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HO CHI MINH CITY OPEN UNIVERSITY UNIVERSITÉ LIBRE DE BRUXELLES SOLVAY BRUSSELS SCHOOL OF ECONOMICS & MANAGEMENT MMCoM9 NGUYEN THI NGOC DUNG NGUYEN HOANG THANH THUY DEVELOP A COMMUNICATION STRATEGY FOR CELANO MASTER FINAL PROJECT MASTER IN MARKETING AND COMMUNICATION MANAGEMENT Ho Chi Minh City (2016) DECLARATION We declare that this study does not incorporate without acknowledgement any material previously submitted for a degree or diploma in any university; and that to be the best of knowledge it does not contain any material previously published or written by another person except where due reference is made in the text Nguyen Thi Ngoc Dung Nguyen Hoang Thanh Thuy Master of Marketing and Communication intake ACKNOWLEDGEMENT We would like to express our deepest appreciation to all those who provided us the possibility to complete this report A special gratitude we give to both our practicing tutor - Mr Le Minh Duc and academic tutor – Hoang Thi Phuong Thao, for their careful and precious guidance which were extremely valuable for our study both theoretically and practically We are using this opportunity to thank all Facilitators, Coordinators, Classmates and the numbers of the Postgraduate Office at Open University HCHC and Solvay Business School for their contribution in assistance and encouragement in completing this project Last, but not least, we would like to say thanks to all our classmates and our families who have given us much encouragement and support during the time we perform this thesis ACADEMIC TUTOR AND PRACTICAL APPROVAL SIGNATURE Academic Tutor: Prof Hoang Thi Phuong Thao Practicing tutor: Mr Le Minh Duc TUTOR’S COMMENTS AND Tutor’s comments It is nice working with Thuy and Dung on this project The two members have shown a lot of efforts in order to bring the best results for the project In general, both project members have shown their understanding on the flow of how to solve the marketing problem and how to use the knowledge learned into the whole process At the recommendation, Thuy and Dung are quite creative and insightful, taking the advantage of knowing well the product, which is the target of the project Nevertheless, it is needed to have a logical link from all the data to come up with recommendations, which will make them worthy and reliable The sampling on the research needs further validity The project team should have given a better timing to provide good opportunity for adjustment and correction I suggest the project to be presented in front of the jury, conditionally that the presentation is well prepared on selective content I am glad that this project is part of Thuy and Dung’s achievement after two years investing for knowledge to aim at the better career promotion and development Good luck to the presentation Le Minh Duc LIST OF FIGURES/ CHARTS/PICTURES AND TABLES IN REPORT Figure 1.1 NBO Company Shares of Ice Cream: % Value 2011-2015 Figure 2.1 The communication process Figure 2.2 Cost effectiveness of three different communication tools at different buyer readiness stage Chart Location that customer choose to enjoy ice-cream Chart Brand awareness about what ice cream is consumed Chart Customers’ awareness about company produce ice cream Chart Brand recognition of cone ice cream Chart Consumers’ favorite brands Chart Media channel which customers often to see Chart Customers advocate about ice cream Table Porter forces analysis Table Brief of Lap campaign Table SWOT analysis Picture SKU of Celano Picture Banners of Color of Celano campain ABSTRACT The research starts with introduction about Kido Then we write about problem statement and set the objectives for research Besides that we mention about scope and limitation of research Research methodoly and structure of project is the last part of chapter I Chapter II is written with some literature reviews, covering all the concepts that supports fundamentally for setting the strategy Firstly, some definitions about communication strategy are extracted from various sources Though phrasing in different ways, most of the definition share commonality Marketing communication mix is another concept that is mentioned the most when people discuss about communication strategy The next part in the review refers Integrated Marketing Communications - the new marketing communications model and Communication Process Models To Develop Effective Marketing Communication, all basic steps must be set well and this is the part flowed in the literature review Chapter III shows firstly market analysis and Brand key of Celano Secondly, it analyzes Brand and communication activities in 2015 We based on theories of developing effective communication process to analyze the process and give comments about the results Then, we check customers ‘reaction to find out the current situation It helps to find out the key points for setting the communication strategy which is oriented to the customers In this part, it explains the process, and displays the data with finding comments From all the outcome of the analysis and research, it comes to some suggestion to improve the communication process The appendixes shows the questionnaires for the research Table of Contents DECLARATION ACKNOWLEDGEMENT TUTOR COMMENT ABSTRACT TABLE OF CONTENT CHAPTER I – INTRODUCTION 1.1 INTRODUCTION ABOUT KIDO COMPANY 1.2 PROBLEM STATEMENT 11 1.3 RESEARCH OBJECTIVES 11 1.4 SCOPE AND LIMITATION OF RESEARCH 11 1.5 RESEARCH METHODOLOGY 12 Role of the survey: 12 Objectives: 12 Expecting deliverables: 12 Collecting data: via Google form to synthesize the result of the questionnaire 13 1.6 STRUCTURE OF THE PROJECT 13 CHAPTER II: LITERATURE REVIEW 14 2.1 WHAT IS MARKETING COMMUNICATION? 