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HO CHI MINH CITY OPEN UNIVERSITY UNIVERSITÉ LIBRE DE BRUXELLES SOLVAY BRUSSELS SCHOOL OF ECONOMICS & MANAGEMENT MBQPM5 “PHẠM THỊ TIÊN QUẾ” “APPLICATION OF SERVICE QUALITY PLAN OF MUD LOGGING SERVICES IN PVD LOGGING COMPANY MASTER FINAL PROJECT MASTER IN BUSINESS QUALITY AND PERFORMANCE MANAGEMENT Ho Chi Minh City (2016) Page of 44 STATEMENT OF AUTHENTICATION ***** I would like to confirm that the contents presented in this thesis is the truthful work and has been collected and analyzed by myself, under the directions of Dr Jacques Martin I did not copy other people’s work (published or otherwise) to complete my thesis All information has been collected during working and interviewing my colleagues Beside that, some contents were in my company’s documents such as procedures, work instructions, reports I ensure that this thesis has not been submitted elsewhere in any form for the fulfillment of any other degree or qualification Ho Chi Minh City, Apr 2016 Pham Thi Tien Que Page of 44 ACKNOWLEDGEMENT In the process of preparation this thesis, I have received the care and help of my family, teachers, friends and colleagues of PVD Logging Company My especial thankfulness to the instruction of Dr Jacques Martin, who guided me on the scientific method and content of the subject I would like to thank all lecturers of program who teach me valuable knowledge during the course I also would like to thank friends in my class who are always willing support me during the time I take part in the program I express the gratitude to my husband and daughter who are always behind to help and provide to me many useful advices and much different assistance With my colleagues in Company, I would like to say thanks for many helping in process of preparing thesis Sincerely, Pham Thi Tien Que Page of 44 Comments of tutors Page of 44 Table of contents - General Introduction Subject introduction Subject’s interest Objectives of the subject 10 Methodology 10 - Part I: Service quality - input  Chapter I – Company Introduction 12 1.1 Company Introduction 12 1.2 Mud Logging service introduction 16 1.3 Service quality plan introduction 18  Chapter II – Preparation of Service Quality Plan 2.1 Identification of scope of work required in the contract 21 2.2 Establish the project 21 2.3 Set up quality objectives 21 2.4 Human resource preparation 22 2.5 Management responsibility 23 2.6 Preparing the equipment and software 24 2.7 Risk based thinking 26 2.8 Training 27 - Part II: Service quality - output  Chapter I – Service realization 1.1 Conduct the operation of services 28 1.2 Monitoring and measurement 32  Chapter II – Improvement 2.1 Corrective action of nonconforming or customer complaint 34 2.2 Lesson learnt from the result 39 2.3 Training 40 2.4 Risk assessment 40 2.5 Management of change 40 2.6 Measurement 41 2.7 Control of document 41 - Conclusion…………………………………………………………………43 - References………………………………………………………………….44 - Appendix Page of 44 List of abbreviation and definition - SQP: Service Quality Plan - PVDL: PVD Logging - Company is PVD Logging Company - Department is Mud Logging Department - HSEQ: Health – Safety – Environment – Quality - QA: Quality Assurance - QC: Quality Control - ITP: Inspection and Test Plan Page of 44 List of pictures and tables Picture – Company’s organization chart Picture – Some pictures of company service Picture – Estimated percentage of service of PVD Logging Picture – Clients of PVD Logging Picture – Data Engineer monitoring data from the well log Picture – Example of log data Picture – Mud Logging department’s organization chart Picture – Equipment to be used in operation Picture – Advantage of software components Picture 10 –Using RPI Picture 11 – Data during monitoring Picture 12 – Map of data transfer Picture 13 – Fishbone analysis Picture 14 – Chart of nonconformity Table - Data of customer survey Picture 15 – Customer survey result Page of 44 Main content of report GENERAL INTRODUCTION Introduction of subject, methodology, plan of report interest, objective, PART I: SERVICE QUALITY INPUT CHAPTER I: Company introduction Mud Logging service introduction Service Quality Plan introduction CHAPTER II: Preparation of service quality plan -CHAPTER I: Service realization PART II: SERVICE QUALITY OUTPUT CHAPTER II: Improvement Conclusion Reference Page of 44 General Introduction Subject introduction: In recent years, the market outlook of the oil & gas service industry in Southeast Asia has witnessed the escalating competition among global drilling contractors all over the world, those who strived to expand their business toward this area to claim their market share To survive the pressure, it is of extreme importance that the service quality is maintained and improved to ensure the satisfaction of customers at all time In fact, this would be the most essential factor affecting our ultimate target of service quality Bearing that in mind, PVD Logging always takes the first move to thoroughly understand clients’ needs, actively seeks for their comments and feedback to identify inadequacy, timely mitigate potential loss, and thereby, offering clients with the best value of service Defining goals is direct competition with multinational competitors, the company has been investing significantly in the quality management The company has made improvements in the systems; equipment and software are used, enhancing the convenience and accuracy The research for services and new devices also achieved satisfactory success, has been operating in the domestic and international contracts To control well the service provided to customers from input to output, the company