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Nguyễn Thanh Thúy Trường THCS Sông Đốc 2 NỘI DUNG BỒI DƯỠNG HỌC SINH GIỎI MÔN : TIẾNG ANH LỚP : 7 1 ) Revision : I) Tenses (Thì): 1- Simple present * I /We / You / They + V : We go to school everyday. He / She / It + Vs,es : He usually goes to school on foot. * Verb BE : I + am : I am in grade 6. He /She /It + is : He is the best student in my class. We /You /They + are : They are Nam’s brothers. * Adverbs of frequency:always,often,usually,sometimes, rarely,never… Adverb phrases of frequency: everyday,every week,every summer,every Sunday ; once a day,twice a week, three times a year… 2- Present progressive * I + am + V-ing : I am doing my homework now. He /She /It + is + V-ing : He isn’t doing his homework now. We / You / They + are + V-ing : Are you doing your homework now? * now,at the moment, at the present, at this time…, 3- Simple future * S + will + V : Tomorrow I will be thirteen. * tomorrow, next, in the future,in 3/4/10…days, soon, someday… II ) Structures 1- Comparison of adjectives Adj Comparative Superlative * Short adj - tall - big - nice * Long adj ( - beautiful - expensive - taller - bigger ( than) - nicer more beautifu ( than) more expensive - the tallest - the biggest - the nicest the most beautiful the most expensive 2- Exclamatory sentences - 1 - Nguyễn Thanh Thúy Trường THCS Sông Đốc 2 How + adj /adv + S + be / V ! : How beautiful she is ! What + (a / an ) +( adj) + N ! : What a beautiful girl ! 3- Polite request - Let’s + V…  Yes,let’s. ; No, let’s not. - Why don’t we + V…? / Should we + V…? / What about + V-ing…?  That’s a good idea ./ O K. ; I’m sorry I can’t. / No,thanks./ Another time perhaps. -Would you (please) + V…? - Would you like sth / to do sth…?  I’d love to. ; I’d love to but…/ I’m sorry I can’t. 4- so, too, either, neither: I’m tired. Lan is ,too. / So is Lan. I like milk . Lan does ,too. / So does lan. They didn’t go to school last Saturday. I didn’t either. / Neither did I. 5- Could you show (tell) me the way to…? how to get to…? Is there a…near here? / Where is the…? 6- How far is it from… to …? 7- How much is/ are…? / How much is that altogether? / How much does it cost? 8-It takes sb (time) to do sth. It took me an hour to finish my homework. 9- Why…?  Because … 10- What is /are … favorite …?  …favorite is/ are…/ S + like… 11- prefer sth to sth / prefer doing sth to doing sth 12- like sth / doing sth 13- would like sth / to sth ) 14- (Please) + V / Don’t +V 2) Exercises : A/ Supply the correct verb tense and forms : 1- Hung (have ) a lot of homework tonight, so he ( not go ) to the movies with us . 2-She ( eat) rice , fish and vegetables in every meal. She ( be ) …… very healthy . 3- What you ( do ) on the weekend ? I ( not go ) anywhere . I ( stay ) at home 4-Where is Harry ? - He ( study ) …….in the library . He ( read ) ……….some science books . 5. Why don't we ( come ) ……to my house and ( watch ) ……… some interesting films ? - Oh , good idea! 6 Should we (join ) …in the after - school activities ? I like (play )………… sports and ( collect) stamps 7 What about (go ) ….to the library and (read ) …….the new books there ? I'm sorry , I can't. I'm busy. - 2 - Nguyễn Thanh Thúy Trường THCS Sông Đốc 2 8.The boys are often interested in (play ) ……….sports while the girls are keen on ( read )………… and ( sing )…………. 9- They are going ( have ).… a music show on their school anniversary celebration . Let's ( come ) and ( see) 10. ( act)…………is her favorite pastime . She ( rehearse ) for a play now B/ Make questions from the statements : 1. She lives with her uncle and aunt ->. Who 2. The students often go to school by bike >How 3. We will meet in front of the theater ->. Where 4. There are five rooms in Hoa's house ->.How many 5. Hoa's father is a fanner ->.What 6. The apartment 27 is the most suitable for Mr.Robinson >Which 7. We learn about stories and poems in Literature > What 8. I 'll be 14 on my next birthday ->How old ? 9. It is 5km from my house to school. ->How far. 10.Classes start at 7:00. ->What time 11.She has Math at 8:00 > What time 12.My father never drinks wine ->. How 13.I'm going to visit my grandmother on my weekend >Who 14.This envelope is 1000 d. ->How 15.Liz pays 12.000 d altogether. ->How 16.Hoa works twelve hours a day->.How 17.People think that students have an easy life because they have a long vacation ->.Why C/ VOCABULARY AND STRUCTURES : 1. This is our new ……….Her name's Hoa . She is Hue.Her name is Pham . Her name is Thi. 2. Where do you live ? I live 3. Hoang van Thu street .And you ?