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should or shouldnt atten class for student

should or shouldnt atten class for student
... for all students because classes help provide guidance, communication and motivation Morever, student can get more experience when attend class Compulsory university classes provide more opportunity ... student easy to understand and it is one of advantage when student attend class In conclusion, I think students at university should go to school to study Attending class should be required for ... every student try to work hard and will be motivated Likes my class when we work in group, we have to exchange about problem and then we choose best answer or idea for problem The motivation of students...
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You should spend about 20 minutes on this task

You should spend about 20 minutes on this task
... focusing on something else Report structure Like the line graphs, your report should be structured simply with an introduction, body and conclusion Tenses should be used appropriately Use one standard ... and follow through the stages in your mind before beginning to write If it’s still not making sense, then go on to Task Two but make sure that you give yourself 20 minutes to complete the report ... Sample Task demonstrates this problem Look at the stages for the writing test In the second stage we can see that the writing paper is marked by an examiner It is then sent to the examination board...
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