Metric handbook Sổ tay dữ liệu thiết kế kiến trúc.

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Sổ tay dữ liệu thiết kế kiến trúc.Architecture ebook metric handbook planning and design data. An invaluable tool for all architects, planners and designers. The leading book on planning and design data now thoroughly revised for the second edition. Includes contributions from over 30 experts. 30 chapters on the main building types ranging from airports, payment and counselling offices and retail trading; toplaces of worship, auditoria and student housing EDITED BY DAVID ADLER METRIC HANDBOOK PLANNING AND DESIGN DATA SECOND EDITION Architectural Press This CD Metric Handbook CDROM Planning and Design Data David Adler BSc DIC CEng MICE Civil Engineering Consultant is an invaluable timesaving tool for architects and designers has over 1700 symbols dealing with all the principal building types gives you additional search, select and insert facilities shows you space requirements between furniture as well as standard sizing specifications
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