-1 live Hung Vuong street 4. does she go to school ? bus .It's a long way ……….her house…. …….school. 5. ……… is it ? It's about 5kms . She doesn't live her parents . She lives……… her aunt and uncle . 6. We can find her telephone number in a Then we can her . 7. Alan 14 on her next birthday . He …a party and he ….some of his friends . 8. Can I …… to Lan please ?- I'm sorry , she's…………at the moment .She '11 be………… at about 6:00. 9. Will you be tomorrow evening ? yes , I.What we do ? go to my house. 10.My … is on ( 1/1)… your……… ? It's on ( 22 / 9 ). 11.She has Physical Education class half past six Wednesday morning . 12.Classes will last …7:00 11: 25 the morning 13. I'll send cards to my friends to invite them to my party . 14.This is my bedroom . Oh, a nice room !It's pink , and pink is my ……color . 15.In the bathroom , there is a. .……., a , a and a 16.The kitchen has every thing :It's very 17.Are there …… chairs in the living room ? No, but there are………… in the dining room . 18. Hoa's parents live ……a farm ……the countryside . They cattle - 3 - Nguyễn Thanh Thúy Trường THCS Sông Đốc 2 and…………vegetables . 19.A writes for a newspaper . A doctor … of sick people. A teacher ……in a school. 20.He fights fires . He is a ….She works in a hospital. She makes sick people well. She's a……… 21. do you get up ? I get up ……6:00 .1 have breakfast half……… six. 22.In ……class we learn how to speak , listen , read and write English . 23.In Physics class , we do … We study about maps in …….We study past events in 24. .We have a five- minute …… after each period . We chat and play many games at……… 25.Schools in the USA are a little different……….schools in Vietnam . They don't wear 26.In the USA students often go to the school ……….to buy snacks and drinks . 27.The most ……after school activity is baseball The boys often………. baseball cards . 28.We can read a lot of books in the ………and the there will help us find the books we want. 29.The English books are on the in the of the library . The science books are left. 30.The largest library in the world…………copies of all American books . It………over 100 million books . 31. We learn ……to use a computer in class . We learn to draw in 32.In class we learn repair We will be good …….fixing things 33. It's often very ………at recess because the children often play a lot of games. 34.Nga is a member of the school theater group is her favorite She is………… a play now. 35.Nam doesn't like sports . He is not very ……He … plays sports . He often ………on the couch . 36.What we do this afternoon ? go to our English club ? having something to eat ? 37.Would you like …….to my house for lunch ?-Yes, 38.Students like Hoa are not lazy . She works hours than a worker . 39.…………….you tell me the way to the post office , please ? Go and………… left. 40.I want to ……this letter and I need some ……….and an 41 is that altogether ? -5000 dong Here 's your 42.It……….about 18 hours to get to Hanoi by coach . 43.My dad is a He repairs machines in a He sometimes work in the afternoon but he prefers morning 44.Mr. Tuan …… the animals and the eggs .In the afternoon he cleans the buffalo……… and the chicken 45.American like to eat in fast food restaurants and attend youth such as and 46.Ba collects a lot of stamps .He is a He is also the president of the stamp in his school 47.At recess , I like to read …because it is funny . Sometimes I ……my lessons or with friends . 48.What is your ? It's 12 Tran hung Dao street. And my is 063871342 . 49. We don't have a vacation Easter and Christmas day , but we have 7 days ……… New Year Day . - 4 - Nguyễn Thanh Thúy Trường THCS Sông Đốc 2 50.What do you like doing. ………your vacations ? We usually spend time our family these vacations . D/ Complete the sentences with the correct form of words 1. Lan is one of the students in my class ( good) 2. There are …………girls than boys in my class ( many ) 3. A student has …………free time than a worker . (little ) 4. Mount Everest is the ……… mountain in the world ( high ) 5. He likes collecting stamps . He is a stamp ………… ( collect) 6.Room 14 is ……than room 20 ( comfortable ) 7. This is the …….movie in this year . ( bad ) 8. He teaches children . He is a…….(teach ) 9. Mrs Quyen is a ….She helps us find books (library) 10. New year is the …….time of a year ( happy ) E. WRITING: A/Rewrite the following sentences 1-Lan is better than Ba . Ba is 2The room is very nice . What „ ! 