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110 câu trắc nghiệm tiếng anh lớp Choose the best answer A, B, C, or D 1: Hello, Nga Nice to you again A see B read C listen D write 2: Hoa is in class 7A and is Nam A but B so C too D there 3: Hoa’s new school is than her old school A very big B big C biger D bigger 4: Her old school has of students A lot B lots C a lots D many 5: Please tell Nga I’ll her again after six A speak B say C tells D call 6: Phong is calling and Han is the phone A speaking B telling C answering D saying 7: There are 28 29 days in February A in B on C or 8: Mai: What will you Lan on her birthday? A give B get D and Nga: A red hat C eat D drink C love D lovely C school D farm C How D Is C at D about 9: Red is my color A like B favorite 10: A farmer works on a A factory B hospital 11: a beautiful day ! A It B What 12: Tell me your school, Lan A of B in 13: We have math Tuesday morning A in B at C on D of 14: racks have magazines and those have newspapers A This B That C These 15: Washington DC is the of the USA A city B capital C country D There D street 16: In , we study the world rivers and mountain ranges A English B Physics C Music D Geography 17: They talk their class and friends A at B on C in D about 18: In Geography, we study different countries and people A his B her C my D their 19: The most popular activity at recess is A noisy B talking C basketball D study 20: Activities at recess are the same all the world A in B on C over D of 21: Hoa lives her uncle in Ha Noi A At B in C on D with 22: Hoa doesn’t any friends in Ha Noi A is B has C have D does C again D then 23: Nice to meet you , Lan! A so B and 24: Lan: Good bye, Nga See you A later B late Nga: Bye C early D longer 25: December is the month of the year A twelve B twenty C twelveth D twelfth 26: The fifth month of the year is A June B July C May 27: Mai: What time will you the party? A see B meet D March Nga: At 9.30 PM C leave D watch 28: My grandparents live in the country but I live in city A the B an C at D on C at D with 29: My father is work now A in B on 30: Are there stools in your room? A a B an C any D and C talks D gives 31: A doctor care of sick people A gets B takes Thư viện đề thi thử lớn Việt Nam 32: Mrs Na: Is this apartment suitable you ? Mr Jones: Yes, I think so A for B of C in D about 33: You can find science books the shelves here A of B at C to D on C doctor D librarian 34: A works in a library A farmer B nurse 35: In , I learn how to read stories and poems in Vietnamese A English B Literature C Math D Arts 36: Students in the USA have a twenty – minute in the morning A time B classroom 37: Which you like best ? A room B classes C break D dinner –It’s English C subject D school 38: She learns to use a computer in Computer Science class A how B what C which 39: Who is the of "Truyen Kieu" ? A teacher B student D who - It’s Nguyen Du C author D journalist 40: Dryer, washing machine and are household appliances A table B fridge 51: Mai: How are you today, Lan? A Very C chair D couch Lan: fine, thanks B Pretty C Just D Much 52: Hoa is unhappy she misses her parents and friends in Hue A so B Much C too D because 53: We go to work bus every day A on B by 54: What is your name? A full B second C in D to It is Nguyen C family D third C in D on 55: My birthday is November 6th A at B by 56: Mai be 13 on her next birthday A is B will be C will D does 57: Lan will some of her friends to her birthday party A tell B meet C invite D see 58: The party will start at 6.00 A.M and at 9.00 A.M A finish B finishes C finishing D to finish 59: The radio is next the television A to B on C at 60: Mi: What your father do, Ha? A is B Ha: He’s a policeman C are 61: Lan: Is this your time in Hanoi ? A one D with B two D does Hoa: Yes, it is C first D new 62: She will watch T.V but she see a movie A will B isn't C doesn't D won't 63: Mai: can I find a literature book, please ? Mrs Lan: On that shelf A Where B Why C What D Which 64: English books are the back of the library A at B on C in D from 65: There are a lot of books in our school A farm B garden C yard D library 66: I like English it's very interesting A but B because 67: What are Ba and Nam doing ? A He's C so D that watching T.V B They C They're D They'll.6 C on D at 68: Hoa has a letter her friend A from B in 69: Hai’s favorite subjects at school are Math and A Music B marbles C Atlas D globe 70: Mr Tan: your mother cooking now ? Mai: No, she’s watching TV A Does B Is C Do 71: Mr Tu: Is your name Le Van Ba? A middle B first D Are Ba: No, it’s Ta Van Ba C family D full 72: I live 12 Tran Hung Dao Street A on B at C in 73: My house is kilometers from school A in B of C at D with D about 74: aren’t many students in Hoa’s school A Have B Has C These 75: Van: is your telephone number? A Where B How D There Chi: It’s 846 502 C How many D What 76: you be free tomorrow evening? A Shall B Will C Do D Are 77: Hanh: will you get to Lan’s house, Dung? A How B What C Which 78: Du: What will you play at the party? A fun Dung: By bike B activities D How many Thuy: We’ll play cards C games D play C give D have 79: Come in and a seat! A B is 80: A farmer works hard from morning night A at B on C in D till C have D go 81: We badminton every afternoon A B play 82: Na: sports you ? A How B Why Ba: I play badminton C When D What 83: In the USA, sudents a uniform A not wearing B don't wear C isn't wearing D won't wear C There D That C interesting D nice 84: child is my teacher's son A These B Those 85: English is an subject A difficult B different 86: Every Monday, we have math 7.50 AM A at B on C in D to 87: Hoa is the age as her friends at Quang Trung school A different B young C same D about 88: Students take part many activities at recess A at B in C on 89: Ba learns to repair household appliances in class A Math B English C Physics D of D Electronics 90: Ba is good fixing things A at B of C on D in 91: How is it from your house to school? A long B tall C far 92: Is Hoa talking her teacher? A on B at D high - Yes, she is C in D to 93: Lan is 12 years but she’s very tall A age B old 94: Ba: I am a student A I C heavy Tam: , too B Mine C My 95: Tan: Would you like a movie? A see B to see B does D Me Nam: Yes, I’d love to C seeing 96: Mai: What time Nga be back? A is D long D sees Lan: In 30 minutes C D will C Which D How many C to be D be C awful D big 97: an expensive car! How B What 98 I hope the party will interesting A is B are 99 What an house! A lovely B nice 100: Mrs Lan a lot of vegetables in her garden A grows B have C is D does 101: There are students in the classroom A a B an C some D any C farmer D doctor 102: A writes for a newspaper A teacher B journalist 103: Schools in Vietnam are different schools in the USA A in B from C for D at 104: What time does Hanh history class ? A have B has C 105: My father is the in my family A tall B taller C tallest D does D most tall 106: Is Lan Math now ? A study B studys C studies D studying 107: Those students read and study the same time A at B in C on D of 108: They meet friends and fun at recess A have B C play D take 109: Ba draws very well He an artist one day A is B will is C will be D be 110: We learn how things work in class A Physics B Math C Biology D Arts
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