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Bµi tËp vÒ m¹o tõ : A ; AN ; THE * Choose the best answer to complete the sentences: 1. I want apple from that basket. A. a B. an C. the D. X 2. Miss Lin speaks Chinese. A. a B. an C. the D. X 3. One of the students said, “ professor is late today” A. a B. an C. the D. X 4. Eli likes to play volleyball. A. a B. an C. the D. X 5. I bought umbrella to go out in the rain. A. a B. an C. the D. X 6. My daughter is learning to play guitar at her school. A. a B. an C. the D. X 7. Please give me pen that is on the counter. A. a B. an C. the D. X 8. Albany is the capital of New York state. A. a B. an C. the D. X 9. Our neighbour has cat and dog. A. a/ a B. an/ a C. the/ the D. X/ X 10. ink in my pen is red. A. a B. an C. the D. X 11. It is funniest book that I have ever read. A. a B. an C. the D. X 12. Can anyone give me hand, please because I have just fallen over? A. a B. an C. the D. X 13. She always said that when she grew up she wanted to be A. doctor B. a doctor C. the doctor D. a doctors 14. I have left my book in kitchen and I would like you to get it for me. A. a B. an C. the D. X 15. Please meet me at the train station in hour from now. A. a B. an C. the D. X 16. I like to watch tennis on the television. It is very good game. A. a B. an C. the D. X 17. president of the United States will be visiting Australia next week. A. a B. an C. the D. X 18. July goes to work on the bus. A. a B. an C. the D. X 19. golf is my favourite sport. I play once or twice week if I can, but I’m not very good player. A. X/ a/ a B. The/ a/ a C. The/ the/ the D. X/ a/ the 20. I don’t know what to do. It’s problem. A. quite difficult B. a quite difficult C. quite a difficult D. the quite difficult 21. starts at seven o’clock. A. School B. A school C. The school D. The schools 22. We can finish the rest of the bread for breakfast. A. a B. an C. the D. X 23. Nigel opened a drawer and took out A. photos B. a photos C. some photos D. some photo 24. We need to protect environment from pollution. A. some B. a C. an D. the 25. We often go to school by bicycle. A. a B. an C. the D. X 26. There was accident yesterday at corner of street. Bµi tËp vÒ Giíi tõ 1. I’ll be at home _____ Saturday morning. You can phone me then. A. At B. on C. In D. By 2. I’m going away _____ the end of June. A. At B. on C. in D. to 3. What time did they ____ the hotel? A. arrive to B. arrive at C. arrive in D. arrive on 4. Have you read any books ______ Agatha Christie? A. of B. from C. by D. with 5. I’m not very good _____ repairing things. A. at B. for C. in D. about 6. “What time will you arrive?” “I don’t know. It depends __ the traffic.” A. of B. for C. from D. on 7. I prefer tea _____ coffee. A. to B. than C. against D. over 8. The accident was my fault, so I had to pay for the damage __ the other car. A. of B. for C. to D. on 9. These days everybody is aware _____ the dangers of smoking. A. on B. of C. with D. about 10. He’s very brave. He’s not afraid _____ anything. A. at B. about C. with D. of 11. Bill and I come from the same town but my accent is different ___ his. A. with B. on C. at D. from 12. Do you know anyone who might be interested ___ buying an old car? A. on B. in C. with D. about 13. Sun oil can protect the skin _____ the sun. A. in B. for C. from D. by 14. The apartment consists ______ three rooms, a kitchen and bathroom. A. of B. about C. on D. at 15. Mozart died ______ Vienna in 1791 _____ the age of 35. A. in / on B. in / at C. at / in D. of / for 16. We waited ages for a taxi. We gave up ___ the end and walked home. A. in B. on C. at D. of 17. I like to get up ___ time to have a big breakfast before going to work. A. on B. to C. in D. for 18. Why are you never _____ time? You always keep everybody waiting. A. in B. on C. for D. at 19. “Romeo and Juliet” is a play ______ Shakespeare. A. about B. for C. on D. by 20. There has been an increase ______ the number of road accidents recently. A. in B. on C. at D. by 21. I’m sure you are capable ______ passing the examination. A. with B. to C. of D. by 22. My home town is not especially interesting. It’s not famous ___ anything. A. for B. with C. at D. on 23. Linda is married ____ an American. A. with B. to C. in D. for 24. When I realized that I was wrong, I apologized _____ my mistake. A. to B. at C. on D. for 25. The book is divided ______ three parts. A. to