oreilly- html5 and javascript web apps (2013)

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[...]... the book and at http://html5e.org, I will refer to this group of specifications and browsers as HTML5 Enterprise or HTML5e to easily identify and build upon the same specifications and browsers across mobile and desktop environments Table 2-2 HTML5 Enterprise (HTML5e) mobile support Browser Geolocation WebSocket Web Storage Device Orientation Web Workers Mobile Safari Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Android Yes... Hybrid approaches and frameworks, which try to bridge the gap of HTML5 and native • True, bleeding edge, mobile web frameworks, which are trying to conquer the native feel with markup, JavaScript, and CSS Couple a fast and responsive mobile web app with your existing enterprise infrastruc‐ ture, and let the games begin Web standards are quickly closing the gap on missing native features, and device makers... HTML5 features Figure 2-3 Best mobile HTML5 implementation with results Deciding What to Support | 11 This swapping of the throne will continue as the Mobile Web moves forward and evolves and that’s a good thing We want competition and standards progression Mozilla is no stranger to the evolution of the Mobile Web with its ambitious new project called WebAPI (https://wiki.mozilla.org/WebAPI) The WebAPI... Today’s web applications are just that: they’re apps We’re not creating sites anymore; we’re creating robust applications with HTML5, CSS, and JavaScript at the core, as you can see in the HTML5 badge shown in Figure 1-3 Figure 1-3 HTML5 badge It’s time to take a step back and look at how we’re building our applications and level the client-side playing field Developers must understand which frameworks and. .. apps, extensions, and operating systems that are all driven by HTML5 As we are seeing with Google’s Chrome OS and Mozilla’s Boot 2 Gecko projects, the Open Web is very clearly being considered the platform for which web applications should and will be written HTML5, the Open Web, and mobile devices have helped push the browser-as-aplatform forward, giving browsers the capabilities of storing data and. .. Safari (iOS6) Apple’s adoption and implementation of early HTML5 specifica‐ tions has been impressive The company has been an obvious force in pushing the Web forward With standard hardware and multicore technology, iPhones and iPads have been a great platform for HTML5 development But, it’s not all ponies and rainbows in iOS land, as each mobile browser has its share of quirks and bugs Earlier iOS versions... The web applications of yesterday were not tied to the operating system and the capabilities of desktop hardware Now, the Mobile Web adds another dimension of support to the apps we build, and the fragmentation across browsers and devices is mind-blowing We must now create applications to be compat‐ ible across browsers, platforms, and devices For example, Android’s WebKit-based browser supported Web. .. the Web has its own look and feel, and everyone knows that There isn’t a default look that will make all your users happy, however, so the burden is on you and your design team to create an attractive user experience iOS definitely has its own Mobile Web look and feel that mimics its native apps, but what about Android, Windows Mobile, Kindle, and all the other devices? Even if you could get your web. .. have multiple platforms and browsers to sup‐ port When you use HTML5 s core APIs, you’re bound to the features that are supported by your target device So it’s critical to understand where the mobile browser scene is today and where it’s headed 8 | Chapter 2: The Mobile Web Writing mobile web apps that span all platforms and all browsers can be a huge under‐ taking Previously, web app developers didn’t... Powers, and Darren Nelsen for taking the time to review this book I sought out the best developers, authors, and speakers in the industry to provide feedback, and they pushed me to places I did not think about They gave me great perspective on the different aspects of HTML5 and today’s Web It was an honor to work with them and have their input Last but not least, the open source community around HTML5 and
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