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ĐỀ CƯƠNG ÔN TẬP HỌC KÌ I- Anh văn 1.VERB TENSE ( Các Thì ) Present simple( Hiện đơn) : S + V(s/es) Cách nhận biết: often, sometimes, usually, always, never, every( everyday, everynight ) S + am/is/are+V-ing  Present progressive( Hiện tiếp diễn): Cách nhận biết: now, at the moment, at present, look!, listen! S + will + V-bare Simple future( Tương lai đơn) : Cách nhận biết: tomorrow, tonight, soon, next (next week, next month, next Sunday…) Exercises: They usually(play) catch at recess Does she always(skip) rope after school? Look! Hung(jump) _ in to the water He(go) to the movies tonight What you _(do) next Sunday? Tomorrow, she(invite) all friends to her birthday My father (listen) to the radio everyday He (do) _ Math now Jane (play) _ the piano at present 10 Listen! The boy (play) _ the guitar 11 Our friends (come) here soon 12 My father never (drink) coffee 13 I usually (go) to school by bike, but tomorrow I (go) to school by bus 14 He (visit) _ his grandparents next week 15 We (not/ invite) _ many friends to the party tonight VERB FORM (Dạng động từ)  be good at / be interested in / enjoy / practice / love / like / What about + V-ing Would you like To learn + to V…? Let’s / Why don’t you / Should you / can / should + V-bare Exercises: Would you like (join) our club? My sister practices (play) the violin once a week The children love (play) video games You can (find) math books on the rack in the middle We are interested in (go) to English club He enjoys (draw) pictures Mai learns (play) _ the piano in her free time Children shouldn’t (stay) up late Let’s (go) _ to the English club 10 Why don’t you (invite) _ him? 11 What about (read) _ in the library? 12 Should you (come) _ there? 13 She is good at(draw) pictures 3.COMPARATIVE – SUPERLATIVE (So sánh tính từ)  Comparative (So sánh hơn) *Short adj S1 + be + adj+ER + than S2 (Tính từ ngắn) *Long adj (Tính từ dài) S1 + be + MORE adj + than S2  Superlative (So sánh nhất) *Short adj S + be + THE adj+EST (Tính từ ngắn) S + be + THE MOST adj *Long adj (Tính từ dài) **Note: good – better than – the best Exercises: Orange juice is _ coffee (good) Hanh is _ students in the class.(clever) Cars are _ motorbikes (expensive) Mai is _ girl of three sisters (beautiful) The blue dress is the red one (cheap) Watching television is _ reading books(interesting) This apartment is _ for your family.(suitable) Mount Everest is mountain in the world.(high) Walking is _ running (slow) 10 A new house is an old one ( expensive) 11 Motorbikes are bicycles (fast) 12 My TV is _ his TV(modern) 13 Summer is _ spring (hot) 14 Jane is _ her sister (beautiful) 15 Skirts are dresses (cheap) 16 Her English is _ my English (good) 4.EXCLAMATORY SENTENCE( CÂU CẢM THÁN) What + a / an + adj + N(singular) ! What + adj + a: trước phụ âm an: trước nguyên âm (a , o, e, u, i=> uể oải) N(dt số nhiều) N(dt k đếm dược) Ex : It is an interesting film  What an interesting film! Ex: They are lovely girls  What lovely girls! He is an intelligent boy It is fresh milk They are naughty students It is an exciting trip They are delicious cake She is a good child It is a lovely view They are bright room The weather is very awful 10 The boy is very clever 11 The dress is very expensive  _  _  _  _  _  _  _  _  _  _  _ 12 The picture are very colorful  _ 13 The movie is very interesting  _ 14 The test is very difficult  _ 15 The yard is very large  _ PREPOSITIONS ( giới từ) In, on, at, to, under, behind, near, with, from, between, …and, next to opposite Her parents live Ha Noi I live 451 Tran Phu Street They live _ Tran Hung Dao Street Her birthday is _ Friday, August 20th He looks different his father We are _ class 7A She lives _ her aunt and uncle She lives _ a flat They will meet _ front of the movie theater 10 Farmers works _ their farms 11 The lamp is next the picture 12 The picture is _ the wall 13 The armchairs aren’t far from the TV They are the TV 14 Hoa’s father works the farm _ the countryside 15 The nurse takes care _ sick people 16 The books are _ the bookshelf 17 They often go swimming Sunday 18 She will be 13 her next birthday 19 It often rains _ July 20 There is a bus station _ to my house 21 My house is _ the books store and the school 22 The students are reading books _ the library 23 I usually buy a phone card _ the post office 24 The drugstore is _ the left of the hospital 25 American students take part _ different activities at recess 26 He is good English 27 The History books are _ the middle of the library 28 The English books are _ the back of the library SUGGESTIONS( lời đề nghị) Let’s Why don’t you/ we + V-bare Should we/ you What about + V-ing? Would