3 Room 13 is cheaper than room 14 . Room 14 is…………………………………………… 4 She is an intelligent girl. What…………………………………. 5 American students have more vacations than Vietnamese students. Vietnamese students …………… 6 Ho Chi Minh City / large / city / Vietnam. Ho Chi Minh………………………………. 7 How far / Dalat / Hanoi ? 8 Lan / sister / clean / kitchen floor / at the moment. ………………………………………… 9 Phuong / good / student / my class. ………………………………………………………… 10 What / you / do / computer science class / ? 11 Students / rehearse / play / school / anniversary / celebration……………………………………. 12 There / television set / right / couch …………………………………………… F.Reading : I - Read the passage and answer True or False: (1m) In England boys and girls go to school five days a week. They don't go to school on Saturdays and Sundays.Lessons usually begin at nine o'clock. Each lesson lasts 45 minutes. At half past ten they have a fifteen-minute break in which they drink milk. Some students eat sandwiches or biscuits which they bring from home. Then they have two lessons more. After that they have a lunch break. Some students go home for lunch, but many have it at school. At - 5 - Nguyễn Thanh Thúy Trường THCS Sông Đốc 2 two o'clock school begins again.There are two more lessons. For the next forty minutes they do some of their homework or have a club meeting or play games like football. They go home at four o'clock. 1. English boys and girls go to school from Monday to Saturday. 2. Each lesson lasts fory five minutes. 3. Some students go home to eat sandwiches or biscuits . 4. They have two lessons in the afternoon. II-Read the passage and answer the questions:(2ms) There are many activities after school hours in Mary's school and she and her classmates take part in them eagerly . Lucy and Jane join the school theatre group and are members of the school stamp collector's club. John and Mark are members of the school orchestra and Jack and Bob play for the school football team. Mary joins the school tennis team and she practises tennis every afternoon. She is also a member of the school art club because she wants to be a painter in the future. 1. Do Mary and her classmates take part in the activities after school hours eagerly ? 2. Which sport team do Jack and Bob join? 3. How often does Mary practice tennis ? 4. Why is she the member of the school art club? VI-Read the text and choose the best word : ( 2 m) Hi! I am Tommy . I live in London . I go to school five days a week, it is one day less than students in Vietnam . I don't have classes on Sartuday , but I work one hour more each day . I have lunch at school, so I i have more time at school than Vietnamese ! students . I have longer holidays. Each year I have a two-week vacation to welcome Christmas and the New Year, a long summer vacation and a winter vacation.I usually spend time at home or with my family Hello ! I am Hang . 1 am in class 7 , and I live in Nha Trang City. I have five periods a day , and I go to school six days a week . Each period lasts forty- five minutes . I work hard at school and at home , but I think my parents work harder than me . I spend about twelve hours of homework every week . Each year I have a long summer vacation . It is the longest vacation in a year. Besides , 1 have a week vacationfor Tet holiday . Most of my Holidays I stay with my family or visit my relations. 1. Tommy goes to school five days a week , one day__________than Hang . a. more b. less c. fewer 2. Hang learns______________ periods each day . a. 4 b. 5 c. 6 3. In Vietnam , each period lasts________________________ a. an hour b. fifty-five minutes c. forty-five minutes - 6 - Nguyễn Thanh Thúy Trường THCS Sông Đốc 2 4. Tommy doesn't go to school on________________ a. Sunday b. Saturday c. both a and b 5. Tommy has more___________at school than Hang . a. subjects b. time c. work 6. Hang doesn't have a_________ a. winter b. Tet 7. Tommy usually stays with___________on his vacations . a. his friends b. his relations c. his family 8. The longest vacation in a year in Vietnam is. a. summer holiday b. Tet holiday c. public holiday VII- Read the text again and answer the questions : (2ms) 1. Does Tommy have more or fewer vacations than Hang ? 2. Where does he have lunch on schooldays ? 3. How many hours a week does Hang do her homework? 