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screenreader, 372-373and aural CSS, 378<script> tag, 409<select> tag, 416selectors, 26adjacent sibling, 348-351attribute, 342-353child, 347class, 73-75, 82-84, 384defined, 464descendant, 87-91, 347div[title], 398family-based, 347first-child, 95-97for XML, 439grouping, 86-87id, 75-76, 82-84, 384navlink:active, 442navlink:link, 442pseudo-class, 91-92:active, 187-188, 388,442:after, 395-396, 441:before, 395-396, 441:focus, 190-191, 388,392, 442:hover, 188-190, 388,392, 442:lang(), 383-384:link, 93-94, 186-187,442:visited, 93-94, 186-187,442pseudo-element, 92sibling, 348type, 82universal, 85-86, 342serif fonts, 144-145SGML. See StandardGeneralized MarkupLanguageshorthand properties, 140-141background, 182border-color, 223-224font, 140list-style, 244shorthand values, 218short hex notation, 157sibling selectors, 348sight-impaired readers, 293fonts and colors, 395site-wide style sheets,335-336size property, 362sizing content, 299-308#banner box, 303box width, 302constraints, 308content width, 302flexible dimensions,307-308heightbox, 302content, 302Internet Explorer widthbug, 303-307correcting miscalcula-tion, 304-305reasons for, 305workaround for, 306#maincontent box, 303spacing text, 206-213<span> tag, 71speak-header property, 280speak-numeral property, 380speak property, 380speak-punctuation property,380speech-rate property, 379Standard GeneralizedMarkup Language(SGML), 13, 430stress, property, 379Strict HTML, 464String.fromCharCode(event.which) method, 422structure, 464style, 464style attribute, 438, 444style object, 414style sheet editors (Websites), 23-24defined, 464style sheetsdefined, 2, 464embedded, 68-70organization, 331-334saving, 25site-wide, 335-336styling, 185-196user-defined, 121validating, 337-338<style> tag, 68-70, 438, 444styling, 185-196columns, 261links, 185techniques, 191-196tables, 247-266subscripts, 203, 205-206superscripts, 203, 205-206SVG. See Scalable VectorGraphicsswitch, 422T<table> tag, 248, 252, 256,272, 289, 317table headers, 248table-layout propertyvalues, 253tablesapplying other styleshorizontal alignment,263-265vertical alignment,265-266borderscollapsing, 256-257empty cells, 254separated, 258captions, 260collapsed border modeladjacent cells with dif-ferent properties, 257adjacent cells withsame properties, 256CSS model, 250display property, 251482 screenreader35 0672324091 index 6/13/02 10:38 AM Page 482Please purchase PDF Split-Merge on www.verypdf.com to remove this watermark.defined, 464formatting, 247-263HTMLautomatic layout, 253building complex, 248CSS model, 250-251default styling, 250defining, 248determining dimen-sions, 252-253fixed layout, 253layers, 252padding, 254separated-borders model,258setting spaces betweentable cells, 263spacing, 254styling, 247-266columns, 261<col> tag, 250, 262<colgroup> tag, 250,262and vision-related disabili-ties, 251tags (HTML)<a>, 434, 442<accesstip>, 434, 443<area>, 372<blockquote>, 382, 431<body>, 30, 170, 191-192<br>, 108, 289, 431<caption>, 250, 260<cite>, 88-89<col>, 250, 262<colgroup>, 250, 262defined, 464deprecated, 453-454<div>, 71, 82-85, 342, 397<empty>, 431<head>, 108<hr>, 342, 431<html>, 382<img>, 289, 372, 431<layer>, 313<link>, 35, 66-67, 438, 444misused, 455-456<navbar>, 443<navlink>, 436<notice>, 439<para>, 434<q>, 399redundant tags with CSS,454-455<select>, 416<script>, 409<span>, 71, 342, 382<style>, 68, 438, 444<table>, 248, 252, 256,272, 289, 317<tbody>, 248, 252<td>, 248, 251, 257, 263<tfoot>, 248, 252<th>, 248, 251, 257, 263<thead>, 248, 252<tippage>, 434<tr>, 248, 252, 317<width>, 