has established Service Quality Plan (SQP) which designs activities for each project of the services However, the application of this SQP is not fully so there are some nonconformities still exit in operation In this study, I would like to introduce one of the tools to control and assurance the service quality of company to customers I would like to select the subject of my thesis is: “APPLICATION OF SERVICE QUALITY PLAN OF MUD LOGGING SERVICE IN PVD LOGGING COMPANY” The subject’s interest: Quality Service Plan is a document that together specifies quality standards, practices, resources, specifications, and the sequence of activities relevant to a particular product, service, project, or contract SQP shall define:  Objectives to be attained (for example, characteristics or specifications, uniformity, effectiveness, aesthetics, cycle time, cost, natural resources, utilization, yield, dependability, and so on);  Steps in the processes that constitute the operating practice or procedures of the organization;  Allocation of responsibilities, authority, and resources during the different phases of the process or project; Page 10 of 44  Specific documented standards, practices, procedures, and instructions to be applied;  Suitable testing, inspection, examination, and audit programs at appropriate stages;  A documented procedure for changes and modifications to a quality plan as a process is improved;  A method for measuring the achievement of the quality objectives;  Other actions necessary to meet the objectives Excerpted from the Certified Manager of Quality/ organization Excellence handbook, ASQ Quality Press, Fourth Edition, 2014 pages 264-266 Objectives of the subject:  Helping reader to understand the input and output elements of the operation of Mud Logging service  See the enhancing the commitment of my company with customers  Listing out some shortcomings need improving with my recommendation Methodology: 4.1 Participants: My research methodology requires gathering relevant data from the specified documents and compiling databases in order to analyze the application of SQP in Mud Logging department when they have contracts To have information, I collect data by interviewed the relevant people: Manager of Mud Logging department - Data engineer; Quality Manager Data collection is the process of gathering and measuring information on targeted variables in an established systematic fashion, which then enables one to answer relevant questions and evaluate outcomes The data collection component of research is common to all fields of study including physical and social sciences, humanities and business While methods vary by discipline, the emphasis on ensuring accurate and honest collection remains the same The goal for all data collection is to capture quality evidence that then translates to rich data analysis and allows the building of a convincing and credible answer to questions that have been posed (From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia) Besides that, I read SQP and relevant documents mentioned in SQP such as Operation Manual, Monitoring and measurement, document control, Training and development, etc During reading I noted the queries in order to make clear with person in chart These notes were so important for me to study the relevant of SQP and other documents and I saw some problems which need to be improved Page 30 of 44 Picture 11 Data during monitoring The data is sent to clients by software after the data was controlled by Data Engineer Page 31 of 44 Picture 12 Map of data transfer 1.1.6 Site Report The report shall be used by all staff in order to report & record any site inspection The Daily Site Report shall describe activities carried out during the day It shall include: General Site Activities Description in few lines of the activities of the day Delays / Disruption This paragraph records events which have delayed or disrupted the daily site activities Information received (Instruction, etc…) This paragraph is mainly to record late information/instruction received which have or will affect the production Others: Safety, Environment, Inspection, meeting, remarks Personnel on site Including staff and sub-contractor staff Materials delivered to site Plant on site Personnel on site, location and usage (hours assigned against task code) The report is the most important data submitted customers daily, so it is done by: Page 32 of 44 Prepared & Written Site Engineer Reviewed, checked and signed Approved Compiled Filed Production Manager Service Manager Personnel clerk Document control 1.1.7 Handling and Storage Handling and storing of materials shall be organized to prevent damage, deterioration, assure safe use, prevent misuse and assure planned schedule Permanent materials shall be stored in a dry place on pallets or as specified in materials data sheets and expiry date will be checked on delivery Where appropriate, the stock will not be over the quantity to be used within two months in order to have always new materials 1.2 Monitoring and Measurement: 1.2.1 Audit: PVDL shall continuously measure, analyze and improve all process in order to ensure that the product meet all requirement Service Quality Audits shall be conducted by the Service Engineer or by delegated personnel who shall be suitably trained Delegated personnel shall not be directly involved in the function being audited The audits shall be conducted on quality activities and related results in all sections and fields to verify compliance with PVDL Quality Assurance Plan Other audits might be carried out form time to time by the QHSE department of the PVD Head Office 1.2.2 Control of Non-Conformance