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An informal letter WRITING Amancla went to the US and stayed with SlI!phanie and David in New Jersey. After she had gone home. she wrote to thank them. a Look at the list of things she says in her letter. Number them in a logical order 1-7. A 0 She suggests the best time to come to Mexico. B 0 She thanks them for inviting her. e 0 She talks about what she's been doing recently. D 0 She apologizes for not writing earlier. E 0 She mentions two really good experiences in the US. F 0 She thanks them again and invites them to stay. G 0 She talks in general about the nice things that happened in the US. b Now read Amanda's letter and check your answers to a. c Find and correct five punctuation and capitalization mistakes in the second paragraph. d Look back at the e-mails on page 17. What difference is there in style between an informal letter and an e-mail? Useful language: informal letters le-mails Beginnings Dear + name (e-mail: Dear or Hi) Sorry for not writing earlier but Thank you f Thanks (so much) for (your letter, inviting me, etc.). It was great to hear from you Endings That's all for now. Hope to hear from you soon. f Looking forward to hearing from you. (Give my) regards flove to Best wishes f Love (from) PS I enclose a photo of the three of us (e-mail: I'm atlaching ) Imagine you have some American friends in the US, and you stayed with them for a week last month. WRITE a letter to thank them. PlAN what you're going to say. Use 1-7 above and the Useful language box to help you. CHECK the letter for mistakes ( grammar, punctuation, and spelling). A"". Gustavo 6az 179 46800 Puerto Vallarta Mexico August 25 Dear Stephanie and David, 50ny for not writir1!J earlier !>ut r"" """" incredibly I>u5y since I got ~ackl Im writir1!J to thank you for invitir1!J me to stay with you in july I had a fantastic time. The u r was perfect and I really think my er1!J1ish got ~r. i hOf'" you think 50 tool It was very nice to meet Clai'" and Emma. n.e """" a lot of memoral>le days, !>ut n; ". forget the rock concert , nt to-It was amazir1!J - or the visit to New York. For the last th ks r"" """" very l>usy organizir1!J everythir1!J for my next year at college. I have to register for all my su~ject5 and choose the electives I want to take. I'"" al50 """" ex,,,,,lsir1!J a lot as I put on th kilos while I was in New Jerseyll've ~n goir1!J swimmir1!J every day and playir1!J voll~all with my frlends. Talklr1!J of sports, I was 50rry to _ that the Met,; lost on Saturday. Let's hope they play ~ter next k. Anyway, that's all for now. Thanke again for everything. Don't forget my Invitation to come to Mexico. My family would love to meet you. Sprlng would ~ a g at time as It'e not too warm or too crowd"". Give my love to Clai", and Emma. Beet wishe" Amanda P.5. Ienclose a photo I took of the girls in New YorIc. What do you remember? GRAMMAR VOCABULARY a Underline the word with a different sound a Complete the description. PRONUNCIATION interest depress bore embarrass frustrate My cousin Ann is very attractive. She's in her lm __ -twenties - 24 or 25 I think. She's blond, with shoulder- 2 1 __ hair. It's completely 3 5 __ , not curly at all. Her 4 b __ are very long and get in her eyes. She's very near-sighted, but she 5w __ contact lenses. &e dial might fifties frightened ""~ weight height straight engaged ~ . . c=:D bald long brown tall I gray ugly glasses change ~ check mustache watch choose 5> 5 4 2 I c Complete with one word. I Please turn __ your cell phone. You can't use it here. 2 John's not here. Can you call later? 3 I can't believe it! He hung __ in the middle of our conversation! 4 She looks her mother. They both have big eyes. 5 He's __ his late forties. c::m 3 b Complete with an adjective from the bold verb. I Are you __ in sports? 2 I was very when I failed the test. 3 This book is really __ . I can't finish it. 4 I completely forgot his name. It was so __ I 5 I felt very __ because I just couldn't do it. Complete the second sentence with two words so that it means the same as the first. Contracted forms, e.g., isn't, count as one word. I really think it's important for you to learn to drive. You really must learn to drive. I Why don't you join a tennis club? 11 would be good for you. I think you a tennis club. 2 I'm sure she's not American. She doesn't have an American accent. She American, she doesn't have an American accent. 