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A Division of Macmillan Computer Publishing201 West 103rd St., Indianapolis, Indiana, 46290 USANicholas WellsKDEin24HoursTeach YourselfSams Teach Yourself KDE in 24 HoursCopyright © 1999 by Sams PublishingAll rights reserved. No part of this book shall be reproduced, stored in aretrieval system, or transmitted by any means, electronic, mechanical, photo-copying, recording, or otherwise, without written permission from the pub-lisher. No patent liability is assumed with respect to the use of the informationcontained herein. Although every precaution has been taken in the preparationof this book, the publisher and author assume no responsibility for errors oromissions. Neither is any liability assumed for damages resulting from the useof the information contained herein.International Standard Book Number: 0-672-31608-0Library of Congress Catalog Card Number: 98-83128Printed in the United States of AmericaFirst Printing: April 199901 00 99 4 3 2 1TrademarksAll terms mentioned in this book that are known to be trademarks or servicemarks have been appropriately capitalized. Sams Publishing cannot attest tothe accuracy of this information. Use of a term in this book should not beregarded as affecting the validity of any trademark or service mark.Warning and DisclaimerEvery effort has been made to make this book as complete and as accurate aspossible, but no warranty or fitness is implied. The information provided is onan as is basis. The author and the publisher shall have neither liability orresponsibility to any person or entity with respect to any loss or damages arising from the information contained in this book or from the use of the CD-ROM or programs accompanying it.EXECUTIVE EDITORJeff KochAQUISITIONS EDITORGretchen GanserDEVELOPMENT EDITORSean DixonMANAGING EDITORBrice GosnellPRODUCTION EDITORGretchen UphoffCOPY EDITORPamela WoolfPROOFREADERBilly FieldsTECHNICAL EDITORKurt WallSOFTWARE DEVELOPMENTSPECIALISTCraig AtkinsINTERIOR DESIGNGary AdairCOVER DESIGNAren HowellLAYOUT TECHNICIANSBrandon AllenStacey DeRomeTimothy OsbornStaci SomersContents at a GlanceIntroduction 1PART IINSTALLING AND RUNNING KDE 51 Understanding the KDE Project 72 Installing KDE from Scratch 213 Starting and Exiting KDE 334 Reviewing the KDE Setup 55PART II CUSTOMIZING YOUR KDE SETTINGS 695 Exploring the Desktop 716 Managing the KDE Environment 897 Configuring KDE Options 1098 Using KDE Themes 1339 Managing Files in KDE 15310 Learning More KDE File Management 175PART III SYSTEM ADMINISTRATION FOR KDE 19311 Using KDE System Management Utilities 19512 Using KDE Utilities 22113 Managing Network Connections in KDE 23714 Managing Printing in KDE 25715 Accessing the Internet from KDE 26916 Using the Command Line in KDE 289PART IV USING ADDITIONAL KDE APPLICATIONS 29917 Using Graphics Utilities in KDE 30118 Using KDE Text Utilities 31519 Using KDE Business Tools 33520 Using KDE for Entertainment 35521 Finding and Installing Additional KDE Applications 37322 Integrating Non-KDE Applications into KDE 385PART VDEVELOPING FOR KDE 40523 Getting Started with KDE Development 40724 Developing for KDE 419Index 433ContentsINTRODUCTION 1PART IINSTALLING AND RUNNING KDE 5HOUR 1UNDERSTANDING THE KDE PROJECT 7Understanding the Background of KDE 7Goals of the KDE Project 9Development Model 10The Graphical Toolkit of KDE 11International Scope of KDE 13Summarizing the KDE Project 13Components of KDE Base 14Participating in the KDE Project 15Learning to Work on KDE Projects 16Comparing KDE to the GNOME Desktop 16Summary 18Questions and Answers 18Exercise 19HOUR 2INSTALLING KDE FROM SCRATCH 21Reviewing Your X Window System 22Downloading the KDE Files 23Deciding Which Files to Download 24Reviewing the Downloaded Files 26Installing KDE 27Configuring KDE as Your Graphical Environment 28Reviewing the Installed KDE Files 29Summary 30Questions and Answers 30Exercises 31HOUR 3STARTING AND EXITING KDE 33Starting KDE in OpenLinux 33Starting Another Window Manager in OpenLinux 1.3 35Starting KDE in Previous Versions of OpenLinux 35Starting KDE in SuSE Linux 36Starting KDE from a Clean Install 37Starting the X Window System in Red Hat Linux 37Starting KDE from the startx Script 38Reviewing the Initial KDE Startup 39Diagnosing Trouble Starting KDE 39Logging Out of KDE 40Using a Standard KDE Logout 40Using the Emergency Exit 42Setting Up a Graphical Login with kdm 43Initializing xdm 43Setting KDE as the Graphical System for xdm 45Changing from xdm to kdm 45Using the kdm Log in Prompt Dialog Box 46Changing the Background in xdm or kdm 47Configuring kdm 47Summary 52Questions and Answers 53Exercises 53HOUR 4REVIEWING THE KDE SETUP 55Defining a User of KDE 