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[...]... The Simplest App Engine Application | 13 Figure 1-9 A simple App Engine application Although this application is trivial, it can be deployed in the Google App Engine production cloud Summary Welcome aboard Google App Engine Your application will run in Google s best-ofbreed data centers around the world Google engineers take all the responsibility for the production environment for your application... 2008, Google announced a product called App Engine When you write a program for the Web that runs on App Engine, your software runs on the Google servers somewhere in the Google “cloud.” It is as if you are a Google employee and you have access to the entire scalable Google infrastructure App Engine captures much of Google s experience of building fast, reliable, and scalable websites, and through App Engine, ... actual Google applications written by Google employees can make use of resources that App Engine applications cannot access, it also is quite likely that the internal and external developer environments bear a striking similarity Your Application Must Be a Good Citizen in the Google Cloud Because you are running your application on the Google infrastructure, along with the rest of the App Engine applications... consult the appendixes in this book for instructions on how to install Google Application Engine and run your first trivial application in Python Once you have the App Engine environment installed, your first application consists of two files The first file is named app. yaml, and its purpose is to describe your application to App Engine: application: ae-00-trivial version: 1 runtime: python api_version:... to use Google App Engine, so we no longer needed any web servers or database servers to run the production instances of our applications Our “other computer” was actually a bunch of computers and storage running somewhere deep inside of one of the many Google data centers around the world What Is Google App Engine? | 5 Figure 1-6 My other computer is a data center Google s App Engine opens Google s... web application frameworks Learning these topics will be of use in any web programming environment Most of this book focuses on the unique aspects of programming in the Google App Engine framework We cover Python, templates, the Datastore, and the memcache to give you a solid introduction to the App Engine environment and the Google Cloud What Is Google App Engine? I recently attended a meeting at Google. .. services from Google It is important to note that although Google App Engine is very exciting, because it is freely available to anyone to use and explore, there are many other available options for hosting applications on the Web You should carefully investigate the appropriate production solution for your particular application The Simplest App Engine Application You should consult the appendixes in... Engine applications and the rest of the Google Applications, you need to follow a few rules If your application misbehaves, it might be punished The good news is that because the App Engine environment is completely “sandboxed,”* App Engine blocks you from doing nearly all the things that Google does not want you to do The Python environment that you run in App Engine has disabled the operations considered... time we click their applications and search boxes, they make revenue, as we look at their ads all day long Enter the Application Engine This section is conjecture—it is not based on any internal knowledge of Google s approach or development For many years, Google had two main applications—Search and Mail There were always a lot of secondary Google applications like Video or Sites, and Google internally... resources in a way that would harm other production applications So the cloud makes it easier for new employees to develop applications and protects the applications from each other by monitoring application activity and shutting down or throttling applications that “misbehave.” Enter the Application Engine | 9 Once this approach was well understood for Google employees, it would have been a very logical . x0 y0 w0 h1" alt="" Using Google App Engine Using Google App Engine Charles Severance Beijing • Cambridge • Farnham • Köln • Sebastopol • Taipei • Tokyo Using Google App Engine by Charles Severance Copyright. 3 What Is Google App Engine? 5 What Is a “Cloud”? 6 Why Did Google Build App Engine and Give It Away for Free? 7 What Is the Google Infrastructure Cloud? 8 Enter the Application Engine 9 Your Application. Contents 5. The App Engine webapp Framework . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 99 A Trivial App Engine Application 99 An Equivalent Trivial webapp Application
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Xem thêm: using google app engine, using google app engine, using google app engine, Chapter 1. Programming on the Web, Chapter 4. Sending Data to Your Application, Chapter 5. The App Engine webapp Framework, Chapter 9. JavaScript, jQuery, and AJAX, Chapter 10. Running Your Application on the Google Infrastructure, Appendix A. Installing and Running Google App Engine on Windows XP, Appendix B. Installing and Running Google App Engine on Windows Vista, Appendix C. Installing and Running Google App Engine on a Macintosh System, Appendix D. Installing and Running Google App Engine on a Linux System

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