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. want the help of a trained professional, consult an attorney licensed to practice in your state.NOLOplease note Negotiate the Best Lease For Your Business by. Fred. Negotiate the best lease for your business / by Fred S. Steingold and Janet Portman. 2nd ed.p. cm.Rev. ed. of: Leasing space for your small business/
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Xem thêm: Tài liệu Negotiate the Best Lease For Your Business pdf, Tài liệu Negotiate the Best Lease For Your Business pdf, Tài liệu Negotiate the Best Lease For Your Business pdf, B. How This Book Can Help You Negotiate a Favorable Lease, A. Do You Need to Move Now?, C. Rent, Deposits, and Improvements, E. Length of the Lease and When It Begins, F. Size and Physical Features, G. Other Tenants and Services in and Near the Building, K. Expansion or Purchase Potential, L. Preparing Your Rental Priorities Worksheet, A. How to Find Space on Your Own, B. Working With a Real Estate Broker, F. Signing a Contract With Your Broker, G. Handling Problems With Your Broker, A. Visiting and Evaluating Prospective Space, B. Further Investigation of Promising Space, C. Environmental Issues to Consider When Evaluating Space, D. Learning About the Landlord, F. Holding the Space With a Deposit, A. How Landlords Measure Square Feet, B. Additional Rent: Gross Versus Net Leases, D. Computing the True Rental Cost, A. How Much Clout Do You Have?, C. Getting Past Deal Breakers, E. Finding and Paying for a Lawyer, A. Your Negotiation Strategy Worksheet, B. How to Use Your Negotiation Strategy Worksheet, C. How Your Lawyer Can Help With Negotiations, D. How to Modify the Landlord’s Lease, A. Naming the Landlord and Tenant: Parties to the Lease, B. Describing the Leased Space, C. The Use Clause and Exclusive Clause, A. When Do Your Legal Responsibilities Begin and End?, D. Staying After the Term Ends: Holdover Rent, B. Taxes As Additional Rent, C. Insurance As Additional Rent, D. Operating and Common Area Maintenance Costs As Additional Rent, E. Letter of Credit: An Alternative to a Cash Deposit, A. Improvements Versus Trade Fixtures, C. Improvements to Your Space, D. Paying for the Improvements, I. When Do You Start Paying Rent?, J. Making Alterations During Your Tenancy, A. Maintenance, Repairs, and Janitorial Services, C. Compliance With Building Codes and Other Laws, D. Compliance With the Americans With Disabilities Act (ADA), D. Landlord’s Right to Enter Your Rental Space, B. Option to Renew the Lease, C. Option to Expand Clause, E. Option to Lease Less, F. The Assignment and Sublet Clause, B. Insuring Your Trade Fixtures and Inventory, G. Indemnity or Hold Harmless Clause, A. The Landlord’s Remedies If You Fail to Pay Rent or Breach Another Lease Term, C. Your Remedies If the Landlord Breaches, F. The “Severability” or “Survival” Clause

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