you like + V-to? WH- QUESTIONS (Từ để hỏi) What: hỏi What time: hỏi How far: hỏi bao xa When: hỏi Who: hỏi người How long: hỏi Where: hỏi đâu Why: hỏi How much: hỏi tiền, hỏi số How often: hỏi lần How: hỏi phương tiện How many:hỏi số nhiều Đặt câu hỏi cho từ gạch dưới: It is about kilometers from my house to the movie theater Her family name is Tran His address is 23 Le Loi Street They live at 67 Son Tay Street His telephone number is 256458 Her date of birth is on August 21st The party will start at o’clock My father is an engineer He works in a factory 10 I will go camping next Sunday 11 These envelopes are 5,000 dong 12 A letter to America is 9,500 dong 13 Liz will send these letters to her friends 14 I would like some orange juice 15 It takes about twenty minutes to go to school by bike 16 Nga is unhappy because she misses her parents Answer about you What is your favorite subject? What you usually after school? What you usually in your free time? What you usually at recess? When is your birthday? ADVERBS OF FREQUENCY (trạng từ mức độ thường xuyên) - sau to be (am/is/are) - trước động từ thường, “can” đtừ thường Put the adverb into the correct position I go to English club(often) They play catch at recess.(usually) The school yard is noisy at recess.(always) He doesn’t go swimming on the weekend.(often) Where you go on your holiday? (usually) Nam is late for school.(never) Does she skip rope at recess? (always) You can drink a little coffee (sometimes) Rewrite sentences Viết lại câu không thay đổi nghĩa với câu cho Tim’s father has more vacation than Hoa’s father -> Hoa’s father has _ Why don’t we go to the cafeteria? -> What about ? Mai drinks more milk than her brother -> Mai’s brother drinks _ The blue hat is more expensive than the yellow one -> The yellow hat is Let’s go shopping with us -> Why don’t you ? Would you like to go to the movie theater? -> What about _? Should we play video games? -> Why don’t we _? What about listening to the music? -> Why don’t you _? Where you live? -> What’s _? 10 The blue dress is cheaper than the red one -> The red dress is 11 Nam is taller than any students in his class -> Nam is the 12 We have a break that lasts thirty minutes -> We have a 13 We will have a vacation that lasts three months -> We will have a 14 When is your birthday? -> What _ 15 Nam will visit his grandparents tonight -> Nam is _ 10 Matching: Match column A with column B A How often you tidy the room? Let’s go to the circus What you usually after school? What is she doing? Where is Ba? Do they often play computer game? What is she good at? What you study in Geography? B a Great b She is rehearsing a play c In the music room d Math e Once a week f No, they g Maps and different countries h She does her homework i Yes, they j I usually play volleyball 1……….; 2……….; 3……… ; 4………; 5……… ;6……… ; …… ; 8…………… A What is the time? Which class are you in? How much are these shirts? Is football the most popular game? What is your favorite subject? What is she doing now? Let’s go out for a meal? What is the date to day? B a I like Physics b She is studying Geography c It’s half past five d It’s June 4th e Yes, it is f I’m in class A g I’d love to h They are ten dollar i Yes, they are 1……….; 2……….; 3……… ; 4………; 5……… ;6……… ; …… ; 8…………… 6 A B When you have English class? a Twice a week Do you know how to use a computer? b Yes, I What you usually at recess? c I’m sorry, I’m busy now What sports you like playing? d On Tuesday and on Friday How often you go swimming? e I talk with my friends Would you like to go to the movies with us? f badminton 1……….; 2……….; 3……… ; 4………; 5……… ;6……… A B Where are the English dictionaries? a about two kilometers What time does the library open? b They read books How far is it from your house to the library? c Math and science books How long does it take from your house to d In the library school? e About half an hour Where can you find the card index? f On the shelf on the right What students in the library? g At a.m What books are on the left? 1……….; 2……….; 3……… ; 4………; 5……… ;6……… ; …… B a It’s a good idea b Every recess time c Tuesday d I’m sorry I’m not busy e Swimming f He is eating dinner g History and Literature h It’s my pleasure i Yes, just round the corner j OK We are all tired 1……….; 2……….; 3……… ; 4………; 5……… ;6……… ; …… ; 8…………… A B Good morning a Yes, there ‘s one round the Thanks for inviting me corner Would you like some tea? b Good morning, Can I help you? Is there a post office near here? c OK It’s a good idea Let’s go to the movies this evening d It’s my pleasure e No, thank you I’m not thirsty 6 A What sports you like playing? Let’s go swimming this weekend How often