304<xml-stylesheet>, 438<tbody> tag, 248, 252<td> tag, 248, 251, 257, 263text, 155-159aligning and indenting,199-206colors, 155-59effects, 159, 164formatting, 29justified, 201line height, 211-213spacing, 206-213special effects 159-164transformed, 163text-align property, 200-201,263-264, 318values, 200text-decoration property,159-162, 366in embedded style sheets,161-162values, 159text editors, 22-23defined, 465text effects, 159, 164text formatting, 29text-indent property,202-203hanging indent, 202values, 202text nodes, 107text-shadow property,163-164, 314text-transform property,162-163values, 162-163<tfoot> tag, 248, 252<th> tag, 248, 251, 257, 263<thead> tag, 248, 252themes, 414tiling, 170<tippage> tag, 434title attribute, 342Tolkien, J.R.R., 397,399-400top property, 277, 279, 282<tr> tag, 248, 252, 317transformed text, 163transparent value, 168Transitional HTML, 63defined, 465trees, 107-108TrueDoc Web site, 150tty media type, 358tv media type, 358type selector, 82defined, 465Uunderlinesremoving, 192-193replacing, 193text-decoration, 160unicode-bidi property, 384universal selector, 85-86, 342workaround for Netscape 4 and InternetExplorer, 85unordered lists, 236unordered lists 48335 0672324091 index 6/13/02 10:38 AM Page 483Please purchase PDF Split-Merge on www.verypdf.com to remove this watermark.URLnamespace, 434prefix, 434url() valueinserting an image using,398usabilityand CSS, 325-326useful user CSS recipes Website, 347user agentdefined, 388, 465user-defined style sheet,121-122defined, 465user interfacebrowsers, 388creating outlines, 392cursor appearance, 388-391defined, 465graphical, 388using system colors,392-394using system fonts, 392,394validating HTML, 64-65Vvalidating style sheets, 337-338valign property, 265, 318values, 26calculated, 125inherited, 125variables, 409vertical-align property,203-206, 265-266, 318values, 204-205viewing style sheets, 37virtual marker box, 243visibility property, 228, 366and JavaScript, 417hiding a column, 262values, 228Visibone Web site, 157:visited pseudo-class selec-tor, 93-94, 186-187, 442visual formattingbrowser support for(Netscape 4), 276-277changing page layout, 272defined, 272float properties, 272positioning properties, 272voice-family property, 379volume property, 379WW3C. See World Wide WebConsortiumW3C Process, 453W3C Web site, 106, 317, 456W3C’s composite/capabili-ties/preferences profileWeb site, 359W3C’s CSS validation Website, 337W3C’s HTML validationWeb site, 337WAI. See Web AccessibilityInitiative WCAG. See Web ContentAccessibility GuidelinesWeb accessibility. SeeaccessibilityWeb Accessibility Initiative(WAI), 374-377purpose of, 372-373Web Content AccessibilityGuidelines (WCAG),375-376, 465Web browsers. See browsersWeb content and user inter-face, 388Web Content AccessibilityGuidelines (WCAG),375-376, 465Web site, 456Web design, 323-329access logs and, 326-327CSS and, 329-338design issues, 330site-wide style sheets,335-336style sheet organiza-tion, 331-334CSS validation, 337-338reasons for, 338colors, fonts, and layout,324-325design types, 324organization and planning,327page layout, 271-295site-wide style sheets,335-336style sheet organization,331-334testing sites, 327-329usability tests, 328-329usability, 325-326Web Design Group’s CSSvalidator Web site, 337Web development softwareWeb site, 24-25Web reference layout Website, 318Web review Web site, 46Web sitesAnalog, 326Bob Stein’s VisiBone, 169Bobby program, 376City of Fullerton, 336CSS accessibility benefits,456CSS development tech-niques, 456CSS/edge, 47CSS enhancements andDOCTYPE switching,307CSS in 