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đề thi tiếng anh trắc nghiệm có key dễ hiểu, trình độ begginer và elementary a2so sánh trong tiếng anh đủ loại, dành cho những bạn mới bắt đầu học tiếng anh và sinh viên năm nhất của những trường đại học cao đẳng không chuyên Choose the best answer to fill in the gaps Today is a day The sun shines all the time a windy b sunny c cloudy d rainy Ba is a hard- working student and he works on all the subjects a hard b slowly c carelessly d carefully In the South of Viet Nam, there are only two a year a times b days c seasons d periods It is very because the wind blows quite hard a sunny b rainy c snowy d windy In class you must listen to the teacher a hardly b boringly c carelessly d carefully The children are playing They should be quite a quietly b eagerly c happily d noisily In the sunny season, the shine(s) almost all the days a snow b clouds c floods d sun The today is higher than yesterday It must be over 37 C a degree b level c humidity d temperature Viet Nam has a tropical a climate b weather c temperature d season 10.My mother can dance very She is a professional dancer a sweetly b softly c loudly d beautifully 11 In Viet Nam , it is normally in the South than in the North a hot b hotter c hottest d hoter 12.The food is than the last time I ate it a badder b bad c worse d worst 13.Ho Chi Minh city is than Hanoi a big b bigger c biggest d biger 14.Children often learn very things around them a quickly b quicker c quickest d quick 15.She can not sing but she can play the piano beautifully a good b best c goodly d well 16.Helen always with John in every school dancing competition a dances b dance c dancing d, danced 17.It dangerous to swim in deep rivers a are b is c being d be 18.The boy at home yesterday evening a stay b staying c stayed d stays 19.Last time, he very slowly a driving b drove c driven d drived 20.I now speak English perfectly a can b was c could d did 21.Jack is now than he used to be a happy b happier c happiest d happyer 22.The tourist company was down the street than I had thought a farther b far c farer d farest 23.There is nothing than going swimming in hot weather a gooder b good c better d best 24.He tried very but still failled the exame a hardly b hard c harder d hardest 25.She came to school and had to stand outside for 15 minutes a late b lately c latest d latter 26.He was successful with the business a complete b completion c completeness d completely 27.I everything will be all right soon a hope b hopes c hoping d hoped 28.I often up early in the morning a gets b getting c got d get 29.Lan you some minutes ago a phones b phoning c phoned d phone 30.Don’t the door open when you go out a leave b leaves c leaving d left 31.David’s school is very bad this term a report b period c day d semester 32.The this year are longer and more difficult than those last year a schools b notebooks c time d lessons 33.Our friends are more than us a difficult b intelligent c easy d tall 34.Lan, how are you doing this ? a school b day c class d term 35.He can better than the in his group a everyone b another c all d others 36.Tuan writes more with fewer mistakes than the previous term a careless b careful c carefully d carelessly 37.My father is happy because I get results at school a bad b good c intelligent d well 38.Peter does better at school because he works a harder b more carelessly c more lazily d worse 39.He can sums more and read faster./ a badly b quickly c difficultly d fastly 40.I can dance more than my friends a fluently b attentively c interestingly d gracefully 41.Mary is in in St Mary secondary school a age b level c grade d, step 42.She is very pupil She spends most of her time studying a hard- working b difficult c hard d easy 43.They always complete all their before going to bed a things b homework c book d activities 44.He is very good at He can sums more quickly than the other pupils in his class a literature b maths c geography d English 45.Mary rarely makes when she writes a mistakes b fault c things d sums 46.I often go to the school to borrow books in my free time a library b yard c room d class 47.He always helps his friends with exercises a easy b bad c difficult d short 48.Her parents are because she often gets bad marks in the exams a, happy b disapponinted c tired d boring 49.I am interested in natural science subjects like mathematics, physics and a England b literature c chemistry d language 50.In her free time, Jane often plays the a piano b football c game d basket ball 51.My English this term is than that of last year a good b gooder c better d best 52.Her math result is than her English result a bad b badly c worse d well 53.Detective books are than science fiction ones a more interesting b interestingly c interstinger d interesting 54.Lan is than her sister a lazy b lazily c lazier d lazilier 55.He feels than last year because his study results are a happy/ good b happier/ gooder c more happy/more good d happier/better 56.He is at maths than at any other subjects a better b more good c goodlier d gooder 57.Phuong can speak English than Minh a more fluent b fluently c fluent d more fluently 58.Her voice is than her sister’s/ a beautiful b more beautiful c beautifully d more beautifully 59.Her literature result is much than it was last year a good b well c more well d better 60.Cinderrella danced than any other girls at the ball a more graceful b gracefuler c gracefully d more gracefully 61.Chemistry is than physics a easy b easily c easier d more easily 62.Rabbits run than tortoises a fast b fastly c fastlier d faster 63.Nam is bad at art but Minh is even a badder b bad c worse d worser 63.Lan is her sister a old b elderly c elder d oldly 64.She can pronounce English words than she could last term a correctlier b more correct c more correctly d correcter 65.The country is than the city a quieter b more quiet c more quietly d quietlier 66.In this class , the students are talking than the teacher a loudly b more loud c loudlier d louder 67.We shouldn’t be on any subjects a lazy b lazier c lazily d lazilier 68.I can learn a subject if I like it and if I don’t like it a good/ bad b better/ worse c better/ badlier d gooder/worse 69 I will take these shoes What’s the ? a price b fare b cost d fee 70.My Dinh is the national of Viet Nam a city b theatre c stadium d cinema 71 She is the most girl in our