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MARCH - NEW TOEIC Part 5 / 6 / 7 Part 5 + Part 6: finish within 23 minutes 101. Children younger than 5 years old are _______ free to festival events. (a) admit (b) admitted (c) admission (d) admittedly 102. Electronics retailer Buyer's World announced plans to _______ rebates on software purchases. (a) forecast (b) transport (c) eliminate (d) compromise 103. Mr. Barry oversaw the development of the Nissan Building _______ its initial stages to its completion. (a) of (b) to (c) from (d) about 104. WCM's quarterly report _______ the gains the computer company made in its software division. (a) reflect (b) reflects (c) reflector (d) reflection 105. Beginning in August, free parking _______ available to anyone taking the commuter train from Green City. (a) were (b) to be (c) being (d) will be 106. _______ offices were set up in the conference room until building renovations were completed. (a) Test (b) Form (c) Invented (d) Makeshift 107. Ms. Jefferson asked her secretary to _______ the pamphlets into three categories. (a) separate (b) separation (c) separately (d) separateness 108. _______ most of his co-workers, Chris prefers to arrive early for work rather than stay late. (a) Among (b) Except (c) Unlike (d) Following 109. Please _______ the text to the left side of the document and place all titles in bold letters. (a) align (b) spell (c) degree (d) contrast 110. _______ individual merchants provide product prices, Computrade.com is not responsible for inaccurate price information. (a) For 1 (b) While (c) However (d) Because 111. Cornell SDX has _______ $50 billion in assets, making it the largest investment fund in the market. (a) caused (b) borrowed (c) prevented (d) accumulated 112. Employee contracts are eligible for _______ each year. (a) renew (b) renewal (c) renewed (d) renewing 113. _______ the simplified characters used on the Chinese mainland, traditional Chinese characters are used for writing in Taiwan and Hong Kong. (a) As far as (b) On behalf of (c) In regards to (d) In contrast to 114. The latest issue of Traveler's Monthly _______ an article on the magazine's founder. (a) wrote (b) profits (c) features (d) captures 115. Storeowners removed outdoor signs and decorations in _______ of the windstorm. (a) damages (b) relation (c) recovering (d) anticipation 116. After _______ in Italy for two years, Carmen was able to speak Italian fluently. (a) live (b) lived (c) living (d) livable 117. The sales tax _______ from the Oakdale Shopping Outlets is used to benefit residents of Oakdale County. (a) revenue (b) display (c) banquet (d) language 118. A power outage _______ the intersection of Prospect and Finnegan Roads was reported. (a) out (b) near (c) since (d) during 119. Due to subway system repairs, service on line 7 has been _______ until Tuesday. (a) reserved (b) suspended (c) collected (d) distributed 120. Rycell Co. _______ its offer to purchase Buckly-Finch after reevaluating company finances. (a) withdrew (b) withdraw (c) withdrawn (d) withdrawal 121. The evidence suggests people used the machine _______ the late 18th century. (a) off 2 (b) plus (c) until (d) between 122. Critics _______ that the plot of the film was too intricate and would confuse most moviegoers. (a) favored (b) produced (c) complained (d) appreciated 123. Founded ten years ago, the Youth Media Network _______ the leading source of print and broadcast news for adolescents. (a) become (b) becomes (c) becoming (d) has become 124. Carrington Medical Group offers employees competitive salaries and benefits _______. (a) pack (b) packed (c) packers (d) packages 125. As team leader, Yvette is responsible for _______ tasks to team members. (a) delegating (b) supporting (c) originating (d) participating 126. Former football player Tito Grimaldi is _______ a commentator and analyst for The Nightly Football Recap. (a) currently (b) carefully (c) purposely (d) personally 127. Bus schedules are updated frequently, _______ check our Web site for the latest departure and arrival times. (a) so (b) if (c) neither (d) whereas 128. Employees are not permitted to refund customer purchases unless _______ by a manager or assistant manager. (a) supervise (b) supervised (c) supervisor (d) supervision 129. For technical questions _______ the Lutan Air Web site, please e-mail help@lutanair.com or call our help desk at (914) 777-4341C. (a) after (b) toward (c) regarding (d) throughout 130. Despite the onset of heavy rains, the outdoor concert was not _______. (a) cancel (b) cancelled (c) canceling (d) cancellation 131. Monthly observations are _______ as part of the employee evaluation process. (a) educated (b) equipped (c) installed (d) implemented 132. The Seville Group must acquire at least one more _______ before it can purchase the property. 