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matilda essay

matilda essay
... Mr and Mrs Wormwood, Matilda' s insensitive, careless and selfish parents They are not fully described and they are static characters The conflict of the story begins when Matilda discovered her ... story's struggle was about to be solved when Matilda starts using her magical powers to the people that didn't treat her nice, like Miss Trunchbull and Matilda' s Parents Foreshadowing is not included ... is external and internal; external because the Wormwood family don't pay Matilda much attention; and internal because Matilda needed love and since her family didn't give it to her she suffered...
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Matilda roald dahl

Matilda   roald dahl
... George'sMarvellousMedicine Roald Dahl' sRevoltingRhymes TheBFG DirtyBeasts TheWitches Boy TheGiraffeandthePellyandMe GoingSolo Roald Dahl MATILDA IllustrationsbyQuentinBlake Matilda isageniuswhonotonlyhastodealwithloud,obnoxious,idiotparentswho ... "Yes,butI'vereadthebooksaswell." MrsPhelpslookeddownat Matilda fromhergreatheightand Matilda lookedright backupather "Ithoughtsomewereverypoor," Matilda said,"butotherswerelovely IlikedThe ... "Cananyofyoureadthewholesentence?"MissHoneyasked,waitingforthe"yes" thatshefeltcertainwasgoingtocomefrom Matilda "Yes," Matilda said "Goahead,"MissHoneysaid Matilda readthesentencewithoutanyhesitationatall "Thatreallyisverygoodindeed,"MissHoneysaid,makingtheunderstatementofher...
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