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[...]... Introducing BlackBerry Application Development Two different approaches to application development Download from Wow! eBook If you've visited the BlackBerry Developer website you may have noticed that there are two recommended approaches to developing applications for BlackBerry handhelds Java Application Development and BlackBerry Web Development This book is focused on the Java Application. .. approach—the BlackBerry Java Development Environment (JDE) and the BlackBerry JDE Component Plug-in for Eclipse Both offer the ability to create full custom applications The BlackBerry JDE is a custom application written in Java that can be used to develop applications The latter leverages the Eclipse Integrated Development Environment (IDE), which is a common platform for Java developers ‹‹ BlackBerry Web Development. .. MIDP 1.0 BlackBerry 5810 BlackBerry 5820 CLDC 1.0 3.3 BlackBerry 6200 series BlackBerry 6500 series BlackBerry 6700 series PIM API 3.6 Mail API 3.7 Color support BlackBerry 7200 series BlackBerry 7700 series MIDP 2.0 CLDC 1.1 BlackBerry 7100 BlackBerry 7290 4.0 Invoke 4.0.2 JSR-179 (Location-based services) BlackBerry 7510 BlackBerry 7520 [ 11 ] Introducing BlackBerry Application Development Device released... Introducing BlackBerry Application Development gets you started by talking about the capabilities of a BlackBerry smartphone and what kind of things can be done with these capabilities with a custom application It talks about the other tools which are available and why writing native Java applications by using the BlackBerry SDK is the most powerful and practical approach to developing applications... Accessibility API BlackBerry Curve 8900 BlackBerry Bold Touch Screen BlackBerry Storm 4.7 Accelerometer BlackBerry Storm 2 BlackBerry Bold 9700 Widgets API 5.0 MIDP 2.1 What you can expect This book is structured to take you from beginning to end in terms of application development and touch on all the most important topics along the way You will learn about each aspect of application development from... fertile market for your application, or maybe your company has long ago standardized on BlackBerry handhelds and you want to leverage that existing investment Either way, you will learn how to tap into that potential and create custom applications for BlackBerry handhelds by using the object-oriented development experience you already have Introducing BlackBerry Application Development In this chapter,... completely within the BlackBerry Browser application and can use various standards such as HTML and AJAX Applications created using the BlackBerry Web Development approach are similar to more common web applications and generally require network connectivity to work More powerful features, including native API calls, aren't allowed natively but can be made using BlackBerry Widgets BlackBerry Widgets is... smart BlackBerry applications in Java It expects the readers to know Java but not Java Mobile or the BlackBerry APIs This book will cover UI programming, data storage, programming network, and Internet API apps As we move on, you will learn more about the BlackBerry s device features, such as messaging, GPS, multimedia, contacts and calendar, and so on This book also helps you build your own applications... Device released SDK version Features supported 4.1 Smart Card APIs BlackBerry 8700 BlackBerry 7130 BlackBerry 7100i Multimedia Focus BlackBerry Pearl 4.2 JSR-75 (File APIs) BlackBerry 8800 series 4.2.1 JSR-82 (Bluetooth) JSR-172 (Web services) BlackBerry Pearl 8110 JSR-205 (Multimedia SMS) BlackBerry Pearl 8120 JSR-211 (Content Handler API) BlackBerry Pearl 8130 JSR-238 (Internationalization) 4.3 Map Field... Application Development approach, which is the more versatile of the two, but the other can be very useful in the right situation ‹‹ Java Application Development approach: This is the most powerful approach and it creates applications written in Java that are loaded onto and executed on a BlackBerry handheld They will be the focus of this book and are one of the most common ways to deploy an application . class="bi x0 y0 w0 h0" alt="" BlackBerry Java Application Development Beginner's Guide Build and deploy powerful, useful, and professional Java mobile applicaons for BlackBerry smartphones,. such as the Professional BlackBerry (Wrox), Mobile PC Guide to BlackBerry (Que), the BlackBerry For Dummies series (Wiley), four BlackBerry Cercaon Program self-study guides, the Civics Canada. BIRMINGHAM - MUMBAI Do wnload from Wow! eBook <> BlackBerry Java Application Development Beginner's Guide Copyright © 2010 Packt Publishing All rights reserved. No part
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