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1 HO CHI MINH CITY OPEN UNIVERSITY UNIVERSITÉ LIBRE DE BRUXELLES SOLVAY BRUSSELS SCHOOL OF ECONOMICS & MANAGEMENT MBQPM5 NGUYEN NHAT VU SUGGESTING MEASUREMENT SYSTEM ANALYSIS FOR METKRAFT LTD MASTER FINAL PROJECT MASTER IN BUSINESS QUALITY AND PERFORMANCE MANAGEMENT Ho Chi Minh City (2016) STATEMENT OF AUTHENTICATION To the Jury and Readers, I have read and understood the Regulations of the Master of Business Quality & Performance Management program offered by Solway Brussels School of Economics and Management (SBSEM), Universite’ Libre De Bruxelles (ULB) at Ho Chi Minh City Open University (HCMCOU) I have produced this work without any help other than that which my Tutor has explained is acceptable within the Regulations of the MBQPM program I have acknowledged all source materials in the work itself Respectfully, Student: Nguyen Nhat Vu Ho Chi Minh City, dated 10 April 2016 PREFACE AND ACKNOWLEDGEMENTS Peter Drucker, a management thinker, is often quoted as saying “You can’t manage what you can’t measure” or “If you can't measure it, you can't improve it.” Yes, measurement plays an important part in daily life and obviously it is vital in terms of business quality As a quality officer of METKRAFT LTD, my key concern is how capable our measuring system is A capable system which produces accurate and reliable measurements will help ensure we not deliver bad products to our customers just because we fail to know they are not good With better insights into business quality and performance management, obtained so far through this academic and professional training program offered by Solway Brussels School of Economics and Management, I have set out for myself and quality team the expectation to complete this MSA (Measuring System Analysis) work item This will provide us highlights of areas of weakness of the measurement system that we are to focus improving from this year of 2016 For this report to be successfully presented in completion of my study of the Master in Business Quality & Performance Management program, I would like to express my special thanks to Professor Jacque Martin for his guidance and support during my preparation I would like to thank Professor Jacque Martin again and the rest professors for your excellence in delivering MBQBM5 classes as well as the administrative staff from Ho Chi Minh City Open University for all your valuable knowledge transfer and helpfulness My thanks go to authors and originators of the information I have quoted and referenced in this writing I would like to acknowledge the referencing of such information for which I myself have not been able to consult authors for permission However, I can confirm that the information is intended for no more than just references and should not the call mark of this writing As far as you go through, I will have acknowledged all source materials in this writing itself Last but not least, I would like to sincerely thank the Management of METKRAFT LTD for this international business studying opportunity with Solway Brussels School of Economics and Management and to my quality team as well as all other company colleagues for your valued support that allows the completion of this academic report Yours respectfully, Student: Nguyen Nhat Vu Ho Chi Minh City, dated 10 April 2016 TABLE OF CONTENTS No Contents Pages (-) (-) STATEMENT OF AUTHENTICATION PREFACE AND ACKNOWLEDGEMENTS (-) (-) ACADEMIC TUTOR COMMENTS AND APPROVAL SIGNATURE TABLE OF CONTENTS (-) LIST OF TABLES AND CHARTS (-) (-) (-) LIST OF ABBREVIATIONS PART I: ABOUT COMPANY & KEY PROCESS 7-16 (-) (-) (-) CHAPTER 1: AN INTRODUCTION TO METKRAFT LTD Company Profile Organization Chart Process Map CHAPTER 2: METKRAFT’S KEY PROCESS Identification of Key Process Fulfilment of Key Process Identity Card Measurement process Flowchart Measurement process Identity Card FMECA of Measurement Process PART II: ABOUT MEASUREMENT & MSA REPORT CHATER 1: ABOUT MEASUREMENT Reliability of Measurement Variation in Measurement Process 7-9 10-16 10 11 12 13 14-16 17-41 17-19 17 17 (-) (-) (-) i ii iii iv v Measurement System Analysis CHAPTER 2: METKRAFT MSA REPORT Scope and