class a intelligent b intelligentest c tall d tallest 72 That T-shirt is the we have in stock a big b.bigger c small d smallest 73 I think Smatcafe is than other kinds of coffee a best b better c badder d worst 74 This hat is the of all a expensivest b more expensive c cheapest d cheaper 75 Of all the stories I have, this is the most one a better b best c.interesting d interestingest 76 That is the most bed in the shop a wide b widest c comfortable d comfortables 77 Food becomes during the time of the flood a more scarcer b most scarce c scarcest d scarce 78 Have you got any shirt? a cheapest b cheaper c expensiver d expensivest 79 The shop faces its most time of the year when sales have fallen by half a difficult b difficultest c easy d easiest 80.Lan is the most student in my class a hard-work b hard-working c good d best 81 The blue shirt is as as the red one a long b longer c more long d longest 82 Mai dances as as Lan a gracefully b gracefuly c graceful d graceless 83 This book is the of all a bored b.boring c more boring d most boring 84 Mary speaks English very a fluent b fluently c more fluently d most fluently 85 Tom runs faster than John and David runs the in the group a fast b most fast c fastest c most fastly 86 She has books than I a least b fewer c more few d fewest 87 I work as as you a hard b hardly c harder d more hard 88 She looks than me a thinner b thin c thinnest d thinly 89 He is one of the men in the world a rich b richer c richest d more rich 90 A train is not so as a bus a quick b quicker c quickest d more quick 91.The economic conditions today are they were in the past a much more good b much better than c much better d the best than 92 Peter is the student in my class a taller than b so tall as c the tallest d tallest 93 The deep oceans contain some of the of all living creatures a strangest b strange c as strange as d stranger 94 Jane is not …………… her brother a more intelligent as b intelligent as c so intelligent as d so intelligent that 95 He drives as ………….his father does a careful as b more carefully c the most careful d carefully as 96 What’s the ………….film you’ve ever seen? a good b best c better d the best 97 Jane is ……………age as Marry/ a as same b the most same c the same d more same 98 I’ll be there ………… I can a sooner as b no sooner as c as soon as d soonest as 99 The shirt and that one…………… a alike b are alike c as alike as d the same 100 I want to buy some shoes………….the ones you have on a like b are like c are alike d likely 101 Mary and her mother not…………… a alike b look like c look alike 102 Sharon………….from other women I know a different b as different c differs d more different 103 This one is prettier, but it costs………… as the other one a as much as b twice as much c as many d twice as many 104 You can take………… books as you want a as many b as much c so much d too many 105 Of the two sisters, Linda ……… a is beautiful b the most beautiful c is more beautiful d is so beautiful as 106 The ………… accident in the history of the city occurred last night on the Freeway a badest b most bad c worse d worst 107 He finished the test ………… of all a rapidly b the most rapidly c most rapidly d more rapidly 108 Many chemicals react …………… in acid solutions a more quick b more quickly c quicklier d as quickly more 109 The younger you are, ……………it is to learn a easier b you are easier c the easier d the easy 110 It’s becoming …………… to find a job a more difficult and more b more and more difficult c most and more difficult d more difficult than 112 ……………electricity you use, ………….your bill will be a The more…… the higher b The most…… the higher c The more……the high d More……… higher 113 The more I got to know Tom, ……….I liked him a least b the less c the least d the fewer 114 The rooms in the front …………….noisier than those in the back a are more b are little c are very d are much 115 ………… you are, …………you concentrate a Tired… the least hard b The more tired…… the harder c.The tireder……the harder d The tired…… the harder 116 Of all the candidates, Peter is probably………… a the less qualified b the qualified less c the most little qualified d the least qualified 117 The CDs here are more expensive ……………over there a those b than those c than that d than this 118 These two girls ………… that I can’t tell them apart a are so like b are so alike c are too alike d alike enough 119 I don’t think our daughter is ……….to understand this matter a too young b is such young c not enough old d not age enough 120 Mrs Harrison is ………….he owns many palaces a so a rich man that b such an rich man that c such a rich man that d that os rich a man 121 The ceiling is ……………… a too high for me to reach b too high for me to each it c so high for me reaching d enough high of me reaching 122 The woman was so beautiful……………… a that I couldn’t help looking at b that I couldn’t help looking at her c for me looking at her d that for me to look at 123.It is …………that I would like to go to the beach a such a nice weather b too nice weather c such nice weather d such weather nice 124 These are ………….tht I can’t finish them a a such long assignments b such long assignments c such a long assignments d too long assignments 125 It is ……….that I have read it twice a such an interesting book b so interesting a book c too interesting a book d A and B 126 She dances …………… everybody adores her a such beautifully that b so beautiful that c so beautiful that d too beautifully that 127.It is ………………to go swimming a too cold cold c such a cold d enough cold that 128 Jane is ……… to this exercise a no intelligence enough b not intelligent enough c not enough intelligent d so intelligent enough 129 I am ……………a car a not rich enough to buy b too rich enough to buy c too poor to buy d a and c 130 It’s ………… home from here a too far walking b too far for walking c far to walk too d too far to walk 131 The bed is not clean enough…………… a to lie in it b to lie in c for lying in d in which to lie 132 The piano was too heavy …………… a for nobody to move b for nobody moving c for anyone to move d for anyone to moving 133 ……………………to go to the cinema a It was late so that b That it was late c It was too late d such too late 134 We don’t ……………….to go there now a have time enough b enough time c have too time d have enough time 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18 19 20 21 22 23
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