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THE PASSIVE VOICE: CÂU BỊ ĐỘNG I Active → passive: Thì Hiện đơn Quá khứ đơn Hiện tiếp diễn Quá khứ tiếp diễn Hiện hoàn thành Quá khứ hoàn thành Tuong lai Chủ động V1/s,es + O V2/ed + O am/ is / are + Ving + O was / were + Ving + O has / have + V3/ed+ O had + v3/ed + O will + V0 + O Động từ khiếm khuyết be going to / would/may / might must + Vo+ O can / could Bị động am / is / are + V3/ed + by+O was / were + V3/ed +by+O am/ is /are + being + V3/ed + by+O was / were + being + V3/ed + by+O has / have + been + V3/ed + by+O had + been + v3/ed + by+O will / + be + V3/ed + by+O (Nguyên mẫu) be going to / would/may / might must + be + V3/ed + by+O can / could (Nguyên mẫu) Exercise 1: Active or Passive? Underline the correct verb form Tom has just promoted / has just been promoted to area manager of East Asia My father has taken / has been taken English class in the U.S How many times have you / have you been fired? How much money have you saved / have you been saved for your vacation My brother has given / has been given tickets to the concert The population of our city has risen / has been risen to nearly one million A strike has called / has been called by the factory worker They haven’t offered / haven’t been offered more money by the management Exercise 2:Passive voice: The simple present tense People don’t use this road very often  This road I wash the dishes in the evening  The dishes Daisy always sings country songs  Country songs Nam and Peter often water these trees.These trees Do pupils clean the room every day?  Is Exercise 3:Passive voice: The Past simple tense The waiters cleaned the rooms last night  The rooms They caught the elephant again  The elephant They built the house in 1950  The house The pupils sent the letters the day before yesterday  The letters Nguyen Du wrote Kieu story  Kieu story Exercise 4:Passive voice: The future simple tense They will ask you a lot of question at the interview  You Tom will visit his parents next month  His parents The State will assign our students to different jobs  Our students When will you the work?  When He won’t tell me the truth about the situation  The truth about the situation Exercise 5:Passive voice: The present continuous tense My friends are eating an orange  An orange They are watching the film  The film We are doing the exercises  The exercise She is cutting the paper right now  The paper They are singing the songs in the room  The songs Exercise 6:Passive voice: The past continuous tense He was painting the house when I came  The house The teacher was reading the book when we came  The book Mary’s mother was washing the clothes  The clothes Her friends were drinking coffee at the cafe  Coffee He was boiling the eggs when I saw him  The eggs Exercise 7:Passive voice: The present perfect tense They have cancelled the meeting  The meeting Someone has given him a lot of money  He We have invited all the students in the school  All the students Our teachers have explained the English grammar  The English grammar Have you finished the above sentences?  Have above sentences Exercise 8:Passive voice: The past perfect tense She had mended the bicycle  The bicycle He hadn’t eaten the cakes  The cakes My friend had bought the house before 1990  The house Had he asked some questions?  Had some question The school boys had wasted a lot of time  A lot of time Exercise 9:Passive voice: Modal verb Parents should give children a lot of love  children You must wash your hands  Your hands He can speak four languages  Four languages Children should treat old men with respect  Old men My classmates used to call me John  I Exercise 10:Passive voice: Passive voice: Mixed types Rewrite the following sentence using passive voice My father waters this flower every morning  A stone broke the window  The servants didn’t the work  The army will complete that project next year  They won’t punish him  People don’t use this road very often  The keepers were feeding the lions  They have taken her to the hospital  They had fastened his whole body to the ground  10 The school boys had wasted a lot of time  11 The police arrested two hundred people  12 They have cancelled the meeting  13 We have invited all the students in the school  14 They will hold a meeting before May Day  15 The teacher is going to tell a story 
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