3 (a) command (b) obstacle (c) investor (d) demonstration 133. Bakerville's historic waterfront _______ thousands of tourists during the summer. (a) attracts (b) attraction (c) attractive (d) attractiveness 134. The state legislature's most recent law fines drivers caught driving more than 10 miles per hour _______ the speed limit. (a) into (b) above (c) inside (d) against 135. In neighborhoods near universities, _______ a home into a rental property is generally a good idea. (a) owning (b) deciding (c) decorating (d) converting 136. _______ June 16, four more buses will provide rush-hour service on the Hudson-Cornell route. (a) Defining (b) Building (c) Effective (d) Traveling 137. City guides and maps of city landmarks are available to _______ at the information center. (a) visit (b) visitors (c) visiting (d) visitation 138. By studying under famed pianist Rachel Frangella, Timothy learned to _______ her trademark style and technique. (a) submit (b) distinct (c) reproduce (d) character 139. Dale received _______ plane ticket less than one week before the conference in Mexico. (a) he (b) his (c) him (d) himself 140. Links.com was discredited following reports that some articles _______ exaggerated facts. (a) trained (b) contained (c) succeeded (d) entertained Questions 141-143 refer to the following letter. From: Victoria Blanche To: Department managers Subject: Ordering schedule Beginning August 23, the administrative department will implement a new policy regarding office supply orders. Orders will no longer be placed irregularly, but will instead conform to a schedule. 4 All department managers should make a list of the supplies needed by their employees and _______ an order form for their department. 141. (a) complete (b) completed (c) completion (d) completeness Department managers will have the ability to approve or _______ order requests they deem excessive or unnecessary. 142. (a) prove (b) apply (c) reject (d) permit Orders for new supplies will be placed on the last Monday of every month. Supply request forms must be received from department managers _______ the preceding Friday at the latest. 143. (a) by (b) but (c) either (d) through Under this system, supplies should arrive at the office no later than the first Monday of the next month. Thank you, Victoria Blanche Questions 144-146 refer to the following letter. Invest in Romania Investment registration for companies The Romanian government offers 4-day business registration for companies like yours. By visiting one of the 12 government offices located throughout the country, you can _______ all the information you will need to register your business. 144. (a) try (b) edit (c) obtain (d) destroy Each office also provides access to the official Romanian Business Database, where you can find current information on potential business partners, suppliers, manufacturers, and distributors already working _______ Romania. 5 145. (a) at (b) within (c) during (d) opposite Additionally, the database will _______ your company to other businesses throughout Europe. 146. (a) connect (b) connected (c) connection (d) connective Questions 147-149 refer to the following letter. Dear Ms. Weaver, I regret to inform you that I will not be able to uphold the _______ of my lease. I have been offered a job overseas and will leave the country at the end of December. 147. (a) task (b) terms (c) reading (d) comments I'm aware that I must forfeit my security deposit of $750, equivalent to one month's rent payment, _______ stated in the early-release clause of my lease. 148. (a) as (b) yet (c) than (d) such I'm also aware that I'm responsible for paying the _______ three months of rent until a new tenant or sublessee can be found. I'll try my best to locate someone as soon as possible. I appreciate your understanding in this matter. 149. (a) post (b) addition (c) gathering (d) remaining Sincerely, Mike Hodge Questions 150-152 refer to the following letter. 6 The Top Ten Most Environmentally Friendly Cities Number 8: Danforth Despite its status as the nation's second largest and third most densely populated city, Danforth _______ both Gambridge and Andover in environmental efficiency. 150. (a) ranges (b) maximizes (c) surpasses (d) determines First, its high population _______ led to the development of an extensive public transportation system. 