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TOEIC Ms Huong Hanoi Law University FB: https://www.facebook.com/Helen1188 GENERAL BUSINESS Questions 170-172 refer to the following business plan summary Business Plan for Proposed Gymnasium Health Sporting Fitness Services plans to open a new gymnasium In Toronto in a stand-alone building near the commercial district The market for health club membership has grown at an annual rate of 18% over the last years The average age of the membership holders is 27 with an average cost of $60 Our gym will offer a personalized fitness training experience to all our members, catering to business people between the ages of 40 and 65 Unlike other gyms already operating in this spot, we will have an atmosphere conducive to joy and good relationship among members Membership will be limited to 150 people Revenue will come from initial membership fees, monthly dues, and sales of other products, including nutritional supplements and sportswear The initial membership fee to join will be $600, and monthly dues wilt be $60 We expect that members will also spend more than $30 a month on other products, making the club's total estimated average monthly income $25,000 Monthly rent and overhead expenses are estimated at $7,000, labor at $8,000, and other operational costs at $2,000, for a net profit of $5,000 Start-up costs are estimated at $220,000 and the club will break even in around 42 months 170 At what rate has the gym membership market been growing? (A) 5% (B) 18% (C) 27% (D) 40% 171 Who is the target market for this athletic club? (A) Businessman (B) Senior citizens (C) Graduates (D) Recent retiree 172 What is NOT an expected source of revenue for this athletic dub? (A) Trainers’ fees (B) Membership fees (C) Monthly dues (D) Product rates Questions 165-167 refer to the following notice Tornado Hot lines The National Oceanic and Atmospheric Information Service is setting up a telephone system to provide information about tropical storms and tornadoes Recorded messages will provide updated information identifying areas under a tornado watch or warning, the location of the storm, its predicted movements, and wind speeds and tidal effects Two tornado hot lines will be set up, one to be activated when tornadoes or tropical storms threaten the East and Gulf Coast states, and another for Hawaii The number for the East Coast Hotline is (900) 233-5877 For Hawaii, the number is (900) 4202365 Callers will be billed 60 cents for the first minute and 45 cents for each additional minute The average call is expected to cost about 105 cents 165 What happens when the hot lines are called? (A) Rescue crews are dispatched (B) Callers hear recorded information about storms (C) Operators answer callers’ questions about storms (D) An automated information system directs callers to appropriate local authorities 166 What information can the hotline provide? (A) Directions to safer locations (B) The location of a storm (C) Emergency medical treatment procedures TOEIC Ms Huong Hanoi Law University FB: https://www.facebook.com/Helen1188 TOEIC Ms Huong Hanoi Law University FB: https://www.facebook.com/Helen1188 (D) An estimate of a damage caused h the storm 167 How much will a one-minute phone cal to the Hawaii hotline cost? (A) Forty-five cents (B) Sixty cents (C) A hundred-five cents (D) Nothing Questions 156-158 refer to the following announcement The Businessman’s Weekly At www.TheBusinessman.com The Businessman’s Weekly’s digital edition can be found on the Web On the website, you will find current and past issues of The Businessman’s Weekly, regular on-line-only columns and interviews, current political issues, perceptive financial articles from The Businessman’s Weekly archive, and more In the section called ‘Post & Riposte’, an on-line discussion, users can engage in discussion, debate, and with Businessman’s readers worldwide Those wishing to advertise with us may write or call at: The Businessman’s Weekly 9980 Snider Street Orlando, FL 87304 (832)716-6800 Those interested in subscribing to or print edition or would like reprints contact: The Businessman’s Weekly Subscription Processing Center Box 45676 Boulder, CO 80322-3850 (717) 560-2001 156 What kind of topics does The Businessman’s Weekly most likely cover? (A) Current and cultural events (B) Economics and political matters only (C) Politics, business, and commentary (D) Art, culture, and literature 157 All of the following can be found at the digital edition of The Businessman's Weekly EXCEPT (A) Articles from previous issues (B) Columns and interviews (C) An on-line forum (D) An on-line bookstore 158 If readers wanted a printed copy of a previous issue, what should they do? (A) Write to the Orlando headquarters (B) Contact the Subscription Processing Center (C) Send an e-mail to editor@TheBusinessman com (D) Call 832-716-6800 Questions 159-161 refer to the following announcement The 30th Annual Conference for Hospitality Management will be held in San Diego, December 12~24, 2006 In the past years we’ve only allowed ten people to go, but this year, encouraged by the product of those who went last year, we’ve increased the number to sixteen As previous years have shown an enthusiastic response, due to the increase in the number of people that can go, we are expecting even more (usually over twenty apply) Also, although the budget for employee training has been increased this year, participants must cover 1/3 of all travel costs themselves which is better than last year (participants had to cover 1/2 the cost) However, all conference fees will be covered Those people who want to attend should notify Larry Kayson in the Human Resources Department by September 7, 2006 159 What kind of company would post this announcement? (A) A local car dealership (B) A multinational construction concern TOEIC Ms Huong Hanoi Law University FB: https://www.facebook.com/Helen1188 TOEIC Ms Huong Hanoi Law University FB: https://www.facebook.com/Helen1188 (C) A Wall Street investment firm (D) A chain of bed and breakfast inns 160 How much will the company reimburse each employee for attending? (A) A third of all expenses plus all conference fees (B) A half of travel expenses plus two thirds of conference fees (C) Two thirds of travel expenses plus conference fees (D) They will reimburse all expenses 161 How should the application for the conference be made? (A) Pay the conference fee in advance (B) Complete the employee training program (C) Contact Mr Kayson (D) Apply to the annual conference committee Questions 171-172 refer to the following advertisement Improve your odds of being quoted in this journal! How you become one of those revolutionary moguls that people follow and look up as their role models? Start by earning an MBA from the University of Michigan while you work Our Global Manager MBA Program in Ann Arbor, Michigan spreads 18 weeks of study over 24 months This comprehensive course is based on the Stan’s Guard Curriculum, which has transformed so many business field managers into sharp-thinking presidents and CEOs, who still fearlessly rewrite rules, crush conventions, and inevitably end up here, in the bible of the business world 171 Who is this advertisement aimed at? (A) Presidents and CEOs with conventional wisdom (B) University students wanting to continue studying full-time (C) Retired executives wanting to continue their education (D) Elite mid-level businessmen who are extremely ambitious 172 Where would you most likely find this ad in? (A) An influential education journal (B) A serious scholarly journal (C) A weekly tabloid magazine (D) A leading business weekly Questions 191-195 refer to the Mowing letters October 17,2006 Ms Jessica Larions Sunshine Conference Monterey, CA 92423 Dear Ms Larions: We would like to hold our annual meetings in your conference center from November 2*5 I need some more information about the capacity and facilities of your conference center, as well as the locations and places near your conference center There wifi be twenty-five executives coming from around the world While we will hold meetings during the day, we want to some fun outdoor activities Since our organization is dedicated to the health and about the health of our oceans, perhaps some event on the water could be arranged? Please send me the materials concerning my attention at the above address I wilt be leaving for a business trip on October 27th, so I would like to receive the materials before I leave, i will be waiting to hear from you Sincerely, Adam Sweets Love Our Ocean 2601 Beachfront Avenue LA CA 98033 TOEIC Ms Huong Hanoi Law University FB: https://www.facebook.com/Helen1188 TOEIC Ms Huong Hanoi Law University FB: https://www.facebook.com/Helen1188 Adam@Ocean.com (832)934-6888 October 21,2006 Adam Sweets Love Our Ocean 