their travels, they had fallen slightly out of step, harmony had been restored by their return to conditions she was used to He had always foreseen that she would not disappoint him; and he had been right No, the time and place had been perfect for his marriage §] - He could not say that he had been mistaken in his choice, for she fulfilled all that he had expected It was undoubtedly gratifying to be the husband of one of the handsomest and most popular young married women in New York, especially when she was also one of the sweetest-tempered and most reasonable of wives; and Archer had not been insensible to such advantages iration for bungee jumping has its roots, so to speak, in the South Pacific village of Bunlap _- :"",~~ecost Island Legend has it that a village man named Tamalie treated his wife so badly that away and climbed a banyan tree, then tied liana vines to her ankles When Tamalie climbed ~ er, she jumped and so did he, except that he wasn't attached to any vines He died and she d the men of Bunlap began to practice land diving so that if the situation arose again, they e ready Eventually, the sport evolved into a ritual, from which women were excluded, meant • e ure a rich harvest of yams and later a rich harvest of tourists Just before they launch e s !ves, the men stand on 80 foot tall wooden platforms and make speeches complaining about es Then they swan dive onto a softened landing-area where their heads thump the dirt just ::.:: e carefully measured vines become taut _ ~[...]... They became informal stations for the collection a d distribution of packets and letters By the 19th century, the (22 ) DAY ewspaper and the postal service had displaced these functions About the same e, the French cafe and restaurant were at their zenith as (23 ) laces for artists and (24 ) portant social institution in France throughout 2 The cafe continued to be an the 20 th century During the late h... appear the art of applying mehndi is learnt by the majority of women 24 The writer gives the impression that, on the whole, the mehndi ceremony is A S a chance to review the past a time of regret e a time for celebration o a daunting experience Outside the Re~stry Office And then she saw the Registry Office and a small crowd chatting on the pavement in front of the entrance Like a visitor from another... homework Now, they want to make learning a second language compulsory for secondary school students Some of these children will never visit a foreign country or mix with foreigners, so why should they be forced to pile this extra course onto their academic plates? Whatever happened to teaching the basics and preparing our children for the future?" rite an answer to one of the questions 2- 4 in this part... personal difficulties in their lives With more people than (14) that 'success' often (15) contentment have never been clearer to bring happiness, the importance before discovering of jung's efforts to find :or questions 16 -25 , read the text below Use the word given in capitals at the end of some of the lines to form 'ord that fits in the space in the same line There is an example at the beginning (0) Write... penalty for those affected by it Keeping couples together by duress is not the best way to strengthen marriage How to nurture the individual desire for growth and fulfilment, while strengthening family life is a great challenge for all of society The archbishop is to be congratulated for re-opening the debate - Mehndi Mehndi is deeply ingrained in the Indian tradition Although applied on other... of the wedding ceremony and is almost synonymous with marriage A special time is set aside for the application of mehndi to the hands and feet of the bride-to-be, and the ceremony _generally takes place on the night before the actual wedding In the past, when almost all the women in any given household were proficient in this art, the most talented relative or friend was usually designated to perform... extinction crisis which exists now Furthermore, the efforts of zoos to inform lawmakers and government authorities are usually low-key or non-existent Campaigns are more likely to be for an animal exhibit rather than for the existence of the animal itself Nevertheless, it does not do to address the future from a foundation of pessimism A vision of the future is embraced in which the human population has levelled... to the question of whether zoos can have very much impact on the preservation of endangered species is, probably, minimal Zoos do not focus their education efforts on those people in the strongest positions to affect the future of the wildlife exhibited For the most part, conservation education is targeted at children and other non-decision makers in a process too slow or too far away to address the. .. Constantinople; ring the 17th century, cafes opened throughout after the mid-17th century, the most (19) ourished in London as meeting points for (20 ) fa est news and for bitter (21 ) Europe During the 20 0 years coffee houses of Europe discussion about the During this time, the lucrative usiness of buying and selling insurance, ships, stock and commodities PROSPER END AGREE was isposed of in coffee houses They became... recognise the limitations of purely local conservation programmes; there is a growing consensus that the poor are unlikely to manage wildlife resources wisely for the long term because their needs are immediate when Leakey became head of the KWS Then the elephant slaughter was at its height across Africa; it is estimated that between 1975 and 1989 the international markets for ivory in Europe, the United
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