Product Department makes sure that materials, components, processes and services used for or incorporated into the Service are controlled for conformance to specified requirements 1.2.3 Corrective and Preventive Action Department makes sure that corrective and preventive actions are taken to ensure that the causes of actual or potential Non-conformances are eliminated Page 33 of 44 1.2.4 Monitoring and measurement of product: Department shall monitor and measure the characteristics of the product and service to verify that product & service requirements have been met This shall be carried out at appropriate stages of the product & service realization process in accordance with the planned arrangements, including: - - Monitoring and measuring input product and service: leased – purchased product and that owned by customer (if any) in accordance with process and norms Monitoring and measurement in provision process Evidence of conformity with the acceptance criteria shall be maintained Records shall indicate the person(s) authorizing release of product & service Product release and service delivery shall not proceed until all the planned arrangements have been satisfactorily completed, unless otherwise approved by a relevant authority and, where applicable, by the customer Page 34 of 44 CHAPTER II: IMPROVEMENT During interviewing and reading the documents and records of the operation, I found that there were some problems in the process controlling Some findings are below description with my recommendation as following: 2.1 Corrective action of nonconforming or customer complaint 2.1.1 Nonconformity: According to company procedure, nonconformance could be from many sources, such as: o Complaints from customers; o Nonconformity of service occurred during the operation; o Lack of working guidelines/ instructions; o Incompliance with legal requirements, technical specifications; o Incident/ accident related to environment, safety, security In 2015, there were 23 failure reports as nonconformities Some of them caused stop working and company was fined because of non product time Department already found the reasons to cause these nonconformities Reading the reports and the fishbone chart, the data as following: Picture 13 Fishbone analysis Page 35 of 44 Finding the reason why the equipment got the highest problem The reports showed due to equipment did not operator when it was working The engineers did not understand why it happened while before rigging up, they tested the equipment surely Working with manager, we found that the 23 failure reports were analyzed as below chart: Nonconformity 26% Equipment 8.70% 61% 3rd parties Weather Human 4.30% Picture 14 Chart of nonconformity The chart shows the main causes of nonconformities are of equipment and human It means the control of equipment has some things wrong Checking with management of department, learning that the reason is during transportation of the equipment by boats, the logistic staff did not mooring safely so the equipment may be wobble and crashed In the SQP, there is lack of the transportation control The right way should have been the delivery ticket is checked and equipment checks are performed to ensure that no equipment has been damaged in transportation According to the handling nonconformity above, the identification of root causes still was wrong, so the number of failure caused by equipment is high The shortcoming here is the analyzing causes was not determined right reason, so the corrective actions were taken wrongly also The finding here, department did not have procedure of handling nonconformity fully and in the process of SQP still did not mention detail about this, so they went wrong way Addition, the SQP has been reviewed by department management but they did not control the complying of employees, particular the supervisor and Unit Page 36 of 44 manager Employees have enforcement rather than feedback to improve the process, so the number of failures is high Recommendation about establishing nonconformance handling process: During working, if being informed, detect or suspect nonconformity, the discover must: o Inform to the relevant person, o Stop or require stopping the work if the nonconformity is emergency, dangerous and being able to cause in serious consequence o Provide the information related to the nonconformity if possible Handling the nonconformance process/ map: * Description of map  Description of nonconformance: the event shall be described as detail as useful All relevant information should be stated for easy to finding the reason  Immediate correction: There are some ways to correct the nonconformance immediately: o By repairing, replacing, reprocessing and recommencing product to eliminate the detected nonconformity; o By downgrading to use at lower level; o By asking the acceptance of customers; o By disposing on\f nonconformance products o By taking action to preclude its original intended use or application Page 37 of 44  Basic cause analysis: there are some basic cause as below: o Incompletely fulfill requirements such as not follow working instruction; operation without approval; using inadequate equipment; working without personnel protective equipment o Unsatisfied working conditions; o Working conditions are not safety o Unsafe working environment  Root cause analysis: root causes of the nonconformance will be impacted by key elements: o Human element: lack of knowledge, skill; limit health; insufficient capacity; negative working attitude; working pressure; unobvious purpose; in appropriate ability; etc o Working element: working without supervising; inappropriate technique; unsuitable purchased