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giá rẻ chỉ có 7k cho 1 lần download nha các bạn Ủng hộ mình giùm nha Nếu có j xin liện hệ facebookNguyễn Trần Khánh MyMình có trọn bộ Family and friends và có cả những cuốn Grammar nữa Ai có nhu cầu download xin liên hệ mình nhé :#:;ji.l: Y ClossBook NoomiSimmons OXTORD UNIV E R S ITY PRESS += r{ Hello.6oodbge Howareyou?I'm fine, thankyou What'syour nome?My name's Howold aregou?I'm Numbers - L0 Dogsof the week Cotours of the roinbow 5torrer: H€{ilofl[ SchooI t hi ngs What'sthis? It'sa pen InitioI sounds: abcd Ao: apple I Bb:bird 'i Cc:cat Dd: dog M g bodg ',.' ' ,) '' t' i'l Jt,|tJ r^r^ ai) f^.:*r.-u-r , 1-J 40 T h ep o rk Mg fomiLg R:o poem:'Mgfovouritethings' L:identifging fovouritethings SzWhat'syourfavourite ? W: dividingsentences intowords, writingoboutmgfovourite togs(WB) mg/ your Is thisgourteddy? Yes, it is No,it isn't Initiotsounds: efgh Ee:egg FJ:fish Gg:goat Hh:hat arm / arms I ntsts Theseare lnitioI sounds: I R:instructions i j kt L:identifging differentonimol.s Ll: lnK 5: describing on onimo['s Jeotures Ij: jam W: identiJging fut[ sentences, Kk:kite writingoboutmg bodg(WB) LL:Lion She's/He'soteacher Is she/ he a teacher? Yes,she is No,he isn't InitioIsounds: mnoP Mm:.mum Nn:nurse Oo:orange Pp:pen R :on outobi ogrophg L:identiJging peopLe bg theirjobs 5zIs he a doctor? Wrcopito[lettersondfuLLstops, writingoboutmgfomil.g(WB) Where's the ball? i n/on/under Initiotsounds: qrstu Qq:queen Rr:rabbit 5s:sofo rt tuddy Uu:umbrello R:o puzztetext L:identifging objectsbg locotion * Where'sthe kite? W: copito[lettersot the stortof nomes, writingoboutthe pork (WB) 's Possessive InitioIsounds: vw xgz Vv:van Ww:window Xx: box Yg:yo-yo Zz:zebra R:o coptionstorg L:di sti ngui shi det ng oiLs SzWho'sthis? W: questionmorks,writingobout mgfomi Lg'thi s ngs( WB) 'Wrf# 34 Reoding:o description Listening:identifging objects Speoking: What'sthis? It's Writing: countingwords in o sentence, writing obout m g s c h o olth i n g s (Workbook) L i st en,pointo nd rep eo t ,l\'v /l ) 1\ L i stenond ch on t L i stenond r eo d tr Hello What's vourname? ir Myname'sRosy Hello, class Myname's Miss Jones Oh!who'sthis? nnd mv name'sTim He'smy cousin,Billy - r , ' , ol d a r eyo u ?) l'm sorry.Comeon, Billy Coodbye! LessonOne Words Listen,pointond repeot.@ ,o Listenond chont.@ r, Listenond reod.@r, Lookatthe train,Rosy A train?oh, Billyl That'sright.C6nI have my schoolthings,please? a \ cd f It'sa rubber Unit I Schoolthings OK,hereyouare Yourpencil, pen,rulerandrubber Lesron Two Grommor I Listento the storgogoinond repeot.Act Lookond sog Whot'sthis? It's o pen Whot's= Whotis It's = It is write Whot'sthis? o rubber rUhot's this? :s oPen f Point,oskondonswer Whot'sthis? o penci[ W hot ' st h i s ? o ru[er r ubber \ '.'hot's this? _ ,-/ -o'r1411-14 Whot's this? lt's o Unit I less on 5i x Listenond number.Q,\.0, E{,'.,,, Lookqt the picturesogoin.5ogond onswer Circten't ond motch con't = coflhot L It con'treod o ActionBogconnottoLk A tigercon'tftU.L J b It connotreod ActionBogcon'ttoLk.L _J c I connotswim I con'tswim d A tigerconnotflg Whotlet t eris missin g? n Listening, speokingond writing Unit 14 99 lerson One Words Listen,point ond repeot.