3 I can't go out tonight. I won't to go out tonight. 4 It's prohibited to take photos there. You take photos there. 5 I'm not sure ifshe'll like her present. She like her present. 6 Wearing a uniform is not mandatory. You to wear a uniform. 7 The lights are on, so I'm sure he's at home. The lights are on, so he _ at home. S I think this is probably their house. This their house. 9 Paying in advance is obligatory at this school. You pay in advance at this school. 10 Drinking a lot of coffee isn't a good idea. You a lot of coffee. b !Jt1derline the stressed syllable. disappointed embarrassing interested frustrated overweight IEI What can you do? REVIEW & CHECK CAN YOU UNDERSTAND THIS TEXT? CAN YOU UNDERSTAND THESE PEOPLE? CAN YOU SAY THIS IN ENGLISH? Can you ? Yes (./) o talk about bad cell phone manners, and what you think people should do o describe yourself and other people o talk about something you've tried to learn but weren't able to and say why a Read the article and choose a, b, or c. 1 In 1993, the writer was _ about the chances of ever traveling to Europe. a optimistic b pessimistic c worried 2 When her professor called, she felt that she _ celebrate the news. a shouldn't b had to c could 3 Her professor couldn't understand _. a why she was crying b what she was saying c why she didn't sound happy 4 In the end, the writer's friend _. a felt better b felt worse c left early 5 When the friends met again a year later, they _ that "famous" day. a felt sorry about b enjoyed remembering c didn't talk about b Look at the highlighted words and phrases. Can you guess what they mean? Good News- Bad News O ne of the best days of my life was the day one of my professolS called to say that I had been accepted to study for a year at the University of the Sorbonne in Paris. I had never traveled much, and I didn't think I would ever have the chance to go to Europe. The news came one ahernoon in May of 1993. I was just 19 yealS old and I was in my room at college. Just before the call, a friend of mine came into my room, threw herself into a chair, and burst into tears. She had had plans to get married in June, but her boyfriend had just broken up with her' At that very moment the phone rang. So there I was listening to the best news of my life, while my friend was crying over the waISt news in helS. My professor said, '''M1a(s the matter? Aren't you excited?' I said, ''Yes, I am, but I'll tell you about it later:' I did my best to console my friend, but it was really hard for me to be sympathetic while I was so happy about my news. Finally I couldn't stand rt anymore. I said to my friend, "Stay here. I have to go out for a few minutes:' I went out and got a big pizza, a quart of chocolate ice cream, and a big bottle of soda. ''You and I are going to have a feast" I said, and then I told her my news. That friend was a much happier pelSon when she leh. I went to France and had a wondenul year. I studied hard, became fluent in French, traveled, and met many wondenul people. When I came back I ran into my friend. Although she'd been deeply hurt by the break up with her boyfriend, she had also had a good year at school and was about to leave for graduate school. We laughed together over that "famous" day in my room, possibly the best and worst day of our. lives. a b 3.19 Listen and circle the correct answer, a) b) or c. I Where's the girl's cell phone? a In the cafe. b In her pocket. c In her bag. 2 How late are their friends? a Less than 15 minutes. b 15 minutes. c More than 15 minutes. 3 Which photo does the man like? a The woman's. b His own. c Neither of them. 4 The girl's new boyfriend is a tall and with long dark hair. b tall with short dark hair. c short with short dark hair. 5 How many times has the woman failed her driving test? a One. b Two. c Three. 3.20 Listen and complete the form with the missing information. The Language School Name: last Name: , _ Nationality: , _ Student wants to take the 4 level. Student has been to , _ G first conditional and future time clauses + when, until, ete. V education PIA! or Iyuf? Back to school, age 35 1 VOCABULARY education 2 PRONUNCIATION & SPEAKING lA! or Iyu!? a Put the words in the correct column. A The letter U between consonants or at the beginning of a word is usually pronounced lA! or Iyu/. a Answer the questions in pairs. I When did the 'i>uond World War end? 2. What is the tapital of c olombia? "3 Who wrote Don QUi}(ote? 4 \low man1 \:ilob'fles are there in a megab'fle? S Who invented the theof1 of relativit1? (, What's S", IS 4? 