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cập nhất những bài thi mới nhất Student: ………………… Class: ……………………… WRITTEN TEST (30) Time: 90 minutes I. Choose the word that underlined part is pronounced differently from the others. (5 marks) 1. A naked B.talked C.stopped D.checked 2. A invent B.advent C.Decent D.ascent 3. A multiply B.muddy C.culture D.funeral 4. A chalk B.chaos C.chemist D.psychologist 5. A prove B.women C.lose D.movies II. Circle the word which has different stress from the rest (5 marks) 1. A assassinate B.artificial C.antecedent D.democracy 2. A guitar B.impetus C.evacuate D.traditional 3. A advertisement B.popular C.photograph D.pharmacist 4. A comment B.democracy C.significiant D.geometry 5. A imitate B.glorious C.magazine D.memory III. Circle the best answer (either A, B, C or D). (10 marks) 1. The mechanic examined the car engine __________ but could find nothing wrong with it. A thoroughly B.exactly C.throughout D.altogether 2. I’m not supprised Helen is ill. With all the voluntary work she has _________, she has really been doing too much. A taken off B.taken in C. taken on D. taken to 3. The ________ of his first novel appeared in The Times yesterday. A survey B. inspection C. appraisal D. review 4. We’ d rather you ______ better than you ______ for the time being. A sang/are singing B. to sing/are singing C. sing/sing D. should sing/are singing 5. Peter, along with his parents, _______ unable to go to the party last night. A had been B. were C. was D. has been 6. I called Marry yesterday with a view ________ her about the homework. A of asking B. to asking C. in asking D. for asking 7. In ________, I must acknowledge that we were guilty of errors of judgement. A hindsight B. review C. experience D. retrospect 8. Veronica broke the school rules to many times that the headmistress finally had no alternative but to ________ her A expel B. deport C. eject D. export 9. By the end of next year, this school ________ A will be finished C. is going to be finished B will have been finished D. is to be finished 10. If we don’t take steps to protect the world’s wild life, many species of birds and animals are likely to _________ completely A die out B. die down C. die away D. die from IV. Identify the incorrect underlined part by circling either A, B, C or D and correct it. (10 marks) 1. The show was such a success that went from being an infamous actress to a star overnight. A B C D 2. Three old trees will have to be fallen because they are diseased and dangerous. A B C D 3. Stuart stopped to write his letter because he had to leave for the hospital. A B C D 4. Caring for your teeth should include avoiding such sugary drinks and food, especially A B C between meals. D 5. All the students are looking forwards spending their free time relaxing in the sun this A B C D summer. 6. The price of crude oil used to be a great deal lower than now, wasn’t it? A B C D 7. The proposal has replealed after a thirty-minute discussion and a number of objections to A B C its failure to include our district. D 8. How much times did Rich and Jennifer have to do the experiment before obtained the A B C results they had been expecting? D 9. The bridge was hitting by a large ship during a sudden storm last week. A B C D 10. The company representative sold to the manager a sewing machine for forty dollars. A B C D V. Complete the sentences with the approriate form of the words in bracket. (10 marks) 1.Her ________was so great that she broke a glass. (ANXIOUS) 2. She can’t educate her son by beating him. It’s only________ (PRODUCT) 3. This statue _______ the soldiers who died in the war. (MEMORY) 4. The work is still at a very ____________ level. (EXPERIMENT) 5. He suffered from sonstant _______(SLEEPY) 6. He completely went to pieces after the ______ of his marriage (BREAK) 7. They have a big ______ shop in London. (JEWEL) 8. Religious _______ forced them to leave the country. (TOLERATE) 9. There was a heavy ______ yesterday afternoon which completely ruined the Church Garden Party. (POUR) 10. He was sentenced to two years’s ______ (PRISON) VI. Complete the passage with the best word or phrase. (10 marks) First votes for women The suffragette movement, which campaigned for votes for women in the early twentieth century, is most commontly associated with the Pankhurts family and militant act of (1) ____ Degrees of violence. (2)_______ in 1903 by the political campaigner Mrs. Emmeline