151. (a) concentrate (b) concentrated (c) concentrating (d) concentration The Danforth Metropolitan Transportation System is used by more than 73 percent of Danforth citizens, most of _______ do not own cars, to commute to work every day. 152. (a) that (b) whom (c) what (d) which Second, the city recently formed the Danforth Green Construction Committee (DGCC). The DGCC was established to ensure compliance with environmental standards at land development and building construction sites within the city. The committee has already approved the construction of three buildings in central Danforth that will be built with recycled steel. Part 7 : finish within 22 minutes September 19 Theresa Long 40 Stuart Street Boston, Massachusetts 02116 Dear Ms. Long, I was pleased to see your advertisement for a Manager of Financial Services in the Boston Record on September 17. I think my background and experience match well with your requirements. My resume is 7 enclosed for your review. At my former post as financial manager at the Cromwell Land Initiative, I was able to improve operating efficiency by reducing outstanding balances and expenses. If you are seeking an experienced, successful financial manager, please consider what I have to offer. I would be honored by an opportunity to speak with you further about the position. My phone number is (781) 324-7732. Thank you for your time and consideration. I look forward to hearing from you. Sincerely, Ryan Graham 153. What is the purpose of Mr. Graham's letter? (a) To ask for advice (b) To promote a product (c) To comment on an article (d) To apply for a job opening 154. What did Mr. Graham enclose in the letter? (a) A resume (b) An advertisement (c) An expense report (d) A newspaper article The Alexander Wendell Agency (AWA) The Alexander Wendell Agency is the leading advertising agency in the country. Founded 167 years ago by Alexander R. Wendell, the agency has grown to represent more than 1,000 clients, including Lysik Pharmaceuticals, Phonetel, and Atlas Air. The AWA currently employs more than 9,000 people and operates more than 300 offices in 80 countries. Ten years ago, CEO Dominique Lawrence created a division called AWA-Ethix to guide AWA clients in implementing socially responsible campaigns and projects. 155. What is true about the Alexander Wendell Agency? (a) It is a leading travel agency. (b) It employs less than 1,000 people. (c) It does not have overseas offices. (d) It represents about 1,000 clients 156. According to the information, what did Ms. Lawrence do? (a) Appoint a new CEO (b) Found the company (c) Start a new program (d) Resign from her post. Special Offer Subscribe to Photography Today and get 60 percent off the newsstand price. Please select one of the following options: 8 __x_ Send me 12 issues (one year) for $21 ____ Send me 24 issues (two years) for $42 Subscriber Information E-mail address: toni8h@community.net Full name: Tonette Hawkins Mailing address: 251 West 38th Street Bayonne, New Jersey 07002 Phone number: (201) 858-1110 157. What is Ms. Hawkins requesting (a) Internet service (b) A concert ticket (c) Camera accessories (d) A magazine subscrip 158. How much will Ms. Hawkins be billed? (a) $12 (b) $21 (c) $24 (d) $42. Travel Free with the North-Rail Rewards Program With the North-Rail Rewards Program, your business will earn travel points for every North-Rail business-class ticket purchased with a company credit card. Travel points can later be redeemed for commuter train tickets, allowing businesses with employees who travel often to ride North-Rail trains for free to presentations, meetings with clients, and other business-related events. Signing up to receive travel rewards is easy: * First, visit www.north-rail.com/business and register your company's credit card information. * Next, choose up to five employees who will have authorization to use the company credit card to purchase North-Rail tickets. * Then, visit our Web site and complete a reservation form to reserve tickets, or call 1-800-447-3339. You can also purchase tickets at any regional North-Rail train station. 159. What type of tickets must customers purchase? (a) One-way tickets (b) Round-trip tickets (c) First-class tickets (d) Business-class tickets 160. What information are customers asked to provide? (a) Their travel dates (b) Their travel itinerary (c) The names of five employees (d) The city they are traveling to. 161. What is NOT listed as a way for customers to purchase tickets? (a) Visiting an office (b) Calling a phone number (c) Going to a train station (d) Completing an online form. 9 From: The Hilton Preservation Society [membermail@preservehilton.org] To: Doreen Arie [darieen@weblife.com] Subject: A special offer for HPS members Date: September 8 Dear Ms. Arie, As a valued member of the Hilton Preservation Society, we would like to extend the following offer to you on behalf of Century Card. The new Century Platinum Card offers you a chance to support the Hilton Preservation Society every time you use it. Each time you use your Century Platinum Card, a donation equaling 15 percent of your purchase will be made to the Hilton Preservation Society's Restoration Campaign to help restore historic buildings and landmarks. Century Bank's Century Platinum Card also offers HPS members these additional benefits: (A) Discounts at affiliated hotels and airlines, (B) 0% APR on high-interest balance transfers and cash advances, (C) No annual fee and low APR on all purchases, and (D) Secure online access to your account information. 