14 2.2 MARKETING COMMUNICATION MIX 14 2.3 INTEGRATED MARKETING COMMUNICATION 15 2.4 THE COMMUNICATION PROCESS 16 2.5 STEPS IN DEVELOPING EFFECTIVE MARKETING COMMUNICATION 17 2.5.1 Identifying target audience 17 2.5.2 Determine Communication Objectives 17 2.5.3 Designing a Message 17 2.5.4 Select channels 18 2.5.5 Establish budget 19 2.5.6 Decide on media mix 19 2.5.7 Measure results 20 2.6 BRAND AWARENESS 20 2.6.1 What is a brand? 20 2.6.2 What is brand awareness? 20 CHAPTER III: ANALYSIS OF CURRENT COMMUNICATION STRATEGY OF CELANO 22 3.1 MARKET ANALYSIS IN 2015 22 3.1.1 Trends 22 3.1.2 Competitive landscape 22 3.1.3 Prospects 23 3.1.4 Porter forces analysis 24 CELANO – TARGET BRAND ANALYSIS 25 3.2 3.2.1 Brand key 25 3.2.2 Marketing communication activities at the end 2015 analysis 27 3.2.3 Consumers’ attitude toward communication strategies of ice cream brand 33 3.2.4 SWOT analysis of marketing communication: 38 4.1 4.2 DEVELOP A NEW MARKETING COMMUNICATION STRATEGY FOR CELANO 39 4.1.1 Identifying the target audience: 39 4.1.2 Determining the communication objectives: 39 4.1.3 Designing a message 40 4.1.5 Establishing the budget 40 4.1.5 Design on media mix 40 OTHER RECOMMENDATIONS 41 CONCLUSION 42 REFERENCE 43 CHAPTER I – INTRODUCTION In this chapter, we introduce about Kido company Then, we write about problem statement After that, we give the objectives of our research, scope and limitation of research and research methodology 1.1 INTRODUCTION ABOUT KIDO COMPANY Kido Group, formerly Kinh Do Corporation, was established in 1993 and has become one of the leading Food & Flavor companies in Vietnam In its 23-years history, Kido Group has remained the market leader in confectionery across a wide array of products such as sponge cake, bread, moon cake, cookie and ice-cream under the Kinh Do brand name Leveraging the existing foundation, Kido Group aims to maintain their market leader position in ice-cream with two brand names Merino and Celano, yogurt products under the Well-Yo brand name and expand their product portfolio into the staple food category with instant noodle, spices, sauces, cooking oil and packaged food under the Dai Gia Dinh brand name to take care of the Vietnamese kitchen and meet customers’ needs throughout the day With a solid financial position and competitive advantages honed in the combination of well-established distribution channels, manufacturing capability, branding and sales strategy, KIDO Group is step by step realizing its vision to become the premier Food & Flavor Company in Vietnam At the core of business philosophy is the well-being of the customer, as demonstrated by the dedication of our founders and people, the quality of our products, and consumers’ confidence in the Kinh Do brands Kido Group’s mission is to offer an original and creative product experience that exceeds consumers’ expectation with our commitment to quality They are proud to continue creating happiness for and improve the well-being of our consumers while generating value for all stakeholders, including consumers, suppliers, partners, employees, and communities Above is the brief about Kido Group, here we will give some information about Kido company – subsidiary of Kido Group 31 There was only Brand Celano – Premium Ice cream and name of activity Design of print ad is really eye-catching with red background, Celano brand and colorful ice cream cone or attractive gifts Picture 2: Banners of Color of Celano campain Source: color of celano microsite Here are some details about this digital campaign: a) My Celano Cone Activity: Base on flavor and topping which were available on application, participants would design their own Celano Cone Then they write some description about it After that, they share the link of their products on Facebook to call people’s votes Channel: Facebook/ Web banners/ PR Microsite: Result: 8,775 cones (reach 110% vs KPI) MICROSITE performance from: 24/12/2015 to 31/01/2016 Page views: 34,822 → reach 192% KPI Bounce rate: 47,56% Users: 44,136 Facebook: post - Total like: 3,413; total comment: 52; total share: 23 32 b) Inspire your mind Activity: Making photo clip or video clip within 2mins and upload clip on microsite The content of clip must be creative Content of clip is about: o The moment with your family, your friends or yourself in which Celano cone is the part of it o Your wish, feeling about Celano cone (image, product, personality…) o Celano cone must be in clip Celano shared participants’ clip on Facebook Fanpage and called for voting Participants also called votes from friends, family… on website by sharing link of video on Facebook Voting point was calculated by like, comment, share and view Who