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bite on something 1. to chew on something; to grasp something with the teeth. 2. to respond to a lure. bite one’s nails to be nervous or anxious; to bite one’s nails from nervousness or anxiety. bite one’s tongue to struggle not to say something that one really wants to say. bite the dust to fall to defeat; to die. bite the hand that feeds one to do harm to someone who does good things for one. bitten ["bIt n] Past participle of bite. bitter ["bIt #] 1. adj. very sharp or harsh in taste; not sweet, salty, or sour. (Adv: bitterly.) 2. adj. [of wind or weather] extremely cold. (Adv: bitterly.) 3. adj. emotionally painful; distressful. (Adv: bitterly.) 4. adj. resentful; hateful. (Adv: bit- terly.) → take the bitter with the sweet bizarre [bI "zar] adj. very strange; eccentric; weird. (Adv: bizarrely.) black ["blAk] 1. adj. the color of coal; the color of the darkest night; the opposite of white. (Comp: blacker; sup: blackest.) 2. adj. [of coffee served] without cream or milk. 3. adj. evil; wicked. (Adv: blackly. Comp: blacker; sup: blackest.) 4. adj. [of people, usu- ally of African descent] having dark-colored skin. (Occasionally capitalized.) 5. adv. [of coffee served] without cream or milk. 6. n. someone who is of African descent having dark-colored skin. (Sometimes capitalized.) → get a black eye → give someone a black eye → in black and white → in the black → pitch black → the pot calling the kettle black black and blue bruised; showing signs of having been physically harmed. black out 1. to pass out; to become unconscious. 2. [for lights] to go out. black something out 1. to cut or turn out the lights or electric power. 2. to prevent the broadcast of a specific television or radio program in a specific area. blacken ["blAk @n] 1. tv. to make something black; to cause some- thing to become black. 2. iv. to become very dark or black; to turn black. blackness ["blAk n@s] n. the state of being black. (No plural.) blackout ["blAk aUt] 1. n. a com- plete loss of all electricity or power; a situation of complete darkness, especially caused by a loss of electrical power. 2. n. a state of not being conscious. blade ["bled] 1. n. the flat, sharp- ened edge of a knife or tool. 2. n. the flat, wide part of an oar or propeller. 3. n. a long, flat leaf of grass or other plant. 4. n. the metal part of an ice skate that makes contact with the ice. blame ["blem] 1. n. the responsibil- ity for causing something that is bad or wrong. (No plural.) 2. tv. to bite on something 46 02 7/23/03 8:34 AM Page 46 TLFeBOOK place the responsibility for doing something wrong on a person. blame someone for something to hold someone responsible for something; to name someone as the cause of something. blame something on someone to say that something is someone’s fault; to place the guilt for some- thing on someone. blank ["blANk] 1. n. an empty line or a space on a form. 2. adj. with- out marks; having no writing. (Comp: blanker; sup: blankest.) 3. adj. [of a facial expression] not showing recognition or response. (Adv: blankly. Comp: blanker; sup: blankest.) → draw a blank a blank check freedom or permis- sion to act as one wishes or thinks necessary. blank something out 1. to forget something, perhaps on purpose; to blot something out of memory. 2. to erase something, as on a computer screen. blanket ["blAN kIt] 1. n. a piece of thick fabric, used to keep someone warm. 2. n. a layer of something that covers something else. (Figu- rative on Q.) 3. tv. [for something as in W] to cover something. → a wet blanket blare ["blEr] 1. n. a loud, harsh noise. 2. iv. to make a loud, harsh noise. blast ["blAst] 1. n. a strong, sudden gust of air; a sudden, heavy wind. 2. n. the noise and violent gust of air created by an explosion. 3. n. an explosion. 4. tv. to blow some- thing up; to explode something. blast off (for someplace ) 1. [for a rocket ship] to take off and head toward a destination. 2. [for someone] to leave for a destina- tion. blaze ["blez] 1. n. a fire; a flame. 2. iv. to burn brightly; to burn with bright flames. blaze down (on someone or some- thing ) [for the sun or other hot light] to burn down on someone or something. blaze up 1. [for flames] to expand upward suddenly. 2. [for trouble, especially violent trouble] to erupt suddenly. bleach ["blitS] 1. n. a substance that removes color or stains. (Plural only for types and instances.) 