4. Does Hang work hard ? Part 1 GRAMMAR Unit 1 1. Adverbs of time : Still ( Trạng từ chỉ thời gian Still) 2. Indefinite quantifier : Some, Many, Any ( từ chỉ số lượng bất định : some, many, any) 3. Comparatives (so sánh hơn) 4. a lot of / lots of / little / a little / too much 5. Present simple tense (hiện tại đơn) 6. Greeting ( Những lời chào hỏi) Unit 2 1. Future tense with Will (Thì tương lai đơn với Will) 2. Ordinal numbers ( Số thứ tự) 3. Dates ( ngày, tháng) Unit 3 1. Exclamations ( Câu cảm thán) 2. There is / There are 3. Preposition of position : on / in / under / near / next to / behind/ in front of (Giới từ chỉ vị trí) 4. Comparatives ( so sánh hơn) 5. Superlatives ( so sánh nhất) Unit 4 1. Present progressive tense ( thì hiện tại tiếp diễn ) 2. Prepositions of position : on / at / in ( Giới từ chỉ vị trí : at, on , in ) 3. Demonstrative adjective : this / that / these / those ( Tính từ chỉ thị ) 4. Tell the time (cách nói giờ) - 7 - Nguyễn Thanh Thúy Trường THCS Sông Đốc 2 Unit 5 1. Present progressive tense ( thì hiện tại tiếp diễn) 2. Adverbs of frequency ( Trạng từ chỉ sự thường xuyên) Unit 6 1. Modal : Suggestions – invitations ( cách thức lời đề nghị lời mời ) 2. Modal : polite refusal / acceptance / of invitation ( cách thúc lời từ chối lễ phép / chấp thuận lời mời) Unit 7 1. Adjectives ( Tính từ ) 2. Making comparisons ( Thành lập các phép so sánh) Unit 8 1. Preposition of position : near , opposite, between ( giới từ chỉ vị trí ) 2. How far / How much / How often ( bao xa / bao nhiêu / bao nhiêu lần) 3. Preposition of direction : from ______ to______ ( Giới từ chỉ chiều hướng : từ _____ đến _____ 4. The verb Want ( động từ Want ) 5. The verb Need ( động từ Need ) - 8 - Nguyễn Thanh Thúy Trường THCS Sông Đốc 2 Part 2 PRACTICE Unit 1 : BACK TO SCHOOL I Choose the correct answer: 1 When you are introduced to someone, you say, ________ . A Nice to see you B Nice to meet you C What do you do? 2 I am a new student . – So ________ . A do I B I am C am I 3 She likes playing badminton. She ________ does some aerobics. A also B still C too 4 She is quite different ________ her friend. She looks shy and reticent. A with B about C from 5 I don’t have ________ friends because I am new here. A any B some C lots 6 Jane’s house is a lot ________ than mine. A big B biger C bigger 7 Hoa is ________ because she has no friends in her new school. A happy B unhappy C busy 8 When we are away from home for a long time, we ________ our folk. A miss B remember C feel 9 Lan lives ________ 25, Phan Chu Trinh Street. A at B on C in 10 She has ________ friends in her neighbourhood. A a lot B some C lots 11 ________ does Hoa have only a few friends here? – Because she is new. A How B What C Why 12 Can you tell me the ________ between Hue and Da Nang? – About 100 km. A distance B way C road II Read the information about Lien, then ask questions and answer. 1. What’s her full name? Her full name is Hoang Thi Lien 2. _______________________ _______________________ 3. _______________________ _______________________ - 9 - Full name : Hoang Thi Lien Family name : Hoang Middle name : Thi First name : Lien Age : 12 Address : 32, Tran Phu St. Class : 7A School : Le Loi Nguyễn Thanh Thúy Trường THCS Sông Đốc 2 4. _______________________ _______________________ 5. _______________________ _______________________ 6. _______________________ _______________________ 7. _______________________ _______________________ III Match a line in A with a line in B to make up pieces of dialogue. A B 1. This is An, my classmate. A. Not too bad. 2. I am a newcomer. B. I’m in class 7B. 3. What class are you in? C. I am,too. 4. How is everything? D. How do you do? IV Read and answer the questions. I am Lan. I live with my parents at 36 Ngo Quyen Street, Da Nang. I am in class 7B. I am not a new member. I know all my classmates. They are very friendly and cheerful. And my school, I am sure you want to know about it. Compared with the biggest school in the city, our school is not as big, but it is bigger than many other schools. It has over 1,500 students. I am happy. I have a lot of interesting things to do with my schoolmate. 1. Who does Lan live with ? => 2. What is her home address? => 3. What does she think of her classmate? => 4. Is her school the bigger in the city? => 5. How many students are there in her school? => 6. Why is Lan happy? => - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - Unit 2 PERSONAL INFORMATION I Choose the correct answer. 1. If you forget her telephone number, look it up in the _______ . A directory B phone C call box 2. She’ll give a party and it will _______ about two hours. A last B lose C take 3. I am at work now. I’ll be back soon. Can you wait _______ I get home? A when B after C till 4. _______ is your address? – 30 Le Loi Stree. - 10 - [...]