1 \low man1 le9s does an inseGt have? S What is water made of? computer study lunch subject fun usually result uniform university Iyul b Match the questions with these school subjects. chemistry 0 geQgraphy 0 history 0 information technology 0 literature 0 math 0 ~sics 0 biQlogy 0 c 0 p.lSO Vocabulary Bank Education. b 4.1 Listen and check. Practice saying the words. Why do we say a university but an umbrella? c 4.2 Practice saying these sentences. Listen and check. 1 What subjects did you study in high school? 2 Do students at that school wear uniforms? 3 Most students have lunch in the cafeteria. 4 We usually have fun in our music class. d Interview your partner using the questionnaire. Ask for more information. Your education What kind of high school/you go to? / you like it? How many students / there in each class? How much homework / you have? / you have to wear a uniform? / discipline very strict? / students behave well? Which subjects / you good and bad at? Which / your best and worst subjects? 3 READING a Look at the photo above. What's lillUSUal about one of the students? b Read the introduction. Why did Damian Whitworth go back to school? What kind of school did he go to? c Read Damian's diary for one of the days he spent back at school. Does he think school is easier or harder now? d Read the text again and put the phrases A-H in the correct places. A A crowd of students is watching. B However, the students are totally involved. C He's friendly with the students but not too friendly. D When I was the same age as these kids, I had never used a computer. E It's a magical moment and the most effective class I have seen. F "Are )SU reall) in-sur-elassf" G One boy says he has fries every day. H Phones that ring in class are confiscated until the end of the week. e In pairs, look at the highlighted words and phrases. Try to guess what they mean from the context. Then check a dictionary. fin pairs, look at each heading and say if what happens is the same, similar, or different from the high school you went (or go) to. French My first lesson is French. I am in a class of thirteen-year-olds. Outside the classroom some girls start interrogating me. 1 "Are yOlt realJxjn our cla5s?~' "How old are you?" "How old do you think I am 1" I reply. 'Well you're not 13 ' " First we have a listening test that I find difficult. I get 14 out of 20. Not bad. Then we make review lists on the computer. / . Now every student has one. Math As we wait outside the math classroom a teacher tells me to button my shirt all the way up. The math teacher uses an interadive whiteboard that has graphics and video, but the students don't look very interested in the lesson. A cell phone rings and the owner hurries to turn it off. 3 _ History Mr. Fishleigh is the history teacher. He doesn't have any problems controlling the noise level. (Other teachers do.) 4 He talks to them as if they were adults and gets their attention in return . Lunch In the cafeteria we can choose between traditional and fast food. Burgers and fries are the most popular meal. 5 _ Information and communication technology We are designing spreadsheets for cell phone sales and I cannot imagine a more boring lesson. 0 _ Most students have Internet access at home and the school has a website where parents can see what homework their children have and when they have to hand it in . Religious education The teacher introduces us to meditation. We sit cross-legged and try to fill our minds with blackness and think positively about people who we have been thinking negatively about. For 15 minutes the students sit, eyes closed, in total silence. When Ihey leave the class they are slightly dazed: "Incrediblel" "Amazing!" 'We should do this in malh!" 7 The bell rings. End of school for Ihe day. As we leave there is a fight at the school gates. 8 "If anyone hits anyone, I'll call the police," says a teacher So has school gotten easier? I t's difficult to say if school has become harder or easier since I was a child because teaching methods have changed so much. Alii can say is that during my working life I have had many tiring experiences. Being back at school for a week was as tiring as any of them. Being a student today is very, very hard work. 4A 53 4 GRAMMAR first conditional and future time clauses a In pairs, answer the questions. 