24 Hours, iv, 317,390bookstore examples(Hour 16), 276, 282JavaScript examples(Hour 23), 411, 414,416, 422484 URL35 0672324091 index 6/13/02 10:38 AM Page 484Please purchase PDF Split-Merge on www.verypdf.com to remove this watermark.language example(Hour 21), 382site-wide style sheetexample (Hour 18),336sizes example (Hour17), 300CSS Level 1 W3CRecommendations, 4,454CSS Level 2 W3CRecommendations, 5, 454CSS Level 3 W3CRecommendations, 359,455EmacSpeak, 373, 378European Association forStandardizingInformation andCommunicationSystems, 408HTML editors, 24-25HTML 4.01 specifications,455HTML specification, 456HTML Writers Guild, 6-7Mailing List, 328IBM’s Home Page Reader,373, 378iCab, 53International Center forDisability Resources onthe Internet, 3Internet Explorer forMacintosh, 49, 348, 349Internet Explorer forWindows, 48, 348, 349Jacob Nielsen, 325JAWS, 373, 378Konqueror, 54Kynn’s personal site, 331causes page, 336Lynx, 55Microsoft typography, 150Model A Ford Club ofAmerica, 328Mozilla, 50Netscape 4, 51Netscape 6, 50Netscape, older versions,51Opera 5, 53Opera 6, 52Sams, 4style sheet editors, 23-24TrueDoc, 150useful user CSS recipes,347VisiBone, 157W3C, 106, 317, 456W3C’s composite/capabil-ities/preferences profile,359W3C’s CSS validation ser-vice, 337W3C’s HTML validationservice, 337Web Content AccessibilityGuidelines, 456Web Design Group’s CSSvalidator, 337Web development soft-ware, 24-25Web Reference layout,318Web Standards Project, 47Web review, 46WebTV, 54WestCiv, 46WindowsEyes, 373XML recommendation,456Web standards, 46-47Web Standards Project Website, 47Web review Web site, 46WebTV, 44, 54WebTV Web site, 54WestCiv Web site, 46white-space property,209-211values, 209whitespace, 209defined, 465whitespace condensation,209widows property, 366width attribute, 299-300width property, 253, 262,302, 306, 308, 318<width> tag, 304WindowsEyes Web site,373word-spacing property,207-208styles, 208values, 207word wrapping, 209workarounds, 45-46World Wide WebConsortium (W3C), 11accessibility and, 374CSS validator Web site,337defined, 465HTML validator Web site,337recommendations, 451audience, 452CandidateRecommendationstate, 454purpose of, 452reading, 453specifications, 454-456structure, 454Web AccessibilityInitiative (WAI),374-377Web site, 106, 317, 456XHTML and, 444X-ZXHTML. See ExtensibleHypertext MarkupLanguageXHTML 48535 0672324091 index 6/13/02 10:38 AM Page 485Please purchase PDF Split-Merge on www.verypdf.com to remove this watermark.XLink, 434-436browser support for, 436styling links, 442-443xlink:href attribute, 436xlink:type attribute, 436XML. See ExtensibleMarkup Language (XML)XML-based languages,443-445SVG, 445XHTML, 444XSL, 444XUL, 444XML-based User InterfaceLanguage (XUL), 445XML Document TypeDefinitions (DTD), 433-434xml:lang attribute, 434XML schemas, 433XML specification Web site,456<?xml-stylesheet?> process-ing instruction, 443<xml-stylesheet> tag, 438XSL. See Extensible StyleSheet Language XSL Formatting Objects(XSL-FO), 13XSL Transformations(XSLT), 13XUL. See XML-based UserInterface Language, 445z-index property, 315486 XLink35 0672324091 index 6/13/02 10:38 AM Page 486Please purchase PDF Split-Merge on www.verypdf.com to remove this watermark. . watermark.defined, 464formatting, 247 -263HTMLautomatic layout, 253building complex, 248 CSS model, 250-251default styling, 250defining, 248 determining dimen-sions,. 434url() valueinserting an image using,398usabilityand CSS, 325-326useful user CSS recipes Website, 347user agentdefined, 388, 465user-defined style
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