2. iv. to become white or lighter; to turn white or lighter. 3. tv. to turn something white or lighter; to cause something to become white or lighter. bled ["blEd] past tense and past par- ticiple of bleed. bleed ["blid] 1. iv., irreg. to lose blood, as from a wound. (Past tense and past participle: bled.) 2. iv., irreg. [for color, ink, or dye] to seep or soak into other colors or dyes. blend ["blEnd] 1. n. a mixture. 2. tv. to combine something with something else. 3. iv. to mix well or attractively with people or things. blend in (with someone or some- thing ) to mix well with someone or something; to combine with someone or something. blend in (with someone or something) 47 02 7/23/03 8:34 AM Page 47 TLFeBOOK blend in(to something ) to combine nicely with something; to mix well with something. blend something in(to something ) to mix something evenly into something else. blend something together (with something ) to mix something evenly with something else. bless ["blEs] 1. tv. to make someone or something holy through a reli- gious ritual. 2. tv. to ask God to place favor on the food that is to be eaten. blessing ["blEs IN] 1. n. a prayer calling for God’s favor or protec- tion. 2. n. God’s favor or good fortune given to someone or something. 3. n. approval. → thankful for small blessings blew ["blu] past tense of blow. blind ["blaInd] 1. adj. unable to see; sightless. (Adv: blindly. Comp: blinder; sup: blindest.) 2. adj. [of anger] irrational. (Adv: blindly. Comp: blinder; sup: blindest.) 3. tv. to take away someone’s or something’s sight permanently or temporarily. → (as) blind as a bat → turn a blind eye to someone or something → up a blind alley blinds n. a kind of window shade made of horizontal, or sometimes vertical, slats that can be tilted to block vision or shut out light. (Treated as plural.) blink ["blINk] 1. n. a quick closing and opening of the eyes. 2. iv. [for a light] to flash on and off quickly. 3. tv. to close and open one’s eyes quickly. 4. iv. [for one’s eyelids] to close and open quickly. 5. tv. to turn a light on and off quickly; to flash a light. blink back one’s tears to fight back tears; to try to keep from cry- ing. bliss ["blIs] n. complete happiness; joy. (No plural.) blister ["blIs t#] 1. n. a bubble of fluid under the skin, formed by a burn or irritation. 2. iv. [for a part of the skin] to raise up and fill with fluid in response to a burn or irritation. 3. tv. to cause Q to form on someone or something. blizzard ["blIz #d] n. a snowstorm with strong winds, heavy snow, and possible thunder and light- ning. block ["blak] 1. n. a solid piece of something, such as wood, stone, or ice. 2. n. a large, flat piece of stone or wood on which items are cut, chopped, or split. 3. n. the distance along a street from one intersection to the next. 4. n. a group of seats or tickets for seats that are next to each other, as with the theater, an airline flight, or a sporting event. 5. tv. to be or get in the way of something. → a chip off the old block → on the block → stumbling block block something off to prevent movement through something by putting up a barrier; to close a passageway. block something out 1. to lay something out carefully; to map out the details of something. 2. to obscure a clear view of something. blend in(to something) 48 02 7/23/03 8:34 AM Page 48 TLFeBOOK block something (up) to obstruct something; to stop the flow within a channel. blond ["bland] 1. adj. [of hair] fair or light in color. (Comp: blonder; sup: blondest.) 2. n. someone with light-colored hair. ( Blonde is sometimes used for females.) blonde ["bland] n. a woman or a girl with light-colored hair. (See also blond.) blood ["bl^d] n. a red fluid moving through the bodies of animals. (No plural.) → blue blood → curdle someone’s blood → draw blood → flesh and blood → fresh blood → have someone’s blood on one’s hands → in one’s blood → in the blood → make someone’s blood boil → make someone’s blood run cold → new blood blood vessel ["bl^d vEs @l] n. a tube that carries blood through the bodies of living things. bloodshed ["bl^d SEd] n. injury or death caused by violence. (No plu- ral.) bloody adj. covered with blood. → cry bloody murder → scream bloody murder bloom ["blum] 1. iv. [for a plant] to produce flowers or blossoms. 