you play marbles? What is she doing? What are your favorite subjects? When you have computer science? thank you for your inviting me Is your school near hear 1……….; 2……….; 3……… ; 4………; 5……… 11 Điền động từ ngoặc , đánh True(T)- False (F)và trả lời câu hỏi From about nine in the morning until four in the afternoon, Mr Tuan (work) _in the field with his brother They (grow) _ some rice, but their main crop (be) _ vegetables From twelve to one o’clock, Mr Tuan (rest) _ and (eat) lunch At four in the afternoon, they (come) back home Mr Tuan (feed) _ the animals again Then he (clean) _ the buffalo shed and the chicken coop, his work usually (finish) _ at six Decide True(T) or False(F) statements _ Mr Tuan never works in the field _ His bother and he grow some rice _ Mr Tuan rests and eats lunch at a quarter to twelve _ Mr Tuan doesn’t feed the animals _ He cleans the buffalo shed and chicken coop Answer the questions What does Mr Tuan from the morning until four in the afternoon? -> _ Who does he work with? -> _ What they grow? -> _ What is their main crop? -> _ What time they come back home? -> _ What time does his work usually finish? -> _ Read the letter and then Decide True(T) or False(F) statements Dear Peter, Thanks for your letter It’s very interesting to know about school in the USA I think schools on Vietnam are little different Vietnamese students usually wear uniform Classes start at 7.00 each morning and end at 11.15 in the afternoon Students have a 30- minute break after three periods At break, many students play games Some go to the canteen and buy something to eat or drink Others talk together Our school year lasts for months, from September to May Then we have 3-month summer vacation Your friends, Hoa _ School in Vietnam are different from school in the USA _ Vietnames students not usually wear school uniform _ Classes start from seven to a quarter past eleven _ Students have a 30- minute break after two periods _ Most students go to the canteen at break _ The school year begins in September _ The summer vacation last for three months 12 Reorder the given words to make complete sentences They / go / tonight/ will / to / the movies -> new / has/ students / Her / school / a / lot of -> flowers / any / Are / in / there / garden / the? -> doing / my / am / I / homework / at present -> children / are / interested / The/ in / computer / games / usually -> marbles / boys / often / How/ the/ recess / play / at / do? -> souvenir shop / between / is / The / and / the book store / the toy store -> a sandwich / and / a glass of milk / Tom / like / would -> 13 Do as guide – Làm theo hướng dẫn He goes to the library three times a week (Đặt câu hỏi cho từ gạch dưới) -> They will visit their grandparents tonight ( Đổi sang câu phủ định) -> We play soccer (Đưa lời đề nghị dung “ What about…”) -> What you usually after school? ( Trả lời em) -> She goes to school six days a week (Đặt câu hỏi cho từ gạch dưới) -> swapping / cards / his friend / is / The boy / with / now ( Sắp xếp thành câu hoàn chỉnh) -> There is a few orange juice in the glass.( Gạch từ hay cụm từ sai & sửa lại cho đúng) -> Many American students usually has portable CD players (Gạch từ hay cụm từ sai & sửa lại cho đúng) -> We _ swimming every afternoon ( are going- to go – going) 10 It’s kilometers from my house to the post office (Đặt câu hỏi cho từ gạch dưới) -> 11 Mary goes swimming once a week (Đặt câu hỏi cho từ gạch dưới) -> 12 Math and science books are the rack the middle.(Điền giới từ thích hợp) 13 Nam and Lan (not/ see) a film tonight ( Chia động từ đúng) 14 Which is the apartment? (expensive)- (Điền dạng từ thích hợp) 15 Tim’s mother works fewer hours than his father.(Viết lại câu với từ cho sẵn) Tim’s father _ 16 _ are you talking to?- I’m talking to my friends.(Điền từ hỏi) 17 What about going to Nha Trang? (Viết lại câu với từ cho sẵn) Would you like ? 14 Choose the best answer Her full name is Truong Thi Hang so her _ name is Thi (family / full / middle/ last I live 24B Dinh Tien Hoang Street ( in / on / to / at) How is it from the hospital to the bus stop.( far/ long / high / much) _ a lovely view! (When / How / Where / What) They will badminton next Sunday.(play / to play / playing / plays) Which is the apartment? (best / better / most / more) Her date of birth is _ November 4th ( at / on / in / of) Children should _ to bed early (go / to go / going / goes) don’t you come to my house? –OK Let’s go (Why / Let’s / When / What) 10 Tam enjoys _ soccer (play / plays / to play / playing) 11 What about _ Ha Long Bay ( to visit / visits / visit / visiting) 12 Would you like badminton? ( play / playing / plays / to play) 13 Mai learns how a computer ( use / to use / using / uses) 14 My brother is good English (at / in / from / with) 15 Does Nam often play marbles _ recess? ( on / at / in / of) 16 Talking is common way of relaxing (more / most / the most / the more) 17 The summer vacation for almost three months (long / lost / is / are) 18 My sister loves _ stamps.