got the most votes will be the winner There are prizes for participants in every week and final round Channel: Facebook/ Web banners/ PR Microsite: Content of channel o Inform about launching and online event o Call people to join the event o Announce the winner and the success of online event Result: Contestants’ Video: 425 clips MICROSITE performance from: 24/12/2015 to 18/01/2016 Page views: 2,305,953 → reach 195% KPI Bounce rate: 20, 89% Users: 482,533 Facebook: 14 post Total like: 34,243; total comment: 309; total share: 41 Total members on Fan page are 323,693 However, total engagement through like, comment and share is quite low In our opinions, the reason is about budget which brand did not spend much on sponsoring Facebook Brand planned that sharing clip and Celano Cone which were in both activities, would create viral in social media When we rechecked on 33 Celano fanpage, it did not share any impressive video which is winner After finishing campaign, they should share winners ‘video clips which are creative and interesting, instead of posting like a PR post on some popular websites for teenager Recently, Vietnamese young people are trendy to use hashtag on Facebook, so they should exploit it to use hashtag to make buzz marketing After all, in this campaign, the message should be available on touch points like print ads, POSM, banners and package to let people see it They should use hash tag for campaign and product and share some excellent video clips to expand the viral 3.2.3 Consumers’ attitude toward communication strategies of ice cream brand We would like to measure the effectiveness of marketing communication strategies of Celano and competitors Thus, we did a quantitative research based on survey to check customers’ reaction a) Habit of consumption First, survey analyzes habit of consumption with question about places that consumers often eat ice cream As we can see in pie chart, people tend to consume ice cream out of home such as ice cream shop and convenience store more than home Candidates explain that they choose store to meet other people and enjoy ice cream that are not available in supermarket Home Convenience store Ice cream shop Chart 1: Location that customer choose to enjoy ice cream Source: Authors’ survey 34 Thus, in large cities, many ice cream shops which modern decorations and delicious taste come from foreign like: Baskin Robin, Bud’s, Lucreme is more popular Ice cream market is extremely active and competitive than ever b) Brand awareness There are 85.1 % candidates have different choice while 14.9% one using only kind of ice cream Of course, consumers always love new experiences and they are not loyal in competitive market In term of brand awareness, here is list of brand when asking about which brand respondents consumed Brand awareness 25 20 15 10 Celano Merino Cornetto Vinamilk Baskin robin Bud Wall's Kido Fanny Others Brand awareness Chart 2: Brand awareness about what ice cream is consumed Source: Authors’ survey Almost 15 – 25 years old respondents use Celano However, the gap of percentage of consumption between Celano and Cornetto is not high while Celano step in Viet Nam market twice the time of Cornetto Besides, people remember Wall’s more than Kido because Wall’s run marketing activities to improve brand awareness of Cornetto as well as itself It is confirmed by below result about which company produce ice cream Almost consumers buy Celano and not know about Kido but remember Wall’s Therefore, according to survey 55.3% respondents assume that Cornetto belong to Wall’s 35 Chart 3: Customers’ awareness about company produce ice cream Source: Authors’ survey In addition to, survey tries to find out about brand recognition with picture of Cone Celano without package There is 70.2% candidates supposed Celano while Cornetto is 23.4% We used Cone Celano to figure out if young people could recognize it or not And, the answers are good for Celano Chart 4: Brand recognition of cone ice cream Source: Authors’ survey 36 In term of favorite brand, Celano is voted most, proportional to the consumption of the product Most consumers provide additional reasons that they like Celano because their products are tasty Celano is convenient to buy and customers used it many years ago when they were younger until now And there is no surprise that the most popular flavor is chocolate and vanilla Chart 5: Consumers’ favorite brands Source: Authors’ survey Relating to recognition of communication campaign of ice cream, campaigns of Celano and competitors will impact on sale Because according to survey, up to 76.6% respondents will change their mind and buy another brand if they see an interesting advertisement Obviously, role of marketing communication is so huge, especially target customer 15-25 who are easily change their favorite brand Furthermore, imagine of brand will be remembered because the answers for which advertisements candidates recall in last year is: 19% candidates choose Celano (17% people remember Minion campaign) while 26% respondents vote for Cornetto (15% people are interested in Taylor Swift, 2% people remind of Cornetto Valentine event) Second, in term of delivery message, respondents expressed their