2. iv. [for a flower bud] to open. → in bloom blossom ["blas @m] 1. n. a flower. 2. iv. to produce flowers; to bloom. 3. iv. [for a flower bud] to open. → in blossom blot ["blat] 1. n. a spot or smeared area of ink. 2. tv. to remove an excess amount of moisture by placing an absorbent paper over it and pressing. 3. tv. to dry or clean something by placing an absorb- ent paper over it and pressing. blot someone or something out to forget someone or something by covering up memories or by trying to forget. blouse ["blaUs] n. a woman’s shirt. blow ["blo] 1. iv., irreg. [for wind or air] to be in motion. (Past tense: blew; past participle: blown.) 2. iv., irreg. [for something] to be lifted by or carried in the air or wind. 3. iv., irreg. [for a sound- producing device, such as a horn] to make sound. 4. iv., irreg. [for a fuse] to burn out. 5. tv., irreg. to exhale air or smoke. 6. tv., irreg. to sound a whistle or a horn, trum- pet, or similar instrument. 7. n. a hard hit or knock; a punch or sock. blow a fuse to burn out a fuse. blow away [for something light] to be carried away by the wind. blow in [for something] to cave in to the pressure of moving air. blow itself out [for a storm or a tantrum] to lose strength and stop; to subside. blow off 1. [for something] to be carried off of something by mov- ing air. 2. [for a valve or other pressure-maintaining device] to be forced off or away by high pressure. blow off steam Go to let off steam . blow off steam 49 02 7/23/03 8:34 AM Page 49 TLFeBOOK blow one’s nose to drive mucus and other material from the nose using air pressure. blow one’s own horn Go to toot one’s own horn. blow over [for something, such as a storm] to diminish; to subside. blow someone or something away [for the wind] to carry someone or something away. blow someone or something down [for a rush of air] to knock some- one or something over. blow someone or something over [for the wind] to move strongly and upset someone or something. blow someone or something up 1. to destroy someone or something by explosion. 2. to exaggerate something [good or bad] about someone or something. blow something out to extinguish a flame by blowing air on it. blow something out of (all) pro- portion to cause something to be unrealistically proportioned rela- tive to something else. blow something up 1. to inflate something. 2. to enlarge a photo- graph. blow the whistle (on someone ) to report someone’s wrongdoing to someone (such as the police) who can stop the wrongdoing. blow up 1. [for something] to explode. 2. [for someone] to have an outburst of anger. blown ["blon] Past participle of blow. blue ["blu] 1. n. the color of a clear sky on a bright day; the color of a deep, clear ocean. (Plural only for types and instances.) 2. the adj. use of Q. (Comp: bluer; sup: bluest.) 3. adj. sad. (Adv: bluely. Comp: bluer; sup: bluest.) → between the devil and the deep blue sea → black and blue → burn with a low blue flame → like a bolt out of the blue → once in a blue moon → out of a clear blue sky → out of the blue → talk a blue streak → talk until one is blue in the face blue blood the blood (heredity) of a noble family; aristocratic ances- try. the blues 1. n. sadness; depression. (Sometimes treated as singular. See also get the blues.) 2. n. a type of music, similar to slow jazz. (Sometimes treated as singular.) bluff ["bl^f] 1. n. a steep hill or cliff with a wide front. 2. n. a harmless deception; a trick that will not result in harm. 3. tv. to deceive someone or some creature; to mis- lead someone or some creature into doing something. blunder ["bl^n d#] 1. n. a stupid mistake; a clumsy error. 2. iv. to make a stupid mistake. blunt ["bl^nt] 1. adj. without a sharp edge or point. (Adv: bluntly. Comp: blunter; sup: bluntest.) 2. adj. to the point; frank; not sub- tle. (Adv: bluntly. Comp: blunter; sup: bluntest.) 3. tv. to make some- thing dull; to make something less sharp. board ["bord] 1. n. a flat, thin piece of wood; a plank. 2. n. a flat piece of wood or other rigid material, blow one’s nose 50 02 7/23/03 8:34 AM Page 50 TLFeBOOK used for a specific purpose. 3. n. daily meals [when associated with one’s lodging]. (No plural. Treated as singular.) 4. n. a group of peo- ple who manage a company or other organization. 5. n. a flat, sturdy piece of material on which a game is played. 6. tv. to get on a ship, bus, train, or plane. 