Pankhurst and her daughters, Christabel and Sylvia, the Women’s Social and Political Union (WSPU) began an educated campaign to put women suffrage on the political agendea. With their (3)______ “Deeds, not words”, and the introducion of color scheme, the WSPU soon brought the movement the cohension and focus it (4)______ before. Membership grew rapidly as women deserted many other, less directed groups to (5)_____it. By 1906, the WSPU headquaters, called the Women’s Press Shop, had been (6)_____ in Charging Cross Road and in spite of limited (7)______ (no radio or television, and minimal use of telephone), the message had (8)______ around country, with members and branch officers stretching to as away as Scotland. The newspapers produced by WSPU, first Votes for Women and later The Suffragette, (9)______ vital role in this communication. Both were sold throughout the country and proved an invaluable way of (10)_________ members of meetings, marches, fund-raising events and the lastest news on the movement. VII. Fill each gap in the passage with on suitable preposition. (10 marks) When Edison was a boy (1)_____ fifteen, he worked (2)_____ a telegraph operator. He had to be (3)_____ duty from 7p.m to 7a.m and give a signal every hour to prove that he did not sleep. The signal was made (4)_____ astonishing exactness. One night an inspector arrived and saw Edison sleeping (5)_____ a chair. He was (6)_____ to shake him when he caught sight of a mechanism and a table (7)_____ the telegraph instrument. He waited to see what would happen. When the hand of the clock pointed (8)_____ the hour, the instrument got busy and one lever grew open the key while the other sent the signal (9)_____the wire. The inspector seized the sleeping boy, roused him and fired him. That is why the first (10)____ Edison numerous inventions was never patened. VIII. Read the following passage and circle the best answer. (10 marks) Coco Chanel Coco chanel wasn’t just ahead of her time. She was ahead of herself. If one looks at the work of contemporary fashion designers as different from one another, one sees that many of their strategies echo what Chanel once did. The way, 75 years ago, she mixed up the vocabulary of male and female clothes and created fashion that offered the wearer a feeling of hidden luxury rather than ostentation are just two examples of how her tates and sense of style overlap with today’s fashion. Chanel would not have defined herself as a feminist – in fact, she consistently spoke of femininity rather than of feminism – yet her work is unquestionably part of the liberation of women. She not only appropriated styles, fabrics and articles of clothing that were worn by men but also, beginning with how she dressed herself, appropriated sports clothes as part of the language of fashion. One can see how her style evolved out of necessity and defiance. Cocteau once said of her that “she has, by a kind of miracle, worked in fashion according to rules that would seem to have value only for painters, musicians, poets.” 1.Where is this passage taken from? A. a biography article B. an advertisment C. a fiction story D. a letter 2.What does “ostentation” mean? A. scruffiness B. a wealth display C. exposure D. inferority complex 3. Which of the following sentences are TRUE about Coco Chanel? A. Chanel was a feminist B. Chanel lived for 75 years C. Chanel’s work brought about liberation in women fashion D. Chanel’s fashion ideas were in no way different from her contemporaries. 4. What can be inferred from Cocteau’s words about Chanel? A. Her creative work made Chanel not only a mere fashion designer but also an artist. B. Chanel was a painter C. Chanel designed the clothes and fashion based on worthless rules D. Chanel broke all the rules of fashion 5. According to the reading passage, what can be said about Chanel? A. She was a progressive woman whose ideas on fashion was much more advanced than her contemporaries B. Chanel used those articles of clothing that she designed to struggle for women’s liberation. C. Chanel’s fashion designs not only revealed ostentation but also luxury D. The fact that Chanel mixed up the vocabulary of male and female clothes meant that women could then wear the clothes of men. English written test 31 Time allotted: 60 minutes I. Which word has different underlined sound in each line?Circle A, B, C orD. 1. A. orchestra B. chaos C. chronological D. orchard 2. A. prosperity B. domestic C. develop D. collection 3. A. procession B. cello C. ceremony D. concert 4. A. repentance B. emphasis C. inexhaustible D. exhibition 5. A. register B. indifferent C. expertise D. hesitation II. Which word has different stress position in each line? Circle A, B, C, D. 6. A. recreation B. entertainment C. undertaken D. enormously 7. A. relatively B. documentary C. automobile D. criticism 8. A. original B. calculator C. impossible D. intelligent 9. A. horizon B. amazing C. duplicate D.consultant 10. A. scientific B. biology C. indefinite D.theatrical III. Circle the best answer (A, B, C or D) for each of the following sentences. 