@ ''o, Listenond chont.@ ,ot Listenond reod.@ ,oo Come on Let'smakea sandcastle! Let'splayball,Grandma! Catch, Crandma' That'sa goodidea ft'sOK.Let'smakeanother sandcastle toqether! fOO Unit I5 The beoch wait, Bifly! I Listento the storgogoinond repeot.Act Lookondsog Let'sptouboU Greot OK! Circleondwrite Let'smokeo sondcqstle ndcostl icecreom crob Let'sswimin the house livingroom seo Let'sfind o gogurt shells pLog Let'spl.og beoch boLL hot Lookof the pictures ogoin.Pointondsog let'srnakt:a sandcastfe rhat'sa ttnodirlcn Let's+ verb Unit I rol lerson Three Song Listen,pointondrepeot.@ro' sing,@ 'tou / S ingond Hey,heyl day It'sa wondefful we aregoingto thebeachtoday 1\ Don'tforgetyoursuncream, hat Don'tforgetyour Don't forgetyourfrisbee, or yourballandbat Hey,heyl day It'sa wonderful Havean icecream, Havea drink Havean icelolly, Yellow or pink Hey,heyl day ft'so wonderful :$&s- 1O2 Un it l5 The becch LersonFour Phonics Listen,point ond repeot a 147 t Listenond chont.@rut l'm on the r , Rug, rug, rug tvifh juice tn a Ju{1, Jug, juq, ju{4 llere is my mum, Mu m, mutn, m tl tll \he's gat my sum, Sum, sllm, sum Reodthe chontogoin.Circlethe u in the middLeof the words Listento the soundsondjoin the letters As isthedog? Where u I o I o u o o o u o u I i I u I u i o u a CVC wordsu Unit l5 1O3 I Whot congou seein the picture?Pointond sog L istenond reod.@ ,to q- to ourbeoch! E Welcome WeLikeour beocho [ot.It is very longondsondy.Onthe beochyou ptogbot ondbo[[,footbott or frisbee.Youcon mokesondcostles too.Youconfind shel,l,s ondcrobsin the rockpoots.Theseo is btueondcleon.Heregouconswimor go in o boot.Neorthe beochthere ore hotetsondcof6s Youcon eot ice cneqmfromthe ice creomstotls It's lots of fun ot the beoch, but pleose don'tforgetyour don'tswimolonesuncreomond swimwithfomil.y yourhot or friends putyourl.itterin EnjOy ! the bins Reodogoin.Circlethe correctwords L rhebeoch Littte 'rGtitl On the beochgoucon plog icecreom/ bot ond bo[[ Youcon mokesondcostles / coflils In rockpooLsUouconfind shoes/ sheLl,s Theseois oronge/ bLue 1O4 Unit l5 Reoding:on informotionposter Les s o n5 i x Listenqnd write A or B.@ ''' A r! ,! z! s! 4! o! Lookof the picturesogoin.Pointond sog plog bot ond bo[L pLoU footboLL find crobsond shells pLoU frisbee mokeo sondcostle put on suncreom verbs= doingwords Circlethe verbs Let'srun Let's.9o in o boot L Let'sswim Let'swotk Let'splogboLL Let's find sheLLs Let'sput on suncreom Let'smokeo sondcostLe Listening,speoking,writing Unit l5 105 :-l;:i - - i Y1r'j'l \ Review \ I Circlethe odd-one-out Write [#r] cupboord ['h.Lf-] @b-l sondcost[e (-tw.t". l thirte en twentg [b r L ] (*'n @ @ f-rh.Lt-l : lir r [ { ] [b""t ftft.