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BÀI TẬP TRẮC NGHIỆM TIẾNG ANH LỚP UNIT 11 WHAT DO YOU EAT Choose the correct answer Only one answer is correct To make good you have to stir the mixture all the time A fresh coffee B boiled potatoes C scrambled eggs D orange juice - Would you like anything else? - _ A That will be all, thanks B Yes, I am C No problem D Oh, I’m sorry I don’t like tea I often drink a of coffee in the morning A basket B bucket C cup D plate Which word contains a different sound from the others? A cabbage B minute C woman D lettuce I want to make _ sandwiches, but we haven’t got _ bread A some / any B any/I some C a / some D an / any - What ice-cream flavor would you like? - A Baked, please B Chicken please C Vanilla, please D Ice-cream, please You can make excellent fruit sal ad with strawberries A bananas and grapes B tomatoes and carrots C garlic and pears D onions and fish If you want to _, you cook them in a pan of hot water A bake cakes B boil potatoes C grill prawns D fry fish I’m afraid this meat has no A taste at all B really delicious C salty D sweet and sour 10 What are we having for _ tonight? A breakfast B lunch C dinner D.B&C 11 _ is a long green vegetable which we often eat in salad A Cucumber B Carrot C Cabbage D Tomato 12 _ is the meat that comes from a young sheep A Chicken B Bee C Pork D.Lamb 13 To make a sandwich, you spread butter on _ and then add a filling A hamburger B brea C cake D wafer 14 Which of the following words has a different stress pattern? A banana B tomato C potato D onion 15 Which word is the odd one out? A bean B carrot C mushroo D melon 16 _ is a popular drink It’s dark and rather sweet A Orange juice B Mineral water C Cola D Lemonade 17 This pudding is _ It tastes wonderful A delicious B terrible C awful C tasteless 18. _ is a very healthy drink It has no sugar and no taste A Apple juice B Mineral water C Coffee D Tea 19.- Can we have the bill, please? - A I’m glad you like it B We’re closed on Mondays C Certainly, I’ll get it for you D No, thanks 20 Put these sentences in the correct order to make a conversation a Good evening A table for four? b Here it is Would you like a drink? c Thanks Can we see the menu? d Yes, please e This way, please Over here f Yes, three Pepsis and an orange juice, please A a-d- e-c-b-f B.f-c-a-d-b-e C d-b-a-c-f-e D.c-e-d-f-b-a Read the text and choose the answer that you think fits best ccording to the text Maria doesn’t usually eat breakfast She just has a cup of coffee She doesn’t eat anything until about eleven o’clock Then she has a biscuit and a glass of milk, For lunch she usually has a salad That’s at about two o’clock She has dinner at about 6.30 She’s a vegetarian, so she doesn’t eat meat or fish She eats cheese and eggs and things like that, She has a glass of water or fruit juice with her meal On the weekend she usually goes to a restaurant in the evening She can get vegetarian meals in a lot of restaurants and pubs now She likes Indian food because it has a lot of things for vegetarians 21 Maria drinks _ in the morning A a glass of mineral water B a cup of coffee C a cup of tea D a glass of orange juice 22 She has a salad for _ A breakfast B lunch C dinner D.B&C 23 She eats _ A fish B beef C pork D vegetables 24 On the weekend she usually A cooks dinners for her family B has a big lunch C has dinner at a restaurant D goes to the pub with some of her friends 25 She likes Indian food because A it is very cheap B it is spicy C it is good for her health D it has many things for vegetarians
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