11. “ Is Nigel still there?” – “ Yes, but hurry up, he is just _______.” A. to leave B. about to leave C. to be leaving D. about leaving 12. After a lengthy debate, the spokesman announced the board had ______a unanimous conclusion. A. committed B. reached C.solved D.compromised 13. The whole situation is getting out of _________ . Let’s do something before it turns into a bitter row. A. capacity B. charge C. hand D. discipline 14. These two items don’t differ much. The _______is even more apparent when you put them together. A. likelihood B. similarity C. coincidence D. analogy 15.Why not ask the tailor to shorten the jacket a little? Unless you don’t want it to perfectly with the trousers. A. make B. do C. go D. suit 16. I think we can reply on Mr Bronson’s advice. I’ve known him for ages and I already found out he has got excellent __________in morden art. A. fashion B. feeling C. view D. taste 17.The camera can _________people’s images in its memory. A. store B. keep C. put D. file 18. If you refuse to do it, the bosses will have no difficulty _______one of those ambitious young men to do the job. A. to get B. with getting C. getting D. in getting 19. The average ______ spends about 50 dollars a week on food. A. domestic B. household C. house D. home 20. “All work and no play makes jack a dull boy”, as the old ______ goes. A. speech B. saying C. proverb D. sentence 21.People who like art can _______ a course in painting. A. take B. make C. run D. buy 22. Axel _________ his sister cares about their future. A. Either/or B. Neither/nor C. Both/and D. all/or 23.It is the children ______were punished severely. A. whom B. which C. D. that 24.It is _________ a collection is properly labeled that it has real value. A. only before B. only when C. after D. only if 25. Although he had given up his life of crime, he still found it difficult to persuade people to ______him seriously. A. see B. relate C. take D. think IV. Read the text below. Use the word given in capitals to form a word that fits in the space. Learn new skills! Our new multi-activity holiday offer a wide variety of courses, ranging from (26) (MOUNTAIN) ……………………to cookery. And they are so (27) (EXPENSE) ……………………that everybody can offord them. Supervision at all times by ours experienced, (28) (QUALIFY) ……………………staff is included in the price of the holiday. If you are (29) (INTEREST) …………………… in trying out adventure course, don’t worry if you are (30) (FIT) ……………………- we understand that not everyone is super athlete. Our skillful (31)(INTRUCT) …………………… will take you level of (32) (ABLE) …………………… into account, and design the course accordingly. You don’t have to be physically (33)(ACT) …………………… to enjoy one of our holidays. There are different courses for computer fans, (34)(MUSIC) …………………… and artists. Everyone has a lot of fun and you will never feel (35)(COURAGE) …………………… .So write or telephone now for an application form and join in the fun. V. Fill in each gap with one suitable word. Swimming is not only a competitive sport. It is (36) …………… a popular activity that people of (37) …………… ages enjoy for keeping fit and having fun. Swimming is an excellent (38) …………… of exercise. It improves blood circulation and builds strong muscles. People can swim in any body of water that is large (39) …………… for them to move freely. Many people swim in indoor or (40) …………… pools. You can find swimming pools in many schools, recreation centers, and health clubs. Many communities maintain pools for local residents. People also swim in ponds, lakes, (41) …………… , and even oceans. Swimmer propel themselves through the water (42) …………… moving their arms and legs. These motions (43) …………… called strokes. The most common (44) …………… are the crawl, backstroke, breaststroke, butterfly, (45) …………… sidestroke. Al