7. iv. to receive meals and living space in exchange for money or work. → back to the drawing board → bulletin board boast ["bost] 1. n. a bragging state- ment. 2. iv. to brag or exaggerate. 3. tv. [for something] to offer or have a particular characteristic. boat ["bot] n. a floating means of transportation, smaller than a ship, that carries people and cargo. → in the same boat → rock the boat bob ["bab] 1. n. a quick up-and- down movement. 2. iv. to move up and down quickly, as with some- thing floating on water. 3. tv. to cut something, especially hair, short. body ["bad i] 1. n. the whole physi- cal structure of a living creature or plant. 2. n. a dead human or ani- mal; a corpse. 3. n. the main part of something. 4. n. a collection of people or things taken as a group; a group; a collection. 5. n. a large mass of something; an object. → keep body and soul together bog down to become encumbered and slow down; to slow down. boggle someone’s mind to over- whelm someone; to mix up someone’s thinking; to astound someone. boil ["boIl] 1. n. a painful sore place surrounding an infection. 2. n. the condition of something that boils as in T. (No plural.) 3. tv. to make a liquid so hot that it bub- bles and turns into vapor. 4. tv. to cook something by putting it in a liquid that is very hot as in T. 5. iv. [for a liquid] to become so hot that it bubbles and turns into vapor. 6. iv. [for something] to cook in a liquid that is very hot as in T. → have a low boiling point → make someone’s blood boil boil down to something 1. [for a liquid] to be condensed to some- thing by boiling. 2. [for a complex situation] to be reduced to its essentials. boil over [for a liquid] to overflow while being boiled. boil something out (of something ) to remove something from some- thing by boiling. bold ["bold] 1. adj. confident; sure of oneself; courageous. (Adv: boldly. Comp: bolder; sup: boldest.) 2. adj. without shame; rude; not shy. (Adv: boldly. Comp: bolder; sup: boldest.) 3. adj. [of printing] darker and thicker. (Comp: bolder; sup: boldest.) bolt ["bolt] 1. n. a metal pin or rod, with threads, used to connect or attach things. 2. n. a rod that fas- tens a door, window, or gate. 3. n. a flash or streak of lightning. 4. n. a sudden, quick movement; an unexpected, quick movement. 5. n. a roll of cloth. 6. tv. to fasten two or more objects together with Q. 7. tv. to lock a door, gate, or bolt 51 02 7/23/03 8:34 AM Page 51 TLFeBOOK window by sliding a metal W into place. 8. iv. to run away from someone or something; to move away from someone or something quickly and suddenly. → like a bolt out of the blue → nuts and bolts (of something ) bomb ["bam] 1. n. an explosive weapon or device. 2. tv. to attack an area by dropping Q on it from planes. 3. tv. to use Q to cause damage or injury to someone or something. bond ["band] 1. n. a link or some- thing in common that brings together two people or two groups of people. 2. n. something that causes two objects to stick together. 3. n. an agreement in which someone or a company promises, as an investment, to pay back a certain sum of money by a particular date. 4. iv. [for an adhe- sive or paint] to become firmly attached. bone ["bon] 1. n. any one of the many parts of an animal’s skele- ton. 2. n. the hard substance of which Q is made. (No plural.) 3. tv. to remove Q from meat before cooking it. → all skin and bones → chilled to the bone → cut something to the bone → feel something in one’s bones → have a bone to pick (with someone ) → know something in one’s bones → nothing but skin and bones → work one’s fingers to the bone a bone of contention the subject or point of an argument; an unset- tled point of disagreement. bonfire ["ban faI#] n. a large, con- trolled outdoor fire. bonnet ["ban @t] n. a cloth hat for women or girls; any hat for women or girls. → have a bee in one’s bonnet → put a bee in someone’s bonnet bonus ["bon @s] 1. n. something extra. 2. the adj. use of Q. book ["bUk] 1. n. a stack of pages, held within a cover. 2. n. a subdi- vision of a longer written work. 3. n. a set of objects that are held together under a cover. 4. tv. to process a charge against someone who has been arrested for com- mitting a crime. 5. tv. to reserve space in advance for something, such as a play, an airplane flight, a room in a hotel, or a table in a restaurant. 