giáo án tiếng Anh 10, unit 13 reading

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Trần Thị Trang – ULIS 2012 LESSON PLAN UNIT 13: FILMS AND CINEMA READING SKILL Class description: - 20 10th grade students (Ss), 12 boy and girls, Class 10SN, Nguyen Binh Khiem private school Time: 45 minutes Objectives: - Skill: After the lesson, Ss will be able to: + read for main ideas + read for detailed ideas + guess meaning of the words - Language: Ss will be able to + Learn more new words and structures about the topic “films and cinema” Assumed knowledge: Ss have already learned some vocabulary about the topic “films and cinema” Anticipated problems: - There may be time left (solution: The teacher has already prepared extra reading exercise for Ss.) - There is lack of time (solution: Cut down the activities) - Some Ss may not have a wide range of vocabulary, or students not know the new words (solution: teacher can give some suggestions to help them elicit the words) Teaching aids: Book, blackboard, pictures, handouts, projector… Procedure: Time Stage Activities Teacher Students (5m) Pre (5m) 20 m Activity : Vocabulary and structure: + set sth in motion: làm cho chuyển - Ss look at the board and Trần Thị Trang – ULIS 2012 động write the vocabulary and structure on their + replace (v) [ri'pleis]A by/ with B: -Listen carefully to the Warm Activity 1: Game “What film is this?” notebook instruction thay A B –up Teacher prepares trailers of films + audience (n) ['ɔ:djəns]: khan giả -Work in group of -Step1: Divide(n) Ss['si:kwəns]: into groups + sequence chuỗi -S2: Give(n) the[si:n]: rule ofcảnh the game to Ss: + scene “You’re going to watch trailers of famous + discover (v)[dis'kʌvə]: khám phá, phát - Listen to the rule carefully films In turn, each have to 10repeat seconds - T pronounces andgroup asks will the class new - the whole class towords answer the name of the film (both English pronounce the words and Vietnamese names are acceptable) Each - Ss play the game - T calls to pronounce phrases and group willsome get 10Sspoints for one correct - Ss pronounce the words correctsIntheir pronunciation answer the end, group with the highest be the winner While points Task will 1: Finding wordsand given my gifts” -S3: Ask Ss whether they fully understand the reading instruction Instruction: “Now, yourepeat are going to read the or not If not, the instruction carefully and find the words in the inpassage Vietnamese passage can over matchthe with the definition on -S4: Keepthat control game the right column” -S5: Check the points, claim the winners and -Ss open the book and give them gifts Thank Ss for their cooperation film-making industry listen to the T series of related events or actions a period of ten years quickly and in a short time part of a film a person in a film - T calls randomly a student to check the instruction -Ss read the passage individually +Ss read the passage and answer T’s questions -T asks Ss to read the passage individually -After that, T instructs Ss to use some strategies to deal with Task 2: +At first, T suggests Ss to read through the definitions provided in the task and tell the form of words to match each definition For example: in sentences 1, word to fill in should be a noun +Ss go back to the passage and find the suitable words to fill the table +After that asks Ss to go back to the passage and find the suitable words to fill in the table -T checks the answers by calling randomly some students to present & explaining their answers Answer: -Ss answer T’s questions
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