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Grade 12 BÀI KIỂM TRA TỔNG HỢP NGỮ PHÁP 45 CÂU – 45 PHÚT I. Choose the word which has the underlined part pronounced differently from the rest. 1. A. brothers B. weekends C. problems D. secrets 2. A. clothes B. cloths C. roofs D. books 3. A. naked B. looked C. booked D. hooked 4. A. laughed B. helped C. weighed D. missed 5. A. university B. apply C. identity D. early II. Choose the best option 6. Doctors are supposed to _______ responsibility for human life. A. do B. take C. rush D. join 7. The students _______ by Mrs. Monty. However, this week they _______ by Mr. Tanner. A. are usually taught / are being taught B. usually teach / are teaching C. have usually been taught / have been teaching D. were usually teaching / are teaching 8. The more _______ and positive you look, the better you will feel. A. confide B. confident C. confidently D. confidence 9. _______ in Rome than he _______. A. No sooner he had arrived / was being kidnapped B. No sooner had he arrived / was kidnapped C. Had he no sooner arrived / kidnapped D. No sooner was he arriving / had been kidnapped 10. - Mary: How well you are playing! - John: ________. A. Say it again. I like to hear your words B. I think so. I am proud of myself C. You’re welcome D. Many thanks. That is a nice compliment 11. Jason told me that he _______ his best in the exam the _______ day. A. had done / following B. will do / previous C. would do / following D. was going / previous 12. _______ is the study of the Earth's physical features and the people, plants, and animals that live in different regions of the world. A. Science B. Geography C. History D. Technology 13. I saw a lot of new people at the party, _______ seemed familiar. A. some of whom B. some of who C. whom D. some of that 14. She always had wanted to go to places _______ she could speak her native tongue. A. in where B. in that C. which D. where 15. February is the month ____ many of my colleagues take skiing holidays. A. when B. that C. in that D. which 16. Bod: “James is a very brave man.”- David: “Yes, I wish I _________ his courage.” A. Had B. will have C. have had D. have 17. A: “How’s life?” – B: “____________.” A. Sure B. Not too bad, but very busy C. Very well, thank you D. Pleased to meet you 18. I regret speaking to my mother so impolitely yesterday. A. I wish I spoke to my mother so politely yesterday. B. I wish I hadn’t spoken to my mother so impolitely yesterday. C. I wish I had spoken to my mother so impolitely yesterday. D. I wish I didn’t speak to my mother so impolitely yesterday. 19. She wants to look ______ in her wedding reception. A. natural B. naturally C. nature D. natured 20. He became one of the most ____ actors in Vietnam. A. success B. succeed C. successful D. successfully 21. I can’t answer this question. It’s very difficult. A. The question is enough difficult for me to answer. B. The question is so difficult for me that to answer. C. The question is such difficult for me to answer D. The question is too difficult for me to answer. 22. ______ earth goes round ______ sun. A. An / the B. The / the C. An / a D. The / a 23. I asked Daisy, “Are you planning to enter law school?”  I asked Daisy__________ to enter law school. A. if is she planning B. whether she is planning C. if was she planning D. whether she was planning 24. Remember _____ some presents for Mum on her birthday, Dad. A. to buy B. buying C. bought D. buy 25. She said that she ______ that film many times. A. has seen B. had seen C. saw D. would 26. If the weather ____ nice, we’d come to see you. A. is B. had been C. were D. are 27. How ______ since we ____________ school ? A. are you / left B. have you been / leave C. have you been / left D. were you / left 28. Before cars ____________, people_________ horses and bicycles. A. were discovered / had used B. discovered / used C. are discovered / used D. discovered / had used 29. John drove _____ I did . A. more fastly than B. fastly than C. more faster than D. faster than 30. There isn’t ____ time before our flight leaves. A. many B. much C. some D. no 31. My neighbour made ____noise last night that I couldn’t get to sleep. A. so B. such C. so many D. so much 32. _____ study hard before an exam. A. Few the students B. Most of the students C. Most of students D. a lot of the students 33. You earn _____ money, don’t you? A. many B. most of C. a lot of D. few 34. Had you done as I told you, you ___________. A. would succeed B. would have succeeded C. will succeed D. could succeed 35. My car is ________ yours. A. cheap and beautiful than B. cheaper and more beautiful C. cheaper and beautiful than D. cheaper and more beautiful than 36. You have never helped her,___________? A. have you B. do you C. haven’t you D. had you 37. She saw you yesterday,____________? A. did she B. didn’t she C. does she D. doesn’t she 38. _______ furniture was sent there yesterday. A. A lot of B. A large number of C. most of D. a few 39. By the time his daughter graduates, he _____________. A. has retired B. had retired C. will have retired D. would retire 40. I will wait for Mary until she ______tomorrow. A. comes B. will come C. is coming D. came III. Error Identification: 41. I wish my close friend passed her exam last month. A B C D 42. I wish I took a trip to Hanoi with her next summer. A B C D 43. Much industrial products can be made from soybeans. A B C D 44. After finished her homework , she went to bed. A B C D 45. No one is a better cook than his mother, isn’t it? A B C D . Grade 12 BÀI KIỂM TRA TỔNG HỢP NGỮ PHÁP 45 CÂU – 45 PHÚT I. Choose the word which has the underlined part pronounced differently
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