Managerial economics applications,strategy,and tactics 12 ed

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ART I INTRODUCTION 11 Introduction and Goals of the Firm 22 Fundamental Economic Concepts 26PART II DEMAND AND FORECASTING 613 Demand Analysis 624 Estimating Demand 954A Problems in Applying the Linear Regression Model 1265 Business and Economic Forecasting 1376 Managing in the Global Economy 1756A Foreign Exchange Risk Management 227PART III PRODUCTION AND COST 2297 Production Economics 2307A Maximization of Production Output Subject to a Cost Constraint 2657B Production Economics of Renewable and Exhaustible Natural Resources 2678 Cost Analysis 2758A LongRun Costs with a CobbDouglas Production Function 3019 Applications of Cost Theory 305PART IV PRICING AND OUTPUT DECISIONS: STRATEGY AND TACTICS 33310 Prices, Output, and Strategy: Pure and Monopolistic Competition 33411 Price and Output Determination: Monopoly and Dominant Firms 38212 Price and Output Determination: Oligopoly 40913 BestPractice Tactics: Game Theory 44413A Entry Deterrence and Accommodation Games 48814 Pricing Techniques and Analysis 499PART V ORGANIZATIONAL ARCHITECTURE AND REGULATION 54515 Contracting, Governance, and Organizational Form 54615A Auction Design and Information Economics 58016 Government Regulation 61017 LongTerm Investment Analysis 644
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