55Reviewing the Contents of the .kde Directory 56The config Subdirectory 57The apps Subdirectory 58The applink Subdirectory 59The bin and boot Subdirectories 61The dev, icons, and mimelnk Subdirectories 61Reviewing the Desktop Directory 63The Autostart Folder 64The Templates Folder 65The Trash Bin Folder 66Placing Other Items on the KDE Desktop 67Other Notes on KDE Setup 67Summary 67Questions and Answers 68Exercises 68PART II CUSTOMIZING YOUR KDE SETTINGS 69HOUR 5EXPLORING THE DESKTOP 71Reviewing the KDE Environment 72The Taskbar 72The Desktop 74The Panel 76The Main K Menu 78Using the KDE Online and Pop-up Help 78vi Sams Teach Yourself KDE in 24 HoursUsing KDE Pop-up Help 79Using Help Buttons 80Learning to Manipulate KDE Windows 80Using Standard Window Tools 81Keyboard Control of Windows 82Using the Keyboard in KDE 83Using Multiple Desktops 85Switching Between Desktops 85Renaming Desktops 85Summary 86Questions and Answers 87Exercises 87HOUR 6MANAGING THE KDE ENVIRONMENT 89Working with Application Windows 89Switching Between Windows 90Moving Applications Between Desktops 92Introducing the KDE Control Center 92Setting Panel and Taskbar Options 93Setting the Location of the Taskbar and Panel 94Setting the Panel Size 95Setting Other Panel and Taskbar Options 96Clearing Your Desktop 98Adding Desktops 98Changing How KDE Windows Appear and Operate 99Changing Which Buttons Are on the Title Bar 100Defining a New Title Bar 101Defining Window Policies 103Summary 106Questions and Answers 106Exercises 107HOUR 7CONFIGURING KDE OPTIONS 109Choosing Colors and Wallpaper 109Setting the Background Color 110Choosing Wallpaper 113Using a Color Scheme 115Setting Up the Screensaver 117Selecting Screensavers 119Adding Screensaver Options 120Enabling Desktop Positioning Features 120Using Active Desktop Borders 121Using Magic Borders 122Contents viiChoosing a Language 122Selecting Display Fonts 125Configuring Desktop Icons 127Using Style Options 128Configuring Sounds 129Setting the Bell Sound 129Defining Sound Events 130Summary 132Questions and Answers 132Exercises 132HOUR 8USING KDE THEMES 133Understanding KDE Themes 133Finding a KDE Theme 135Searching for Themes 135Downloading a Theme 137Installing a KDE Theme 138Preparing the Archive 138Reviewing the README File 139Creating KDE Directories 140Copying Graphics Files 140Updating the Configuration Files 141Choosing the Theme in the Control Center 144Restarting KDE 147Using Installation Scripts 148Getting Rid of a Theme 149Creating Your Own KDE Theme 150Summary 151Questions and Answers 151Exercise 152HOUR 9MANAGING FILES IN KDE 153Understanding the KDE File Manager 153Integrating kfm and the Disk Navigator into KDE 154How kfm Is Used 154How the Disk Navigator Is Used 155Browsing Your Local File System 156Running Programs from kfm 158Defining an Application in kfm 159Using Drag and Drop 163Using kfm Bookmarks 164Configuring kfm 165viii Sams Teach Yourself KDE in 24 HoursChoosing How to View Objects 165Selecting Cache Settings 168Configuring the Browser Options 170Reviewing the kfm Configuration Files 172Summary 172Questions and Answers 172Exercises 173HOUR 10 LEARNING MORE KDE FILE MANAGEMENT 175Creating KDE Links 175Creating a Program Link 176Creating a Device Link 178Using the Autostart Folder 181Placing Objects on the Desktop 183Modifying the Main Menu 186Modifying the Panel Icons 189Summary 191Questions and Answers 191Exercises 192PART III SYSTEM ADMINISTRATION FOR KDE 193HOUR 11 USING KDE SYSTEM MANAGEMENT UTILITIES 195Setting Keyboard and Mouse Options 196Setting Up International Keyboards 198Using kfind to Locate Files 200Working With the Files You Find 201Performing Advanced Searches 203Using kpackage for Software Maintenance 205Managing Initialization Scripts 207Defining Some Terms 207Running the SysV Init Editor 209Managing User Accounts 211Adding and Modifying Users 212Managing Groups 214Viewing System Information 214Summary 219Questions and Answers 219Exercises 220HOUR 12 USING KDE UTILITIES 221Using the ark Archival Utility 221Extracting Files from an Archive 222Creating a New Archive 225Contents ixUsing the Scientific Calculator 227Using KNotes 230Learning About Other KDE Applications 233Summary 234Questions and Answers 234Exercises 235HOUR 13 MANAGING NETWORK CONNECTIONS IN KDE 237Understanding Linux Networking 237Checking Your Ethernet Connections 238Establishing a PPP Connection 242Understanding PPP 242Starting the Kppp Utility 242Configuring a Kppp Account 243Configuring Kppp Options 248Reviewing Other KDE Connectivity Tools 251Managing Samba Within KDE 252Using the KDE Samba Monitor 253Summary 254Questions and Answers 254Exercises 255HOUR 14 MANAGING PRINTING IN KDE 257Understanding Linux Printing 257Reviewing Your Print Configuration 259Using Linux Print Utilities 259The /etc/printcap File 261Using K-LJet to Configure Printing 262Setting Paper Options 263Setting Printer Options 264Configuring Operations 265Setting Font Options 266Summary 268Questions and Answers 268Exercises 268HOUR 15 ACCESSING THE INTERNET FROM KDE 269Checking Your Internet Connection 269Reading Email with KMail 270Configuring KMail 270Reading Messages 276Creating a New Message 279Browsing Newsgroups 282x Sams Teach Yourself KDE in 24 Hours[...]