... I’ll call again after seven 4 No This is Nga’s sister, Huong, Who’s calling? 5 When will she be back? 6 This is Hoa Can I speak to Lan, please? 7 Sorry She’s not in at the moment 8 Hello This is 831 645 9 I have no idea Would you like to leave a message? 10.Bye IV Read this passage and fill each gap with only one word A year, or a calendar year form 1 January to 31 December,... September and November have thirty days All the rest have thirty-one (5) - 11 - Nguyễn Thanh Thúy Đốc 2 Trường THCS Sông - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - Unit 3 AT HOME I Choose the correct answer 1 She look like you She your sister A must be B perhaps C must 2 It is easy this test A do B to do C does... of us think English is interesting to learn To some students , English is easy To others, English is quite hard It doesn’t matter whether it is easy or hard The problem is that we must try out hardest to study We will know how to study when we receive the report cards 1 Answer the question a Why must we study all subjects? => b What do the students think of English? => c What about you? Do you think... Jane lives farm with her uncle and aunt A in B on C at 8 Linda loves to music A listens B listen C listening 9 A doctor care of sick people in the hospital A takes B looks C makes 10 I think this apartment s nice It is the suitable for us to live in A less B more C most 11 Can I sit here ? – Yes, it’s A no one B empty C yours 12 She studies the best her classmates A in B of... tense 1 Would you like _ something to drink? (have) 2 You don’t have to phone him He _ soon (come) 3 Come and play a game of tennis – What time _ we _? (meet) 4 Please keep quiet I _ (study) III Rearrange the sentences to make a telephone conversation 1 Hello Is that Nga? 2 OK I’ll tell her Goodbye 3 Please tell her I’ll call again after seven 4 No This is Nga’s sister, Huong, Who’s... the correct answer 1 I feel – Why don’t you go on an outing or do something interesting? A bored B boring C interesting 2 He is very He often plays football or basket ball in his free time A sport B sport C sporty 3 The members of the stamp club together twice a month and talk about their stamps A meet B see C get 4 This question is easy a child can understand it A Even B Every C Only... / American 4 My / five / father / hours / a works / day III Fill in each gap with a suitable words in the box 1 There are too mistakes in this essay 2 I am very busy I work hours than them 3 Spend time playing video games 4 There are tourists this year than last year because their service is not very good IV Read the text and answer the question Hoa’s father, Mr Tuan, is a farmer He... 4 4 I sit and read book wonderful things IV Supply the correct tense for the verbs in brackets (1,5m) - 22 - D I’m 12 old years Nguyễn Thanh Thúy Đốc 2 Trường THCS Sông 1 They (play) in the park because they don’t have school today 2 Where is Tom? He (sit) in the back of the room 3 What you (do) now We (repair) house We (hope) everything (be) _ V Put the words in the... They are different ours in may ways A with B than C from 2 We have a break between classes A 15 minutes B 15-minute C 15 minute 3 My friend Ba is very good electronics A at B for C on 4 I think Math is , but fun A easy B difficult C interesting 5 They go to the o have a snack A library B cafeteria C art club 6 I have two close friends One loves Math loves English A The other... make, listen attend 1 Jane _ to some music at the moment 2 he _ the concert tonight 3 He tries _ fit by taking exercise every morning 4 Tom is in his room He _ a model of a plane IV Read this text People are living longer so there are more elderly people Many young people are doing are doing community service They help elderly people They do their shopping They do their housework They . Hoang Thi Lien 2. _______________________ _______________________ 3. _______________________ _______________________ - 9 - Full name : Hoang Thi Lien Family name : Hoang Middle name : Thi First. seven. 4. No. This is Nga’s sister, Huong, Who’s calling? 5. When will she be back? 6. This is Hoa. Can I speak to Lan, please? 7. Sorry. She’s not in at the moment. 8. Hello. This is 831 645. 9 on my weekend >Who 14.This envelope is 1000 d. ->How 15.Liz pays 12.000 d altogether. ->How 16.Hoa works twelve hours a day->.How 17.People think that students have an
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