but the sidestroke are used in competitive swimming. VI. Read the following passage and decide the correct answer for each the questions. In the West, cartoons are used chiefly to make people laugh. The important feature of all these cartoons is the joke and the element of surprise which is contained. Even though it is very funny, a good cartoon is always based on close observation of a particular feature of life and usually has a serious purpose. Cartoons in the West have been associated with political and matters for many years. In wartime, for example, they proved to be an excellent way of spreading propaganda. Nowadays cartoons are often used to make short, sharp comments on politics and governments as well as on a variety of social matters. In Europe and the United States. Unlike most American and European cartoons, however, many Chinese cartoon drawings in the past have also attempted to educate people, especially those who could not read and write. Such cartoons about the lives and sayings of great men in China have proved extremely useful in bringing education to illiterate and semi-literate people throughout Chine. Confucius, Mencius and Laozi have all appeared in very interesting stories presented in the form of cartoons. The cartoons themselves have thus served to illustrate the teachings of the Chinese sages in a very attractive way. In this sense, many Chinese cartoons are different from Western cartoons in so far as they do not depend chiefly on telling jokes. Often, there is nothing to laugh at when you see Chinese cartoons. This is not their primary aim. In addition to commenting on serious political and social matters, Chinese cartoons have aimed at spreading the traditional Chinese thoughts and culture as widely as possible among the people. Today, however, Chinese cartoons have an added part to play in spreading knowledge. They offer a very attractive and useful way of reaching people throughout the world, regardless of the particular country in which they live. Thus, through cartoons, the thoughts and teachings of the old Chinese philosophers and sages can now reach people who live in such countries as Britain, France, America, Japan, Malaysia or Australia and who are unfamiliar with the Chinese culture. Until recently, the transfer of knowledge and culture has been overwhelmingly from the West to the East and not vice versa. By means of cartoons, however, publishing companies in Taiwan, Hong Kong and Singapore are now having success in correcting this imbalance between the East and the West. Cartoons can overcome language barriers in all foreign countries. The vast increase in the popularity of these cartoons serves to illustrate the truth of Confucius’s famous saying “One picture is worth a thousand words.” Question 46: Which of the following clearly characterizes Western cartoons? A. Originality, freshness, and astonishment. B. Humour, unexpectedness, and criticism. C. Enjoyment, liveliness, and carefulness. D. Seriousness, propaganda, and attractiveness. Question 47: Chinese cartoons have been useful as an important means of A. educating ordinary people B. spreading Western ideas C. political propaganda in wartime D. amusing people all the time Question 48: The major differences between Chinese cartoons and Western cartoons come from their . A. nationalities B. purposes C. values D. styles Question 49: The pronoun “this” in paragraph 4 mostly refers to A. a propaganda campaign B. a piece of art C. an educational purpose D. a funny element Question 50: The passage is intended to present . A. a contrast between Western cartoons an Chinese cartoons B. an opinion about how cartoons entertain people C. a description of cartoons of all kinds the world over D. an outline of Western cartoons and Chinese cartoons Question 51: Which the following could be the best title for the passage? A. a Very Powerful Force in Influencing People B. Cartoons as a Way of Educating People C. Chinese Cartoons and Western Cartoons D. an Excellent Way of Spreading Propaganda Question 52: In general, Chinese cartoons are aimed at . A. Disseminating traditional practices in China and throughout the World B. Spreading the Chinese ideas and cultural values throughout the World C. Bringing education to illiterate and semi- literate people in the World D. Illustrating the truth of Chinese great men’s famous sayings Question 53: The word “imbalance” in paragraph 6 refers to . A. the discrimination