products; inappropriate tool and equipment; nonstandard working conditions; inappropriate maintenance; misuse, abuse of labor, etc o Equipment: no maintenance, no inspection, wrong tools or equipment, the wrong transportation technique… Some tools for root cause analysis identification: why method; Cause and effect analysis method; Fishbone diagram, etc  Corrective and preventive actions: o Proposing the corrective, preventive, improvement actions in accordance with the Quality management system and related requirements o Establishing a specific and reasonable plan to implement the proposed corrective, preventive and improvement actions; o Approach to higher management level if the nonconformance in over employees’ responsibilities  Verifying & closing: o Basing on the nature and severity of nonconformance, the related parties will check the progress of corrective, preventive and improvement actions during implementation o Based on the result of corrective, preventive, improvement actions and verification of related parties, if the nonconformance has been processed effectively it is closed and record maintained o The time for closing the nonconformity is at least 30 days after event occurred If following these steps, department shall have a right process to handling nonconformance and prevent the similar cases happened again From this recommendation, department manager agreed to revise the Nonconformance procedure and communicated to employees Page 38 of 44 1.2 Customer satisfaction measurement: To maintain and improve clients’ satisfaction as well as consolidate the sustainable relationship with client in the future, company will focus to promote the following core values in our business performance: trust, commitment, communication, attention, honesty, community, cultural integration Besides, PVD Logging shall conduct regular in-depth survey to measure their level of satisfaction, timely rectify any gap and identify company’s position in the market In every campaign of clients, company comes forth with the firm commitments to provide the highest service quality, which, in return, earned us the support and trust from clients Company has been collected the clients’ evaluation results for the company’s services so far The collected results from the client’s feedback via survey forms will be analyzed for improvement opportunities in operating activities of Technical departments in the company The Department will send out the satisfaction survey forms to clients whom the Company is providing services to (see Appendix 1) Depending on the types of services, the prepared satisfaction survey forms will be sent to clients either monthly or end of job executions, as well as the varieties of questionnaires in the forms Every survey form has different levels for evaluation: Excellent, Good, Average and Poor After all clients’ feedbacks are summarized, the Quality Department and the Department will review it to analyze about the strengths and weaknesses in which the clients give feedbacks The measurement is conducted quarterly In 2015, the results of customer satisfaction of company were in table below: Year 2015 2014 2013 Excellent & Good Satisfactory Poor 90% 85% 82% 7% 11% 12% 3% 4% 6% Table – Data of customer survey The results customer satisfaction of Mud Logging department from 2013 – 2015: Page 39 of 44 100% 90% 80% 70% 60% 2013 50% 2014 40% 2015 30% 20% 10% 0% Excellent & good Satisfactory Poor Picture 15 Chart of customer survey result This result meet company’s objective However, the rating at poor level was available and it will be potential risk causes to reduce quality of services There were not any corrective actions taken for this case so the poor level still exist for consecutive years Recommendation: Department should give the corrective actions all poor elements to eliminate the causes of these poor items Each poor point should be considered a nonconformity which will be handled as process which I mentioned in the item 1.1 of this chapter 2.2 Lesson learnt from the result: Basing the nonconformance of service quality above, my suggestion is all nonconformance matters found during operation, department shall have a meeting to share lesson learned to everybody to take preventive actions This activity will help employees to know what actions need avoiding so that they prevent from happening the similar cases This activity will be the good action of my company, and company should always for the relevant lesson learned to share and accumulate experience for itself On the other hand, meeting with customers monthly is so important to have lesson learnt instead of after campaign completed Department management should hold the meeting with person in chart of working area and customer to exchange the highlight and the lowlight to improve the job Page 40 of 44 2.3 Training: Basing on the customer satisfaction survey result, PVD Logging should invest more in training activities to enhance the skill and competency of its employees in order to maintain the level of client satisfaction Training activities are taken seriously from needs analysis to implementation and post-training evaluation The SQP contents are based on the standard of ISO 9001:2008 However, the employees of Mud Logging department did not attend the training of ISO 9001:2008 awareness, so they were not familiar with this standard I had comment with manager of this department to arrange the ISO 9001:2008 awareness for his staff in order to understand the requirements of this standard as well as the contents of SQP 2.4 Risk assessment: In the instruction, employees have to conduct hazard analysis and risk assessment before carrying out operation in