flow measurement handbook industrial designs operating principles performance and applications

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FLOW MEASUREMENT HANDBOOKFlow Measurement Handbook is an information-packed reference forengineers on flow-measuring techniques and instruments. Striking abalance between laboratory ideal and the realities of field experience,it provides a wealth of practical advice on the design, operation, andperformance of a broad range of flowmeters.The book begins with a brief review of essentials of accuracy andflow, how to select a flowmeter, and various calibration methods. Fol-lowing this, each chapter is devoted to a class of flowmeter and in-cludes detailed information on design, application, installation, cali-bration, operation, advantages, and disadvantages.Among the flowmeters discussed are orifice plates, venturi meters,standard nozzles, critical flow venturi nozzles, variable area and otherdevices depending on momentum of the flow, volumetric flowme-ters such as positive displacement, turbine, vortex shedding, swirl,fluidic, electromagnetic and ultrasonic meters, and mass flowmetersincluding thermal and Coriolis. More than 80 different types and 250applications are listed in the index. There are also chapters coveringprobes, a brief introduction to modern control, and manufacturingimplications.For those readers who want more background information, manychapters conclude with an appendix on the mathematical theory be-hind the techniques discussed. The final chapter takes a look at direc-tions in which the technology is likely to go in the future.Engineers will use this practical handbook to solve problems inflowmeter design and application and to improve performance.Roger C. Baker is a Visiting Industrial Fellow in the Manufacturing andManagement Division of the Department of Engineering, Universityof Cambridge; Visiting Professor, Cranfield University; and Directorof Technical Programmes, the Gatsby Charitable Foundation.[...]... bulk flow measurement of liquids and gases, and that are not covered in this book, are metering pumps, flow switches, flow controllers, flow measurement of solids and granular materials, open channel flow measurement, hot-wire local velocity probes or laser doppler anemometers, and subsidiary instrumentation In two areas where I know that I am lacking in first-hand knowledge - modern control methods and. .. and Materials for Industrial Designs 15.2.3 Accuracy 15.2.4 Response Time 15.2.5 Installation 15.2.6 Applications Calibration of Very Low Flow Rates Thermal Mass Flowmeter - Liquids 15.4.1 Operation 15.4.2 Typical Operating Ranges and Materials for Industrial Designs 15.4.3 Installation 15.4.4 Applications Insertion and In-Line Thermal Mass Flowmeters 15.5.1 Insertion Thermal Mass Flowmeter 15.5.2 In-Line... measurement and flowmeters written for all in the industry who specify and apply, design and manufacture, research and develop, maintain and calibrate flowmeters It provides a source of information on the published research, design, and performance of flowmeters as well as on the claims of flowmeter manufacturers It will be of use to engineers, particularly mechanical and process engineers, and also to... Two-Phase Flows 11.3.11 Size and Performance Ranges and Materials in Industrial Designs 11.3.12 Computation of Flow Around Bluff Bodies 11.3.13 Applications, Advantages, and Disadvantages 11.3.14 Future Developments Swirl Meter - Industrial Design 11.4.1 Design and Operation 11.4.2 Accuracv and Ranges 268 269 270 271 272 272 273 CONTENTS 11.5 11.6 11.7 11.4.3 Materials 11.4.4 Installation Effects 11.4.5 Applications, ... pressure at outlet Actual average flow rate, Index in error equation Time average flow rate over period T Initial flow rate Final flow rate Base flow rate a q\ . C. Flow measurement handbook : industrial designs, operating principles, performance, and applications / Roger C. Baker. p. cm. Includes bibliographical references. ISBN 0-521-48010-8 1. Flow. and Director of Technical Programmes, the Gatsby Charitable Foundation.
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