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The teacher''s magazine chronological order EDIBA runla 0 • Blessings Calligrams Oral presentations and public speakIng Global Culture Cal [...]... useful tips to help them plan, prepare and deliver effective presentations Structure Advise students to clearly divide their presentation into introduction, body and conclusion First, they should introduce themselves, state the aim of the presentationand the points to be covered Then, they develop the topic And finally, they should recap knowing that the last thing they say will be the most remembered... up at the front glancing subtly from side to side in order 50 make eye contact with the audience Words should lead actions: if they count, they should hold out their fingers; if they say no, they should shake their head softly Tell students they may feel awkward, but the mark will pay off Taking care of their personal appearance and wearing appropriate clothes are also very important aspects they should... numbers Paste each number on a single ice block and scatter the ice blocks on the floor Ask the students to put them in the tight order while they say the numbers out loud Counting forward I backward When the numbers have been ordered in the correct sequence, ask the students to walk on the numbers as you count out loud forward from Ito 10 (or S in the case of very young learners), or backward from 10 to... ' in such a way that their shapes describe the idea that the words express The lines create an image ' that is related to the poems content In other words, calligrams are a piece of text in which the design and layout of the letters create a visual image related to the meaning of the words themselves For example, a famous artist, Guillaume Apoltinaire, born in 1918, published the book Calf fgrames,... Background Activities: The teacher shows the Australian Flag and asks children which country it is from It is an opportunity for Australians to come together to celebrate their country and culture They reflect upon the achievements of the nation and explore ways to make the country even better in the future The teacher briefly describes this national day Then, hands out a sheet for them to describe in... must make their message clear, so they should use everything at hand to ensure that Likewise, the other students will remember topics better if they can associate content with an image or object Tips for using props Tell students not to display everything at the beginning of the presentation They should create interest and suspense, showing the props one at a time They should also address the audience...Level F ementry + A STORY IN CHRONOLOGICAL ORDER Put the pictures in the right order and write the sequence You can use the words in the box Remember to put the verbs into the right tense firstly - secondly - then next after that - before lastly - to fall off test - to pick up - to take care - box- to pat into - cage... a set of ice blocks and the penguin figures Place the number sequence on the board on a line and put an empty ice block below each number Ask the students to Click as many penguins as the number above indicates in the corresponding ice block below Note: you can take the opportunity to introduce students to the "s" plural form of nouns by counting the penguins out loud all together: one penguin two penguins... you cross the icy sea? This activity is aimed at practising number recognition Paste numbers from Ito S or from 1 to to on Styrofoam ice block shapes Draw two tines on the floor or mark them with colour tape (to set the "coast lines") Scatter the ice blocks between the coastlines on the floor, following a number sequence Students form a line and, one by one, they cross the icy sea stepping on the ice... on the ice blocks as they follow the instructions you give them by calling Out the numbers either in a logical sequence or at random Penguins all around! This activity is aimed at practising quantities, prepositions and classroom objects For this activity you will need the penguin figures Put all the figures in a box Give directions for the students to place the penguins around the classroom Example: . STORY IN CHRONOLOGICAL ORDER A) Look at the pictures and number them in the right order. " 0 B) Complete the sentences with the simple past of the verbs in the box. Underline the signal. IN CHRONOLOGICAL ORDER Put the pictures in the right order and write the sequence. You can use the words in the box. Remember to put the verbs into the right tense. firstly - secondly - then. IN CHRONOLOGICAL ORDER A) Look at the pictures, put them into the right order and draw the pictures that are missing. 'I p lv  0 I I B) Put the sequence in order and match the
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