162. What is the purpose of the e-mail? (a) To request membership fees (b) To advertise an upcoming event (c) To offer Ms. Arie a credit card service (d) To remind Ms. Arie to renew her membership 163. For what will money be donated? (a) Restoring historic buildings (b) Funding environmental projects (c) Producing a monthly newsletter (d) Supporting political campaigns 164. What is stated about annual fees? (a) They are not collected. (b) They depend on account activity. (c) They can be paid in installments. (d) They make up 15 percent of funding. 10 [...]... May 30 ? (a) Pat Oh (b) Sam Smith (c) Joe Flores (d) Dannie Churski ANSWER 101 B 111 D 121 C 131 D 141 A 151 D 161 A 171 A 181 B 191 C 102 C 112 B 122 C 132 C 142 C 152 B 162 C 172 C 182 A 192 A 1 03 C 1 13 D 1 23 D 133 A 1 43 A 1 53 D 1 63 A 1 73 C 1 83 B 1 93 D 104 B 114 C 124 D 134 B 144 C 154 A 164 A 174 B 184 A 194 C 1 05 D 1 15 D 1 25 A 1 35 D 1 45 B 155 D 1 65 D 1 75 D 1 85 B 1 95 C 1 06 D 1 16 C 1 26 A 1 36 C 1 46 A... 1 25 A 1 35 D 1 45 B 155 D 1 65 D 1 75 D 1 85 B 1 95 C 1 06 D 1 16 C 1 26 A 1 36 C 1 46 A 1 56 C 166 A 1 76 D 1 86 C 1 96 B 1 07 A 1 17 A 1 27 A 1 37 B 1 47 B 1 57 D 1 67 B 177 B 1 87 D 1 97 B 108 C 118 B 128 B 138 C 148 A 158 B 168 D 178 B 188 A 198 A 109 A 119 B 129 C 139 B 149 D 159 D 169 B 179 C 189 D 199 A 110 D 120 A 130 B 140 B 150 C 160 C 170 C 180 B 190 B 200 A 20 ... -1 Greyson 5- disc CD Player $129.99 $129.99 with Remote Control Subtotal $129.99 Tax $ 7. 23 Shipping $ 9.08 -Total $1 46 .30 Customer service can be reached by responding to this e-mail or by calling 1-8 0 0 -6 65 -3 8 38 Thank you for your order Daniel Travers Customer Service Department Sound Byte Online 11 1 65 According to the e-mail, what happened to Ms... Office Supplier 50 percent off your next office supply purchase at www.officesupplier.com This coupon may not be used on computer equipment, software, and other electronics This coupon is not valid in conjunction with other offers, on shipping, or on gift card purchases This coupon is only valid for one-time use on online orders of in-stock items This coupon is not valid on orders with... Database.com, and Black seems reluctant to change InfoQuest’s business strategy.” 172 The word “serving” in paragraph 1, line 1, (c) He serves as a board member at is closest in meaning to: Database.com (a) Helping (d) He has worked at InfoQuest his entire career (b) Presenting (c) Completing 1 75 What is InfoQuest's greatest concern? (d) Encouraging (a) Declining profits (b) An unqualified staff 1 73 When... delivery for each order Delivery fees are nonrefundable if the order or part of the order is returned, unless the product is damaged or defective *Please enter the following coupon code during checkout: XB 774 9JK009W 1 86 When did Ms Dautry place an order? (c) On October 28 (a) On October 5 (d) On November 11 (b) On October 7 16 1 87 What can be inferred about the item Ms Dautry ordered? (a) It was damaged... staff 1 73 When did Mr Edwards become CEO of (c) Debt from construction projects InfoQuest? (d) Competition from other companies (a) Seven years ago (b) One year ago 1 76 What does Ms Spears suggest about Mr (c) In June Black's leadership? (d) In November (a) It will attract more investors (b) It will raise the company's status 174 What is true about Mr Black? (c) It will conflict with that of Mr Edwards... about the coupon? (a) It can be used more than once (b) It will expire after thirty days (c) It is valid for international addresses (d) It cannot be used to buy electronic items 188 What can Ms Dautry use the coupon to do? (a) Order items online (b) Purchase gift cards (c) Buy computer software (d) Pay for shipping costs 190 According to the coupon, how can Ms Dautry receive the discount? (a) By completing... 29 newspaper article (c) He lived near Dennis Park Rink as a child (d) He enrolled his children in ice-skating lessons From: Customer service [service@officesupplier.com] To: Yuna Dautry [ydaut 23@ communityweb.com] Subject: Coupon offer Dear Ms Dautry, We apologize for the mistake we made in processing your October 28 order of item #99820 from our Web site We have since corrected the error in our computer... hometown in Connecticut, began his career as a financial analyst at Robertson, Inc Soon after, he was promoted to Head of Research at the brokerage firm Working alongside Burt Edwards, named CEO of InfoQuest in June, Black plans to make InfoQuest more competitive Despite earning nearly $7 75 million in profits on advertising sales, the company still struggles to compete with rival company Database.com InfoQuest
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