order to prevent risk occurred However, when working with the non-routine tasks, they often take shortcut the steps of operation This is potential risk for safety compliance The requirement is the final job design is approved and all preliminary checks have been completed, the process then moves on to placement of equipment on deck to the preparation of the firing heads as per the job design A JSA and toolbox talk is also performed and checklists with sign off links are included on the process map To get solution for this case, the awareness training or refresh should be available quarterly or every six months together supplement method such as Alert signs and supervising strictly The one problem of risk assessment I want to mention here there was lack of objective of non product time due to failure In contract’s requirements, when having lost time caused by failure, if the mistake of company, company have to be fined In fact, company was fined because lost time of equipment shut down If we have the objectives on it, the failures may be reduced and the lost of company will be lower or zero 2.5 Management of changes: The Service Quality Plan needs to be updated and approved when a change takes place In addition, when required by contract, the Service Quality plan and any applicable revisions may need to be communicated with your end customer In fact, department only updated the SQP when having the new contracts only, they did not Page 41 of 44 when there was any change difference with the plan during operation This shall be a potential risk if there is lack of control rightly The process is when moving on to the performing of the job in line with the agreed upon design, it includes a log of all events and also a mention that if any of the job requirements change during the execution of the job then all changes must be documented and approved by the relevant parties prior to implementation of the changes 2.6 Measurement: A method for measuring the achievement is very simple For example, the measurement of customer satisfaction, department only based on the survey letters Therefore, the result shall be not correct fully According to me, department needs to collect more data from customers such as the exchange from the meeting, the email or telephone by clients If all information is analyzed, department shall saw the perfect picture of customer satisfaction The one of limitations of SQP is lack of KPIs in the department’s activities of operation There were some activities not to be evaluated their results Department needs to have KPIs in order to push staff to achieve the targets KPIs of departments should be developed from the balance scored card of company This will help department control all the activities and have the total assessment 2.7 Control of document: In requirements of SQP, there was not the requirement of control of document This requirement is one of items needs to control Because this item did not mention in SQP, some tasks were wrong way such as handling nonconformance, management of change, customer appraisal, etc Recommendation: the documentation of quality assurance and quality control needs to be listed out in the SQP in other to help employees to read and follow these documents’ requirement The documents required at least including: No ISO 9001: 2008 Quality Manual Measurement and Monitoring Subcontractor Management Nonconformance handling & Corrective and Preventive Action Risk assessment Code of Procedures LSE QSE 004 LSE QSE 007 LSE QSE 019 LSE QSE 012 LSE QSE 005 Page 42 of 44 10 11 Internal Audit Document Control Customer satisfaction survey Management Review Equipment maintenance control Management of change LSE QSE 009 LSE QSE 022 LSE QSE 011 LSE QSE 021 LSE QSE 022 LSE QSE 022 That are some my recommendation for the SQP and the performance of department on this document Page 43 of 44 CONCLUSION Applying the service quality plan in operation has been the best way to have good service quality so far Carrying out the requirements in plan helps company develop operation and control it well Besides small restrictions are still outstanding, great successes have helped the company to surpass the other competitors The good preparation from input elements is the guiding principle for the implementation of the process of bringing the perfect output Now, company is facing the enormous challenges due to the world oil price is falling not brake, so PVD Logging must have new strategies to overcome this stage The operation is shrinking, so company has to improve the quality of services in order to satisfy customers The challenge years are coming, with accompanied opportunities That will give the new impetus to the sustainable development of company Being with the sustainable development model that company has been building, we firmly believe that, with all employees’ great effort together with stakeholders’ active support, PVD Logging will continue to achieve stable growth in the future Company continue to boots the operating capabilities, concentrate on enhancing the management activities as well as maintaining the development of risk management, and expand market to ensure the stable business and take advantage of business opportunities under the circumstance of significant change in oil price and drilling market Beside the objectives to provide best quality, basing on the context of organization as well as the plan, company needs to think the value added for customer by creating of competitive advantage by bundling, combining, or packing features and benefits that result in greater customer acceptance The company is not only in the sustainable development stage now, but also the leap, the