B. with C. of D. into 26. Don’t throw stones _____ the birds! It’s cruel. A. at B. to C. into D. in 27. I saw a really funny program _____ television. A. at B. from C. in D. on 28. Stuart: Good heaven! It’s Nick Jenkins, isn’t it? I don’t believe it! Nick: Stuart! I haven’t seen you ______ we left school. A. for B. from C. since D. by 29. What’s the difference ______ a boat and a ship? A. between B. from C. under D. with 30. I can’t find my keys. I had them a minute _____. A. ago B. before C. behind D. back. 31. Father: What’s this girl’s name? Son: Julie. She’s ______ college _____ me. A. at / with B. at / on C. in / to D. to / with 32. We all laughed _____ the cartoon. A. for B. at C. on D. to 33. Sally and Kevin had an argument and now they’re not speaking _______ one another. A. about B. to C. for D. at 34. Police are searching _______ the man who escaped from prison. A. at B. in C. for D. by 35. Don’t point that knife _____ me. It’s dangerous. A. at B. to C. into D. onto 36. I heard a noise behind me and turned _____, but there was nothing. A. away B. out C. on D. round 37. Why were you so unfriendly ________ Tessa? Have you had an argument with her? A. of B. for C. to D. with 38. They gave me a form and told me to fill ______ it. A. in B. on C. at D. with 39. We travelled ________ 6.45 train, which arrived at 8.30. A. in the B. on the C. by the D. by 40. Janet warned me ______ the water. She said it wasn’t safe to drink. A. about B. with C. on D. to 41. Albert is 85 and lives alone. He needs somebody to look ______ him. A. for B. on C. at D. after. 42. I will not be here next week. I am going _____ business in Singapore. A. in B. on C. with D. at 43. I don’t believe __ ghosts. I think people only imagine that they see them. A. to B. about C. in D. with 44. Don’t go too fast. I can’t keep _____ you. A. on to B. on with C. up to D. up with 45. Polly wants to cycle round the world. She’s really keen ______ the idea. A. about B. for C. on D. with 46. This village is ______ Hanoi. It’s only six miles away. A. along B. by C. near D. next. 47. Endangered species are plant and animal species which are _____ danger of extinction. A. on B. in C. at D. by 48. Plant and animal extinction leads ______ loss of biodiversity. A. on B. in C. into D. to 49. The initiative for founding the Red Cross came _______ a Swiss man called Jean Henri Dunant. A. from B. with C. through D. to 50. Helen: Hello, Julie. You look very brown. Where’ve you been? Julie: Oh, I’ve just got back ______ holiday. A. on B. at C. in D. from 51. Miss Dunn: Hello, Tenex Transport. Can I help you? Mr. Miller: Yes. Can I speak ______ Mr. Smithers, please? A. at B. about C. to D. for 52. Tom: How long have you been living there? Peter: Oh, ______ about two years. A. In B. Since C. On D. For Bµi tËp vÒ c¸c th× A.Tù luËn : Cho d¹ng ®óng cña tõ trong ngoÆc :. 1.Be quiet ! The baby ( sleep) 2. The sun ( set) in the West. 3.Mr Green always ( go) to work by bus. 4. It ( not rain ) in the dry season. 5. They ( have ) lunch in the cafeteria now. 6. My little sister ( drink) milk every day. 7. The doctor sometimes ( return) home late. 8. He ( write) a long novel at present. 9. Look ! The bus ( come). 10. The earth (move) around the sun. 11.Sometime ( smell) good in the kitchen now. 12.His uncle ( teach) English in our school five years ago. 13. The old man( fall) as he (get) into the bus. 14. When I saw him, he (sit) asleep in a chair. 15. There (be) a lot of noise at the fair yesterday. 16. It (take) me 5 minutes to walk to school last year. 17.They ( not speak) to each other since they quarelled 18. I (try) to learn English for years, but I ( not succeed) yet 19.I (not see) her since last week. 20. Jonh( do) his homework already. 21.The train (start) before we arrived at the station. 22. There (be) an English class in this room tomorrow evening. 23. The film already (begin) when we got to the cinema. 24. You (stay) at home tonight? 25.I( be) twenty years old next June. 26.Where are you?- I’m upstairs. I (have) a bath. 27.All of them (sing) when I( came). 28.What you( do) at 7 p.m yesterday? 29. Where you ( spend) your holiday last year? 30. Why didn’t you listen while I (speak) to you? 31. you (meet) the new student yet? 32. I (lose) my handbag yesterday. 33. Going shopping (be) very interesting. 34. She already (finish) her homework. 35. My sister (get) married next month. 