6. tv. to reserve the services of a performer in advance. → have one’s nose in a book → know someone or something like a book → an open book → read someone like a book → take a leaf out of someone’s book → use every trick in the book book someone through (to some- place ) to make transportation arrangements for someone that involve a number of changes and transfers. bookcase ["bUk kes] n. a set of shelves for books. bookkeeper ["bUk kip #] n. some- one who keeps track of the accounts of a company or an organization. bookkeeping ["bUk kip IN] n. the job of keeping track of the accounts of a company or an bomb 52 02 7/23/03 8:34 AM Page 52 TLFeBOOK organization. (No plural.) booklet ["bUk l@t] n. a thin book; a pamphlet. bookmark ["bUk mark] n. some- thing placed between the pages of a book to keep the reader’s place. books n. the records of the money spent and earned by a company or organization. (Treated as plural, but not countable.) bookshelf ["bUk SElf] n., irreg. a horizontal board for holding and displaying books, as in a bookcase. (Plural: bookshelves.) bookshelves ["bUk SElvz] plural of bookshelf. bookshop ["bUk Sap] n. a store where books are sold. bookstore ["bUk stor] n. a store where books are sold. boom ["bum] 1. n. a large, echoing noise made when something explodes or crashes. 2. n. a time of strong economic growth. 3. n. a large, horizontal pole or beam used for support or in the lifting of a weight. 4. iv. to make a large, echoing noise like an explosion or a crash. → lower the boom on someone boom out [for a loud sound] to sound out like thunder. boost ["bust] 1. n. an upward push; an upward movement. 2. tv. to push someone or something upward from beneath. 3. tv. to increase something; to raise some- thing. boot ["but] 1. n. a heavy shoe, often waterproof. 2. tv. to kick someone or something. 3. tv. to start a com- puter, causing it to make a series of checks and set up its operating sys- tem. → quake in one’s boots → shake in one’s boots boot someone out (of something ) to force someone to leave some- thing or someplace. boot ( something ) up to start up a computer. booth ["buT] 1. n., irreg. a seating area in a restaurant having bench seats with backs, placed on two sides of the table or around the table. (Plural: [ "buDz] or ["buTs].) 2. n., irreg. a small, enclosed space, such as the enclosure con- taining a public telephone. 3. n., irreg. a display table or area—pos- sibly enclosed—at a fair or a market. border ["bor d#] 1. n. a decorated area at the edge of something, and the edge itself. 2. n. the dividing line between two countries, states, or other political units. 3. tv. to adjoin or be next to a particular area. border (up)on something 1. [for something] to touch upon a boundary. 2. [for some activity or idea] to be very similar to some- thing else. borderline ["bor d# laIn] n. the line that marks a border—not clearly on either side of the border. → on the borderline bore ["bor] 1. past tense of bear. 2. tv. to drill a hole in something. 3. tv. to make someone tired by being dull. 4. iv. to drill; to make a hole. 5. n. someone or something that is boring; someone or some- thing that is dull. bore 53 02 7/23/03 8:34 AM Page 53 TLFeBOOK boredom ["bor d@m] n. a state or condition where one is bored and finds everything dull and uninter- esting. → die of boredom boring ["bor IN] adj. dull; not enter- taining; causing people to lose interest and perhaps become sleepy. (Adv: boringly.) born ["born] 1. a past participle of bear. 2. adj. possessing a certain quality or character since birth; by birth; natural. (Prenominal only.) 3. adj. having a particular place of birth or national heritage. (Usu- ally in hyphenated combinations.) → not born yesterday born with a silver spoon in one’s mouth born with many advan- tages; born to a wealthy family; already showing the signs of great wealth at birth. borne ["born] a past participle of bear. borrow ["bar o] 1. tv. to ask for, accept, and use something from someone with the intention of returning or replacing it. 2. tv. to take something, such as a custom, trait, or idea, and use it as one’s own. boss ["bOs] n. someone who is in charge of other people’s work or of other workers. boss someone around to order someone around. botch something up to mess some- thing up; to do a bad job of something. both ["boT] 1. adj. one and one other; the two [people or things]. (See also each and every.) 