feeling about campaigns such as they love Taylor Swift that is so young, enthusiastic, energetic or Cornetto Valentine, Express your love these are such interesting events They also mention issue they have knowledge about Cornetto It is about Love Thus Marketing communication activities of Cornetto are integrated in delivering a consistent message “the expression of 37 love” Through it, Cornetto evidently achieve position in young people’s mind Although Celano is still successful with key campaign Minion, but they are lack of support activities to create influence on customers mind Besides, when analyzing effectiveness of media channel, we found that TV is still top channel of mind Vietnamese’s mind-set always assumes that almost advertisements come from TV but it is not true Therefore, we decide TV is not suitable channel to analyze The standout channel is POSM that is so helpful for direct sale with objective calling to buy TV Billboard POSM LCD Web banner Facebook Chart 6: Media channel which customers often to see Source: Authors’ survey Young people (15-25) like sharing information 74% of them will create WOM effect if product satisfies their demand Once again, Celano is the first choice It still is popular and favorite brand among young consumers Chart 7: Customers advocate about ice cream - Source: Authors’ survey 38 In brief, people enjoy ice cream outside but there is no Celano shop to meet that demand Although Celano is the most favorite brand among consumers, the gap between Celano and competitors is not high It leads to strong competitive market Almost people can recognize Cone Celano product With large distribution network, Celano is focusing on POSM that is so helpful for direct sale Celano has problem in message delivery They are lack of integrated marketing communication leading to message which is not obvious for target audience to achieve 3.2.4 SWOT analysis of marketing communication: Table 3: SWOT analysis STRENGHT: WEAKNESS:  High recognition in brand awareness  Small  National POSM coverage because of national distribution network  Most favorite ice cream engaging customer in digital communication  no recall of impressive campaign of Celano from customer  No ice cream shop  can not meet the demand of hang out for meeting friends of young people  No united in message format of campaign OPPORTUNITIES: THREATS:  Higer demand of using premium ice cream  Wall’s  Increasing in modern trade channels like convenient stores, supermarkets… focus in communication for Cornetto strongly and aim to take Celano’s market share  Big engagement of customers on social media from direct and indirect competitors  Little brand loyalty from young consumers Summary: Through analyzing external and internal factors, we find out Celano faced problems in its communication strategy Target customers not have perception of brand and are not loyal in competitive market So, we provide some proposal to develop effective marketing communication strategy for Celano 39 CHAPTER IV: PROPOSAL OF NEW MARKETING COMMUNICATION STRATEGY FOR CELANO All of this proposal to step by step to develop a effective marketing communication strategy for Celano From identifying target audience to setting communication objective and message that aiming to create brand equity for Celano And to execute this plan we need marketing communication mix with some of idea to develop through many channels 4.1 DEVELOP A NEW MARKETING COMMUNICATION STRATEGY FOR CELANO 4.1.1 Identifying the target audience: At present, target consumers of Celano has age range from 17 – 25 years old that is also main customer of ice cream market, in general They also expand age group from 13-28 years old like in event Color of Celano We keep the same idea According to respondents providing reasons that they like Celano because they used it many years ago when they were younger until now Celano need a next generation consumes their product as well as keep market share 4.1.2 Determining the communication objectives: Celano set objective for 2015 focus on sales and increase brand awareness Through survey, we easily to see consumers can recognize Celano cone but they almost not recall the brand However, Celano is top brand in people’s mind as well as occupied highest market share When customers love brand, they actively recommend you to others and word-of mouth- marketing for you So, once Celano build love and brand loyalty strong enough to advocate, then its communication will be better Base on objective 2015, we specific it more details We wish that 70% recalling the brand and 90% recognition Celano cone 40 4.1.3 Designing a message Celano's message is “So Excited, So Stylish” This message is youthful, enthusiastic, very inspire young people and we love it However it has not been delivered well to consumers Our plan still keep original message and deliver it with integrated marketing communication We improve message format Celano should print message “So Excited, So Stylish” on all Cone package, insert it on banners which releated to Cone activities Therefore, consumers can see and remember it 4.1.4 Select channels According to Lan Huong (2016), in Vietnam 70% young people 15-25 years old, usually surf Instagram