Objectives Gages R&R% Results Comments & Recommendations REFERENCES APPENDICES Risk Priority Number (RPN) Grid of Severity Evaluation Criteria Ranking Grid of Occurrence Evaluation Criteria Ranking Grid of Detection Evaluation Criteria Ranking List of Measuring Instruments 18-19 20-41 20 21-39 40-41 42 43-47 44 45 46 47 48-59 LIST OF TABLES & CHARTS No Description Pages Organization Chart Process Map Fulfilment of Key Process Identity Card 11 Measurement Process Flowchart 12 Measurement Process Identity Card 13 FMECA of Measurement Process Variation in the Measurement Process - SWIPE 17 Gage R&R% charts - Example 21 Gage R&R% data table - Example 22 10 Gage #1 – Report For Readings (HRC) - Bevel Hardness 24 11 Gage #2 – Report For Readings (HRC) - Induction Hardness 25 12 Gage #3 – Report For Readings (mm) - Length 26 13 Gage #4 – Report For Readings (mm) - Width 27 14 Gage #5 – Report For Readings (mm) - Thickness 28 15 Gage #6 – Report For Readings (mm) - Depth of Holes 29 16 Gage #7 – Report For Readings (mm) - Hole to Hole 30 17 Gage #8 – Report For Readings (mm) - Hole Diameter 31 18 Gage #9 – Report For Readings (mm) - Hole to Side 32 19 Gage #10 – Report For Readings (mm) - Hole to Side 33 20 Gage #11 – Report For Readings (mm) - Inside Diameter 34 21 Gage #12 – Report For Readings (mm) - Outside Diameter 35 22 Gage #13 – Report For Readings (degree) - Bevel Angle - 36 23 Gage #14 – Report For Readings (degree) - Bevel Angle - 37 24 Gage #15 – Report For Readings (RMS) - Surface Finish 38 25 Gages R&R% Results Summary 39 26 Risk Priority Number (RPN) 44 27 Grid of Severity Evaluation Criteria Ranking 45 28 Grid of Occurrence Evaluation Criteria Ranking 46 29 Grid of Detection Evaluation Criteria Ranking 47 30 List of Measuring Instruments 14-16 48-59 LIST OF ABBREVIATIONS 01 CNC : Computer Numeral Control 02 CpK, Cpk : Process Capability Index 03 ERP: : Enterprise Resources Planning 04 FMECA : Failure Mode-Effect-Criticality Analysis 05 Gage R&R% : Gage Repeatability & Reproducibility % 06 HRC : Hardness Rockwell C Level 07 KPI : Key Performance Indicator 08 METKRAFT : MEKKRAFT LTD 09 MSA : Measurement System Analysis 10 PPM : Part per million 11 RMS : Root Mean Square 12 RPN : Risk Priority Number 13 SWIPE : Standard-Workpiece-InstrumentProcedure/People-Environment 14 Var : Variation 15 Var Comp : Variation component PART 1: ABOUT COMPANY AND KEY PROCESS CHAPER 1: AN INTRODUCTION TO METKRAFT LTD Company Profile: Name: Founded: Headcount: Location: Industry: Activities: METKRAFT LTD 1995 300 Tan Thuan EPZ, Dist.7, Ho Chi Minh City Mechanical manufacturing Manufacture of industrial precision knives and blades and wear components METKRAFT (former: Z.C International Ltd., Vietnam) was established by USA- based Zenith Cutter Co in 1995 METKRAFT had been producing industrial knives and blades branded “Zenith Cutter” for the States and North America markets Zenith Cutter Co as well as its subsidy METKTAFT was acquired in 2011 by the Fisher Barton Group The Fisher Barton Group, operating globally, specializes in high precision engineering products and services Since 01 Jan 2015, METKRAFT has been independent of Zenith Cutter Co and become a new member company of Fisher Barton Group METKRAFT is expanding globally and intensively in Asia markets The company is embracing its vision to “Become a Leading Premium Industrial Blades and Wear Components Manufacturer in Asia” in the next 10 years with the mission to “Continuously Discover Innovative Products and Services and Foster a Creative and Energetic Working Environment for Employees” To succeed in the strategy, METKRAFT is going to leverage all its competitive advantages such as its having operated in Vietnam for 20 years, having produced high quality and well branded products, being the first mover with innovative products into the emerging market and inheriting a wide range of technological innovations and industrial expertise owned by all the Fisher Barton Group member companies Also, the company is re-aligning its resources and processes to meet needs arising from the new and challenging business context and the increasingly competitive business environment Organization Chart: Process Map: 45 46 47 48 49 50 51 52 53 54 55 56 57 58 59 [...]