2. pron. one thing or person and another thing or person; the two things or people. → burn the candle at both ends → cut both ways → have a foot in both camps → play both ends (against the middle) → with both hands tied behind one’s back bother ["baD #] 1. n. something that is time-consuming or annoy- ing to do. 2. tv. to annoy someone or something; to upset someone or something. 3. tv. to interrupt or disturb someone. bottle ["bat @l] 1. n. a container, usually glass or plastic, with an opening at the end of a short or long neck. 2. n. the contents of Q. 3. tv. to put something in Q, usu- ally for future use or sale. bottle something up (inside ( someone )) [for someone] to keep serious emotions within and not express them. bottleneck ["bat l nEk] n. a narrow or crowded passage, like the neck of a bottle. bottom ["bat @m] 1. n. the lowest level of something; the deepest point of something. 2. n. the underside of something; the low- est surface of something. 3. n. land underneath water; the ground under a body of water. 4. n. the part of the body on which one sits; the buttocks. 5. adj. relating to the lowest part of something; relating to the underneath part of some- thing. → (as) soft as a baby’s bottom → at the bottom of the ladder → from the bottom of one’s heart boredom 54 02 7/23/03 8:34 AM Page 54 TLFeBOOK → from top to bottom → get to the bottom of something → hit bottom → learn something from the bottom up → scrape the bottom of the barrel bottom out finally to reach the lowest or worst point. bought ["bOt] past tense and past participle of buy. boulder ["bol d#] n. a huge stone. boulevard ["bUl @ vard] n. a wide city street, usually lined with trees. bounce ["baUns] 1. n. the return movement of an object when it hits a surface. 2. iv. to spring up or away after hitting a surface. 3. tv. to toss someone upward gently, causing an upward movement as in W. 4. tv. to cause something to hit against a surface and spring back. bounce off ((of) something ) to rebound from something. bounce out (of something ) to rebound out of or away from something. bounce something off (of) some- one or something 1. to make something rebound off someone or something. 2. to try an idea or concept out on someone or a group. (Figurative.) bound ["baUnd] 1. past tense and past participle of bind. 2. adj. tied up; fastened; glued into covers. 3. iv. to jump; to leap forward; to bounce up. 4. n. an upward jump; a forward jump. → by leaps and bounds bound hand and foot with hands and feet tied up. boundary ["baUn dri] n. a border; a line that marks the edge of a thing or a place. bouquet [bo "ke] n. an arrange- ment of cut flowers; a grouping of cut flowers that can be held in one hand. bout ["baUt] 1. n. an attack of a dis- ease. 2. n. a specific contest or event, especially a boxing match. bow 1. ["bo] n. a pretty knot, usu- ally with two or more large loops. 2. ["bo] n. a weapon that shoots arrows. 3. ["bo] n. a stick with strings of hair stretched from end to end, used to play a stringed instrument, such as a violin. 4. ["baU] n. an act of bending the body to show respect or in response to applause. 5. ["baU] n. the front part of a ship or a boat. 6. ["bo] iv. to bend into a curve, similar to W; to form a curve. 7. ["baU] iv. to bend the body when greeting or honoring some- one. 8. ["bo] tv. to cause something to bend into a curve, like the curve of W; to cause something straight to form a curve. bow and scrape ["baU ] to be very humble and subservient. bow out (of something ) ["baU ] to withdraw from something. bowel ["baU @l] n. the upper or lower intestine; the upper and lower intestine. bowel movement ["baUl muv m@nt ] n. an act of expelling or get- ting rid of feces. bowel movement 55 02 7/23/03 8:34 AM Page 55 TLFeBOOK . device] to be forced off or away by high pressure. blow off steam Go to let off steam . blow off steam 49 02 7/23/03 8:34 AM Page 49 TLFeBOOK blow one’s nose to drive mucus and other material. relating to the lowest part of something; relating to the underneath part of some- thing. → (as) soft as a baby’s bottom → at the bottom of the ladder → from the bottom of one’s heart boredom 54 02. against a surface and spring back. bounce off ( (of) something ) to rebound from something. bounce out (of something ) to rebound out of or away from something. bounce something off (of) some- one
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