2601 Beachfront Avenue L.A CA 98033 Dear Mr Sweets, I am so grateful to have Love Our Ocean come to our conference center to hold your annual conference As grateful as we are we promise that you will have a wonderful and memorable time and achieve great things during your conference As for our conference center, it has a capacity of400 people at once, and it has a weight training room, swimming pool, spa, golf course, yoga room, and movie theatre We are also famous for our cooks who prepare foods from Korean, Japanese Chinese French, Italian, Mexican and American We also have our new mall and supermarket in our building November 2-5 is definitely good for us as we are not so busy during early winter Actually, for this special conference, we would like to let you borrow our luxurious boat to sail across the California ocean for one day You win leave early in the morning with all the fishing and cooking equipment then come back early evening This is just a small offer that we give you for doing such a great thing like saving our oceans If you have any questions or concerns, please go ahead and give me a call on my cell or office Sincerely, Ms Jessica Larkins Sunshine Conference Head Director of Operations Office: (812) 322-Sun2 Phone: (812)433-9576 191 What is the purpose of the first letter? (A) To inquire information about the “Love Our Ocean’s” conference (B) To gain information about the oceans around the conference center (C) To communicate with Ms Larkins and discuss about the theme of the conference (D) To get to know more about the conference center 192 Which is NOT what Mr Sweets is requesting? (A) A few fun activities related to ocean (B) Meet with him as he will go on the business trip on October 27th (C) Materials that contain information about the conference center (D) Holding a conference at the Sunshine Conference center 193 What will most likely the conference be about? (A) How to enjoy the ocean and some tips which oceans to go (B) Things that destroy and pollute the ocean (C) How the ocean can be used to be developed as such a great resort (D) The importance of the ocean economically and scientifically 194 What does Ms Larkins say about her conference center? (A) It has all kinds of workout facilities (B) It has three cooks from around the world (C) It has a brand new auditorium (D) Its capacity is less than 300 at once 195 What is a special offer she suggests? (A) She suggests going fishing at the shore TOEIC Ms Huong Hanoi Law University FB: https://www.facebook.com/Helen1188 TOEIC Ms Huong Hanoi Law University FB: https://www.facebook.com/Helen1188 (B) She suggests doing some fun activities in water (C) She suggests going on a cruise (D) She suggests staying an additional day Questions 196-200 refer to the following notice and telephone message The West Hills Neighborhood Association will hold a general meeting from 7:30PM to 9PM, on October 9, at Young Elementary School to update neighbors on a developing West Hills Neighborhood Plan The plan is in the developmental stages and will provide guidance about housing, transportation, public facilities provisions, and protection of natural resources for future development The Neighborhood Plan Steering Committee also needs volunteers to represent the business community, the multifamily housing community, and the condominium community Please call West Hills Neighborhood Plan Steering Committee Chairperson Cindy Novak at 432-2993 or Sid Robinson at the City Planning Division at 487-0797 for more information Hi, it looks like no one is available right now, so I’ll just go ahead and leave a message I am wondering if the meeting will discuss the new plans on Tutor road That is the only interest I have right now, because oh, the traffic is so horribly bad there! I feel everything in our neighborhood is pretty good right now except for that street So if you guys are going to discuss it, please let me know I will be there If not, I might be there to hear some other plans, but probably not Thank you Please contact me as soon as possible This is Mary Keys 196 What is the purpose of the plan? (A) To help stimulate local business (B) To provide guidance for future development (C) To improve educational opportunities for neighborhood youth (D) To recruit volunteers for the West Hills Neighborhood Association 197 Who is Sid Robinson? (A) The principal of Young Elementary School (B) A member of the West Hills Neighborhood Plan Steering Committee (C) A contact at the City Planning Division (D) A citizen opposed to the plan 198 How can the plan’s progress best be described? (A) Beginning (B) Almost finished (C) Completed (D) Finished, but being revised 199 Why was a message left? (A) Couldn’t get contact by phone (B) Stamps are sold out (C) The secretary wanted to take it (D) Fastest way to get contact 200 What does Mary say about Tutor road? (A) She thinks that’s the only part of town that needs work (B) There is least traffic there (C) They need more stop signs there (D) If they are mentioning Tutor road in the meeting, she will not go Questions 153-154 refer to the following letter 101 Main Street Nashville, Tennessee November 19th, 2004 Se Joon Cha TOEIC Ms Huong Hanoi Law University FB: https://www.facebook.com/Helen1188 TOEIC Ms Huong Hanoi Law University FB: https://www.facebook.com/Helen1188 Department of Languages GNFS Mang Gok, Hong Kong 101616 Hong Kong Dear Mr Cha, I am writing to you to find out more information about the INX conference that will be held in Hong Kong this winter Please send me some more information on date, subjects, and costs I saw this ad in the Sauce magazine and am very interested I would also like to know if there is a job recruitment table at the conference and what applications and documents I need to apply for current available positions I am enclosing along with this letter my business card that has my name, home phone, cell phone number, my e-mail address and my address Thank you for your time I will look forward to hearing from you Sincerely, Doc Richards 153 What is Mr Richards sending with this letter? (A) A business card (B) A pay check (C) A brochure (D) Documents and applications for a job 154 What is Mr Richards NOT concerned about? (A) The magazine he saw this ad in (B) The costs (C) The date (D) The subjects ***************** Questions 159-161 refer to the following warranty Warranty All HiFine speakers are guaranteed for as long as you own the product We promise that our speakers and all components are free of defects in material and workmanship Our warranty is limited to the replacement or repair of speaker parts and components, and a refund cannot be given in any case The warranty does not cover problems caused by intentional damage, any type of accident, attempts to modify the product, misuse, abuse or negligence, it applies only to normal use of the product Labor costs are solely the responsibility of the original purchaser Any and all claims made under this warranty must be accompanied by a dated proof of purchase when presented at an authorized HiFine repair center Shipping costs of these items must be covered by the customer For further information, call us toll free at 1-800-441-0337 159 What kind of costs must be assumed by the customer? (A) Parts and labor (B) Long distance charges for service calls (C) Parts and shipping (D) Shipping and labor 160 Which of the following will be covered under the warranty? (A) Faulty wiring in the speakers (B) Scratches caused by pets (C) Travel expenses (D) Intentional abuse 161 Where can the products be serviced under the warranty? (A) A car dealership (B) The HiFine head office (C) At home (D) An authorized HiFine repair center Questions 162-164 refer to the following advertisement Wear It Again has been supplying quality used clothes in the San Francisco Bay area for the past decades TOEIC Ms Huong Hanoi Law University FB: https://www.facebook.com/Helen1188 TOEIC Ms Huong Hanoi Law University FB: https://www.facebook.com/Helen1188 I lere at Wear It Again, it is important to us that our customers receive high- quality garments at affordable prices Before putting clothes on the rack, we check each article for rips, discoloration and stains to make sure the clothing you purchase is in the best possible condition All items are sorted by size and color to make shopping easier for you We even carry popular designer brands like Gucci, Louis Vuitton and Tomy Hilfiger We also sell used furniture, books and even children's toys! Please note that 10% of all profits are donated to local charities to assist in building homeless shelters, provide food to soup kitchens, and to help jobless people find work If you want to look stylish and make a difference in your community at the same time, why not shop at Wear It Again? We can make you look and feel great! 