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Select the best answer to complete the sentence. A, B,C or D1.You can ….rebuild your credit by taking steps to repair your credit rating as soon as possible.A.EasyB.EasierC.EasilyD.Easiness2.The company announced plans to ……its corporate name to BATEL, Inc. for marketing and commercial purposes.A.UseB.AddC.ChangeD.Differ3.Make sure you provide the requested……when submitting advertising proposals since incomplete ones will not be acceptedA.InformationB.InformC.InformingD.Informed4.Thank you for offering me a position with the company I wish to work for, and I really appreciate the efforts you’ve made on………behalfA.IB.MyC.MeD.Mine5.The ideal candidate should not only perform well under tight deadline pressure but also have a………familiarity with technical.A.BroadB.HighC.ProudD.Round6.People are aware of the importance of……….physical activities which have a significant impact on reducing childhood obesity and chronic disease.A.PromotesB.PromoteC.PromotingD.Promoted7.Over the past three months employees have been working….with support staff to accomplish their goals, working an average of eight hours per day.A.InitiallyB.OriginallyC.PrimarilyD.Numerically8.While smokers are highly ……..of the ban on smoking in workplaces, most nonsmokers support the banA.CriticB.CriticallyC.CriticalD.Criticism9.All the forms you submit must be postmarked no later than the specified date …….they will be considered untimely.A.Or elseB.BesidesC.On account ofD.Either10.It looks like directors of the corporate finance division…the details of managerial compensation contractsA.RegulateB.RegulatingC.RegulatesD.Is regulated11.As a financial planner, Mr. Martin has a comprehensive ……..of the legal process as well as financial and tax issues.A.KnowledgeB.OpinionC.AbilityD.Collector12.If you send the……information, I’ll drop by your area to look for suitable housing .A.EnthusiasticB.SeriousC.PertinentD.Appreciative13.Buses in the metropolitan area are rarely on schedule ……traffic is busy and hecticA.WhichB.In caseC.WhenD.On order that14.We are…..considering a wide variety of potential applicants, so please fill out your background information accuratelyA.OrdinarilyB.CurrentlyC.CommonlyD.Lately15.If you plan to rent equipment, delivery and collection times, plus insurance coverage for any damage should all be death with…….advanceE.InF.OfG.AtH.For16.………parts stored in the warehouse may be procured at special sale prices, which are negotiableA.LengthyB.OpportuneC.SurplusD.Brief17.You can reach us either by phone or email when you need technical…………or have any questions about the product you purchased.A.SupportedB.SupporterC.SupportingD.Support18.Any…..transaction or violations of the policy must be reported to your immediate supervisor.A.ImproperB.ReservedC.ExtinctD.Anxious19.After hours of debate , the review committee created a list of ……to the proposal drafted by administratorA.ChangedB.ChangeC.ChangesD.Changing20.I want to express my appreciation again for courtesies you and your staff have…….to meA.ExtendB.ExtendedC.To extendedD.ExtensionError recognitionChoose the underlined word or phrase that should be rewritten an Rewrite it21.When attempts at resolve failed , both parties, determined to end the conflict, agreed to enter ABCinto formal contract and promised to abide by the termsD22.Both parties agreed that the contractor would provide technical assistance 24 hours a day, so ABit was easy to determination that the twoday delay was not acceptableC D23.We were assured by the cable company, before we engaged in a contract, that we could ABcancellation our membership at any time with no further obligationsC D24.Our car insurance establishments the time period within which the provide assistance, Adetermines the repair shops we can use, sets a fee structure for payment and provides a BC forum for resolving billing errors. D
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