advances in organobromine chemistry ii

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. Pistoia) Industrial Chemicals. Their Characteristics and Development (by G. Agam) Advances in Organobromine Chemistry II (Edited by J R. Desmurs, B. G6rard and M.J. Goldstein) Industrial Chemistry.
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Xem thêm: advances in organobromine chemistry ii, advances in organobromine chemistry ii, advances in organobromine chemistry ii, Chapter 1. Regioselective bromination of phenols, Chapter 2. Bromination of aromatic compounds with alumina-supported copper (II) bromides, Chapter 3. Bromination and oxidation with benzyltrimethyl ammonium tribromide, Chapter 4. Advances in the synthesis and applications of organobromine compounds, Chapter 6. Bromination of ergolene and ergoline structures New results, Chapter 7. Thermal rearrangement of hexabromocyclododecane, Chapter 8. Stereo-, regio- and chemoselectivity of bromination of ethylenic compounds, Chapter 9. The Fates of bromonium ions in solution : a very short lifetime with many different endings, Chapter 10. New mechanistic insight into the electrophilic bromination of olefins, Chapter 11. Synthesis of a metabolite of fantofarone, Chapter 13. Asymmetric synthesis of (S)-α-substituted β-bromo-α-hydroxy acids, Chapter 14. Substrate specific reactions of dibromides of α-arylidene-benzocyclanones with azide nucleophile, Chapter 15. Organobromine compounds in reactions of homolytic addition and telomerization, Chapter 16. Bromides in zeolite synthesis / Zeolites in bromide synthesis and conversion, Chapter 17. An improved synthesis of biaryl derivatives via the palladium catalyzed coupling of aryl bromides, Chapter 18. Kinetics and mechanism of decomposition of N-Br-amino acids in alkaline medium, Chapter 19. Arylation of hard heteroatomic nucleophiles using bromoarenes substrates and Cu, Ni, Pd-catalysts, Chapter 20. Hydrogen bromide elimination from diastereomeric 3-bromoflavanones Mechanistic aspects, Chapter 21. Bromide-mediated oxidations of organic compounds, Chapter 22. New catalytic process for bromine recovery, Chapter 23. Bromine chloride production: study in a reaction calorimeter, Chapter 24. Influence of bromine containing fire retardants on the processing and properties of plastics, Chapter 25. Phosphorus-bromine flame retardant synergy in engineering thermoplastics, Chapter 26. Treatment of bromide effluent problems with H2O2 technology, Chapter 27. Behavior and fate of aromatic bromine compounds in the environment, Chapter 28. Comparison of hepatotoxicity of monobromo benzenes, dibromobenzenes, hexabromobenzenes and tetrabromobisphenol A, Chapter 29. The characterization of polybrominated diphenyl ether, Chapter 30. Analysis of pentaerythritols and brominated derivatives

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