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[...]... sharing platform is acquired This is now integrated with Google+ 2011 Google+ is launched Zagat, a restaurant ratings and review company is acquired by Google 2012 New SEO algorithm called Google Penguin’ is released Google+ Local to replace Google Maps and Google Shopping to replace Google Product Search Google is censored in China Senior roles within Google are changed Larry Page replaces Eric Schmidt... designs for your browsers and for your personal Google homepage You can also send your custom themes to Google s theme directory and have it ranked Homepages with the highest rank in Google s theme directory may also rank high in the search engines (particularly Google) With my Chrome Theme you can also create a distinctive URL for your customized themes and share it with others through Google + 7 Color... using the functions on iGoogle to upload backgrounds (such as pictures) from your computer or from the web Once uploaded, you can crop the image to fit your homepage The best way to expose your business to your target customers is to allow the public to view your personalized iGoogle homepage Super iGoogle Super iGoogle is another gadget that brings more organization to your iGoogle homepage This gadget... tools that I personally use for my own business This book will guide you step-by-step through setting up your online business to the point where startup and online presence converts to customers and sales Everything you want, Google has it I will guide you through some of the basic business communication tools Google has to offer through to marketing your business with Google s social networking tools and... Domain Gmail, as a feature of Google Apps, allows you and your business to look professional by creating a Gmail account that include your company domain name Instead of sending emails to clients with your ‘’ address, you can incorporate your company’s domain name so that your email reads ‘’ All of your employees can also get Gmail addresses with a similar format This... the interaction with your community Step 6: Grow Your Business With Paid Advertising Earlier I said that most Google tools are free, however for Google AdWords you will need to pay, but this can be a very effective way to drive traffic to your site but by no means the only way Google AdWords is a pay per click program using keywords and represents the fastest way to bring traffic to your site However... to scan books into Google Book Search 2005 During this year they launch Google Code, Google Analytics (after Urchin was acquired), Google Blog Search, Google Reader, Google Earth, Google Maps and several mobile related products They acquire Android and open the first Latin America offices in São Paulo and Mexico City 2006 Google acquires YouTube, JotSpot (that was used to build Google Sites), dMarc,... this event in the Google Calendar interface Both employees and clients who have access to this interface are then able to see the event and plan accordingly Synchronizing Your Schedules And Tasks Small businesses that have just begun using Google Apps for business can synchronize their existing calendars in Microsoft Outlook, with Google Calendar Synchronizing Outlook calendars with Google Calendar allows... Publish Sync 30 Publish Sync provides you with the tools to distribute your publications and content to your target audience through social networking sites Through Publish Sync you can share your articles and links on Facebook, Twitter and Google+ When you add this extension to your Google Chrome browser, you can distribute your publications in one go to all of your different contacts in the various... this tool informs your target audience about you, your expertise and the value your business has to offer 5 Y-slow Having an effective website that allows visitors easy access is essential for your business Y-slow is a Chrome extension that allows you to operate an efficient website by analyzing your website’s speed and page rankings Yslow also shows you how your website ranks against your competitors . Guide To Building And Marketing Your Business With Google Google is an intrinsic part of our daily online lives. More than 25 Google Tools covered in this book including YouTube, Google+ , Google+ . Analytics Google Optimizer Google Webmaster Tool How To Stay Informed Conclusion Also by Gabriela Taylor 2 BUILDING & MARKETING YOUR BUSINESS WITH A Step-By-Step Guide To Unlocking The Power Of Google. Keyword Tool Google AdPlanner Google Finance Google Insights For Search Establishing Your Online Presence Google Sites Vs. Blogger Sitemap Google+ Local Google Merchant Centre Google Shopping Google
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