... existing measurement system through performance of representative inspection criteria and types of instruments at METKRAFT LTD, and: • An illustration of a method of how measurement system data can be looked at and in a way that areas of weakness can be recognized, which is being proposed for implementation at METKRAFT LTD as a tool needed for analysis for continuous improvement of the measurement system. .. data The smaller the uncertainty, the more reliable the data 3 Measurement System Analysis Measurement System Analysis (MSA), or Gage R&R%, is a method in estimating variation in measurement processes A Gage R&R% analyses the system and calculate the gage repeatability and reproducibility The Gage R&R% is one in which operators perform measurements (trial) on samples using the same measuring instrument... flow, will pose not only underperforming product problems but safety risks to users 11 2 Fulfilling Key Process Identity Card: 12 3 Measurement Process Flow Chart 13 4 Measurement Process Identity Card 14 15 16 17 PART II: ABOUT MEASUREMENT AND METKRAFT S MSA REPORT CHATER 1: ABOUT MEASUREMENT 1 Reliability of Measurement Reliability is a prerequisite to measurements Measurements generate data, which... 2: METKRAFT S KEY PROCESS 1 Identification of Key Process – MEASUREMENT PROCESS: The measurement process of METKRAFT comprises quality inspection activities that take place from the time raw steel material arrives at the factory, through production processes, and up to before finished products are received into finished goods warehouse METKRAFT considers measurement process to be its Key Process for. .. agreement between the results of successive measurements of the same measurement carried out under the same conditions of measurement Precision is also called Repeatability Reproducibility: The closeness of the agreement between the results of measurements of the same measurement carried out under changed conditions of measurement 2 Variation in Measurement Processes Any measurement process bears in its variation... product (Partto-part) or the measurement system (Repeatability and Reproducibility) Following are conclusions commonly drawn in industries based the variation analysis: • If gage repeatability and reproducibility value is less than 10 per cent, the measurement system is acceptable • If repeatability and reproducibility is between 10 per cent and 30 per cent, the measurement system may be accepted depending... value Reading by part chart featuring all measurements by the 2 operators for each part and shows trend of measurement variation as connecting average values of all measurements for each of the 15 samples Reading by operator chart featuring a comparison of overall variation in measurement ranges and means between the two operators in the gage This also shows Cuong’s measurements are more consistent as the... conducted as for representative inspection criteria and applicable types of instruments at METKRAFT LTD • For one gage, 15 sample parts were randomly drawn from related working process and measured referencing relevant process specification • Each sample was measured by 2 operators using the same instrument for two times (trials) each • Gage samples were prepared by an independent “organizer” for each... conditions for which there is no correction factor Environmental conditions would, therefore, give rise to some variation in every measurement process Considering the first letter of each factor (shown in bold in the above figure), these factors are collectively known as SWIPE Total variation due to SWIPE is also known as “uncertainty in measurement , which quantifies the reliability of the measurement. .. that are classified as in-use category in METKRAFT In-use instruments are those that hold manufacturer’s design tolerance or tolerance that METKRAFT has specific acceptance to, which can be observed through its calibration process However, these exclude go-no-go gages (for not producing variable data for Gages R&R) used in replacement of reading-type tools for productivity purpose; the ultra sound
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