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advanced language practice.pdf

advanced language practice.pdf
... some speakers, shall is used in formal speech and in written language Previous unit Back Next Next unit Exercises Contents Advanced Language Practice Exit Choose the most appropriate words underlined ... not possible here Would is more common in written language and often occurs in reminiscences Previous unit Back Next Next unit Exercises Advanced Language Practice Contents Unfulfilled past events ... clear Read attentively the theory and you’ll pass all the tests perfectly! Good luck! Back Advanced Language Practice Contents • • • • • • • Unit Tense consolidation: present time Unit Tense...
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Practice on tenses

Practice on tenses
... Last month I (be) in the hospital for ten days 11 Don't call me in the afternoon I usually (be) away in the afternoon 12 Mr Clark (be) in New York months ... (thank) me for what I had done for him Someone (steal) my handbag on the bus The Browns (live) in Paris for years when the second World War (break) down ... 91 He said he (be) mistaken 92 Don't speak until someone (ask) you 93 Mary (come) from London 94 Please be quiet! I (work) ...
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