36. Tomorrow (be) Sunday. Whatyou (do)? 37. The concert this evening (start) at 8 o’clock. 38. I (wait) for her since half past six. 39. Do you think the population of the world (rise) very fast? 40. In 2030, every one (study) at home using computer. 41. He (fall) asleep while he was watching TV. 42. I enjoy (play) soccer after school. 43. Don’t worry! She (come) back in a few minutes. 44. Nam (talk) with her many times. 45. It (rain) when I (wake up) 46. I (see) an accident while I (drive) to my office. 47. She (be) happy since she had a computer. 48. They (build) that building for two years. 49. We often (go) skiing in winter. 50. At the moment, she (read) in the library. 51. It’s a lovely day. The sun (shine) and the birds (sing) 52. What she usually (do) in the evening? 53. They’re going to have a party tonight. They (have) sandwiches and (drink) champagne. 54. My brother (be) 15 years old next Sunday. 55. We (have) some friends to lunch tomorrow. 56. My father often (drink) tea after breakfast. 57. The film wasn’t very good. I (not enjoy) it very much. 58. When I (see) you yesterday, you (sit) in a cafe. 59. He wishes he (be) and acrobat. 60. The show just (begin). You are a bit late. B.Tr¾c nghiÖm : Choose the word or phrase that best complete the sentence (A, B, C, or D): 1) He ____ for London one year ago. A. left B. has left C. leaves D. had left 2) She ____ in Hue for twenty years. A. lives B. has lived C. lived D. will live 3) I ____ to the market with my mother yesterday. A. go B. went C. have gone D. was going 4) What ____ you ____, Nam? – I’m thinking of my mother. A. do/think B. are/thinking C. have/thought D. were/thinking 5) How long ____ you ____ her? – For five months. A. do/know B. are/knowing C. have/known D. had/known 6) I usually ____ to school by bus. A. went B. am going C. go D. have gone 7) Yesterday morning I ____ up at 6.30. A. got B. get C. was getting D. had got 8) Please don’t make so much noise. I ____. A. studying B. study C. am studying D. studied 9) Water ____ at 100 degrees Celsius. A. boils B. boiled C. is boiling D. will boil 10) It is raining now. It began raining two hours ago. So it ____ for two hours. A. rains B. is raining C. has rained D. rained 11) ____ you ____ out last night? A. Did/go B. Do/go C. Have/gone D. Were/going 12) This house ____ 35,000 pounds in 1980. A. costs B. cost C. had cost D. was cost 13) While Tom ____ tennis, Ann ____ a shower. A. played/took B. playing/taking C. was playing/was taking D. was play/was take 14) Mike is playing chess. How long ____ he ____? A. did/play B. is/playing C. has/play D. has/been playing 15) When they ____ in the garden, the phone ____. A. worked/was ringing B. were working/rang C. worked/rang D. work/rings 16) After they ____ their breakfast, they ____ shopping yesterday. A. have/go B. had had/go C. had/had gone D. had had/went 17) They ____ tea when the doorbell ____. A. have/is ringing B. were having/rang C. had had/ rang D. having/ringing 18) Father ____ his pipe while mother ____ a magazine. A. smoked/read B. had smoked/read C. was smoking/was reading D. smoking/reading 19) When I ____ into the office, my boss ____ for me. A. came/was waiting B. was coming/waited C. had come/waited D. came/waiting 20) When I ____ Brian, he ____ a taxi. A. see/drives B. see/was driving C. saw/was driving D. saw/is driving 21) When he ____, we ____ dinner. A. arrived/having B. arrived/were having C. was arriving/had D. had arrived/had 22) While they ____ chess, we ____ the shopping. A. playing/doing B. were playing/doing C. played/did D. were playing/were doing 23) They ____ football when the lights in the stadium ____ out. A. were playing/went B. played/was going C. were playing/ was going D. playing/went 24) While George and John ____ their room, she ____ the ironing. A. cleaning/doing B. were cleaning/was doing C. were cleaning/doing D. cleaning/was doing 25) Today is Thursday and she ____ late twice this week. She ____ late yesterday and on Monday. A. is/was B. has been/is C. has been/was D. has been/had been 26) He ____ in the same house since 1975. A. has lived B. is living C. lived D. had lived 27) We ____ him since he ____ married. A. didn’t see/got B. haven’t seen/got C. don’t/get D. hadn’t seen/got 28) It ____ for two hours and the ground is too wet to play tennis. A. is raining B. had rained C. has rained D. was raining 