... to KDE most frequently ask about that particular lesson’s subject, and exercises that will advance you in further, hands-on study of that lesson’s topic 3 PART I Installing and Running KDE Hour 1 Underst anding t he KDE Project 2 Inst alling KDE f rom Scrat ch 3 St art ing and Exit ing KDE 4 Review ing t he KDE Set up HOUR 1 Understanding the KDE Project In this hour, you will learn about the origin... graphical login (xdm replacement), also configurable from the Control Center q An object-oriented programming model that makes new applications easy to create q q A user interface definition and programmatic guidelines to create new KDE- aware applications Clear definitions of KDE components and locations so that it can be run on any Linux system 2 Sams Teach Yourself KDE in 24 Hours Why Teach Yourself KDE? ... FIGURE 1.2 The KDE Web site maintains lists of projects that new participants can work on Learning to Work on KDE Projects If you’re interested in programming for KDE, you can start with the information in Hour 23, “Getting Started with KDE Development,” and Hour 24, “Developing for KDE. ” Several development mailing lists are available on the KDE Web site, and a KDE programming tutorial can be downloaded... Configuring the KDE News Client 283 Reading Newsgroup Messages 285 Summary 287 Questions and Answers 287 Exercises 288 HOUR 16 USING THE COM M AND LINE IN KDE 289 Understanding the Command Line 289 Opening Terminal Emulator Windows 290 Starting from Another Terminal Window 291 Using the Single-Command Entry 292 Using the... prepare online help and documentation in many languages 1 16 Hour 1 q q Speakers give presentations about KDE (introductory, technical, marketing, programming) Webmasters create and maintain Web pages to explain KDE and link to relevant news and technical information The KDE Web site includes lists of projects you can work on, with contact information to receive more information FIGURE 1.2 The KDE Web... 333 HOUR 19 USING KDE BUSINESS TOOLS 335 Using the Address Book 335 Adding and Managing Entries 336 Using Address Book Entries 338 Using the KOrganizer 340 Exploring the KOrganizer 340 Creating a To-do Task List 342 Saving Information 345 Managing Appointments 345 Configuring KOrganizer Options 348 Using the Time Tracker... w ell (including most of t he inst allat ion and f ile placement det ails) Diff erences bet w een KDE running on various versions of Linux are not ed t hroughout t he t ext By late 1996, Linux was already well known in computing circles, being used by millions around the world and written about widely in computer magazines Because Linux includes the source code to the operating system, allowing anyone... refined interface—a lot of good work continues to come from the dedicated members of the team And of course, this project would not have been finished without the support and encouragement of my wife Anne About the Author NICHOLAS WELLS ( is the author of several books on Linuxrelated subjects, including Sams Teach Yourself StarOffice in 24 Hours After leaving Novell to join Linux-based... Integrated online help providing consistent access points and user interface for all applications Providing a consistent look and feel for all applications, including menus, keyboard shortcuts, color schemes, and so forth Creating an international product, with keyboard, menu, online help, and application support in many languages (see the section “International Scope of KDE later in this hour) Providing hundreds... UTILITIES 315 Using the KDE Text Editor 315 Starting the Text Editor 316 Using Basic KEdit Features 318 Setting Up KEdit Options 322 Viewing Text Documents 324 Viewing Other Document Types 325 Using the PostScript Viewer 325 Using the DVI Viewer 330 xii Sams Teach Yourself KDE in 24 Hours Summary 332 Questions and Answers . Computer Publishing201 West 103rd St., Indianapolis, Indiana, 46290 USANicholas Wells KDE in 24 Hours Teach Yourself Sams Teach Yourself KDE in 24 Hours Copyright. 3STARTING AND EXITING KDE 33Starting KDE in OpenLinux 33Starting Another Window Manager in OpenLinux 1.3 35Starting KDE in Previous Versions of OpenLinux
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