1 When was the lasl lime you took a test? Did you pass or fail? 2 What's the next test you are going to take? How do you feel about it? 3 How do you usually feel before you take a test? 4 What do you usually do the night before a test? 5 Have you ever failed an important tesl you thought you had passed (or vice versa)? b Carla and Ruben are waiting for their results. 4.3 Listen to Carla and answer questions 1-5. 4.4 Then do the same for Ruben. Was the test difficult? 2 When and how will you get the results of the test? 3 How will you celebrate ifyou get a high score? 4 What will you do if you don't get the score you need? C 4.5 Listen and complete the sentences. I They probably won't admit me unless 2 As soon as , I'll look up my scores! 3 I don't want to plan any celebrations until 4 If 1 don't get into college, _ 5 When , they'll mail the results. cl 0 p.136 Grammar Bank 4A. Read the rules and do the exercises. e Choose five sentence beginnings from the list below and make true sentences about yourself. Then tell your partner. I won't stop studying English until I I'd like to retire when I'll leave home as soon as I'll be really annoyed if I don't want to have children before I'll have a big party if I'll always live here unless I'll have more free time when I'll have something to eat as soon as I won't get married until f 4.6 Listen to Carla and Ruben. Did they get the results they needed? What scores did they get? What are they going to do? "ID 5 LISTENING 6 SPEAKING Summer vacation should be shorter. Girls study better without boys in the class. Boys study better in a mixed class. My first point is t~ Useful language First of all.=2 Cooking and housekeeping should be taught at all schools. All schools should let children wear whatever they want to at school. Physical education should be optional. b Explain to the rest of your group what you think about your topic. The others in the group should listen and say if they agree or disagree with you and why. a In groups, each person chooses a different statement from the list below. Decide if you agree or disagree with your statement, and write down at least three reasons. Private schools are usually better than public schools. the food wearing a uniform not being able to watch TV going for cross-country runs having a lot of homework taking cold showers not being able to use cell phones 8:00 Thafll Teach 'Em Final part of the six-part series following a group of modern 16-year-old students in a 1950s boarding school. 1 What do you think the idea of the program was? 2 Which of these things do you think the students hated most? a Look at this extract from a TV guide and the photo. Answer the questions. 3 What do you think the discipline was like? How do you think the students were punished if they behaved badly? 4 Do you think the students did well or badly when they took 1950s exams? second ~ FinaIl Y =2. Another important point is that b 4.7 Listen to a TV critic talking about the program That'll Teach 'Em. Check your answers to a. Were you surprised? c Listen again and mark the sentences T (true) or F (false). I Sixteen teenagers took part in the experiment. 2 They didn't have to sleep at school. 3 The uniforms were not very comfortable. 4 They had to stay inside the school grounds all the time. 5 The students weren't allowed to talk during the classes. 6 They really missed being able to use computers and calcuJators. 7 They thought the classes were boring. 8 The students failed because they weren't intelligent enough. 9 School subjects today are easier than in the 1950s. 10 Most of the teenagers enjoyed the experiment. d Do you think school subjects in your country are easier than they used to be? G second conditional V houses P sentence stress In an ideal world 4 what wouMyou wear {you were invited on a date hy someone you real6' liked? S whatwouldyou eat for your last mealand who (dead or aft've) wouldyou share itwith? 1 If you couM ft've in another feriod of time for its fashion, when wouMyou choose andwhy? 