29) He ____ to HCMC last year and I ____ him since then. A. moved/didn’t see B. moves/haven’t seen C. moved/haven’t seen D. moved/hadn’t seen 30) We ____ what to do with the money yet. A. not decide B. didn’t decide C. haven’t decided D. hadn’t decided 31) My father ____ as a teacher for thirty years. A. works B. is working C. worked D. has worked 32) He ____ to New York three times this year. A. had been B. was C. has been D. is 33) I ____ how to dance when I ____ six years old. A. don’t know / was B. didn’t know / am C. didn’t know / was D. haven’t known/was 34) Last month my brother ____ me his photos. He ____ me his photos every year. A. sends/sent B. sent/sends C. sent/sent D. sends/sends 35) Nam is a careful driver but yesterday he ____ carelessly. A. drove B. had driven C. drives D. was driving 36) Do you like swimming, Ba? – I ____ when I was a child but not now. A. do B. did C. have done D. had done 37) I ____ her at the school gate yesterday. A. met B. meet C. had met D. am meeting 38) She ____ English when she was six years old. A. learned B. has learned C. is learning D. had learned 39) I don’t remember where and when I ____ her. A. meet B. had met C. met D. have met 40) They ____ to know each other for more than ten years. A. get B. got C. have got D. had got 41) ____ you ____ that film yet? A. Do/see B. Have/seen C. Did/see D. Had/seen 42) I ____ the film with my friends last week. A. watched B. watch C. have watched D. had watched 43) He ____ up at five every morning. A. is getting B. got C. gets D. was getting 44) ____ she ____ in Hue at the moment? A. Does/live B. Is/living C. Did/live D. Was/living 45) He usually ____ her at weekend but now he ____ in bed because of his severe illness. A. visits/stays B. visits/staying C. visited/stays D. visits/is staying 46) Don’t make noise, children! Parents ____. A. sleep B. are sleeping C. were sleeping D. slept 47) Why ____ you often ____ so much noise in the house? A. do/make B. did/make C. are/making D. were/making 48) What ____ he ____ before you came? A. does/do B. had/do C. had/done D. has/done 49) While mum was watching TV, I ____ my homework. A. am doing B. was doing C. had done D. has done 50) At this time yesterday I ____ to music. A. listened B. had listened C. was listening D. am listening 51) What ____ he ____ at 4pm last Sunday? A. did/do B. was/do C. had/done D. was/doing 52) When I ____ a little girl, I used to climb trees and go swimming in the river with my friends. A. am B. was C. have been D. had been 53) Last year he came here and ____ me to marry him but I ____ too young to get marrieD. A. asked/was B. asks/am C. had asked/was D. has asked/am 54) How long ____ you ____ novels? A. have/write B. do/write C. have/written D. are/writing 55) ____ you sometimes ____ out with friends? A. Are/going B. Do/go C. Have/gone D. Did/go 56) I ____ a lot of badminton recently. A. play B. have played C. am playing D. was playing 57) When I ____ home, everyone ____ TV. A. got/watch B. got/watching C. get/was watch D. got/was watching 58) We ____ your mother for ages. A. don’t see B. haven’t seen C. didn’t see D. hadn’t seen 59) London ____ a lot since we first ____ to live here. A. changed/came C. has changed/ came B. had changed/ came D. has changed/ come 60) How many times ____ you ____ this film? – The first time. A. have/seen B. did/see C. do/see D. had/seen 61) Who’s that? I ____ never ____ him before in my life. A. am/seeing B. had/seen C. have/seen D. was/seeing 62) They ___ just __ a new fuel. It’s half the price of the petrol and much cleaner. A. had/discovered C. are/discovering B. have/discovered D. were/ discovering 63) My sister ____ married three times. A. is B. was C. has been D. had been 64) While she ____ on the phone, the children ____ fighting and broke a window. A. talked/start B. talking/started C. talked/started D. was talking/started 65) I ____ a lot of time travelling since I ____ this new job. A. spend/get B. have spent/get C. spent/got D. have spent/got 66) When I ____ at school, we all ____ Latin. A. was/study B. am/study C. was/studied D. had been/studied 67) After he ____ breakfast, he ____ down to write some letters. A. has/sat B. has had/sits C. had had/sits D. had had/sat 68) I ____ a new house last year, but I ____ my old house yet, so at the moment I have two houses. A. buy/didn’t sell C. bought/hadn’t sold B. bought/haven’t