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100. It is a quarter one. a. over b. pass c. past d. on → c 101. Are there many students in Room 513? a. Yes, they are b. No, they aren't c. Yes, there are d. No, there aren't → c 102. Pupils are learning a. English b. England c. in English d. in England → a 103. Let's play football. - Yes, a. lets b. we play c. let us do d. let's → d 104. Her birthday is November. a. in b. on c. at d. into → a 105. Maria is the radio. a. looking b. watching c. listening to c. hearing to → c 106. Let's go out to play now. - No, I am doing my homework. a. all right b. let's not c. we don't d. let's → b 107. My young brother can sing but I a. aren't b. can c. can't d. am not → c 108. When's your birthday? - It's a. in 1990 b. on May 20th c. in October d. in May 20th → b 109. Mr. Baker want a new raincoat? a. Does b. Do c. Can d. Must → a 110. The weather is hot in Vietnam a. in winter b. in summer c. in spring d. in autumn → b 111. Mr. Dickson is very tall and big. He needs a raincoat. a. large size b. short c. long and big d. long and small → c 112. George is short. He needs a. a large size b. a medium size c. a small size d. a big size → c 113. Excuse me! you speak English? a. Does b. Are c. Do d. Is → c 114. do you need, Annette? a. What b. When c. Where d. Which → a 115. Mary me the way to Ho Tay lake. a. gives b. shows c. tell d. told → b 116. That man brings every morning. a. them milk b. their milk c. milk them d. milk for them → a 117. Take these dishes and bowls the kitchen. a. in b. on c. at d. into → d 118. You to the seaside this summer. a. are going b. are going to go c. will go d. all are correct → d 119. I never at home on Sundays. a. stay b. stays c. don't stay d. all are correct → a 120. Listen! My sister in the next room. a. is singing b. sing c. is going to sing d. will sing → a 121. Your son morning exercises everyday. a. do b. does c. is doing d. are doing → b 122. Tomorrow my friend's birthday. I some flowers for her. a. is / will buy b. will be / will buy d. is / buy d. will be / buy → a 123. It's often warm summer and cool autumn. a. in / on b. one / in c. in / in d. at / in → c 124. Her birthday is August the third. She always gets a lot of presents her birthday. a. on / on b. in/ in c. on / in d. in / at → a 125. Nam is learning English his room and his dog is the desk. a. at / in b. at / on c. in / on d. in / under → d 126. Are you free today, Paul? No, I am very busy the housework. a. in / with b. on / of c. no word / with d. at / to → c 127. Bob, would you like to go the zoo us on Sunday. - I'd love to, but I am afraid not because I have a lot of exercises to do. a. with / to b. to / with c. to / to d. no word / with → b 128. Thanks ringing. I am going to see you at half seven. a. of / to b. for / to c. for / past d. of / over → c 129. Rebecca is English but she isn't England. She comes to Vietnam Thailand. a. from / in b. from / for c. for / from d. from / from → d 130. Look that strange man. He is looking Lan but Lan isn't here. a. for / at b. at / for c. at / at d. after / at → b 131. Count one one hundred, please. a. on / to b. to / on c. from / to d. to / to → c 132. Tom is engineer. a. the b. an c. a d. one → b 133. There is ink - pot on the desk. a. the b. a c. an d. some → c 134. What is color of your pen? a. the b. a c. an d. any → a 135. Kate and Mary are going to cinema. a. the b. a c. an d. no article → a 136. My parents are always at home on Sundays. a. the b. a c. an d. no article → d 137. What's weather like in winter in your country? a. the b. a c. an d. no article → a 138. Please, put these pencils in box. a. an b. the c. a d. no article → b 139. Listen to teacher, please. Don't talk in class. a. the b. a c. an d. no article → a 140. After dinner, I always wash dishes. a. an b. a c. the d. no article → c 141. I never to school on Sundays. a. go b. goes c. went d. don't go → a 142. Mrs. and Mr. Pike dinner at the moment. a. is having b. are having c. are eating d. b & c are correct → d 143. He eggs, bread and butter. a. is wanting b. doesn't want c. do want d. didn't want → b 144. What time he lunch? a. does / have b. do / have c. is / having d. does / has → a 145. I need a book but she a. needn't b. doesn't c. needs not d. don't → b 146. the Pikes in the garden now? a. Is / working b. Doesn't / working c. Are / working d. Do / work → c 147. There four seasons in a year. a. are b. be c. is d. am → a 148. There any sugar in the jar. a. isn't b. aren't c. is d. are → a 149. Mrs. Mary me English. a. teaching b. teaches c. teach d. doesn't teaches → b
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