162 What city is this store located in? (A) San Diego (B) North Bay (C) San Francisco (D) Los Angeles 163 What does Wear It Again to assist local charities? (A) They offer a 10% discount on used clothes (B) Their staff volunteers at soup kitchens (C) They check the clothes thoroughly (D) They donate 10% of their profits 164 What the staff NOT check for before putting clothes on the rack? (A) Discoloration (B) Rips (C) Color coordination (D) Stains Questions 153-154 refer to the following notice Video conferences are the way of the future A meeting will be held among top managers here at the head office to discuss how to implement this new technology to improve interoffice communications All vice presidents and general managers are asked to meet next Thursday at I0 AM to begin discussion on how this can positively affect our business After a 45- minute lunch at noon, we will begin to plan implementation procedures and discuss how the costs will be distributed among departments Because this is a very important discussion about how we will conduct meetings among other branches in the future, I want all of you who are attending the meeting to contact their employees from other branches to discuss any special needs or ideas they may have prior to the meeting Please come prepared to briefly discuss what you feel are the merits and potential obstacles to swiftly prepare this new way of doing things Thank you 153 Who will have been asked to attend the meeting? (A) Janitorial staff (B) Video conference technicians (C) Vice presidents and general managers (D) The President 154 Who must attendees contact prior to the meeting? (A) Their in-house employees (B) Their fellow management staff (C) Their staff at other offices (D) Clients they wish to confer with Questions 163-164 refer to the following instruction How to get your subscription to the Evening Sun In Person : Visit our offices on 321 Back Street and fill out a subscription form Payment by check or credit card will lie accepted at that time TOEIC Ms Huong Hanoi Law University FB: https://www.facebook.com/Helen1188 TOEIC Ms Huong Hanoi Law University FB: https://www.facebook.com/Helen1188 Online : Visit www.eveningsun.com and fill out our subscription form online You will be asked for your credit card at that time By Telephone : Call us at 555-9876 anytime from am to pm on weekdays Please have your credit card ready By Fax : Fax the attached subscription form to 555-9765 anytime, and be sure to include your credit card information Payment must be received in full before the first issue will be delivered to your door In the event of cancellation, a refund equal to 90% of the value of issues that have not yet been received will be granted 163 What method of subscribing will allow people to pay by check? (A) In person (B) By telephone (C) By fax (D) Online 164 How much will be refunded in the event of a cancellation? (A) 90% of the amount paid for the subscription (B) 50% of the total amount paid (C) 90% of the value of undelivered issues (D) It depends on the payment method Questions 176-178 refer to the following notice We appreciate your purchase of the Ciogo pogo stick Though our pogo sticks can offer your child years of bouncing enjoyment if cared for properly, we offer a three-month unconditional warranty on our product If for any reason the pogo stick breaks, or if you are unsatisfied with the product, just return it to the retailer fora full refund To help ensure enjoyment for a long time to come, we offer the following care lips: It's important to oil the piston and spring of the pogo stick every month or so depending on how often it is used It should not get wet in any way as this may cause rust We also not recommend that people who weigh more than 70 kilograms use the pogo stick, it is designed for children after all Attached to this warranty you will find a customer feedback form, please fill it out so we may improve our products You may also submit this information on our website ww.gogopogo.com 176 What kind of notice is this? (A) An official business memo (B) A customer complaint form (C) A warranty (D) A product assembly manual 177 What’s the writer warning the customers to avoid? (A) Letting the product rust (B) Oiling the stick (C) Allowing children for play (D) Reselling it to others 178 What kind of document is attached to this notice? (A) An online form (B) A feedback survey (C) A warranty (D) A care guide Questions 196-200 refer to the following letters Wise Conference Center PO Box 98212 Troy, CA 92232 September 10, 2006 Mr Joel Passon Discovery Corporation TOEIC Ms Huong Hanoi Law University FB: https://www.facebook.com/Helen1188 TOEIC Ms Huong Hanoi Law University FB: https://www.facebook.com/Helen1188 132 Caller Avenue Troy CA 92232 Dear Mr Passon: We are pleased to confirm with you the arrangements for your conference at Wise Conference Center during November 24-26, 2006 From the information you have provided to us, you are expecting between 100 and 150 people for a three days long conference We will reserve a room that can be closed off or opened up to match the final number of people We have all the audio-visual systems available for you to use, so just please let us know if you need anything We wanted to confirm with you that you will not need any catering However if you end up changing your mind, please let us know before November 15 so that we can call and make an arrangement with a catering company I have included the total estimated price for your three days long conference Please call me for any questions or concerns Again I appreciate you choosing Wise Conference Center I am excited to see how' the service we will offer you will aid you in all your activities and seminars during the three days Sincerely, Alicia Rosas Events Manager Wise Conference Center Ms Alicia Rosas Wise Conference Center 15677 Nation St Monterey, CA 93940 Dear Ms Rosas, I thank you for your cooperation, it will truly help us to have a great and successful conference this coming November However, there are several questions that I wanted to ask you I was wondering if the Wise Conference Center has any fitness room, swimming pool, or spa etc., for us to enjoy, how big the cafeteria is, how many people are sharing one room, and if there are any nice parks for families to enjoy Also, I have a few disabled people that will be coming to our conference, and I was wondering if your conference center has adequate facilities for those people so that they are as comfortable as possible Thank you for your attention to this matter Joel Passon Discovery Corporation Conference & Seminar Manager Pass@discover com 196 What is the first letter about? (A) Ms Alicia is trying to make an arrangement to hold a conference (B) Ms Alicia is informing a client about their arrangement for a conference (C) Ms Alicia is asking her client details about the conference (D) Ms Alicia is booking the date for her customer's conference 197 What is NOT true about the conference? (A) The conference is only three days long (B) The conference center is expecting from 100 to 150 people (C) The conference will be held in LA CA (D) The conference center can provide all the audio and visual equipment 198 What should Mr Passon in order to get catering? (A) He must call the catering company and make arrangements before Nov 15 (B) He must let Ms Alicia know days before the conference (C) He must bring his own cooks to cook (D) He must ask Wise Conference Center staff for it before Nov 15 199 What is NOT one of Mr Passon's questions? TOEIC Ms Huong Hanoi Law University FB: https://www.facebook.com/Helen1188 TOEIC Ms Huong Hanoi Law University FB: https://www.facebook.com/Helen1188 (A) The capacity of cafeteria (B) Whether it has facilities his people can enjoy (C) Room arrangements for people (D) Entertainments like movies for families 200 What is Mr Passon’s big concern? (A) He has a son who will need assistance in attending the conference (B) He wants the disabled people to have their own rooms (C) He wants the handicapped people to enjoy the conference (D) He wants the handicapped people to be able to use all their facilities Questions 153 – 156 refer to the following article Toronto-A new contract has been signed by the City of Toronto and the State of Michigan regarding the controversial shipment of Toronto’s excess garbage south of the border to be buried in fields formerly used as agricultural land Toronto’s mayor, Fred Wilson, commented that a contract agreement was reached after many hours of negotiations between officials from Michigan and Toronto’s city council He said he was very pleased that they were able to settle the main points of contention, which were the amount of garbage Michigan would accept per year, how many years the contract would last for, and how much Toronto would