sold D. bought/ didn’t sell 69) He ____ you when he has the necessary information. A. will tell B. told C. tells D. is telling 70) When we ____ at the stadium last Sunday, the match ____ already ____. A. arrive/had/started C. arrived/has/started B. had arrived/started D. arrived/had/started 71) We ____ our plan next week. A. started B. will start C. have started D. will have started 72) They ____ a house by June next year. A. will build B. are building C. have built D. will have built 73) I ____ here until he answers me. A. stay B. will stay C. am staying D. have stayed 74) She ____ until you are ready. A. didn’t come B. isn’t coming C. won’t come D. doesn’t come 75) The film ____ by the time we get there. A. ends B. will end C. is ending D. will have ended 76) Tom ____ to Hanoi before. A. is never C. had never been B. was never D. has never been 77) When we came to the stadium, the match ____. A. already begins C. had already begun B. already began D. have already begun 78) It was the first time I ____ such a beautiful girl. A. ever saw B. had ever seen C. have ever seen D. ever see 79) He ____ in this school before he ____ for England. A. taught/had left C. taught/has left B. had taught/left D. has taught/left 80) She ____ the gold medal in 1986. A. wins B. had won C. won D. has won Bµi tËp vÒ c¸c d¹ng cña ®éng tõ A.Tù luËn : 1.Tourists could see fish ( swim) along the brook. 2.We enjoy (swim) along this river. 3.The form teacher has asked Jack (write) an essay on the Thames. 4.It sometimes may be difficult (get) a taxi during rush- hours. 5.The rain has made the children ( stop) their games. 6.She tells the driver( take) her to the railway station. 7.Does Mrs Green have them ( carry) those books back home? 8.The principal noticed those pupils (try) harder and harder. 9.Children have just stopped ( play) football. 10.They keep ( talk) about an old friend they met yesterday. 11.Is Black Pool ( visit) by thousands of tourists each year? 12.We heard Mr Brown ( park) his car near the gate. 13. They’ve finished ( do) their homework. 14.They had their house (paint) before Tet holiday. 15.I advised him ( wait) for me at the airport. 16. Would you mind ( help) me with this work? 17.Do you smell something ( burn) in the kitchen? 18. Mother requests her daughter not ( come) back home late. 19. We shall have the grass ( cut) tomorrow. 20.They noticed lots of sheep( graze) in green meadows. 21.When I’m tired, I enjoy( watch) TV.It’s relaxing. 22. Would you like(have) something to eat? 23.It started( rain) an hour ago. Has it stopped ( rain) yet? 24. My family is trying (decide)where to go on holiday. 25.Our teacher made me (answer) all the questions. 26. I’ve enjoy ( meet) you. I hope ( see) you again. 27. I hate ( see) a child(cry). 28.They prefer( play) in swimming pool all day. 29.They refuse ( go) out on trips if it’s too hot. 30. I used ( smoke) 20 cigarettes a day, but now I give up ( smoke). 31.We decided( rent) a house with a swimming pool. 32.Can you help me (get) the dinner ready? 33. When we arrived, the people next door invited us ( have) a drink with them. 34. We began (talk) about next year’s holiday two months ago. 35.I remember (lock) the door when I left but forgot ( shut) the window. 36.He agrees( start) the job as soon as possible. 37. I finished ( read) the book and went to bed. 38. My teachers always expected me ( do) well in exams. 39.Let me ( pay) for the meal.You paid last time. 40. It’s difficult ( get) used to ( eat) with chopsticks. B.Tr¾c nghiÖm : Test 1 1/ I can’t afford _______ you any more money . a. borrowing b. to borrow c. to lend d. my lending 2/ The teacher encouraged _______ good compositions . a. us write b. us to write c. us writing d. us to writing 3/ “ Stacey seems like a bright student .” - “ She’s always the first ________ her work.” a. to finish b. finishing c. to being finished with d. to be finish with 4/ Please ask the restaurant clientele ________ in the no smoking area . a. don’t smokeb. not to smoke c. not smokingd. don’t to smoke 5/ “Why have you given up your job ? ” – “ ______ on my present salary is impossible .” a. For me to live b. To live for me c. Me living d. I live 6/ “What’s wrong with Henry ? ” – “ He needs __________” a. cheer up b. to be cheer up c. cheering up d. to cheered up 7/ “Why are you mad ?” – “ I dislike ________ by my first name .” a. you call b. you to call