*=l t-r*it-l (pitto*-l bLonket WriteT (true)or L Thereoretwo beds T There's o kiteundero bed Thereore bookson the cupboord Thereoretrouserson the rug. There's o ruleron the sheLf _ write con't It rnn fLg wo Lk cIimb tO6 Review5 swtm -re4 Motch Review ffi Let'smoke i UnCr e om Let'sput on crobs Let'sgo in o boot t, - o sondcostle Let'sfind Circlethe vowel o e io o e io u o e io o e to u Lookof the picturesogoinondwrite e # s t I u Jq7 Reodond colour M y w o r k in un ir s 14 ond | is OoK OOGood OOO Exceflenr Review5 1O7 _ 9rSy^ygrrefefence ,' Unir I wnot'sthis?It'so pen Write L Whot's this? Whot's Unit o cot ? It'so pencil Thisis mg bog Thisis gourdo[[ Whot's_? It'so dog this? o ruler Is this gourteddg? Yes,it is No,it isn't Write Yes,it is Uourbike? Unir oneorm two orms Is thismg dol.[? No,_ These oremg orms Thisis mg nose Reodond tick (/) if the sentenceis correct L These oremg Legs Thisis mg noses [-l Thismgfoce Thisis mUorms.! tr D Unlt Write _she Unif She'so housewife He'so pupil Yes, o teocher? sheis Is heo pupil?No, Where's the bot[?It's underthe bog It's in the net It'son the slide Orderthe words L boLl.? the Where's tOB Is sheo teocher?Yes,sheis No,sheisn't Grommorreferen underIt'sthe tree Grommorreference Unif lt'sMum'sbook It'sBiLLg's teddg Write Bil.Lg coat / coot lt's B[ttU's Rosg / kite Dod/ bog Tim/ hot Unlt Thisis herdress Theseorehistrousers Arethesehersocks? Yes,theg ore No,thegoren't Write Thisis Bi[[g's coot lt's his coat Thisis Rosg's kite Thisis Dod'sbog Thisis Tim'shot Unif Where's Grondmo? She'sin the diningroom Is shein the kitchen? Yes,sheis No,sheisn't WhereoreDodondBitLg? Theg're in the gorden Aretheg in the livingroom? Yes,thegore No,thegoren't Write W h e re Mum? in the bot hr oom in the kitchen _ Rosgo ndBitLg ? Grondmoond Grondpodownstoirs? Yes, 6rommor reference lOg Grommor reference ', Unir I've got two sondwiches I hqven'tgot mg [unchbox I've got on opple I've got o bonono on+o,e,i,o,u Orderthe words got orongeI've on mg hoven'tlunchboxI got Unif lO He'sgot browneges She'sgot blueeges It's got browneges Hehosn'tgot greeneges Shehosn'tgot shorthoir It hosn'tgotgreeneges Reodondwrite T (true)or F (fo[se) L A dog'sgot two [egs A lion'sgotfour legs Unir | | I Likemonkegs I'm to[ It's [ittl.e I don't [ikeel.ephonts He'stoil Theg'retittLe She'stoLt Write like or don't like 1@I e lep ho nts @I snokes Unit l2 Timhosn'tgot b[ockhoir Rosg's got o brother @I OI z ebr os monkegs DogouLikegogurt?Yes,I No,I don't Whotdo gouLike? I likerice Write t Dogoulikerice? Yes, 11O Crommorreference gou likemeot?No,_ OX.FORD rJNIVERSITY PRESS Great Clarendon Street, Oxford ox2 6Dp Oxford University Pressis a department ofthe University ofOxford It furthers the University's objective ofexcellence in research,scholarship, and education by publishing worldwide in Oxford NewYork Auckland CapeTown Dares Saiaam HongKong Karachi Kuala Lumpur Madrid Melbourne Mexico City Nairobi NewDelhi Shanghai Taipei Toronto With offices in Argentina Austria Brazil Chile CzechRepublic France Greece Guatemala Hungary Italy Japan Poland Portugal Singapore South Korea Switzerland Thailand Turkey Ukraine Vietnam oxroRD and oxronn ENGLISHare registeredtrade marks of Oxford University Pressin the UK and in certain other countries @Oxford University Press2oo9 The moral rights ofthe author