need to pay to the state There have been protests both in the US and in Canada regarding the new plan Some Torontonians feel that the city should be focusing on reducing the amount of garbage being produced here in the hope that shipment of garbage elsewhere would be unnecessary, while environmental groups in Michigan are strongly opposed to bringing garbage from other areas onto state land 153 What is this article mainly about? (A) A new contract between the governments of Canada and the US (B) A plan to ship garbage south of the border (C) A plan to reduce the amount of garbage produced in Toronto (D) Anti-American protests 154 Who made a comment on the new contract? (A) The State of Michigan (B) City council officials (C) The mayor of Toronto (D) Protesters 155 Which of the following was not a main point of contention regarding the contract? (A) The amount of garbage Michigan would accept (B) How much money would change hands (C) The length of the contract (D) How the garbage would be shipped 156 What some Torontonians want the city to focus on more? (A) Negotiating a better contract (B) Reducing the amount of waste produced (C) Bringing the trash in from Michigan (D) Shipping the trash in energy efficient ways Questions 10-160 refer to the following information Thank you for choosing the Eye-Saver Anti-Glare System The Eye-Saver System fits over your computer screen to eliminate glare and remove excessive strain on your eyes Eye care experts from around the country urge their clients to protect their eyes during long hours of computer use The Eye-Saver System has been proven by researchers to improve comfort in the office To install your Eye-Saver System, remove the protective cover Using the hooks at the top of the screen, carefully hang it on the front of your computer monitor The hinges allow you to adjust the angles of the screen for optimal viewing comfort To clean 10 TOEIC Ms Huong Hanoi Law University FB: https://www.facebook.com/Helen1188 TOEIC Ms Huong Hanoi Law University FB: https://www.facebook.com/Helen1188 My name is Sang-ho Park, a researcher on the cause of collapsed buildings in the capital Seoul, and I am seeking interviews with anyone who has seen or survived from the 1997 Tae Sung Department Building tragedy Survivors or those who have known survivors are especially encouraged to participate Remuneration is 20,000 won per hour, and the interviewees will be acknowledged in all resulting published books, magazines, and articles November 15,2006 Dear Mr Park, Hello, my name is Gyoung-Ju Kim, and I am one of the very few survivors of the Tae Sung Department Building tragedy I am very thankful that a person like you is willing to investigate after such a horrible tragedy which has taken away my job, my youngest daughter and many of my co-workers Although it has cost more than 50 people’s lives and more than a hundred people lying in the hospital for at least a month, the survivors and their families have not been treated the way they should’ve been We ait had to go through such a hard time and it was a long terrible nightmare for all of us I would the interview willingly even if there was no incentive, because the tragedy still remains in our hearts and we don’t want it to happen again I am also bringing my friend, a co-worker who also survived from the tragedy Thank you Sincerely, Gyoung-Ju Kim 196 Who would most likely reply to the ad? (A) Seoul city Mayor (B) An employee retired in 1996 from Tae Sung Department store (C) Local citizens who live around Tae Sung Department store (D) An architect specialized in building collapses 197 What is Mr Park planning to do? (A) Interview architects specializing in building collapses (B) Write a history of collapsed buildings in the capital Seoul (C) Teach new architects about the importance of solid buildings (D) Discover the basis of the collapsed department building 198 What is the reward for the interviewees? (A) Acknowledgement of their names in one magazine (B) Hourly payment (C) A small percentage of royalty income (D) Free copies of ail published articles 199 What is Ms Kim's loss from the tragedy? (A) Her younger son (B) People she worked together in the department store with (C) Her engaged boyfriend (D) Her chance to extend her business 200 What is the reason she is applying for the interview? (A) She wants to use the research to get compensatory damages (B) She wants to prevent another disaster (C) She wants to good things for the community (D) She wants to be one of Mr Park's research staff Questions 165-167 refer to the following article Hudsonville, Illinois has quickly become a place for people wanting to start their own small business While such mammoth multinational giants as Dunlop, Gold Star, and Owens-Coming started arriving in the 1970s to take advantage of Hudsonville’s cheap, unskilled labor, highly trained professionals from such big companies who want to strike out on their own business have fueled the small business surge, it’s approximated that one out of every three adults in Hudsonville is an engineer, 194 TOEIC Ms Huong Hanoi Law University FB: https://www.facebook.com/Helen1188 TOEIC Ms Huong Hanoi Law University FB: https://www.facebook.com/Helen1188 scientist, or technician: At the Hudsonville Athletic Club, a random selection from the stack of magazines in the reception area reveals Small Business Computing, Physics Today and The Planetary Report 165 Who are most likely to become entrepreneurs? (A) Professionals from large conglomerates (B) Job-seekers at multinationals in Hudsonville (C) Members of the Hudsonville Athletic Club (D) Out of town small business owners 166 What most small businesses in Hudsonville specialize in? (A) Goods and services (B) Agribusiness (C) High tech industries (D) Leisure 167 What would be a good headline for this article? (A) Hudsonville’s Thriving Multinationals (B) A Mecca for Small Businesses (C) A Small Business Bust in Huntsville (D) An Economic Revival Miracle Questions 178-180 refer to the following article Auto Safety and Cellular Phones Did you know that motorists who use cellular phones increase their risk of having an accident by 24 percent, according to a new study by researchers at the Drive Safe Institute in Detroit? The study found that the most frequent scenario is for a motorist indulged in a conversation on the phone to run a red light at an intersection, causing a collision The report also found that accidents most occur when drivers use their car phones and attempt to something else, such as light a cigarette, change the radio and etc The study notes that even on the open highway, car phones can take people's minds off their driving, making them more vulnerable to make mistakes, often with deadly consequences A spokesman for the Cellular Telecommunications Association attacked the study, dismissing it as flawed and unscientific The group plans to conduct its own study to show that cellular phones pose no additional risk to motorists 178 According to the study, what effect does cellular phone use have on driving? (A) Drivers drive faster when using cellular phones (B) Drivers ignore traffic signals when talking on the phone (C) Drivers are distracted by other drivers who use phone (D) Drivers are often unable to maintain control when only one hand is on the steering wheel 179 According to the study, what is one factor contributing to automobile accidents involving cellular phones? (A) Smoking cigarettes (B) Drinking too much before driving (C) Using cellular phones during electrical storms (D) Traffic signal malfunctions caused by interference from cellular phones 180 What does the Cellular Telecommunications Association plan to do? (A) Perform a study (B) Lobby to have the current law rewritten (C) Launch a nationwide educational program (D) File a formal complaint against the researchers Questions 169-171 refer to the following letter August 8, 2006 Dear Mr Henson, 195 TOEIC Ms Huong Hanoi Law University FB: https://www.facebook.com/Helen1188 TOEIC Ms Huong Hanoi Law University FB: https://www.facebook.com/Helen1188 Although a little late, I would like to say congratulations on the marriage of your eldest son I regret that I was unable to attend the wedding As you know, I was on a business trip from the second week of July to the fourth week However, I am going on another business trip and I expect to return to Taipei by mid-October I am looking forward to meeting your son then For your information, when I see you in October, I will provide you with several new proposals for expanding operations in the Kaohsiung area These proposals came out of the work you did last summer, when you compiled and provided me with details of cost reports and budget figures for additional capital equipment, facilities, and personnel I will look forward to seeing you