between the West culture and the East culture B. the mismatch between the West culture and the East culture C. the influence of the East cartoons over the West cartoons D. the dominant cultural influence of the West over the East Question 54: Which the following is most likely the traditional subject of Chinese cartoons? A. jokes and other kinds of humor in political and social matters B. the stories and features of the lives of great men the World cover C. the illiterate and semi-literate people throughout China D. the philosophies and sayings of ancient Chinese thinkers Question 55: According to the passage, which of the following is true? A. Language barriers restricted cartoons B. Cartoons will replace other forms of writing C. Cartoons can serve various purposes D. Western cartoons always have a serious purpose VII. Read the text below and decide which answer ( A, B, C or D) best fits each space. COULD COMPUTER GAMES BE GOOD FOR YOU AFTER ALL? In Britain, the average young person now spends money on games each year than on going to the cinema or renting videos. But is this (56) ……… a bad thing? For years, newspaper reports have been (57) ……… that children who spend too much time playing computer games become unsocial, bad-tempered, even violent as a (58) ……… . But new research, (59) ……… out in both Europe and the USA, suggests that the opposite may be (60) ……… Indeed, playing some of the more complicated games may help people of all ages to (61) ……… certain skill. Researchers claim that this is because the games (62) ……… the brain word harder in certain ways, like (63) ……… sounds and movements quickly and identifying what they are. The fact that people play the games repeatedly (64) ……… that they get a lot of practice in these skills which are therefore (65) ……… to become highly developed. Social skills may benefit too. Researchers in Chicago think that fans of first-person shooter games (66) ……… counterstrike are better than non-players when it (67) ……… to building trust and co-operation, and that this (68) ……… them to make good friendships and become strong members of their communities. So rather than (69) ……… up computer games, perhaps young people (70) ……… to spend more time on them? 56 A. necessarily B. certainly C. fully D. nearly 57 A. speaking B. informing C. telling D. saying 58 A. product B. result C. reason D. conclusion 59 A. worked B. thought C. turned D. carried 60 A. exact B. true C. fact D. precise 61 A. repair B. advance C. improve D. amend 62 A. make B. force C. push D. keep 63 A. realizing B. noticing C. imagining D. solving 64 A. means B. asks C. brings D. causes 65 A. surely B. probable C. likely D. possible 66 A. in order to B. such as C. due to D. as well as 67 A. requires B. goes C. involves D. comes 68 A. supports B. helps C. shows D. serves 69 A. giving B. ending C. taking D. stopping 70 A. bound B. should C. due D. need VII. Read the text and look carefully at each line. If a line is correct put a tick ( ) by. If a line has a word which should not be there, write the word by the beginning of the line. YOUNG ARTIST … … When I first left art college, I wasn’t sure exactly what I wanted …for… to do. In the end, I decided for to try and become a cartoonist, 71 ……… because of I have always been quite good at cartoons, and you don’t 72 ……… need expensive things like as a studio or lots of equipment. I drew 73 ……… my cartoons in a sketchbook the first, then worked on final versions 74 ……… which I sent them to various magazines and newspapers. None of 75 ……… them was particularly interested. So I got a job as a guide in an gallery 76 ……… because I needed the much money. That was a good move. As well as 77 ……… meeting lots of people involved in the arts, I was able to see how 78 ……… ordinary members of the public reacted than to the things on display. 79 ……… As a result of the experience I gained at the gallery, and I decided 80 ……… to become a sculptor. It hasn’t been easy, and I am still doing 81 ……… part-time work due to support myself, but next week my first 82 ……… one-man show is opening at the gallery in where I used to work. 83 ……… I’m going to go back my old job for a week, showing people 84 ……… round the exhibition. It will be interesting to see how people can 85 ……… react because I won’t have give away the fact that I’m the artist! IX. Complete the sentences below by using the cues given.
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