everyday by smart phones Instagram stands no.2 in the population of social media platform in Vietnam after Facebook 100% Instagram post is available for all members while Facebook only allows 1-5% members reaching your post We can reach more consumers in a better channer through Instagram Furthermore, people trend to use hashtag on Instagram on their post We can use it to hear and see what people are talking about us Thus we propose Celano establish Instagram account and connect with target audience on it Besides that, we still keep these channels which Celano executed before 4.1.5 Establishing the budget Here, we adapted theory from Kotler (2012) We choose Objective-and-task method We think that it is suitable for Kido which has many brands Base on marketing budget, they can divide for each brand, each product and eact campaign through this method 4.1.5 Design on media mix a) Advertising: First, we will invest to make a TVC about aiming to key message “So excited, So stylish” TVC will be on air on cinema, Yan TV (channel for young people), and digital platform (Youtube, Instargram) to create viral campaign The content of clip is about a young consumer feel tired after a long day study Another friend sees that, so she decides to buy ice cream for her friend to cheer up On the lid of Cone Celano will have a motivated phrase or happy animation connected with key message People will feel better and so 41 excited after eating ice cream Then they will be confident in theirselves and feel so stylish Besides, nowadays, more and more people enjoy ice cream outside but there is no Celano shop to meet that demand We can exploit touch point at convenient stores which is increasing opening in big cities and attracts a lot young people stop by We will design all of necessary materials like: poster, standee, banners even sponsor table, chair, parasol for our customers come and experience Celano in store Base on TVC, we also produce lid of Celano cone like on TVC Using convenience store to advertise for age range 13-22 years old that usually stop by b) Sale promotion + Interactive marketing + Events and experiences We would like to mass sampling with Cone in places attract a lot of target customers like schools, theme parks… Then, we need sale promotion campaign to encourage people buying Sale promotion can combine with events or activities on Facebook fanpage to expand campaign to more people Some gift for mini game such as vouchers, coupon… In addition to, one of the problem of communication strategy in LAP 2015 is engagement of consumers on social media especially Facebook Now, we will run some mini games on Celano fanpage and Instagram to raise engagement with fan They can post their feeling or their special message for someone on Facebook Fanpage; using hashtag #celano #soexcitedsostylish All of activities aim to create viral to make word-of-mouth advertising c) Public relations and publicity With key campaign share message, we create interesting news for press to run PR online or offline Some recommend channel is Channel 14, Yan news, Our message will be delivered to target customers 4.2 OTHER RECOMMENDATIONS To avoid lacking distribution, Celano should coodinate closer with other departments to make sure enough stock for selling Summary: with some recommendations above that based on theories as well as our marketing accumulated experience Hope can help Celano build their brand equity, thereby increasing its share of the ice cream market 42 CONCLUSION The project concentrated on analyzing the communication strategy of Celano cone to find out how is target customer react with those campaigns and is it successful Thereby, we listed some problem in its communication strategy and give some recommendation We enhance role of integrated marketing communication that can build brand equity for Celano Once Celano can deliver their key message target customers then they will have perception about brand In the future, Celano cone will compete with not only Wall’s (Cornetto) but also many foreign brands in Vietnam market We hope our recommendation can help Celano has a more effective communication strategy 43 REFERENCE Kotler.P and Keller K (2012), Marketing Management (14th edition) Kotler.P and Amstrong.G (2012) Principles of Marketing (14th edition) Euromonitor International (2015) Ukehajdaraj 2015, "Brand Awareness – Definition, Its Importance, How To Measure and Increase It", Speedway Interactive, 14 July, view March 2016, MSG Experts, "What is Brand Awareness ?",Management Study Guide, view March 2016, Hong Thao (2015), "TAYLOR SWIFT RED TOUR: Cuộc đua săn vé từ Cornetto có hồi kết", Digitalk, 25 February, view March 2016, Lan Huong (2016), "Bí toàn tập để bán hàng Instagram hiệu quả", Hisella, 23 January 2016, view 10 March 2016, Celano 2016, homepage, Kido company Ltd, view 02 January 2016, Kido groups 2016, homepage, Kido Groups, view 02 January 2016, 44 APPENDIX SURVEY FOR CONSUMING ICE CREAM OBJECTIVE: Find out the reaction of customers to Celano and Cornetto NO QUESTIONS Gender? (Male / Female) Age: (15-19/ 20-25) Do you eat ice cream? Where? (home/convenient store/ ice cream shop/ theme park…) When you eat ice cream? How often? Do you use different brands? If yes, which one? Why you choose different brands? What brand producing ice cream products you know? Which brand of these product below? (Celano / Cornetto / Don't know/ others) Does Celano or Cornetto belong to Wall's? (Celano / Cornetto/ Don't know) 10 11 Which is your favourite ice cream brand? What is your favourite ice cream flavour? 