soon Sincerely, Sam Shaw 169 With what does the letter begin? (A) An offer (B) Condolences (C) Congratulations (D) An acceptance 170 On what is Mr Shaw’s work based? (A) On plans for Mr Henson’s son (B) On information from Mr Henson (C) On the situation in Canberra (D) On suggestions provided by Mr.Henson 171 What will Mr Shaw bring Mr Henson when he comes to Taipei? (A) New plans (B) A contract (C) An invitation (D) A sum of money Questions 175-177 are based on the following analysis Through our careful review and what we hear from the citizens of Karlata, we believe that Mr Nakajta will be elected the new prime minister of Karlata in next month’s election Mr Nakajta, running on a platform of extreme nationalism and protectionism, is expected to win a substantial victory over his main rival, Mr Yah-Ju Wang This is due to Mr Nakajta’s large following among students, labor unions, and portions of the lower middle class We further expect that Mr Nakajta’s victory will have serious and mainly negative consequences for corporations doing business in Karlata, as Mr Nakajta favors taxing corporations heavily 175 This report predicts that Mr Nakajta’s next position will be that of a (A) Tax collector (B) Prime minister (C) Member of the cabinet (D) Seat in the legislature 176 What policies does Mr Nakajta advocate? (A) Anti-union (B) Free market (C) Nationalistic (D) Socially liberal 177 What does the report say will happen to companies in Karlata as a result of Nakajta’s election? (A) They will be forced to close (B) They will be hurt financially (C) They will receive tax incentives (D) They will have to hire more workers Questions 165-166 refer to the following letter 196 TOEIC Ms Huong Hanoi Law University FB: https://www.facebook.com/Helen1188 TOEIC Ms Huong Hanoi Law University FB: https://www.facebook.com/Helen1188 Dear Shauna, I just got the word from my good friend Chadwick about your husband's most tragic accident I know we weren’t always the best of friends, but I would like to say that all of that is behind us and thought that I’d give you a feel better letter Words can’t describe how I feel for your husband I remember last week, how things started to get heated up with me and your husband but you managed to pull us apart, risking yourself getting hurt So I know how much you loved your husband, and you two have made such a hard effort to make a good living to be a happy family I have made arrangements with Chadwick and all of our friends to drop by your house to see how you’re doing Sincerely, Randy 165 What was most likely Randy and Shauna’s relationship before this letter? (A) They were good friends, (B) They were not too good of friends (C) Shauna was Randy’s girlfriend (D) Chadwick wasn’t Shauna’s friend 166 What can be assumed from this letter? (A) Shauna and her husband are living happily (B) Randy and Shauna’s husband had a fight (C) Chadwick is a girl (D) Randy is going to Chadwick’s house again Questions 176-178 refer to the following memo To: Andy Bogard, President and CEO of Telecommunications Co From: Ken Rickson Subject: Recycling Dear Mr Bogard We have gotten word from the president of the recycling plant that your recycling bags have trash mixed with the cans All cans, cardboard, paper, bottles should be recycled clearly in the bin that says RECYCLED NO trash is to be mixed in the bags If there is ANY trash in the bins, we will just toss them out with regular trash The recycling plant charges us a fine every time there is any trash in the bags We NOT recycle shredded paper of any type Please discard shredded paper with the regular trash in the trash bin I hope you can inform all your employees about these simple rules, and these simple rules will make the job much easier for the custodial staff that works here all night Thank you Ken Rickson Maintenance/ Custodial Supervisor 176 Why has this letter been sent? (A) To notify their fine (B) To inform existing policy (C) To inform new policy (D) To inform a change in policy 177 What is said about shredded paper? (A) It can be recycled (B) It must be tossed away with trash (C) It must be put in the bin that says RECYCLED (D) It should be put in a bag, than to a bin 178 What items are NOT recycled? (A) Cans 197 TOEIC Ms Huong Hanoi Law University FB: https://www.facebook.com/Helen1188 TOEIC Ms Huong Hanoi Law University FB: https://www.facebook.com/Helen1188 (B) Bottles (C) Cardboard (D) Torn paper Questions 156-157 refer to the following message Date: August 2nd, 2006 Time: 10.42AM To: Mr Anderson From: Mr Willis At: Superb Supplies Please call Message O Will call again Returned call Message - Mr Anderson, this is Mr Willis leaving a message about our meeting tomorrow I just got back from a business trip with Miss Portman yesterday Unfortunately, I got the flu while I was down there This, coupled with jetlag, will make it hard to meet with you tomorrow However, I must meet with you in Paris as soon as possible I will re-schedule for Monday of next week, there should be no problems getting a seat then, when the holiday season has ended I am very sorry for not being able to meet you at the originally set time I apologize again for any inconvenience this has caused you or your company Message taken by Ann McDonald 156 Why can’t Mr Willis meet Mr Anderson tomorrow? (A) He can’t get a flight (B) He is not feeling well (C) It is the holiday season (D) He has to go on a business trip 157 What will Mr Willis next? (A) Meet him in Superb Supplies as soon as possible, (B) Re-schedule the meeting for Monday (C) Cancel the appointment altogether (D) Reserve a seat on the next available flight Questions 181-185 refer to the following e-mail messages SUBJECT: A great site DATE: Wednesday, 16, February FROM: Steve TO: fnend@catnsbv.com I recently found a great new Internet company called EveryoneWins.com that rewards its members for playing games By the end of the year, the company will be giving away over million dollars in cash and prizes! EveryoneWins.com even rewards me when my friends are playing, which is why I am sending this message to you It only takes a minute to join, so sign up now (using me as your referring member) and start winning cash and prizes today Everything is explained on the Web site It is totally free, privacy-protected, and the money and prizes are real! To join, simply dick here: http://www.everyonewins.com/lonin/reg/asp?ibud@fsnet.net Steve Subject: Re: A great site Date: Saturday, 19th, February From: Sean To: 198 TOEIC Ms Huong Hanoi Law University FB: https://www.facebook.com/Helen1188 TOEIC Ms Huong Hanoi Law University FB: https://www.facebook.com/Helen1188 Could you PLEASE stop sending me spam mail? I am really getting fed up with you sending me spam mail twice a day, and it is starting to hit my last nerve If another one of these mails comes to me, from you or ANY e-mail address from fastnet.com, I will go post in every bulletin and forum I have signed up in for negative publicity on your company I received so much spam mail from you guys I actually clicked on what it is today to see what the big deal was, and as soon as I did my computer froze after a million pop-ups I repeat, DO NOT SEND ANY MORE SPAM MAIL! 181 What would someone at everyonewins.com? (A) Play games (B) Check winning lottery numbers (C) Make travel arrangements (D) Buy and sell stocks 182 Till when will cash awards be given? (A) Later in the month (B) At the end of the quarter (C) This year (D) The following year 183 How much does it cost to join everyonewins.com? (A) $10 a month (B) $100 a month (C) $100 a year (D) Nothing 184 What are the replier to the e-mails emotions like? (A) Angry (B) Happy (C) Excited (D) Embarrassed 185 What does the replier say happened when he went to the site? (A) His computer froze (B) A few pop-ups came up (C) He lost money (D) It led to a forum ***************** Questions 165-199 refer to the following letter Speedenix Corporation www.Speedenix.com 78 Center Street Atlanta, GA 83528 November 17, 2004 DBX Studio, Inc 445 Mass Ave Boston MA 02143 Dear DBX Studio: I wanted to thank you for your passionate commitment to web design and superior customer service I develop customer relationship management strategies on a daily basis for my clients and I am NEVER easily impressed with customer service in any industry In fact, my motto had been that customer service is mediocre at best I am glad to say that DBX Studio proved me wrong and my web site is clear proof of that! When I first talked to Douglas, one of your associates, on the phone, I knew he was the right web designer for me even though we had never met or spoken before I was impressed most with Douglas' commitment to my work and his willingness to educate me about the web design process 199 TOEIC Ms Huong Hanoi Law University FB: https://www.facebook.com/Helen1188 