Leisure activities

Leisure activities doc

Leisure activities doc
... SOME LEISURE ACTIVITIES Do you want to play sports or just watch them? What’s your favorite sport? How often ... Waterskiing Yoga Taichi Speaking task Which aforementioned activities interest you most? Why? Give some positive and negative effects of the activities you choose HEALTHY LIFESTYLE I’m going to walk...
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leisure activities, festivals and holidays

leisure activities, festivals and holidays
... public holidays in the United Kingdom, when banks and many other businesses are closed for the day  The expected dates of bank and public holidays in England, Wales , Scotland and Northern Ireland ... (11th) St Andrew's D ay (30th) Advent December Advent Christmas (25th) Boxing Day (26th) 1)Bank holidays British bank holidays are public holidays and have been recognised since 1871  Bank holidays ... scouts and guides throughout England parade through high streets and attend a special St George's Day service at their local church 7) St Andrew's Day ( The national day of Scotland St Andrews...
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