learning and memory - the brain in action

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[...]... catocholalllltles include the ncurotr,lllsminers epinephrine, norepinephrint, and dopamine, and the indolemnines include serotOllin llnd me/monin Epinephrine is another name for adrenaline It is released by the adrenal glands, which arc locatloJ above the kidneys Epi1\t'phrinc getS your body moving in situations that call for instllnt action- such as those that involve fearor danger (Ollvin & Ojemann, 1994)... theory, the brnin releases myelin in stages, beginning with thl' Myelin acts as Insulation on the axon, making messages move more quickly 6 LEARNING AN!) MEMORY, THE RRArN IN ACTION There are two theories on how the process of myelinatIOn takes p~oo, lower hrnin :lrcas Thc final :lrea of thc brair\ ro be mydin:lfc.l is in the prefrontal cortex behind the forehead, This is where decision making, plnnning,... been spent coaching at basketball Behavior is influenced by serotonlll dopamine endorphin, and norepmephrme Positive feedback may be the Single most powerfUl inltuence on the brain' S chemistry There are ways to Influence the release of these chemicals Teaming and movement may stimutate the brain to release the POSitive chem;cals MusIC and smging may encourage the brain' s retease of these chemk:als... th/:1tl)Cll'es to the neurons to keep them nourished The more often lhe brain uses neurons, the more glial c . mlllll, f':I'chol.ll/l' ri Z, Lc.m,nl/-l'h',I<>!oeic:l1 Jl,f'«l'. 3.Ilr.ln. 4. Mcmo<y. S. Tcxhin~.l. TIlIe, lIlIOH.561 I'm J70.lS'H-dc21 9 9-6 ;;1 Cl' 09 OS 07 Ni 0 10981654 Learning and Memory: The Brain in Action Prt'facc :lnd Acknowledgments' . . . . v Losing Your Mind: The Function of Brain Cdls. } 'j 'f. 1 What's h ppening to my brain when I can't recall an important f et? At birth th br in weighs about one pound. By age 18 to 20. it weighs about three pound. 2 LEARNING ANll MaIORY: THE BRAIN IN ACTlON The brain cells irwotved In learning are neurons and glial cells At birth we have about 100 billion neurons. The brain sends messages through its neuroos. Learning occurs when two neurons communicate. As neurons make more connecllOns, or "learn: the brain gets heavier, Neurons TIle brain cell tlm getS much attention is the neuron. Neuron simply me~ns "ncrvc. teaching str:uegics every sum- mer and available weekend since thell. My reseMch on the brain conrinued.1 began to see what a pow- erful factor the research had become in my classroom nnd in my personal life. Gelling lip in the morning and going to school be- came a joy for me once again.l realized the irnporrnnce of this in- formation and began teaching m~' studenrs how th"ir brains worked. so they could become better learners. I found that my Slll- denrs looked forward to growing new dendrites and strengthening their synapses! '1 UARNINGANIl~lINORr: TIlE BRAIN IN ACTION Learning and memory evcmually became my focus. As I spoke at stlllC and national conferences, classroom tcacheTS inspired lIle. Their
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