TOEIC Ms Huong Hanoi Law University FB: https://www.facebook.com/Helen1188 Throughout my experience with DBX Studio I was always very satisfied with prompt and reliable service Douglas told me that I could reach him at almost any time Now this is unheard of, and it is a great example of the kind of personal customer service today’s businesses should strive for I remember times when Douglas told me he would be working until I am or so on my web site to meet our deadlines And sure enough, I would receive e-mails the next morning that were received anywhere from to am Thank you so much for all of your help — the web site looks terrific! I look forward to referring many of my clients to you Sincerely, Scott Hatheaway President of Speedenix 165 What is the purpose of this letter? (A) To complain about poor customer service (B) To request changes in the plan (C) To refer new clients to the company (D) To praise an employee for his dedication 166 What did Douglas NOT for Mr Hatheaway? (A) Introduced him to a new client (B) Educated him about web design (C) Worked late hours to meet the deadlines (D) Proved his motto to be wrong Questions 200-168 refer to the following letter A & S Piano School 6250 Pla/a de Augustus 265-970 Rome, Italy November 25 Mr George Smith Manager, Client Relations Smith and Andersen Pianos Inc 530 Via Theda 255-860 Rome Italy Dear Mr Smith: In today’s fast-paced world, it is common to overlook the performance of a skilled employee This being the case, I am writing to inform you that one of your sales associates, Mr Prank Jones, has provided me with a superb service When I visited your storeroom last month to purchase a new piano, Mr Jones was there to answer all of my questions and fulfill every need I had He is certainly a credit to his profession and you should feel privileged to have such an excellent employee Kindly let Mr Jones know that we at A & S Piano greatly appreciate his skill, service and knowledge of pianos I le made shopping at your store a real pleasure for us Sincerely, John Giovanni John Giovanni President 167 What is the purpose of this letter? (A) To comment on the quality of their pianos (B) To apply for a sales position (C) To request the delivery of a piano (D) To praise a certain employee 168 What does Frank Jones for Smith and Andersen Company? (A) He plays the piano (B) He keeps pianos in storage (C) He sells pianos 200 TOEIC Ms Huong Hanoi Law University FB: https://www.facebook.com/Helen1188 TOEIC Ms Huong Hanoi Law University FB: https://www.facebook.com/Helen1188 (D) He delivers pianos Questions 161-162 refer to the following survey To: Josie Wales Subject: The Quality of our Accommodations at Oak Lodge Date: February From: Jenny Jamieson You have been randomly selected from a list of recent guests to receive a survey from us regarding your impressions on the quality of our senders during your stay with us Please be kind enough to fill out the form below, and we welcome any additional comments you can make that will help us to better serve you in the future iHow would you rate: Excellent Good Poor Additional comments or suggestions: For (he most port, the stay was enjoyable, but I have three complaints: room service was very slow and the food I received was cold, and my mattress was somewhat lumpy mu! this nave me a sore back 161 What is the purpose of the document? (A) To request a room service order (B) To ask clients for advice in improving services (C) To ask people to stay at their hotel (D) To ask about where a good hotel can be found 162 What was Josie’s complaint about room service? (A) The food was overpriced (B) The staff was unkind (C) The menu didn’t have enough selection (D) The service wasn’t quick Questions 173-175 refer to the following notice How to Build a Birdhouse This is much more than a simple instructional manual explaining the materials required and the dimensions of the pieces that must he fitted together to build a birdhouse This hook is full of tips with regard to proper sawing, nailing, screwing and gluing techniques that will help you to build the highest-quality birdhouse on your block! There is also information that can help you to choose the best wood when you visit your lumberyard, as well as painting lips that will help you decorate your birdhouse and protect it, so that many generations of your little friends can raise families in it These tips can be applied to any number of home carpentry projects after you practice them by building this little wonder! 129 pages, expect 4-6 weeks for delivery Completion of the birdhouse takes about 10 working hours 173 What kind of skill does this book give tips for? (A) Pottery (B) Drawing (C) Making wooden things (D) Interior home decorating 174 Which of the following does the notice mention will protect the birdhouse? (A) Proper gluing (B) Proper painting (C) Proper nailing (D) Proper screwing 175 Which of the following is NOT discussed in the notice? (A) Sawing techniques (B) Selection of materials 201 TOEIC Ms Huong Hanoi Law University FB: https://www.facebook.com/Helen1188 TOEIC Ms Huong Hanoi Law University FB: https://www.facebook.com/Helen1188 (C) Decoration of the birdhouse (D) Placement of the birdhouse Questions 165-166 refer to the following instructions How to assemble invitations for mailing Start by placing your invitation face-up in front of you If you want to use the tissues, place the tissue over the writing The tissues are absolutely not necessary — they were originally packing material used when engraving inks were oily and wouldn’t have dried by the time they were shipped, so the tissues kept the inks from smudging until they dried They were “supposed” to be removed before assembling the invitation for mailing However, over time, using the tissues has become “proper,” so you’re welcome to use them if you would like If you have printed your invitations on your own printer, you might find that the tissues indeed serve a purpose — printer inks often “do” smudge during mailing If your invitations are the sort that need to be folded in half to fit into the envelope, you fold the invitation from top to bottom, with the writing on the inside If you are enclosing response cards, they should be tucked under the flap on the invitation Pick up the invitation in your right hand Pick up the envelope in your left hand Stuff the invitation into the envelope with the fold of the invitation at the bottom of the envelope, and with the writing on the invitation facing the back of the envelope The purpose of this whole scheme is to ensure that when your invitees receive the invitation, they open the envelope and immediately encounter the card with writing facing them as they withdraw the letter 165 Why would a person use the tissues? (A) To protect the card from being torn (B) To prevent the ink from spreading (C) To ensure the confidentiality of the contents (D) To reduce stress on the fingers 166 What is the stated purpose of this scheme? (A) To speed up the process of mailing an invitation (B) To allow the recipient to see the contents at once after opening (C) To ensure that all required materials are stuffed in the envelope (D) To enable the invitee to open the mail with ease Questions 170-202 refer to the following notice Please, help us save the environment! Because of the limited fresh water supply on the island, we kindly ask our guests to help us conserve our precious natural resources! Here are the facts: • More than 60% of all water on the island is consumed by the tourism industry • Excessive amount of laundry detergents and bleaches from washing towels, for example, contaminates our water supply • When a faucet is left to drip, it can waste up to 10 liters of water a day, worsening the situation of the limited water supply on the island What you can to help: • Use only the towels you need • Don’t leave the tap water running • Immediately notify staff of any leaks or drips If you have any inquiries, please contact the reception desk and thank you for your cooperation Nantukett Island Resort Management 170 Where would this notice most likely be found? (A) In a convenience store (B) In a tourist information center (C) In a restaurant kitchen (D) In a hotel room 171 What is this notice concerning? (A) Conservation of water 202 TOEIC Ms Huong Hanoi Law University FB: https://www.facebook.com/Helen1188 TOEIC Ms Huong Hanoi Law University FB: https://www.facebook.com/Helen1188 (B) Theft of valuables (C) Training of hotel staff (D) Effect of air pollution 172 What is the reader NOT asked to do? (A) Close the faucet after use (B) Inform staff of any leaks (C) Use towels sparingly (D) Return the questionnaire promptly Questions 196-200 refer to the following notice and e-mail September 23 2005 IMPORTANT NOTICE FROM THE REGISTRAR’S OFFICE A review of currently