me c. your calling me d. you call me 8/ “ Which baseball team do you support ?” – “ We’d like ________” a. the Tigers win b. That the Tigers win c. the Tigers will win d. the Tigers to win 9/ “ May I help you ?” – “ Yes , I need someone _______ the tire on my car .” a. change b. to change c. changing d. to be changed 10/ “I heard Fred is going to work for the ambassader . ” – “ Yes , he was lucky _______ such a good job.” a. to give b. about getting c. to be given d. to be giving 11/ Can you get the teacher ______ us less homework ? a. give b. giving c. to give d. her giving 12/ “ Mary hasn’t been feeling well lately .” – “ Yes, we want _________ by a doctor .” a. him to examine b. that he be examined c. him to be examined d. he is examined 13/ “ How did you travel so cheaply in Europe ? ” – “ We reduced our expenses by taking the train and _____ in inexpensive restaurants . ” a. eat b. to eat c. eating d. ate 14/ “ Your homemade ice cream is so good . What’s your secret ?” – “ _____ good ice cream, you need to use a lot of cream .” a. For make b. to make c. Making d. Make 15/ “ I’d like to go bowling tonight .” “ Don’t forget we’ve already made plans _______ to dinner at the Caihouns’ ” a. to go b. going c. for go d.go 16/ “ Why are you mad , Katherine ?” – “ That traffic jam _____ be late .” a. made us b. caused us c. had us to d. forced us 17/ “ My mother says I can’t marry Jim” – “ She should let ______ your own mind.” a. you make up b. that you make up c. you to make up d. you making up 18/ I can’t open the top of this apple juice .“ – “ ________ it.” a. Mark have to do b. Make Mark to do c. Have Mark do d. Have Mark done 19/ I can hear a cat ______ at the widow . a. scratching b. scratches c. to scrath d. was scratching 20/ “ Why do the police want to talk to you ?” – “ Because we saw the money _____ last night.” a. stealing b. been stolen c. stole d. stolen Test 2 1. I enjoy to the park on summer evenings. A. to go B. going C. being gone D. go 2. Don’t forget home as soon as you arrive at your destination. A. to call B. calling C. having called D. to be called 3. When I kept getting unwanted calls, I called the phone company and had my phone number The process was easier than I expected it to be. A. change B. changed C. to change D. changing 4. Jean should seriously consider an actress. She is a very talented performer. A. to become B. become C. becoming D. will become 5. television to the exclusion of all other activities si not a healthy habit for a growing child. A. To be watched B. Being watched C. Watching D. Watch 6. After their children had grown up. Mr. and Mrs. Sills decided to a condominium in the city. They’s never been sorry. A. to have moved B. moving C. move D. to move 7. I truly appreciated to give the commencement address, but I wasn’t able to accept the honor because of a previous commitment. A. asking B. to have asked C. to ask D. having been asked 8. The store manager caught the cashier money from the cash register and promptly called the police. They discovered that it had been going on for a long time. A. to sneak B. sneaking C. to have sneaked D.being sneaked 9. My roommate’s handwriting is very bad, so he had me his paper for him last night. A. to type B. type C. to have typed D. boil 10. The municipal authorities advised all drinking water during the emergency. A. to boil B. to be boiled C. boiling D. boil 11. If we leave now for our trip, we can drive half the distance before we stop lunch. A. having B. to have C. having had D. for having 12. Our schedule is not working out. We should discuss our daily routine. I don’t feel as though we’re getting enough accomplished . A. changing B. to change C. to have changed D.being changed 13. I can’t recall that old movie, but maybe I did many years ago. A. having seen B. to have seen C. to see D. having been seen 14. Our school basketball team won the championship game by two points in the last five seconds. It was the most exciting game I have ever attended. [...]