2 If you couM come hack in another ftle, who (or what) wouldyou like to he? 3 If you could han fJne arlide of dothin!J' what wouldit he? Our weekly 'fuestt'onnaire, This week we ask the actress ami modellsabella R.ossellt.'ni and dancerJoa'fuln Cones , 1 GRAMMAR second conditional a Look at the two photos on page 56 and describe the people. Do you know anything about them? b Read the questions in Getting personal and match two answers with each question. Try to guess which answers are Isabella Rossellini's and which are Joaquin Cortes's. A 0 A trY on the wa/~ so/could watch people. B0 Etfher the thirties, (or tfs elCjance, or the seventies, (or its hippy clothes and !Jreat music. C 0 Jeans anda shirt. D 0 "Cry hi!Jh heels on shoes. EO Wtfh a fabulous woman. / wouldn't really care about the (ood F 0 "Crtical-slYiped pants with horizontal-striped/ackets. C; 0 Some super comfortable French pafamas that everyone thinks are clothes. HO A b,rd I 0 / would have pasta with my dO!J' Macaroni It's what she has wantedher whole Itfe. 1 0 It! choose today or any time after the end of the corset c Look at Getting personal again, and answer these questions. 1 In questions 1-4, what tense is the verb in the if clause? 2 What tense is the other verb? 3 How is question 5 different? 4 Do the questions refer to real or imaginary situations? d 0 p.l36 Grammar Bank 4B. Read the rules and do the exercises. e 0 Communication What would you do if. ?A p.1l7 B p.120. 2 PRONUNCIATION & SPEAKING sentence stress a Match the sentence halves. I I wouldn't wear that hat 0 A if she practiced more. 2 Ifyou exercised more, 0 B I'm sure she'd understand you. 3 If it weren't so expensive, 0 C if I could find the right person. 4 I'd ~ married tomorrow 0 D you'd feel much better. 5 She'd Jili1y better 0 E ]'d buy it. 6 Ifyou talked to her, 0 F if I were you. b 4.8 Listen and check. c Listen again and repeat. Copy the tjlythm. Then cover A-F and try to remember the sentences. d Choose three of the sentence beginnings below and complete them in a way which is true for you. Tell a partner and say why. IfI won a "dream vacation"in a contest, I'd 9 0 ' IfIcould choose any Car I Met/, /',;{ have a · IfI could be very !Joo<l at a SlUr!, I',;{ choose IfI could choose my i<lealjub, I'd. IfIhad more time, /',;{ learn If I could buy a house in anuther country, 1'cI b"y." mlEl 3 VOCABULARY houses a Look at the cover of the magazine. Which room is it? How many things in the room can you name? b 0 p.151 Vocabulary Bank Houses. c In pairs, ask and answer the questions. Where do you live? What do you like about the area where you live? What don't you like? What do you like about your house I apartment? What would you change? 5 READING a Have you ever visited the house where a famous person was born or lived? Where was it? What do you especially remember about it? b Read the article about Casa Awl. Which part of the house are these things connected to? Why are they mentioned? two giant statues Leon Trotsky a yellow floor a monkey and a parrot a pair of shoes a cupboard with a glass door July 7, 1910 1929-1954 c Match the higWighted words with their meanmg. d What did you find out abollt Frida Kahlo and her life? Would yOll like to visit her hOllse? 4 LISTENING & SPEAKING a 4.9 Listen to four people describing their "dream house." Match the speakers 1 4 to the pictures. b Listen again and match the people with what they say. Which speaker ? D would not like to have other people living nearby D would like to live somewhere that was partly old and partly modern D would not spend much time inside their dream house D doesn't trunk they will ever get their dream house 2 _ 3 _ 4 _ 5_ 6 _ 7 _ 8 a piece of furniture with cupboards at the bottom and shelves above, to hold cups and plates, etc. material that you can see through the door, gate. or opening where you go into a place a room where paintings are hung the floor above where you arc with a lot of fresh air inside wooden or metal covers that are attached to windows an area, usually behind a house, where people can sit and cal outside c Think for a few minutes about what your dream house would be like and write down notes. Use Vocabulary Bank Houses to help you. Where would it be? What kind of house or apartment would it be? What special features would it have? d In groups, describe your houses. Whose do you like best? 6 4.10 SON G 1) Our house [...]... f 0 p. 136 Grammar Bank 4C Read the rules and do the exercises Friends Reunited? I 3 LISTENING a Read the text about Carol again Now listen to her talking about what happened next Was the meeting a success? 4. 11 b Listen again and answer questions 1-5 1 2 3 4 5 c Carol 52 from Miami 1 Read the text about Alex again Now listen to him talking about what happened next Was the meeting a success? 