have been asserted Databaseright Oxford University Press(maker) First published zoog 2(J73 2()72 ZO11 2O1O 2OO9 709a76 No unauthorized photocopying All rights reserved.No part ofthis publication rnay be reproduced, stored in a retrieval system,or transmitted, in any form or by any means, without the prior permission in writing ofOxford University Press, or as expresslypermitted by law, or under terms agreedwith the appropriate reprographics rights organization Enquiries concerning reproduction outside the scopeofthe above should be sent to the ELTRights Department, Oxford University Press,at the addressabove You must not circulate this book in any other binding or cover and you must impose this same condition on any acquirer Any websitesreferred to in this publication are in the public dornain and their addressesare provided by Oxford University Pressfor information only Oxford University Pressdisclaims any responsibility for the content rsBN: 928o 194812oo9 Printed in China ACKNOWLEDGEM ENTS Cwer illustrattonby:Tomek Giovanis and Christos Skaltsas Main characterillustratronsw:Torrck Giovanis and Chdstos Skaltsaspp Title page,Scopeand Sequencepage,4, 8,9,74,75,20,21,28,29,34,35, 40, 47, 42, 46, 48, 49, 54, 55, 60, 51, 66, 68, 69, 74, 75, 80, 81, 88, 89, 94, 95, 100,101 Otherillustrationsby: Andy Hamilton pp 5,6,7,8, 9, 10, 14, 75,76,20,27,22, 26, 27, 28, 29, 30, 34, 35, 36,47, 48, 49, 50, 54, 56, 60, 61, 62, 66, 67, 68, 69, 70, 74, 7s, 76, 80, 81, 82, 86, 87, 88, 89, 94, 95, 95, 100,707,702,106,107;Jo Taylor/SylviePoggiopp 5, 7, 10, 76, 22, 30, 36, 42, 50, 56, 62, 7O,76, 82, 90, 96, 102;Simon ClareCreativeWorkshopLtd pp 71,77,23,27,37,37, 43,47, e 18,19,59, 51,57,53,67,77,77,83,87,97,97,103,107:K athyB axendalpp 72, 73, 84, 92, 93; Dusan Pavlic/BeehiveIllustration pp 32, 33, 78, 79i Lisa Smith/SylviePoggiopp 38, 39, s2, 53; Amanda Enright/Advocatepp 44,45, 104,10s d Phongraphyby: Chris King pp 72, 73, 24, 25, 54, 55, 84, 99 Comffiissione Thepublisherwouldliketothankthefollowingfortheirkindpermissiontoreproduce photographs:Namy Imagespp 84 (ice creamflim Hill), 98 (tiger/blickwinkel), 98 (parrot/MasPix);tudea pp 99 (chickiRolf Kopfle), 99 (vervet monkey/ M.Watson);Corbispp 85 (father and daughterlR.obertHarding World Imagery), 99 (snake/Michael& Patricia 85 (steak/Envision):FLPApp 99 (giraffe/ZSSD), Fogden),99 (lion/Elliott Neep);Fotolia pp 65 (roll/Dinostock), 55 (hard boiled egg/Luminousiens),65 (pear/AlexStaroseltev),65 (banana/Rufar),84 (fried eggs/IJAVA); Getty Imagesp 92 (boy with footbalustock4B):iStockphoto pp 65 (biscuit/Roben Redelowski),65 (grapes/Creacart), 84 (steak/JoeCicak), 84 (rice/Linda& Colin McKie),84 (carrots/OlgaShelego),84 (bowl ofgrapes/ SandraCaldwell), 85 (sandwich/RobynMackenzie),85 (baguette/KMlTu); Punchstock oUP pp 85 (yoghurt/Mark Mason),85 (ice-cream/Photodisc); p 58 (family/Stockbl'te);RedCover p 58 (dining room/AshleyMorrison, (master bedroom/Winfried Heinze),(child's bedroom/DavidHiscock),(balcony/Graham Atkins-Hughes) Familyand kiends Level1 PostersW: Tornek Giovanis and Christos Skaltsas