( collect / to collect / collects / collecting) 19 What will you _ your vacation? ( to / in / during / with) 20 Mr Tuan has _ days off than Mr John.( more / the most / many / less) 21 His ideas are different _ mine (with / of/ from / at) 22 Students have two each day.(20-minute breaks / 20-minutes break / 20-minute break) 23 In _, we some experiment (Math / History / Chemistry / English) 24 I will you tomorrow (finish / go / /meet) 25 My mother works hours than my father.(few / the best / much / the most) 26 you study in the library after school? ( How / How much / How far / How often) 27 She learns _ to use a computer.(What / Where / When / How) 28 My friend is a play for the school anniversary celebration (making / rehearsing/ playing / doing) 29 Lien’s last lesson is _ She does some experiments (Geography / English / History / Chemistry) 30 What about _ to the library? (go / to go / going / goes) 31 Could you tell me how to the park? (to get / getting / get / gets) 15 Read the passage then fill the details in the survey form I’m Linh, Pham Thuy Linh I’m a new student of 7A class in Van Hoang secondary School I’m thirteen and I come from Ha Noi I have a brother and a sister They are students at a high school in Ha Noi I live with my aunt at 24 Le Loi Street She often brings me to school by motorbike everyday It’s more than two kilometers from my aunt’s house to my school It takes us ten minutes to go there My telephone number is 714 928 Family name: Name: Age: Grade: School: Address: Telephone number: Distance: Means of transport: Time: SURVEY FORM _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ Look at the personal information and then complete the sentences below: Name Khoa Linh Telephone number 821023 058973007 Meeting people His old friend Her grandparents Place In front of the cinema Her grandparents’ house At the café In the office Time 6.30 Saturday evening Sunday morning Ngoc 0168336768 Her cousin At weekend Hai No telephone number His uncle Next week Khoa’s telephone number is Khoa will meet together in _ at on Saturday evening is 058973007 Linh will meet her grandparents on _ will meet _ at weekend When will Hai meet his uncle? Hai doesn’t have Look at Hoa’s timetables, the answer the questions below: HOA’S TIMETABLE Time Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday 7.00 – 7.45 English Physics English Geography 7.50 – 8.35 English Literature Biology History 8.40 – 9.00 Break time (recess) 9.05 – 9.50 Math Biology Physical Education Art 9.55 – 10.35 Geography History Literature Physics When does Hoa have English? -> _ What does she have on Thursday? -> _ What is she studying at 10 o’clock on Tuesday? -> _ What time does her class start and finish? -> _ How long does she have a recess? -> _ How many days a week does she go to school? -> _ 16 Fill in the blank with the word given in the box Friday Literature Math Math Music How / what / but / subject / favorite / fixing Which does Ba like best? you go to school? Computer Science is Mai’s _ class Nam is good at things in the house I’d really love to I’m too busy _ a lovely bedroom! 17 COMPOUND ADJECTIVE- Tính từ ghép A summer vacation last three months It is a three-month summer vacation A lesson longs two pages It is a two-page lesson A stamp costs five hundred dong It is five-hundred –dong stamp 18 SO SÁNH DANH TỪ + much / many -> more nhiều S1 + V(s/es) + more N(số nhiều) + than + S2 N(không đếm được) + few -> fewer : S1 + V(s/es) + fewer + N(số nhiều) + than + S2 + little -> less : S1 + V(s/es) + less + N(không đếm được) Ex: Lan has more books than Hoa Hoa has fewer books than Lan Nam drinks more water than Ba 10 + than + S2 Ba drinks less water than Nam The end Name : ……………………… Class :……………………… THE FIRST SEMESTER ENGLISH TEST- Grade Time allowed:45minutes Marks Teacher’s remarks ĐỀ LẺ I/ Choose the word whose underlined part is pronounced differently from the others.