... Father told his son to brush his teeth before going to bed 42 The man: “ Come in but don’t bring anything” a The man said to comein but not bring anything b The man told come in but not to bring anything c The man told the boy to come in but not to bring anything d The man asked to come but not to bring anything Bµi tËp vÒ d¹ng bÞ ®éng A Tù luËn : 1.She didn’t introduce me to her mother I……………………………………………………………………………... were attacked from behind D The robbers are attacked from behind 21 They have to hold the meeting in this narrow room A The meeting had to be hold in this narrow room B.The meeting has to be hold in this narrow room C.The meeting has to be holded in this narrow room D The meeting has to be held in this narrow room 22 They showed his photograph on television A On television they had his photograph shown... 28.People think that he was born in a rich family A That is thought he was born in a rich family B He was thought to be born in a rich family C That he was born in a rich family is thought D He is thought to have been born in a rich family 29 It is impossible to do this work right now A It is impossible for this work to be done right now B.It is impossible for to be done this work right now C This work... the drug soon C.Further tests are going to be done on the drug soon D Further tests are going to be done the drug soon 34 This book / ought/ read/ on the spot A This book ought be read on the spot B This book ought to been read on the spot C.This book ought to be read on the spot D This book ought to have been read on the spot 35.We / believe/ human life / can/ prolong / drug A We believe that human... Our plan might cancelled due to lack of funds D Our plan might cancel due to lack of funds 37 This car / need / wash / before / I / use / tomorrow A.This car needs to washed before I use it tomorrow B.This car needs to be washed before it is used tomorrow C This car needs washing before it uses tomorrow DThis car needs to be washing before it is used tomorrow C©u hái ®u«i 1.Tom won’t be late,……………………….?... next day 9 “I have something to tell you” Kerry said to Cheryl a Kerry told Cheryl I had something to tell her b Kerry told Chery he had something to tell her c Kerry told Cheryl she had had something to tell him d Kerry told Cheryl he had had something to tell her 10 He said, “My wife has just bought a diamond ring.” a He said that his wife had just bought a diamond ring b He said that my wife had just... (drive)……………………….on a highway, he (meet)…………………a terrible accident 100 .My father (feel)…………………well again since last summer Bµi tËp vÒ c©u gi¸n tiÕp A Tù luËn : 1.She said to me: “you can sit here” 2.Nga said: “I am taking my test tomorrow” 3.I said to her: “Jim is driving late today” 4.He said: “I don’t want to eat anything now” 5.Minh said to me: “I won’t be home this evening because I have to work late” 6.Huong said... everyday” 7.I said to Nam: “There isn’t any milk in this bottle” 8.He said: “I’ll be here again tomorrow” 9.We said to them: “your houses are very nice” 10. She said to them: “He has lived here for five years” 11.She asked me: “Are you going to visit Hue?” 12.I asked Ha: “Does your father work here?” 13.Lien asked me: “Will I finish my exercises at home? 14.Thanh asked Minh: “Are you going to leave tomorrow?”... “I’ll tell you about this tomorrow, Mary.” said Tom a Tom said to Mary that he will tell her about that the next day b Tom told Mary that I would tell you about that the next day c Tom told Mary that he would tell her about that the next day d Tom told Mary that she would tell him about that the next day 9 “I have something to tell you” Kerry said to Cheryl a Kerry told Cheryl I had something to tell her... mosquitoes,…………….? 10. These cakes look good,…………… …….? 11.You can speak German,………… … ? 12.Don’t drop that vase,……………… ? 13.Your mother is on holiday,…………… …? 14.People use the internet for many purposes,……… …? 15.You don’t know where Lan is,……………… …? 16.Hoa received a letter from a penpal,…………… …? 17.Your father hasn’t read this article,…………… ….? 18.The children enjoy eating candy,……………… …? 19.Give the teacher this . told me she had intending to meet me the next day. c. She told me she had been intending to meet me tomorrow. d. She told me she had been intending to meet me the next day. 23. Paker: “ Help me” a couldn’t get into the house because he had lost my key. b. He said he hadn’t been able to get into the house because he had lost his key. c. He said he had been able to get into the house because he. masterpieces all over the world. A. had considered B. are considering C. are considered D. consider 5. We can’t go along here because the road is A. been repaired B. being repaired C. repaired
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