Andy Hamilton Familyand FriendsLevel1 Flashcardsby: Cardsby: Simon Clare CreativeWorkshop Ltd Familyand kiendsLevel1 Phonics WewouldalsoliketothanktheJollov"ingfor theirhelp:SSPhilip &James Primary School.Oxford Theauthorsand publisheraregrateful to thosewho havegivenpermissionto reprod,uce the Jollowingextraclsand adaptatronsof coyyrightmatenal: p00 'Sing a Rainbow' Words & Music by Arthur Hamilton @1955 (renewed)Mark VII Ltd AII rights administered by Warner/Chappell Music Ltd, London W6 88S;Reproducedby PeIInlsston Fomilgand Friendsisa six-levelprimarycoursewhich offersan exceptionotlg strongskillstroiningprogromme covering[onguoge,phonics, ond civiceducotion C t o s sBo o kpl u s StudentMul,tiROM +-{ ; Workbook Digitol.Ctoss Resources $,$ qt i$ d s ' Book -,Teocher's ; AudioClos sC D s c '{ € ; Teocher's Resource Pock ,i,.'./| n lttr D-, / ,t -) zqr|-" ,*StorgPosters Cords * Phonics ; WordsFloshcords Mosters * Photocopg Book * Testingond EvoluotionBook A[soovoitoble: ,=i: , AlphobetBook ,GrommorFriends O X F OR DEN GL IS:t s B N9 - - - ,:8 ':- - ,llilillli [...]... ormf orms legs/ teg orm i erms trhi r rs or m s/ a r m These ore Unr t J 21 LessonThree 5on9 1 Listen, pointondrepeot @ tt 2 Listenond sing @ to 3 Singond do Ten fingers on my hsnds ten fingerson my hands, Onmy hands Tenfingerson my hands, Onmyhands Twoeyes, onenose, Allon myface ten fingerson my hands, on my hands S kills Ttme r 1 Pointto po rtso f th e b od g.Sogt he wor ds 2 L istenond re od Hi.I'm... ' :1 , this?, :" T { d' - 1l: 3 Countthe wordsin eochsentence T his is mU 4 1 2i T hisis mg p en 2 Lookot this T honkgo u 4 CLos tehe door Thisis o redpenci[ 6 Openthe window Listening, speoking,writing UnitI 13 "r 'i$ 51+ , '.'i: 1, fOmmOf - Listento the storgogoinond repeot.Act L o okond sog Thisis mg bog Thisis gourdoL[ I s t hisgourt eddg? Is this gourteddg? Yes,it is, No,it isn't Write mu - > 15 ... the appl,e Initiolsounds Unit I S kills T i r r e r [ ,=sse n Fl^ le I 1 Pointto fourschoolthings.Sogthe words 2 L i stenond r eo d Ifll*- Thisis mg penciL cose It's green Mg n ome 'sEm m o 4is dh And this is mg pencil Thisis mg blue pen Andthis is mU pinkpen Lookof this! It's o rubber U o u rb o g ? Reodogoin.Tick(tl or cross(x) 1 l penciL 2 pen 3 ccok 4 ruLer 5 i:c' 6 rubber _:a -: a: _ -' r:'LessonSix... wor k in unifr | 2 q n d 3 OOO Exceflenr Review| 27 rt c& E -* : + G ** # =+F.q* Less o nO n e Words 1 Liste n, poi nt ond repeot.@ oo 2 Listenond chont.@o 3 Listenond reod.@ o, LooktfsBilfya teacher? isa pupil Yes,heis.AndTirzr Coming ls Crandma a teacher? a housewife No,sheisn't.She's Lookat Crandpa tshea flreman? No,heisn't.Butheisa herol )e ilesson?ws Grommor Listento the storgogoinond repeot.Act... lsthisyourteddyT ,_ 15 LessonFour Phonics I Listen,point ond repeot.@ ,t Ee Hh - *,*+:.# I Listenond chont @ ,a I ' v eg at a n e g q ,e ,e ,e g g I'vegot af lg, f , f , f iq I'vegota gaat,g, g, gaat" I'vegot a hat, h, h, hat : Listen to the sounds ondjoin the Letters @ ,, ,Vhothosthegootgot? \ ,.
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