(2ms) A seven B eleven C American D tell A sea B season C ear D seat A address B famous C may D essay A dishes B watches C boxes D potatoes II/ Circle the best answer to complete each of the following sentences (2pts) My father never coffee every morning A drink B to drink C drinking D drinks He is a doctor He .in a hospital A does B works C lives D stays How is it from the bank to the post office? – It’s about one kilometer A many B much C far D long I always .housework in my free time A make B C.play D take The clothing store is to the shoes store A near B opposite C beside D next The bookstore is the toy store and the restaurant A opposite B between C in D on there any milk in the bottle? A are B is C D does There some fruits for dinner A are B is C any D is not III/ Match the sentences in column A with the sentences in column B (2ms) A Answers B Where does Linda work? a He goes for a run before breakfast What does Betty drink after lunch? b In a shop What time does Pat finish work? c Yes, she does When does Maggie get up? d She drinks coffee Does Jenny like Mark? e At 8.30 a m Why does John get up early? f Sydney, Australia Where does Mrs Smith come from? g No, he isn’t thirsty Does Mike want a drink? h She usually leaves the office at p.m IV/ Read the passage carefully Then choose T or F and answer the questions (2ms) 11 The Vietnamese students often take part in different after- school activities Some students play sports They often play soccer, table tennis or badminton Sometimes they go swimming in the swimming pools Some students like music, drama and movies They often practice playing musical instruments in the schoolmusic room They join in the school theater group and ussually rehearse plays Some are members of the stamp collector’s club They often get together and talk about their stámp A few students stay at home and play video games Most of them enjoy their activities after school hours A Choose T (True) or F (False) T F The Vietnamese students never take part in different after-school activities They often play soccer, table tennis or badminton after-school B Answer the questions Which sports some students often play? Where some students often practice playing musical instruments? V Write the second sentence so that it has the same meaning as the first one (2ms) Lan likes watching cartoons on TV Lan is………………………………………………… My mother looks after the sick people My mother takes……………………………………… A year has four seasons There are……………………………………………… Minh plays soccer very well Minh is good…………………………………………… - The end- Name : ……………………… Class :……………………… THE FIRST SEMESTER ENGLISH TEST- Grade Time allowed:45minutes Marks Teacher’s remarks ĐỀ CHẴN I / Choose the word whose underlined part is pronounced differently from the others.(2ms) A energetic B enjoy C event D experiment A biology B blind C dictionary D appliance 3.A photo B crop C buffalo D go 4.A grow B know C tomorrow D how II/ Choose the best word for the sentence (2ms) Students have two each day A 20-minutes breaks B 20-minute breaks C 20-minutes break D 20-minute break What .awful restaurant! A an B a C one D the 12 I live 12 Tran Hung Dao Street A in B at C on D from This dress is the expensive of the four dresses A best B more C most D the most Benches are comfortable than armchairs A most B the most C more D better What is your ? A birthday B date of birth C day birth D day of birth Mai learns to use a computer A what B when C where D how My new house is very different my old one A with B from C to D in III/ Match the sentences in column A with the sentences in column B (2ms) A Answers B Should we go home? a Oh, I don’t like watching movies Let’s go to the cafeteria b Good idea! I feel hungry now Why don’t you come and play volleyball? c No, thanks I’m not thirsty Would you like some orange juice? d Ok We are all tired What about watching movies? e I’d love to I love pop music Would you like to listen to music? f I’m sorry I can’t I am busy now What’s her family name? g I do, too He watches TV every night h It’s Nguyen IV Read the text Then choose the correct answers and answer the questions (2ms) A SOCCER MATCH Soccer is one of the world’s most popular sports A soccer match consists of two teams, with 11 players on each side When the referee blows his whistle, the game begins The best thing in the game is to score goals against the other team A goal is scored by putting the ball in the other team’s net, either with players’foot or head Each match lasts for 90 minutes There is a half-time break after 45 minutes The team that scores the most goals by the end of the match is the winner The goalkeeper stands between the goalposts and tries to stop people scoring goals All the players must not touch the ball with their hands except the goalkeeper A/ Choose the correct answers (1m) How long does a match last? A An hour C A quarter of an hour B An hour and a half D Three quarters of an hours Who can touch the ball with hands? A Players C Referee B Goalkeeper D None of them B/ Answer the questions (1 m) How is a goalkeeper? What does the goalkeeper do? 13
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