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150. We have much in the rainy season. a. rainy b. rain c. raining d. rains → b 151. The Bakers lunch a. having b. is having c. are having d. has → c 152. I don't have money a. much b. many c. no d. a few → a 153. is the best football team in our school. a. Our b. Ours c. We d. Our’s → b 154. Many retirers feel useless because they a. do volunteer work b. have limited incomes c. aren't working d. can't help themselves → c 155. "It's very painful! I've worked for a long time in my garden," the woman said. a. because b. for c. by d. as soon as → a 156. The woman has hurt her back for too long. a. to bend b. by bending c. for bending d. owing to you bend → b 157. A lot of passengers who in the ship crash are still suffering from shock. a. is b. are c. was d. were → d 158. "How many ships there in our merchant fleet?" Mr Pike asked me. a. had been b. have been c. had been d. are → d 159. I in this garage as a car mechanic for 15 years. a. has been working b. have been working c. had worked d. worked → b 160. The person who in charge of a car is the conductor. a. is b. are c. was d. were → a 161. She regretted how to ride a bicycle when she was young. a. not to learn b. not learning c. not having learnt d. b & c are correct → d 162. The doctor showed the patient to do some exercises. a. what b. why c. when d. how → d 163. The doctor told his friend all about the woman and asked him for his advice. a. meet b. meeting c. to meet d. he met → b 164. If I had taken your advice, I a better life. a. will have b. shall have c. would have d. would have had → d 165. We have got high inflation. That's why prices keep up. a. go b. to go c. going d. to going → c 166. They wanted to know why they it for her while she could do it by herself. a. did b. have done c. should do d. have to do → c 167. Firemen rescued several people from the floor of the blazing building. a. high b. top c. basement d. low →b 168. When the electricity failed, he a match to find the candles. a. rubbed b. scratched c. struck d. started → c 169. He filled in the necessary forms and for the job. a. appealed b. asked c. requested d. applied → d 170. She is traveling to work by train today because her car is being a. stopped b. broken c. serviced d. rented →c 171. The film lasted three hours with of 15 minutes between part one and part two. a. an interval b. a pause c. a stop d. an interruption → a 172. I'm very busy at the moment so it may take a time to answer your letters. a. little b. few c. small d. some →a 173. He was wearing a heavy overcoat to himself against the cold. a. conceal b. protect c. cover d. wrap → b 174. It took Michael a long time to find a pair of shoes that him. a. liked b. fitted c. agreed d. matched → b 175. the traffic was bad, I arrived on time. a. Although b. In spite of c. Despite d. Even → a 176. He was unwilling to explain the reason his absence. a. for b. why c. of d. that → a 177. John Jameson is a famous who stole five million pounds from a bank. a. crime b. criminal c. criminally d. criminality → b 178. your own business can cause a lot of financial worries. a. Manage b. Managing c. Manager d. Manageable → b 179. The surgeons tried their best to save his life, but unfortunately the operation was a. unsuccessfully b. successful c. successfulness d. unsuccessful →d 180. I understand what you are saying. a. perfect b. perfectly c. perfection d. imperfect → b 181. His promotion to manager was a popular ………………………………. a. appoint b. appointed c. appointment d. appointee → c 182. A holiday in America can be cheap. a. surprise b. surprised c. surprising d. surprisingly → d 183. My colleagues are very pleasant, but the manager was a little a. unfriendly b. friendly c. friendship d. friendless → a 184. I this morning, and was late for school. a. sleep b. slept c. overslept d. oversleep → c 185. Mr. and Mrs. Brown are a couple but they are very kind to their neighbors' a. child / children b. children / children c. childish / child d. childless / children → d 186. The air is naturally by foreign matter such as plant pollens and dust. a. contaminated b. contaminate c. contamination d. contaminating → a 187. The heavily atmosphere in some industrial regions is called "smog", a word derived from "smoke" and "fog". a. pollute b. polluted c. pollution d. pollutant → b 188. Why are you always jealous other friends? a. with b. of c. for d. to → b 189. The form-master was suspicious my intention. a. about b. of c. on d. a & b are correct → d 190. He is confident his success in the final examination. a. about b. of c. on d. a & b are correct → b 191. I was angry myself for making such a stupid mistake. a. with b. of c. for d. to → a 192. They were furious me for not telling them the truth. a. with b. of c. for d. to → a 193. This chemical is harmful us. a. with b. of c. for d. to → d 194. The monitor is responsible our form-master the class. a. with / for b. for / to c. to / for d. with / to → c 195. We were surprised the way he behaves. It was quite out of character. a. about b. with c. at d. b & c are correct → c 196. These days everybody is aware the danger of smoking. a. about b. of c. on d. for → b 197. Are you still upset what I said to you yesterday? a. about b. of c. on d. for → a 198. We're short staff in our office at the moment. There aren't enough people to do the work that has to be done. a. in b. of c. at d. with → b 199. Scientists and engineers have invented filters and other methods of removing from industrial wastes. a. pollute b. polluted c. pollution d. pollutants → d
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