monkey game development beginner's guide [electronic resource] create monetized 2d games deployable to almost any platform

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[...]... Create a package to submit Time for action – creating the app package Summary Index 353 353 353 354 354 354 355 356 357 357 358 358 359 361 [ xvi ] Preface Welcome to Monkey Game Development Beginner's Guide This book will teach you (as a step-by-step guide) how to develop 2D games with Monkey With eight sample games included, the book covers a great range of the toolset and important game development techniques... learn how to utilize the highly versatile Monkey programming language/toolset to create 2D games, deployable almost anywhere Only very basic knowledge of Monkey is required, so if you are a total beginner, it will help if you have studied the samples that come with Monkey [2] Preface Conventions In this book, you will find several headings appearing frequently To give clear instructions of how to complete... the Windows platform, OSX and Linux were basically the only markets, where an individual game developer could publish games to Game consoles were accessible only to huge game development companies with a lot of financial background Even these days, it is almost impossible to publish a game for an individual on some platforms But new markets have arisen and new development tools such as Monkey are available... and exporting your game to the Android platform are covered in this chapter, too Chapter 6, Game #5, Balls Out!, will cover game development for the iOS mobile platform and a typical hardware feature of mobile devices called the accelerometer During the development of a Breakout-inspired game called Balls Out!, you will learn how to use tilt movement to control your game, how to create and use particle... learn how to deploy your games to mobile platforms, such as iOS, Android, and other platforms, such as OSX and Windows When you are done studying this book, the knowledge you have gained about creating 2D games with Monkey will have you transformed from being a beginner-level game developer to experienced creator of your virtual dreams So what are you waiting for? Start reading and create some Monkey- powered... Monkey- powered games! What this book covers Chapter 1, Monkey Huh?, takes you on a fast-paced tour of what Monkey is, which tools are included, what games you can create with it, and which programming features Monkey provides for you, in general Chapter 2, Getting to Know your Monkey a Trip to the Zoo, will show you the first steps in working with the Monk editor and creating your very first Monkey script... now Today it is more and more important to target several platforms with your game Why miss out on the money that can be made and the extra exposure for your game? There are so many markets to cater to, such as Apple AppStore, Android Market, and others, that it would be silly to throw away the opportunity to publish on them and rake in the extra cash So, a cross -platform development tool such as Monkey. .. The magic you will create your own games Your own awesome games You still want to do it, right? Ok, then let's carry on When it comes to writing your Monkey code, you won't need anything else There are other source code editors you could use to code your games with, but this book will utilize Monk for all the coding action How Monk works and which tools it provides you with, for your development, will... that are relevant to game development! Now, with Monkey and various other game creation tools, this process has become much easier and quicker than before A programming language that is based on a BASIC dialect is easy to learn and the features of Monkey will help you bring your dream of becoming a game developer to life Cross -platform development Ahh, the magic term cross -platform development! It is... as the the Apple App store or the Android market Making money from your games is the goal of this chapter For this, it will cover how to use external features such as implementing advertising in your mobile game, too You will also learn what kinds of markets exist for your apps Who this book is for Do you want to quickly create games deployable to all the major desktop and mobile platforms? If so, look . alt="" Monkey Game Development Beginner's Guide Create monezed 2D games deployable to almost any plaorm Michael Hartlef BIRMINGHAM - MUMBAI Monkey Game Development Beginner's Guide Copyright. developing games and has worked on a large range of game development tools/ programming languages, such as thinBasic, Delphi, 3D GameStudio, Blitz3D, BlitzMax, DarkBasic Pro, App Game Kit (AGK),. ulity company where he maintains the billing system (SAP IS-U). Michael is also the founder of an independent game developer startup called Whitesky Games (
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