4. 12 d... they talk to him about? What did he remember when he saw the photos? Who is Anna? What does he think of her now? 4 PRONUNCIATION & SPEAKING Isl or Iz!? a Listen to the sentences Is the se in the verbs pronounced Isl or Iv? Write s or z in the box Which 4. 13 pronunciation is more common? 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 I used to live in New York I used my credit card to pay Excuse me Can you help me? We won't win; we'll... T (true) or F (false) 1 Scarlett isn't hungry 2 She doesn't eat meat or fish 3 She's allergic to seafood 4 She didn't enjoy the boat trip S They went up the Eiffel Tower 6 Allie doesn't like Scarlett 7 Mark guesses what Scarlett would like to eat c Complete the USEFUL PHRASES Listen and check 4. 18 ~ US English restroom E UK English toilet d Listen again and repeat the phrases How do you say them in... year of the Mexican Revolution On the walls of the patio is another inscription "Frida and Diego lived in this house frorn 1929-19 54. " Again, this is not entirely true She and her husband lived in separate houses for five years during that period, and they divorced in 1 939 , though they remarried a year later The house, like Frida's life, is full of contradictions G usually and used to V friendship... with 4 1 got to the restaurant late L I e become o know somebody (or something) little by little 5 1 decided to try to get in touch E receIve 6 and two days later I got a reply 7 1 got really excited L I 3 .1 sort of relaxed and felt I was getting to know them again 0 c:: F throwaway G arrive at I in 2 Complete the questions with get or an expression with get Ask and answer the questions in pairs I 2 3. .. with get Ask and answer the questions in pairs I 2 3 4 5 Who do you _ _ _ best in your family? Does it take you long to ~ _ _ new people? Do you _ more e-mails from friends than from coworkers? How do you normally with your friends (by text, phone, etc.)? How often do you things (e.g., clothes) that you don't use anymore? 6 LISTENING a & SPEAKING 4. 14 Read sentences A-F below Now listen to three people... should we meet? 2 Where should we have dinner? 3 What should we do after dinner? SOCIAL ENGLISH An unforgettable meal USEFUL PHRASES a What w_~_ you like? Aren't you h _ _ ? (The seafood) 1_ _ good I'm a to (mushrooms, strawberries, nuts, etc.) No, h _ _ on I have an idea Do you think you could p_ _ do me a favor? Listen What does Scarlett have for lunch? 4. 17 b Listen again and mark the sentences T... the horne of the surrealist painter Frida Kahlo, who died in 19 54, when she was only 47 The entrance is guarded by two giant statues nearly seven rneters tall As you walk past thern, you enter a garden with tropical plants and fountains When you go inside the house, the first room is the spacious and airy living room Here Frida and her husband, the painter Diego Rivera, entertained their famous friends,... She was a 3 of mine at the company where I used to work, and we used to have our coffee I have a New visitors find their old schools or workplaces, which are usually listed on the web page, and then add their names to the list of people already registered They can also post photos and information about what they are doing now When they want to contact another member, breaks at the same time We 4 , although... should think carefully about how they spend their free time C they should try to make friends with people from work I school 3 The writer says that a we should ask ourselves who our real friends are b most of OUT friends are unnecessary c we shouldn't treat friends as possessions 4 The kind of friends we probably need to "edit" are a old friends who don't talk very much b new friends who talk too much . she's not American. She doesn't have an American accent. She American, she doesn't have an American accent. 3 I can't go out tonight. I won't to go out tonight. 4 It's. versa)? b Carla and Ruben are waiting for their results. 4 .3 Listen to Carla and answer questions 1-5. 4. 4 Then do the same for Ruben. Was the test difficult? 2 When and how will you get the results of the test? 3 How will you celebrate. 1 -4, what tense is the verb in the if clause? 2 What tense is the other verb? 3 How is question 5 different? 4 Do the questions refer to real or imaginary situations? d 0 p.l36 Grammar Bank 4B. Read
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