12 Have you ever changed your mind and bought a different ice cream because of an ad (TVC, Billboards, Online Advertising, Word Of Mouth, etc) 13 Which is advertisement or other promotion/ event for ice-cream that you saw during year? (gợi ý đến Minion Celano &Taylor Swift Cornetto > có biết ko?) 45 14 Which is advertisement or other promotion/ event for ice-cream that you felt impressive? 15 which media channel did you hear about advertisements or other promotion/ event ? (TV/Billboard, LCD in building/ Web banner/ Facebook/ Youtube / Poster/ Instargram…) 16 Have you ever discussed to other people about your favourite ice cream? 17 18 Have you ever given an advice to buy a certain ice cream? If so, which one? [...]... enough data and information for the research, the authors will apply both quantitative and qualitative method in collecting data The data is from many sources including primary and secondary data Collection of secondary data: The secondary data are collected by many resources such as internal information of Kido Company (sales report, products, and results of campaigns) and many diversity channels (Facebook... theories that was mentioned above, we had a general view of a communication strategy and brand awareness Therefore, we base on these theories to evaluate how Celano s campaigns execute 22 CHAPTER III: ANALYSIS OF CURRENT COMMUNICATION STRATEGY OF CELANO In this chapter, first we provide market outlook of ice cream to describe the whole picture of Celano s position as well as competitive landscape at the present... It can achieve higher attention and recall However, picking the wrong spokesperson can lead to the bad and misunderstanding image 2.5.4 Select channels Communications channels may be personal communications channels and non personal (mass) communications channels a) Personal communications channels “let two or more people communicate face-to-face or person-to-audience through a phone, surface mail,... current communication strategy of Celano Chapter 4: Recommendations 14 CHAPTER II: LITERATURE REVIEW To understand about marketing communications we follow three theories of Kotler, Keller and Amstrong about Marketing communication mix, Integrated Marketing Communications, and the Communication Process Models In additional, we refer some knowledge from Ukehajdaraj and MSG Experts about Brand Awareness... wireless age It leads to marketing strategies changing The new marketing communications model is needed to adapt the changing It is Integrated Marketing Communication Kotler and Amstrong (2012) mentioned that “advertisers are now adding a broad selection more-specialized and highly targeted media to reach smaller customers segments with more-personalized, interactive messages broadcasting and more narrowcasting”... consider Main buyer is young people With intensive competition from direct foreign competitors and substitutes, they are easy to change loyalty However they are also Brand Ambassador We should have the right communication strategy to get connection with target customer so that we can build and keep Brand Loyalty 25 3.2 CELANO – TARGET BRAND ANALYSIS Starting with Celano Brand key to have an overview about... 2: Banners of Color of Celano campain Source: color of celano microsite Here are some details about this digital campaign: a) My Celano Cone Activity: Base on flavor and topping which were available on application, participants would design their own Celano Cone Then they write some description about it After that, they share the link of their products on Facebook to call people’s votes Channel: Facebook/... Extra Stick Tub Sweetie 27 Among sku of Celano, Cone is the best seller with 70% Sales Volume including Classic, and Extra (Source: Kido Sales Report 2015) Almost marketing activities of Celano spend for Cone Besides that main competitor – Wall’s also focus marketing activities for Cornetto That's why we concentrate on Cone to analyze communication strategy of Celano Brand 3.2.2 Marketing communication. .. Cone Celano in 2015 was Color of Celano This digital campaign was organized from 2 November 2015 to 21 December 2015 There were two activities: My Celano Cone and Inspire your mind Target audience is male/female, 13-28 years old This project was expanded to younger target consumers (13-15 years old) It seems Celano want to create brand awareness for them in advance Thus they will be familiar with brand... of various renowned channels of promotion such as advertising, word of mouth publicity, social media like blogs, sponsorships, launching events, etc To create brand awareness, it is important to create reliable brand image, slogans and taglines The brand message to be communicated should also be consistent Strong brand awareness leads to high sales and high market share Brand awareness can be regarded
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