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Grammar Review (IELTS - oriented) Verb Tenses • Present Simple Continuous Perfect Simple Perfect Continuous • Past Simple Continuous Perfect Simple By 2000 there had been 2456 students who joined the Blood Donation Scheme by VN Red Cross • Expressing Future Intentions/ Plans ← will do: prediction/ future trend ← be going to do: planned arrangement ← be doing sth: likely activity ← simple present: timetable, schedule ← Relative Clauses (Adj/ Adv) Adj RC: who/ which/that/ whose (defining & non-defining) MC, which seems to raise a lot of questions Adv RC: where/ when/why/how , where impurities are removed This is one of the reasons why she left him Shortened Relative Clauses Active sentence The police finally found and arrested the man who broke into the MR Bank on May 15 breaking into Passive sentence What you think of the shoes which were made by Van.Dal in England? ( -) made by Conditionals Conditional I/ Real Condition at Present (simple present/ present perfect, will do) Conditional II/ Unreal Condition at Present Conditional III/ Unreal Condition in the Past Zero Conditional/ Natural processes Active and Passive Voice It can be said that Reported Speech 5.1 Reported Statement (+) (-) 5.2 Reported Question (Y/N) if/ whether (Wh-) 5.3 Reported Command, Request, Advice, Comparison * Equality as as/ not so as NB the same as/ equal to/ similar to/ equivalent to * Comparatives NB - Ten times bigger than / twice my age/ 10 years older than me - The more S1 + V1, the better S2 + V2 * Superlative Miscellaneous - Connectives/ Connecting devices/ conjunctions BUT group: however, in contrast, nevertheless, on the contrary AND group: also, moreover, in addition, too, besides, OR group: alternatively, or else (Handout) - Pair conjunctions: not only/ not just A but/ but also B so + adj + that/ such + (adj) N + that >< so that either or (+)/ neither nor (-) - Verb Pattern V + to V(inf): want, wish, decide, agree, like, remember, forget V + V_ing: deny, consider, stop, remember, forget, admit, mind V + sb + to/ V(inf): ask, want, make, let, get, V + adv + sb/sth + to V(inf): wait, V + adv + V_ing: look forward to, insist on, think of, - Structures It be + adj + for sb + to sth E.g.1 It is not easy for us to write well in English = to find it + adj + to sth E.g.2 We find it not easy to write well Not Adj/ adv enough for sb to sth E.g.3 The car is too expensive for me to buy = The car is not cheap enough for me to buy = I don’t have enough money to buy the car = I’m not rich enough to buy the car = The car is very expensive, so I can’t buy it = I can’t buy the car because it is very/ so expensive = due to its very high price = The car costs so much that I can’t buy = The price of the car is so high that = I can’t afford the car because of/ due to + NP as/ since/ because + Clause - Collocations E.g make noise, the housework, go sightseeing, have a swim high/low + percentage/ price big/ small + number loud/ soft + voice - Phrasal Verbs to come across = meet by chance to drop by = visit sb for a short time
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