breakthrough development in order to put pressure on the competitors and seek new opportunities from customers at home and abroad PVD Logging is committed to providing good quality service to meet customer satisfaction PVD Logging always overcomes difficulty and challenge to develop company’s services to domestic market and overseas market With clearly strategies and objectives, PVD Logging shall expand in abroad market soon, first in South East Asia countries, then to the others Page 44 of 44 REFERENCE Adam, E E Jr., Hershauer, J C., Ruch, W A., Measuring the Quality Dimension of Service Productivity, National Science Foundation Grant No APR 76-07140, January 1978 Aubrey, C A., II, Quality Management in Financial Service, Wheaton, Illinois: Hitchcock Publishing Company, 1985, Chapter II Latzko, W J., Quality and Productivity for Bankers and Financial Managers, New York, N Y.: Marcel Dekker, Inc., 1986, Chapter Baker, E M and Artinian, H L M., "The Deming Philosophy of Continuing Improvement in a Service Organization: The Case of Windsor Export Supply." Quality Progress, June 1985 Melan, E H., "Process Management in Service and Administrative Operations," Quality Progress, June 1985 Scherkenbach, W W., The Deming Route to Quality and Productivity, Washington, DC: CEEP Press, 1986 Juran, J M., Managerial Breakthrough, New York, NY: McGraw-Hill, 1964 John S.Oahland, The TQM ISO organization; ISO 9001:2008 10 PVD Logging, Quality report, 2015 11 PVD Logging, Quality Manual, 2014 12 PVD logging, service Quality Plan, 2015 -THANK YOU - [...]... Company s organization chart: Picture 1 – Company s organization chart Page 13 of 44 1.1.3 Company s key activities: Company has been providing 4 main services as following: Mud Logging Wireline Well Testing Wellsite Geologist Picture 2 Some pictures of company services Page 14 of 44 Services 10% 15% 45% Mud Logging Slickline Well testing 30% Wellsite Picture 3 Estimated percentage of services of PVD. .. Page 16 of 44 1.2 Mud Logging service introduction: 1.2.1 Service Description: This is the main service of company with 90% domestic market The services of Mud Logging includes: + Standard package: o Monitoring and recording drilling and geological parameters o Detection and Interpretation of Hydrocarbon o Evaluation of Formation o Database Management o Applications of Drilling and Engineering + High... Calibrating and maintaining all mud logging sensors and equipment  Training and supervising Trainee Mud logger * The Sample Catcher:  Collecting the ditch cuttings at the required intervals  Preparing all samples for shipping and storage Page 23 of 44  Helping the mud logger to check and maintain all mud logging equipment at the wellsite  Aiding the Wellsite Geologist and other mud logging personnel... Cooperation, PVD Logging specializes in providing advanced technical services for petroleum drilling operations such as mud logging, slick-line, well testing PVD Logging has joint operations – joint ventures with leading service companies to ensure the ability to work on challenging wells, to satisfy all the customized demand of the clients, ready to introduce its business in the markets of the continent and... years of customer satisfaction and the causes of failure in 2015 Next step is analyzing the collected results The goal of analysis of results section was to point out what interesting information of results contain and why Page 12 of 44 PART 1 Chapter I: COMPANY INTRODUCTION 1.1 Company introduction: 1.1.1 Company background:  Company name: PETROLEUM WELL LOGGING SERVICES  Short name: PVD LOGGING. .. and Mud Logging department to prepare necessary resources and equipment to provide services as customers’ requirements In Mud Logging services, the scope of work shall be identified by two groups of services including STANDARD package and HIGH –end optional services Basing on the customer’s offer, company will determine which group is required The price shall be charged and the service quality plan shall... –end optional services: o Digital Camera Microscope o Early Kick Detection – EKD o Real Time Transmission o GC Tracer Real Time Formation Evaluation PVD Logging s Mud Logging Services is an innovative, customer driven Surface Logging provider to the oil and gas industry Mud Logging examines and analyzes geological information contained in formation cuttings and drilling mud, to determine if oil and... during the drilling process and samples are returned to the operator after analyzing process Page 18 of 44 Picture 6 Examples of Log data 1.3 Service Quality Plan introduction: 1.3.1 Generality: The PVD Logging s purpose is to provide the best quality services in a safe manner Fulfilling this purpose, PVD Logging is committed to achieving the following: o Successfully complete the scope of work of. .. and official checking by Client for the permanent works When receiving the tender requirements of clients, company has to identify the scope of service which company will provide to customers The requirements may be a full package of Mud Logging services, but also are some parts of the package The SQP shall be developed to control the execution of services or used of service- related within the scope of. .. during well drilling Mud Logging also provides critical safety functions such as determining pore pressure; kick control and ambient gas monitoring Mud Logging is used while drilling most exploratory and many development wells, both on and off shore Picture 5 Data Engineer monitoring data from well log Page 17 of 44 Mud Logging services range from basic unmanned gas detection to sophisticated full serviced,
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