enrolled students’ records shows that you are classified as a U.S citizen but were born outside the United States University policy requires that your citizenship status be documented through presentation of your U.S passport, certificate of citizenship, or embassy document establishing your U.S nationality Voter registration, Social Security card, or driver’s license are not acceptable documents for this purpose You may bring your documents to 150 Administration or you may submit legible copies of the documents by fax at 544-4323347 Your prompt attention to this matter is greatly appreciated If you not provide us with any relevant documents to prove your citizenship, you may not be able to participate in any of the school activities Thank you for your attention and cooperation Phillip McBillan, Associate Registrar Georgia University 187 University, Fast Ladern GA 65824-0210 Phone 544-353-4455 Fax 544-432-3347 phillipmc@gcorgia.edu TO: phillipmc@georgia.edu FROM: ronalddi@georgia.edu Subject: I’ve already sent it twice Hello, This is Ronald Dios, a student in Georgia university This is my second time receiving this letter concerning the need for me to bring or send you any document that will prove my citizenship However, I had already sent you a copy of my passport two weeks ago when I first received your letter I would like to send you the copy of my passport again, but currently I am away and there's no fax machine here So I will just give you information front my passport Passport Number: 04938XXXX Surname: DIOS Given Name: RONALD HENRY Nationality: UNITED STATES OF AMERICA Date of Birth: 20 Oct 1984 Sex: M Place of Birth: BRAZIL Date of Issue: 12 May 2003 Date of Expiration: 13 May 2013 Authority: United States Department of State 196 What is the letter mainly about? (A) Requesting more information about a student (B) Asking for a proof of Ronald’s citizenship (C) Informing new university policy (D) Requesting the student to send in any legal documents 203 TOEIC Ms Huong Hanoi Law University FB: https://www.facebook.com/Helen1188 TOEIC Ms Huong Hanoi Law University FB: https://www.facebook.com/Helen1188 197 What you know about Ronald? (A) He is not a U.S citizen (B) He was born in U.S (C) He is a professor at a university (D) He is listing information on his passport 198 What can Ronald not send in to prove his citizenship? (A) Passport (B) Certificate of citizenship (C) Driver’s license (D) Embassy document 199 What happens if Ronald doesn’t send any documents in? (A) He will fail all of his classes (B) He won’t be able to take exams (C) He won't be able to enjoy school exercises (D) He won’t be able to talk to professors and advisors 200 Why is Ronald not able to send in a copy of his passport? (A) He recently lost his passport (B) His fax machine doesn’t work (C) It is against the law to copy a passport (D) There is no fax machine around where he is Questions 178-180 refer to the following article Getting a good night's sleep may have surprising benefits, including adding up to six years to your life This and other results of the National Sleep Center decade-long study of the effects of sleep deprivation on adults were announced yesterday at a press conference by Margaret Norwood, the research scientist who headed the study Dr Norwood stressed that getting adequate sleep is not a luxury, it is critical to proper brain functioning People who sleep well show greatly enhanced moods, improved memories, and better job performances and are significantly less likely to be involved in accidents." Dr Hugh Weatley, the director at the center, agreed, stating that, while individuals vary in their need for sleep, "most adults require one hour of sleep for every two hours of wakefulness." He suggested that individuals determine their own requirements by sleeping for the amount of time they think they need for a week 178 When were the results of the research released? (A) Yesterday (B) A week ago (C) Six years ago (D) Ten years ago 179 Who is Margaret Norwood? (A) A journalist (B) The director of the National Sleep Center (C) The person in charge of the study (D) A market researcher 180 What is NOT mentioned as a benefit of regular sleep? (A) Improved appearance (B) Increased life expectancy (C) Greater happiness (D) Better mental functioning Questions 191-195 refer to the following introduction and letter National Nature Conservation Association Presents “Protect Us": 204 TOEIC Ms Huong Hanoi Law University FB: https://www.facebook.com/Helen1188 TOEIC Ms Huong Hanoi Law University FB: https://www.facebook.com/Helen1188 These days we hear news of global warming, species extinction, collapse of the rain forests, devastation of the sea and melting of the ice on the north and south poles We feel powerless and not know what to We are overwhelmed with sadness to see our beautiful land and animals dying or suffering What can about it? "When we it together." Mr Peterson, the head of the National Nature Conservation Association says, “we can protect them, and eventually protect ourselves." Mr Peterson and his colleagues proposed selecting one representative from each city to come together and find solutions that they can carry out all together "If you have passion for life, life that has always made this world as beautiful as it was, and courage to act upon what you believe, please come and help us." Mr Peterson said with great inspiration This movement called "Protect Us” is a national wide movement and (we) are looking for sponsors and support from anyone, anywhere, and anytime Just call 1-800- SAVEUS to support financially or sign up to be a representative for your city Call now to protect yourself, your family, your nation, and your Earth May 15, 2006 Dear Mr Peterson I am the president of New Electronics Company, James O'Conner Last night when I was watching T.V at home, I was very inspired by your short message that my desire to support you and your group led me to write this letter to you I remember when I was young my dad would always take me fishing and hunting, experiencing the beauty and power of nature I surely want that to continue for my children and also for all of our future generations I would like to donate $1,000 dollars and actually become an official sponsor of National Nature Conservation Association Please let me know if there is anything else I can to help, other than supporting financially I applaud your courage and passion to save what God has given us James O'Conner CEO & President of New Electronics Bloomberg, NY 191 What is the article about? (A) It is about a scientist who found a solution to save the world (B) It is about a president of a nation wanting to save nature (C) It is about an inspiring movement to protect nature (D) It is a commercial trying to sell products that will save nature 192 What is NOT one of the problems we are facing today? (A) Rise in average temperature (B) Desolation of the sea (C) Crush of the forests (D) Melting of snow on mountains 193 Who can be a representative of city? (A) Anyone who has a degree in the science field (B) Anyone who wishes to protect the world from war (C) Anyone who worked for N N.C A for the last five years (D) Anyone who wants to step up and preserve the environment 194 What is the main purpose of Mr O'Conner’s letter? (A) He wants to help N.N.C.A by donation (B) He wants to be a city representative (C) He wants to advertise his products as he sponsors N N.C.A (D) He wants to share his solution to save nature 195 What is NOT true about Mr O'Conner? (A) He loves nature and wants the future generation to enjoy it too (B) He was very encouraged by Mr Peterson's leadership and courage (C) He wants to be a sponsor of N.N.C.A for the good cause (D) He will sell all of his belongings to support N.N.C.A 205 TOEIC Ms Huong Hanoi Law University FB: https://www.facebook.com/Helen1188 TOEIC Ms Huong Hanoi Law University FB: https://www.facebook.com/Helen1188 ***************** Questions 165 through 168 refer to the following letter Roberts Investment Company 3625 Woodrow Wilson Way Palo Alto, CA Ewan Collins PO Box 72 Sunnyvale, CA December 3, 2006 Dear Mr Collins, On behalf of Roberts Investment Company, I am pleased to be able to write to tell you that, as one of our most esteemed clients, we are sending in your name a donation to the Children's Hospital in Oakland Please find enclosed a card from the Children's Hospital, made by one of the children at the annual Roberts Investment Kids’ Christmas party, which was held earlier this month This donation is in place of the personal gift we usually send during this season Here at Roberts Investment, we decided that this year we would like to give gifts which would make a lasting difference This is a reflection of how each of our most valued clients really makes a difference to us We want