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Lesson - Tag Questions Luciano Pavarotti is a great singer, _ _? It isn't very cold today, _ _? Ms Patton assigns a lot of homework, _ _? I didn't bring enough money, _ _? The children won't want to go to bed early, _ _? You have already seen Braveheart, _ _? The movie received several Oscars _ _? We can't keep our dog in the hotel room, _ _? The Braves would like to win another World Series , _ _? 10 Basketball players don't have small feet, _ _? Lesson - Tag Questions You're coming to the party, _? It wasn't very difficult, _? Tom is getting something for Sue, _? It won't be anything expensive, _? There's some milk in the refrigerator, _? We don't need to go to the store today, _? Susan can bring some food, _? The party starts at eight o'clock, _? The movie was very long, _? 10 There's a dictionary on the shelf, _? 11 There's a lot of noise outside, _? 12 Mrs Smith is sick, _? 13 The dishes are dirty, _? 14 Steven won't be at the party, _? 15 The math test was very difficult, _? 16 We can go tomorrow, _? 17 I'm early, _? 18 This shirt is too big for me, _? 19 Emily plays the piano well, _? 20 Your neighbors went on vacation, _? Lesson - Tag Questions - Has he? Hasn't he? Had he? 10 He hasn't done it yet, _? He's been to Italy twice, _? He's got a camera, _? He's got a nice house, but he hasn't got a car, _? He hadn't got his time to talk, _? He hasn't got any children, _? Robert hasn't got any money left, _? He has a beautiful wife, _? He's got my newspaper again, _? Andrew hadn't grown much, _? Lesson - Tag Questions - Does she? Doesn't she? Did she? She She She She She She She She She 10 works in a bank, _? didn't eat anything, _? doesn't talk much, _? loves you, _? looks very beautiful today, _? didn't go, _? didn't close the door, _? doesn't drive, _? doesn't want to go, _? She looks tired, _? Lesson - Tag Questions - Have you ? Are you? Do you? 1.You don't smoke, _? You haven't got a car, _? You don't know her, _? You aren't going to Rome, _? You haven't been to London, _? You don't like ice cream, _? You aren't twenty-one, _? You aren't still angry, _? You haven't been on holiday, _? 10 You aren't from America, _? Lesson - Tag Questions - With Be He's waiting for you, There are seven days in a week, I'm not late, These colors are pretty, Her reasons weren't very good, The doctor wasn't in his office, The lights were very bright, The idea is interesting, There were a lot of books on the table, 10 The hole isn't deep, Lesson - Tag Questions - With Assorted Verbs You can't answer all the questions, You will help me to the dishes, He believes you, The teacher should explain the lesson, The boy didn't know the lesson, Bob frightened you, You can speak English well, She couldn't arrange that, You won't tell him, 10 He shouldn't it,
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