you to know how much we at Roberts Investment all appreciate your j generosity and hard work It truly makes our job worthwhile May the coming holidays bring to you and yours good health, happiness, and a full share of those things that make this world a better place in which to live We look forward to another year of working together, with the hopes that the coming year will bring even greater success for all Cordially yours, Penelope Waters, Vice Manager, Systems Development 165 What time of year does this letter refer to? (A) Spring (B) Vacation (C) Tax season (D) Winter 166 What is Roberts Investment doing? (A) Sending Ewan Collins some money (B) Buying Ewan Collins an excellent bottle of wine (C) Paying for Ewan Collins’ car to be fixed (D) Making a charitable donation in his name 167 What is the relationship of Ewan Collins to Roberts Investment? (A) He is the vice manager (B) He is one of their clients (C) He was a guest at their Christmas party (D) He used to work at Robert Investment 168 Why is Roberts Investment sending this letter? (A) To thank Ewan for his efforts over the past year (B) To demonstrate their altruistic policies (C) To help sick children (D) To save money Questions 191 through 195 refer to the following emails TO: Marsha Dillard, Supervisor FROM: Judith Wilson DATE: August 3rd 206 TOEIC Ms Huong Hanoi Law University FB: https://www.facebook.com/Helen1188 TOEIC Ms Huong Hanoi Law University FB: https://www.facebook.com/Helen1188 SUBJECT: Evaluation of PSI Seminar in Salt Lake City After attending the Professional Secretaries International Convention in Salt Lake City, July 20-25,I recommend that at least one support staff member have the opportunity to attend each year The information distributed at the convention is extremely valuable and will be beneficial to all support staff at Western Bank This was the third time I have attended a PSI convention, but it was the first time my attendance has been subsidized by Western Bank The sessions ranged from technical to practical to personal Even with the variety of the sessions, nearly all workshops discussed expanding and enhancing the contribution of secretaries in the workplace The sessions I attended were as follows: Office Automation in the 21" century Anatomy of a Merger How to Get Your Article Published in The Secretary Secretarial Stress: The Hidden and Controlling Factor Over 50 companies exhibited the latest in office technology, demonstrating everything from fax machines to filing systems The convention was truly outstanding, and I consider it an essential part of my professional development I will be sharing what I learned with the other office professionals at Western Bank at our monthly meeting later this month Sincerely, Judith Wilson Dear Judith, TO: Judith Wilson FROM: Marsha Dillard, Supervisor DATE: August 5th SUBJECT: Re: Evaluation of PSI Seminar in Salt Lake City Dear Judith, Thank you so much for your feedback on the PSI Seminar It is gratifying to know that it was money well spent I have forwarded a copy of your email to Eric Richards, who is in charge of funding professional development, and I have written my own proposal suggesting that we send three members of support staff each year Please share what you learned with our other office members, and if you have time, I’d love to discuss the conference with you sometime next week Regards, Marsha Dillard 191 Which of the following accurately reflects Judith’s response to the seminar? (A) Unhappy (B) Indifferent (C) Ambivalent (D) Enthusiastic 192 What was the main focus of the conference? (A) New office technology and how it’s changed secretarial roles (B) The importance of secretarial work (C) The importance of being a professional (D) Understanding business terminology 193 What does Judith propose to Marsha? (A) Allowing Judith to attend the conference every year (B) Sending a member of the support staff to the conference every year (C) That Marsha attend the conference next year (D) Asking Eric Richards to give a presentation at the conference 194 What is Marsha’s reaction to Judith’s suggestion? (A) She thinks it is unreasonable (B) She hopes the Judith will reconsider (C) She thinks it is a wonderful idea (D) She will recommend that Judith be promoted 207 TOEIC Ms Huong Hanoi Law University FB: https://www.facebook.com/Helen1188 TOEIC Ms Huong Hanoi Law University FB: https://www.facebook.com/Helen1188 195 Who manages the funds for professional development of staff members? (A) Judith Wilson (B) Marsha Dillard (C) Eric Richards (D) Marsha Dillard and Eric Richards 208 TOEIC Ms Huong Hanoi Law University FB: https://www.facebook.com/Helen1188 [...]... roof 178 Why is Foamsulate being advertised? (A) Until now, it was not available to the ordinary consumer (B) It has been discounted (C) It has a new, improved formula (D) It is easy to install 179 How long does it take to insulate a room using Foamsulate? (A) Two days (B) An hour (C) Half an hour (D) Half a day 25 TOEIC Ms Huong Hanoi Law University FB: https://www.facebook.com/Helen1188 TOEIC Ms Huong... commitment to conservation Since 1 976 , SHOP has donated more than $5 million to protect the outdoors for recreation * Offer does not apply to reduced-price items or discounted goods during sales 162 What must you do to receive these benefits? (A) Only shop during certain times of the year 17 TOEIC Ms Huong Hanoi Law University FB: https://www.facebook.com/Helen1188 TOEIC Ms Huong Hanoi Law University FB:... Questions 165 through 168 refer to the following letter The Buena Vista Center 578 Barberry Road Berkeley, CA 9 471 1 Tel: 510 - 564 - 9912 Fax: 510-564-9913 19 TOEIC Ms Huong Hanoi Law University FB: https://www.facebook.com/Helen1188 TOEIC Ms Huong Hanoi Law University FB: https://www.facebook.com/Helen1188 June 6, 2000 Dear Ms Adler, Thank you for your June 1st letter expressing interest in the Buena... 1-800-8 37- 08 37 ‘Note: S49.95 Shipping and Handling fee, restrictions, limitations and minimum subscription requirements apply Chester Bank is not affiliated with Satellite Express, SKYLINE or affiliates 1 67 Where would this passage most likely appear? (A) Daily newspaper (B) Trade journal (C) Credit card statement 11 TOEIC Ms Huong Hanoi Law University FB: https://www.facebook.com/Helen1188 TOEIC Ms Huong... to use e-mails (D) Exercise only moderate amount of inspection on e-mails 199 Which of the following does Ms Tang suggest DIS to do? (A) Renew licenses for Alive (B) Separate the Logistics Department from Newton 27 TOEIC Ms Huong Hanoi Law University FB: https://www.facebook.com/Helen1188 TOEIC Ms Huong Hanoi Law University FB: https://www.facebook.com/Helen1188 (C) Look for better methods of protection... webmark.com Dwayne Han, Director of Human Resources Nine to Five Modems 178 To whom will the intern submit written analysis? (A) Dwayne Han (B) The web editor (C) The director of human resources (D) The webmark company 179 What is true of the advertised position? 33 TOEIC Ms Huong Hanoi Law University FB: https://www.facebook.com/Helen1188 TOEIC Ms Huong Hanoi Law University FB: https://www.facebook.com/Helen1188... protection than just banning all P2Ps (D) Block any outgoing e-mails from the company 200 Why Harriet opposes the ban of P2P programs? (A) Logistics Department have to make use of some P2P programs (B) Ms Tang wants to chat with friends using online messenger programs (C) Logistics Department cannot afford any more computer software (D) DIS is too authoritative on company policies Questions 163-166 refer to... classified advertisement Job #16 Data Entry Assistant Non-permanent weekend position lasting approximately 5 -7 weeks Basic computer skills, good writing skills strongly preferred Job # 17 Guest Service Representative 32 TOEIC Ms Huong Hanoi Law University FB: https://www.facebook.com/Helen1188 TOEIC Ms Huong Hanoi Law University FB: https://www.facebook.com/Helen1188 Full-time We need an experienced manager... arrangement by phone (C) Visit the nearest Service center (D) Call the post office for a pick-up 177 What did the company NOT do prior to writing this letter? (A) Visited the client’s residence (B) Leased the equipment to the client 26 TOEIC Ms Huong Hanoi Law University FB: https://www.facebook.com/Helen1188 TOEIC Ms Huong Hanoi Law University FB: https://www.facebook.com/Helen1188 (C) Called the client... have what it takes; send your resume and a recent writing sample to: LIFE SCENE Editorial Department 1800 2nd Street New York, NY 19002 176 Which of the following is NOT required for the advertised position? (A) A college degree 34 TOEIC Ms Huong Hanoi Law University FB: https://www.facebook.com/Helen1188 TOEIC Ms Huong Hanoi Law University FB: https://www.facebook.com/Helen1188 (B) Advanced level of
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